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A New Look At Love
« on: May 21, 2023, 05:57:04 am »
A new look at love

I have lung cancer.
For many a death sentence.

But for me, I had asked that my experience with cancer would add to the understanding of the medical community, and to add to my family's togetherness, to contribute in some way to the understanding of ourselves and one another, and to understand more of the goodness of God.

I had asked to understand more of the love of God.

Then a startling thought.
God gives us things out of love, with the proviso that we love it too. He gives us our bodies. We are to love our bodies He gives us our family and friends. So that we may learn to love our family and friends the way he does. With unconditional love. Love our home. Like he does.
Uhoh. Did I hear love your cancer?

Here are some cells that somehow for reasons unknown to me, became an expression of God's love by becoming "immortal". These cells don't know how to turn themselves off.
Now I have a beautiful begonia potted plant that has been blooming continuously for three years. It was a present for Mother's day. I got two begonias. One had a gorgeous flower, and the whole plant died when the flower died. The other has bloomed ever since.
Are there natural manifestations of Immortality in the natural world?
 Sequoias?  Joshua trees?. . . 

My cancer has not given me pain. It has not interfered. What is interfering is the medical community and everyone around me that think who I should "battle" my own body cells that have chosen to become immortal. Whaaat?

I asked God for his view on this.
God help us all to love one another as we love ourselves. Oh, My,  Love others? Should we selectively destroy other people, nature's living things, and the earth itself if we don't "love " it?
What we love, we try to understand, and appreciate.
Lemuel spoke of the Gift of Love. Love is the final miracle, because it transforms. It takes what was all wrong and makes it right

When we show love to our bodies, we are taking into account what our bodies need. Good food exercise, rest, sunshine. cheerfulness. Care. . .

So if I love my cancer, will I "battle " it? Try to destroy that part of me that doesn't fit my expectations? This cancer has no "markers" - that is special cells that would be the "target" for the killer drugs and treatments.

As long as there is love, there is always an option for the work of God to be done. God's love transforms. God's love has lessons for us yet to behold.

I am Father. I AM. Take my love to new levels my children.

kof* kof*! Thank you Father! Is there anything you would like to add?

FATHER: Well, yes, as a matter of fact.
Every day on the news now, you hear of people doing bad things to other people. What people DO is not where my love lies. It is rather in the potential for them to be my children in the kingdom. As people learn by doing and seeing the consequences, their minds hopefully may see that the good always prevails.

Just because we see people doing bad things to others doesn't mean I am not there. Instead, look around it and see where love can work its "magic".

That "Magic" is a transformational work that may take time, Or not. It may work just as fast a a new mental, emotional and spiritual change in outlook. A change in thinking can take generations, . . . or just a moment. Doing the right thing is always an option. Doing the right thing can be traumatic. It can be devastating. But when Jesus said "Father forgive them for they know not what they do" that was transformational. There have been instances of forgiveness in a courtroom. Does that change a punishment? Think instead of the words of Michael Cohen words to the effect, "I am more at peace in jail than I ever was before". When "all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose" , we allow nasty circumstances to reframe and recreate a love we never knew before.



Thank you Father! Please help us to always see love is always an option.


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Re: A New Look At Love
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2023, 10:29:22 am »
Thank you for your words of Love. They are truly inspiring. I lost both my parents to cancer which makes me predisposed to acquiring this myself from what the medical professionals say. I have learned to take their word with a grain of salt anymore. Personally, I do not think I will fight it if I do ever get cancer as for me it is just another part of the life experience. I commend you for your bravery and only wish I will be able to deal with this life situation as you are. With my father's love I send you my thoughts, prayers, and love. 

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Re: A New Look At Love
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2023, 13:30:58 pm »
Dear Carole, 

I believe with a whole heart that this cancer is for the glory of our Father and has no power over you. I hope you can rest in these words, yet fully understand and I am with you in the struggle of comprehending and relating to such dreadful event in our mortal life, its emotionally painful processes of going through it. Isn't it true that what does not break us will makes us? May you be made whole in joy in great faith. Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Much love, 
Valerie, sosnsofGod 

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Re: A New Look At Love
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2023, 15:00:34 pm »
Another thought to this subject. The transformational work belongs to Father, is that true? We cannot transform ourselves, only subject ourselves to His Divine love and collaborate by faith. However, I do not believe that Father would give cancer to anyone, or any sickness. He is perfect and his ways are also, therefore there is no sickness in Paradise glory, I am sure. He cannot give what he does not have. Is he allowing it? Well, sicknesses and diseases are the part and consequences of this fallen world. Imperfection yes, and for reason of bad intentions of the powerful. For instance, genetic engeneering for the wrong reasons. destroying the environment willfully and irresponsibly by darkened and limited minds. Or just the pride of one knowing it better having been put in such position. Pride is one of the most harmful attributes of men, for it is not possible to say anything new to a prideful person who already know it all to the point of foolishness. So Father can only correct what is in existence, and He is working it out.  
So as the fact contributing to the problem that that the medical society is limited by strict laws as to what they can heal and what sickness is incurable or does not exist by law. Such as cancer must go through the established treatment method of chemotherapy, even there are more effective and less painful to painless alternative treatments. Until healthcare is the biggest profit generating organization, there is no reason to hope otherwise. Hitler feared cancer more than anything for reason of genetic inheritance in his family. He collected the best scientist without prejudice to find cure and they did, an article stated. Where is it? In a secret place, but not impossible to find.
Ur606, bless you too. I hope you can stand against receiving such prophecy that this is your portion by your parent's genetic composition. How do you know if the water they drank was not carcinogen? Or if there were some other environmental issues? They did not have the same genetics, yet both got sick with the same disease. More likely from the same environmental source than genetic disposition. But regardless, you have a greater parent now, our Father, who can overcome it for you and with you in any event. But by faith not by sight. 

While I was growing up in church everything was so simple, because I believed that what I say it is. We prayed heaven down with declaring what is. It worked too, because we prayed so much more! Father is merciful and pity his erring children. I not only proclaimed but also experienced that all my prayers were answered. We now heard couple of times that is not so anymore. The same spiritual resources that were available 20 years ago are not available today, not all of them. Father said it and we know the reasons. Machiventa Melchizedek said, it is not so that you say something and it will happen. That too is understandable. However, the principles did not change. We pray and wait in expectation. 

If for any reason something does not go the way we have anticipated we learn from the experience and gain enough wisdom that we can accept our lot. I hope so, for that too is a process. The saying that God will not put more on you that you can handle is therefore true, but sometimes we wonder when in a bad situations or the lion's dan. I can best relate to Joseph in the bible. Innocent, inexperienced, full of goodness and love ending up in prison on false accusation for many years. How would you view that in your life? Father set him up for success to save seven nations from famine and restore his own family. We are still here and not in prison. Still full of hope and faith waiting for the Lord to come, and can surely proclaim, his ways are higher than immortal cancer and man's false judgment. those cells are out of control but can be stopped growing. Nor they will live on if a host body dies. So we say, be gone! You both are free of cancer.   


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Re: A New Look At Love
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2023, 20:36:16 pm »
SongsatSunrise, I  too would like to share words that inspire me. These are the sayings of St. Teresa of Avila.

Here she speaks,.. "Trust in God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

When we except what happens to us and make the best of it. We are praising God.

Those that walk closest to Christ were those that had to bare the greatest trials.

Christ does not force our will, He only takes what we give Him.

But He does not give Himself  entirely until He sees that we yield ourselves entirely. "

Ghost Dancer: Thank you St. Teresa of Avila for your presence of us.

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Re: A New Look At Love
« Reply #5 on: May 23, 2023, 10:39:01 am »
The topic that you have put on the table Songatsunrise is very interesting, with that confession of your lung cancer and all that talk about it. I would like to add a few words and not directly as a doctor because I totally agree with you that health and illness cannot be a brand new business but rather a social right. But regarding the prognosis of cancer specifically, I have come to the conclusion that more than a genetic problem, that is, a biological one, it can be assimilated as a double-edged sword, that is, its behavior and descent depend much more on the "mental attitude" of who suffers it. I want to say that although genetics marks a direction, it is not definitive because a person with a well-balanced mind and who accepts his illness as an occasion to self-analyze and determine his participation in the genesis of his problem, the disease becomes a chronic process. or ends up healing, while the opposite, people with emotional instability and with poor management of their diagnosis, very likely succumb to their illness quickly. However, I must add that people who belong to the first group are distinguished by having founded a solid spiritual base, which the people of the second classification lack. All speculative.
"If you develop Love, you don't need to develop anything else"

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Re: A New Look At Love
« Reply #6 on: May 24, 2023, 10:40:21 am »
Greetings, I share this poem that could not have come from that First Source. Now I can find it on my laptop but I certainly haven't been able to find its origin on the Internet even though I know I had to download it from some site a long time ago. I put it in both languages because I know it in Spanish and when translated by Google, I don't find it so impressive. Thanks


I dwell within you, nameless, ageless, timeless
With no more fainting spells or sorrows than yours, of which I am supportive
I dwell in your heart without cold or heat,
with the times of time
With the essence of the sun and the stars
I am the being and the Creation, I am the one that I always am,
And I'm in you and in everything
I am the light and the shadow
The whole and nothing,
The contradiction, the apparent, the unequal,
But also Unity.
Everything makes sense in Me, nothing outside of Me,
All march and movement exist in Me
And towards Me everything flows and ebbs,
Everything goes up and down, everything comes and goes
In this infinite prayer nothing remains and everything remains the same, infinite and deep,
you are me and I am you
We are the same essence Father and Son,
The same Being, the same Spirit,
And the basilica and the temples, the prayers and the saints
All is One merged in this great Spirit,
And your voices and your lights on,
Forgetfulness and grievances, meetings and disagreements,
Everything is one in the learning of Love.
Therefore, do not be afraid to love with all the strength of this Creation that vibrates in you,
That feels and is perfected through you,
Let it out, allow it to continue creating;
Radiate it, giving it freedom so that your spirit encompasses the Infinite,
Let that force embrace us in this consubstantiation with the Infinite
Let everything and nothing merge in you
Establishing the bridge between the universes, the plans and the dimensions
So they will shine with all the lights of the stars
Forever and ever Amen


Yo moro dentro de ti, sin nombre, sin edad sin tiempo
Sin más desmayos ni pesares que los tuyos, de los que soy solidario
Yo moro en tu corazón sin frío ni calor,
Con los tiempos del tiempo
Con la esencia del sol y las estrellas
Yo soy el ser y la Creación, Yo soy el que siempre soy,
Y estoy en ti y en todo
Soy la luz y la sombra
El todo y la nada,
La contradicción, lo aparente, lo desigual,
Pero también la Unidad.
Todo tiene sentido en Mi, nada fuera de Mi,
Toda marcha y movimiento exiten en Mi
Y hacia Mi todo fluye y refluye,
Todo sube y baja, todo va y viene
En esta infinita oración nada permanece y todo sigue igual, infinito y profundo,
Tú eres Yo y Yo soy tú,
Somos la misma esencia Padre e Hijo,
El mismo Ser el mismo Espíritu,
Y la basílica y los templos, las oraciones y los santos
Todo es Uno fundido en este gran Espíritu,
Y vuestras voces y vuestras luces encendidas,
Los olvidos y los agravios, los encuentros y desencuentros,
Todo es uno en el aprendizaje del Amor.
Por eso no teman amar con toda la fuerza de esta Creación que vibra en ustedes,
Que siente y se perfecciona a través vuestro,
Déjenla salir, permitan que siga creando;
Irrádienla, dándole libertad para que vuestro espíritu abarque el Infinito,
Dejen que esa fuerza nos abrace en esta consustanciación con el Infinito
Dejen que el todo y la nada se fundan en ustedes
Estableciendo el puente entre los universos, los planos y las dimensiones
Así brillarán con todas las luces de las estrellas
Desde siempre y por siempre Amén
"If you develop Love, you don't need to develop anything else"

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Re: A New Look At Love
« Reply #7 on: May 24, 2023, 12:12:12 pm »
May 24, 2023, Samara, local time 11.17., call from the tuner. Please dictate.
You can do more for God than you are doing now. Think about what you can change about yourself to be closer to your creator, Jesus.
We know what is bothering you, but, nevertheless, in this situation it is possible to devote more time to prayer, silence, communication with me.
Think you have a lot of free time. You use part of it for nothing or not rationally. Reflect on this. Remove from your life everything that hinders you in the knowledge of God. Reflect, and what is not clear, contact me.
- Understood dear tuner, thanks for the advice.
24 мая 2023, Самара, местное время 11.17., вызов от настройщика. Пожалуйста диктуй.
Ты можешь больше делать для Бога, чем делаешь сейчас. Подумай, что ты можешь изменить в себе, чтобы быть ближе к создателю, Иисусу.
Мы знаем, что тебе мешает, но, все же, можно и в этой ситуации больше времени уделять молитве, тишине, общению со мной.
Подумай, у тебя много свободного времени. Часть его ты используешь в пустую или не рационально. Поразмышляй над этим. Убери из своей жизни все, что тебе мешает в познании Бога. Поразмышляй, а что не понятно, обращайся ко мне.
- Понял дорогой настройщик, спасибо за советы.

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Re: A New Look At Love
« Reply #8 on: May 24, 2023, 23:44:45 pm »
Than you prozonov.  You are needed here!