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Thy Kingdom come!
« on: December 05, 2022, 12:32:02 pm »
Good morning, this is TA.

The most important prayer you can pray is "Thy Kingdom Come".
You say it all the time in the famous "Lord's Prayer".
But that is not a nicey-nice "Let Jesus into your heart", and "Pray the sinner's prayer". Although that is fine, what is far more important is that the Father establish his sovereignty in the Universe with entities that cooperate, and support his vision for the proper running of Universe affairs.

You, in praying this prayer, accept the government of God the Father, and at the same time recognize the prevalence of enemies. They are after you ., . . Every failure of the implementation of the goodness of God is none other than cabal, insurrection and rebellion.
The truth of God, being suppressed from time immemorial, is none other than the work of the supreme and lucifer, who, upon figuring that because the Father is invisible, that He doesn't exist.
Your prayer of "Thy Kingdom come!" maintains your status as a faith supporter, in something you cannot see. How good it is when the Father's will is done!
Africa. For example: on 60 Minutes, last night, there was a story about the recovery of an animal preserve in central Mozambique which had been decimated by civil war. All the animals were gone. But with the investments of the founder, and proper leadership, the people in the area themselves now run their wildlife preserve, and are going to school, and are living much better lives. That is the Father's will being done!  Even an elephant paid a visit to the reporters during the interview!  How good is the outcome of Father's will!
When Father's will is done, the Kingdom appears in its myriad forms. But in the administration, the Melchizedeks are still here, ready to bring forth the missions.

No matter how cabal messes up your life, stay patient. Use your authority to send them packing!
Thank  you, TA.