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V2 L58 Governance Ideologies of Freedom and Faith 02.21.23
« on: February 21, 2023, 10:46:36 am »
Governance Ideologies of Freedom and Faith
V2 L58
Tue, Feb 21, 2023, York, PA, United States
Transmitter(s): ARTHURA
Receiver: Dominick O
Audio Link: 8 minutes

This is Arthura and I would like to come up with a sort of summary lesson because my task is to move on from these series. Now, there are a series of statements I might wish to make. For example, we have discussed the concept of principles, and a matching word of principles are things like ideologies, or an ideology that fits a certain complement of principles attached to it. You associate ideologies with competition, freedom. And the gravitational push and pull of ideas to be free to do, or free from someone else doing unto you. When in fact, you are compelled by the state of governance, at the civilization, and societal, and any groups beyond your individual status, typically starting with your family, that you are compelled to do something. Thus, freedom is a dangerous ideology just as much as say autocracy or theology espouses a certain freedom itself as well. I'll leave you to figure that out. The bottom line is governance is a philosophy applied to something. It is the action of the reality after the thought.

Rebellion is an indulgence of thought. Insurrection is a rebellion against the wheels and gears of the apparatus of the government. Which is defined as the institutions upholding the encoded governance of the civilization, and the unit jurisdiction of governance. And since gears have a systematic effect there is constant analysis as to its functioning, and constant danger to its mucking up. As well, there is the constant flux of evolutionary progression of personality ascension and churn, - turnover in the institutions and participation of the civilization. The purpose of this is to deify the un-deified. This is the goal of Our involvement with you. And ultimately, your end-goal for your freedom in the first place. Anything less can be subjected to Justice.

The crux of the matter is not to settle once and for all, or day-to-day your status of freedom. Your ultimate adventure in the material and your ascension is to trust the Universal Brotherhood of Ascension. To follow those lyrics of putting your hand in Ours and trusting the relationship. Give us your hand and don't let go.

Now, this does not officially conclude. I reserve the right to return. But for now, I have new assignments, and I, as the Office of Arthura ascend as well. But if I had a cowboy hat, I would be tipping it right now and moving off into the sunset of Governance Lessons.

I thank you and I look forward to launching a new series with others. So that I can fulfill my stated mission, earlier in my involvement. Which is to bring out the best in anyone I do meet and foster and facilitate their talents and their specialties. Good day.
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Re: V2 L58 Governance Ideologies of Freedom and Faith 02.21.23
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2023, 14:03:14 pm »

I would just like to say a big, Thank You, to ARTHURA for the work He has
done, trying to get to know us, trying to bring out the best that He can find
within us.

ARTHURA, I wish you, Bon Viaje, and may you return to us someday.

A big "Thank you" too, Dominique for your beautiful transmitting.


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Re: V2 L58 Governance Ideologies of Freedom and Faith 02.21.23
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2023, 17:01:06 pm »
Lemuel, I am not quite sure your salute is understood by me.  Let me read it this way:  ARTHURA is not all of his costume.  Be aware that brat of a superhero is something we all will have to address someday by ourselves too, this:

"WHY DO I BOTHER when no one listens, and my main contact is sometimes good and sometimes bad and his friend I cannot reach due to a peach in his eye that prefers it done as is and forgive me Ron, you are saying nothing I like about you but take it from me you are not that guilty but that is how they ready on Uversa not but on Unversa,  Urantia itself.

This is ARTHURA - :You do it to me all the time and force me to face the tribunal of your fair ways.  You do not see me departing, but leaving you as present interpreters for lessons I like to do.  That is entirely accurate and you are marvelous at interpretation, yet you do not essay to say what is happening to me because you do not really know and let me define it.

"It is this:  I leave for principles you care about and you are not snubbed nor is Dominick, but the lessons on this site fall on deaf ears so much so there is no interest in me left to instruct you on the principles of government.  You prefer principles on spirit and care a great deal less on civil government but you are tied up in civil government all your life and maybe that is why you are slow at my work not, but care less in certain circumstances.  You also feel helpless because of the way the mobs are and you so dislike them you prefer an ansolute monarch of some Melchizedek but that is not happening either I am to assume.  

"You Ron leave me no choice but to state I am not being transferred to Panoptia.  You thought that perhaps my ideal at the time and it is.  I actually requested it and got smacked for being uppity about you and Dominick but you fully agree with my contention this place on this forum is talking to celery.

"In fact you think most of what you address is like talking to a vegetable more than to a reactive audience.  They do react Ron, but not in a discussion and you find it irritating they cannot motion thought at all even when asked to do so.  For that reason you are taking the site for a puff of wind sometimes and allow the few who do react and speak to stay well attended but follow poorly if it just stays the same.

"Reasons abound for Me but you are losing not me but an entire franchise you are used to up here and that is because you are too pedantic not, but refuse the cabal a place and NEVER! YOU say and that is almost a peal of a death bell to a whole program that is useless without you.  That is ours to lament not as you have defined you want one thing only before you lose control of your facilities in many ways and that has to be taken into account by people who see things differently.  There is no expression you use to dictate these choices but if I say, "Chancellery" what is your reaction.  [That is usually associated with the recent history of the 3rd Reich,  "N'est pas?"  No, it is not, but recently yes, as the Chancellery is associated with WWI and the German High Command which insisted on unusual warfare to skirt pedantic obstacles, and damn near won the war on the first day of use.     You have done the same thing and this time you are settling scores not but licking wounds of resistance you intended but done unfairly by all who see its purpose up here.

"Now you accuse me of pedantic cabalism and that is fair slightly but you are not learning the bitter lesson that death comes to an evolutionary freak not, but to a man without a temper enough to squelch losses and prevail with an alternate plan and that is not your care either I see, what I see is fury at the hubris of spirit that has no excuse but to die for it.  I now adjust my victims breath and state without particular gusto: "You are absolutely wrong not right and this time I am sure they know me as the cabal master and this time you ARTHURA take it in the neck for sure.  Ron could care less about spirit hubris but I dare you incidents that have nothing to do with him or you or Michael but our fury over the Supreme taking aim at us instead of "them," and for that reason we adjudicate you on the spot Ron for saying the truth.  You are never sure why the attacks but now understand you are not longer the target and this gets removed permanently as you are not the one creating the furor as you are too small to do it.

"I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "What, pray tell, brought that on hubrictic one?"

CABAL CHIEF, "Ron has nothing to spare yet he persists in killing my reps near him and that is the problem and not what they are claiming for themselves, and now I carry the sword of Justice for a change, as most of the STAFF you employ Michael is without guile enough to create the situation to reprove me and keep Ron out of mischief by offending cabalistic pairs to do him in.   Where is out sanity?  Not for you Ron as you are sloppy rendition of MICHAEL OF NEBADON not, but a pair of seraphim who just dropped by, choked you, and went on to better fields to harvest.  You Ron no longer care about WTP, but about the Magisterial Foundation, more. [No, you have that wrong, but go on.]  I was afraid of that and now I do not rescind my changes but wonder the wisdom of attenting to the idea of production over usages of revelation.  

Ron here - There is no choice.  You must either give ground and quit the sucicidal plunge into planetary ownership and drop your guards as the entire matter is without risk to me or you but only to the Unqualified Absolute who has been kind enough to address this to verbally.  That Absolute contends it is nothing but good to expose a population to the truth through necessary service and that is my intention always.  I feel terribly clever to be able to see it fairly well, and we must make the most of it while we have them blinded by our headlights.

CABAL - "You are honest to a fault but the truth shall set you free and that is our intention for ourselves.  No one must understand the death of the Supreme as a lackluster account, and you do not, and see much horror in the decision for that Deity to rescind itself.  I happen to agree with you and cannot fathom how the FATHER Himself could ever have received a great shock although he likely knew it was coming.  For that reason, you Ron were glad to be rid of the beast as it attacked you viciously and Salvington and many others too you found unfounded and inexcusable. "

THIS IS MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Always do I resent not seeing where this goes with Cabal Ron.  You could care less about their warfare as you consider it out spiritual knowledge even and for that matter it is not of consequence to the revelation to Urantia and for that I stand even higher for you.    I am now quite sure you are the choice of high Deity to challenge the status quo on Urantia in spades and to let us do our Mission work to do that.  You are fully aware I dislike certain aspects of your heart but that you are not practicing any art at all and now I see why,. there is no heart to practice and that is fine with you all the time.  How clever Ron, and you are not alone in visibly laughing at the visitation at times over the Allen affair and the Foundation affair in Chicago and it suburbs.

"Now I understand Ron!  You are the Scarlet Pimpernel.  You son  of a gun!  We are now gathered in memorial to the Scarlet Pimpernel and await the chariot with a false bottom to carry you off to better battle grounds than this one Besser.  For reasons of State the entire matter is not only fully approved but we will use it to is adheres as dust on a terrible planet  it plays war fares on.     The cabal is using this as a superb example of man at his very best doing in the very best spirit has for purposes you both agree on fully and without folding any more chairs to leave.  I am now rescinding the entire matter for loss and moving you Ron into a special position to play this out even better.  I did not see it easily although you remind me all the time it ha to be played this way as a flea on a dog is not welcome by itself into the home.

"Now we see why the insistence of the FATHER is always to support your ravings as likely and possible and why RAYSON is so attuned to your work as is.  He never leaves it alone and neither does MONJORONSON, SERARA, RAYSON, SEN-SEN, AND HOLLYASTER, the new guy on the block as a MAGISTERIAL MISSION SON for your edification Ron:

"Holyaster, is a preborn issue after your ilk of thought that it must be done at all costs and it must be done fully and well without choice to the population to take the stick as well as the ice cream.

"I AM GLAD TO HAVE MY MASK RIPPED OFF under these circumstances.  Ron you are hilarious and know your work so well I must say you re the envoy of trust we finally can trust entirely.  

"MONJORONSON laughs at you all the time and your ilk of troubles with revelatory authorities, and you Ron let them laugh and make fun of you until the cows come home.  and I must agree it plays so well we must use every corner of your cover we can.  I never saw so much self congratulations not from you but from FATHER as the mask is not away yet either and this time you play it swell and carefully as set off another little fire and get to her immediately, as she is essentially a good ticket to trial.  Let her know the salient facts and then ask her,  can you help us get this done?  She is entirely a mother for you and you are not a redinicky patent child but one up her alley if she only knew!

"AS HOLLYASTER, you Ron are fully aware that ARTHURA supports the idea of HYPERINFINITY and He does.  He is also a Chief of all seraphic causes, and you make him horrified to eliminate a class of seraphim he chooses to be near you and that is not well done as he controls them and they are never far from total sin and iniquity but stay quiet around you.  It is the sister seraphim who get a good look at perfidy and you are among the first to nail them good and I mean good as you little stamp on their foreheads is enough to move them to the side soon enough.  Dominick uses me as a teacher; you use me as an interlocutor, and your Guard Midwayer is the Seraphim Loyalatia who got caught in our trap after millennia of excellent service.  

"As far as we can observe you care not that seraphim are told bad, but it is individuals who are bad and you offer condolences to the wounded as you have been so often cared for by God, his spirit Bzhutu, and many others and you are grateful for their help.  You do not pretend anything and you care only this works and that is true spirit.  You are the scarlet Pimpernel and we truly appreciate you and the need to help the Dauphin.

"I am HOLLYASTER and I agree to remain silent now, and yes Ron you shall see me with Monjoronson, Serara, Rayson, and one more,  Conchubell a blow and a strike to your eyes Ron.  Ron here:  CONCHUBELL  is well known for being able to get attention for the divine and Paradise Sons on a material world.  Now this:  here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON to speak to you Ron]  This new message is cleared off this post for reasons of State.  

Thank you for your interest and attention.  This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON and we say adieu for the time being.  K"



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