Author Topic: 2023 Donations and Expenses for the Magisterial Foundation 01 Jan to 15 April23  (Read 7117 times)

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2023 Donations and Expenses for the Magisterial Foundation 01 Jan to 15 April23
Hello everyone,
The Magisterial Foundation is reporting to you our donations and expenses as of April 15, 2023.  This accounting takes all the financial activity from January 01, 2023 to 15 April 2023.

January 01 - In January our beginning balance was    $27,235.82

Donations - $1,530.68 (this number includes small interest payments)

Expenses  -  $2,251.87
     Expenses of note were in order to move the Discussion forum for security reasons  we had to provide a new ISP subscription cost and that was over $1,800..  The phone expenses are about $150 for the conference calls to this point,  and the printing of brochures,  envelopes and cards for the Rayson Corporation cost about $300.

Today's Balance (15 April) - $26,514.63

As a tax free non-profit corporation, we report the accounting to you as it is your help in donating that allows us to prepare the Lightlines and the costs of preparing documents and office supplies to run the business for the divine interests.

Donations have fallen way off and we ask for your consideration to keep them coming as the costs are unrelenting as you well know yourselves.
We do not do credit cards or Paypal even though they are so convenient.  Mail a check to
The Magisterial Foundation
2709 Sunset Lane
York, Pa 17408-9566
Those checks are deposited in the Foundation account and thank you very much!
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