Author Topic: Pleiadeans and the full mission dismissal  (Read 2790 times)

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Pleiadeans and the full mission dismissal
« on: March 01, 2024, 14:11:04 pm »

Good morning All! and good morning Pleiadeans!

Here is a quote from Ron's post yesterday:

This afternoon 29 February 2024, New York time zone,  I was advised there was no further interest in doing a full Mission to this planet.


Dear Pleiadeans, what would you like to say about this?

Pleiadeans: Thank you Carole, and especially you, Weydevu, for the very important questions put forth. No full missions? ever? Is it all over? No use for us humans?

Dear folks of the forum, those of you referred to as "the rest of you". . . please understand that Father is not in the Bad News business. Your responses to this shows us that this is one of the many things that makes humans wonderful, amazing, confusing, and enigmatic, and that is the changeableness, the ever evolving beliefs, the total ennui. We may go on a long time, pointing these things out, that humans are not spiritually dependable at this point. No offense intended, but this planet has a long way to go before any kind of large scale mission could make any impact. All of you who are so devoted to this effort, and fully dedicated to the good outcome of whatever spirit chooses to put in place are greatly appreciated and noticed. And be assured Father is very interested in your spiritual progress, whether there is any kind of mission or not.

We Pleiadeans as on-lookers can deeply sympathize with your desire for the return of Jesus, and your many hopes and dreams of a better planet. But God has a time table that we cannot totally understand. All we can do is take one day at a time. Remember that whatever is decided for "humans" involves the other planets in the Universe! These are far reaching decisions.

God's blessings continue to be as real as ever. Your care and nurturing is ever before Him. We know that Ron is spiritually very special, but a wholesale acceptance of human input can put many deliberations at risk.

The best we all can do is just wait and listen. The encouragement to 'stay the course" correcting it as necessary through countless adjustments is still our word to you. We love you! We are here for you!

Be in peace. Thank you for listening.

Carole: Thank you Pleiadeans!