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TRANSLATIONS / 18.1.2022 – Robimy przerwę
« Last post by Andre_P on Today at 03:58:39 am »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekaz: Lemuel, członek bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Wątki nowych przekazów / ROBIMY PRZERWĘ
« 18 stycznia 2022 r., godz. 02:17:18 »

Nauczyciel : CALUMNIA
Przekazujący : Lemuel
Miejsce : Girona, Katalonia, Hiszpania,
Data/Godzina : 18 stycznia 2022 r., 07:00 czasu miejscowego, 06:00 UTC

Dzień dobry. Dzisiejsza lekcja jest przede wszystkim dla Lemuela, ale wszyscy możecie utożsamiać się z tą potrzebą.

Zrobić przewę, jak wszyscy wiecie, to po prostu odpocząć przez jakiś czas. Wszyscy macie swoje normalne codzienne zajęcia, które zawsze wymagają waszego czasu i energii, ale kimkolwiek jesteście i cokolwiek robicie, okres odpoczynku jest zawsze mile widziany i konieczny. Ciało potrzebuje odświeżenia, podobnie jak umysł.

Ci z was, którzy są tutaj na forum, uformowali się w małą rodzinę, która stara się tylko spełniać wolę Ojca i pomagać w jakikolwiek możliwy sposób w przyszłych Misjach. Niektórzy z was są przekazującymi i są w pełni świadomi ogromnej odpowiedzialności, jaka się z tym wiąże. Jesteście kochani i podziwiani przez nas, waszą Niebiańską rodzinę i robimy wszystko, co w naszej mocy, aby pomóc i zainspirować was do kontynuowania praktyki przekazywania, ale kiedy jest to potrzebne, róbcie sobie przerwę.

Do następnego razu.

Miłego dnia

(Wyjaśnienie : We wczorajszym przekazie Lemuela od Calumni, w pierwszym akapicie, pojawił się błąd. Była tam mowa o możliwym stworzeniu nowego Wszechświata Nadrzędnego wewnątrz obecnego Wszechświata Nadrzędnego, co nie jest przewidziane w planie Boga. Obecny Wszechświat Nadrzędny zawiera całość – od Raju do Przestrzeni Zewnętrznej. Nowa taka struktura, wewnątrz już istniejącej nie jest przewidziana.)
Threads for New Transmissions / TAKING TIME OUT
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 02:17:18 am »
T/R: Lemuel
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 18th Jan 2022  07:00 Local  06:00 Z

Good Morning to you all. 
Today´s lesson is primarily for Lemuel, but you can all identify with the need.

Taking time out, as you all know, is simply resting for a while. You all have your
normal daily activities to pursue and these are always demanding your time and
energy but whoever you are and whatever you do, a period of rest is always
welcome and necessary. The body needs to be refreshed and so does the mind.

Those of you here on the Forum have formed yourselves into a little family that
seeks only to do Father´s will and help in any way you can with future Missions.
Some of you are transmitters and are fully aware of the tremendous responsibility
this carries. You are loved and admired by us, your Celestial family, and we do
all that we can to help and inspire you to continue practicing transmitting but when
it is needed, take time out.

Until next time.

Good Day 

« Last post by Dominick O on January 17, 2022, 05:16:06 pm »
Looking at antipode earthquakes the qualification says they need to be within 30 degrees; but looking at the map created by antipode earthquake sites, it seems it could be related to the Canary Island pressure.
Machiventa Melchizedek accompanied us on tonight's Lightline, 

                       He as well as Adam & Eve and Miriam spoke to us.

Here is the link of the recording:
011522 Audio Tape Lightline Saturday Host: Lemuel
Subjects: Q&A ; WTP status update from Ron; Michael of Nebadon’s announcement;
Transcribed by: Moses Ouko
Link To Tape:


Lemuel: I just stopped the recording momentarily

Valerie: …Sorry that’s ok It's easy to put it together.

Lemuel: All right people I just unmuted ted you and I just want to ask you if someone can tell me are you having difficulty in hearing my voice since  can someone else answer me?

Forum: (Several voices) we can hear you Lemuel.

Lemuel: Ok. I just muted you all again because the noise was deafening. Ok. Well Valerie apparently everyone else can hear me. So what can I say? Well, anyway did you have anything else Valerie to ask or is that all? I have unmuted you.

Valerie: Well if I may say this; Maybe the insurrectionists or the cabal don't want this question to be answered because it's about them. They may find a way to block it. But that was all the questions I had. Thank you very much.

Lemuel: Ok. Thank you very much then as well. I will remute you and now if I may because of this blockage or apparent blockage I want to ask Ron if he would be so kind, if he could make a comment. Do you have a comment to make at the moment?

Ron: Lemuel I've just joined the account and I am unmuted.  

Lemuel: Yes.

Ron: I've been asked to join so you can get an announcement that Michael wishes to make. Would you please refamiliarise me with the questions since I've been away from the phone about 3 minutes?

Lemuel: The question from Valerie? Ron?

Ron: Yes.

Lemuel: You’re referring to the question from Valerie?

Ron: What are you discussing please?

Lemuel: Oh yes ok. The question from Valerie was this; Is it true, can any information be given about the insurrectionists that have had their kind of headquarters on Uversa and also on Salvington where they managed to plan the rebellions again and to cause havoc for all of us over the past months, well over a couple of years almost? That is the question that Valerie wanted information or an update on if it is possible. And I asked Tarkas and I just had a blockage there was no one else here to answer that.

Ron: Did you get any answer yet?

Lemuel: No. This is what I thought suddenly it was blocked. So whether this was an attack or not I don't know Ron. But it definitely felt like everything was blocked.

Ron: Yeah. There's problems everywhere again and that is why they asked me to join. Valerie, are you there? Can I hear you?

Lemuel: Let me unblock her.

Ron: Yes Valerie, can you hear me? Can you hear me Valerie? Apparently she's not responding.

Valerie: Do you hear me now?

Ron: Now I hear you Valerie. I have a sense of contact. Let me reply as best we can. The situation with what you might call the bases for the Insurrection is really on Urantia. They spread out from Urantia to the rest of Satania. The rebellion itself or the insurrection is only in the Planetary System of Satania. It has not spread to the other planetary systems but because of that Salvington is involved. For that reason Valerie, the base for the insurrection while it is primarily Urantia, also has an office located in the headquarters or nearby the headquarters of Nebadon. That is very confidential information as to what Salvington or Gabriel or Michael might know because if they comment then they reveal information about their intelligence that works against them. But now that you know that the primary insurrection is on Urantia and that it does spread into the Planetary System somewhat, and that Salvington is aware of representatives in the Salvington area is enough for you to understand that until it is eliminated on Urantia, entirely does the Seraphic insurrection end. That's number one.

Number two; the Lucifer Rebellion has gained strength and is operating not from Urantia but from a small enclave located somewhere near Uversa. The Ancients of Days are interested in quelling it and Michael and the administrators on Salvington have said to the Ancient of Days, It is in your office that we look to end the Lucifer Rebellion and its influence. So there is no way to answer the final part of your question Valerie, it just has to be greened and beared with. Does that do you fine?

Valerie: Yes. Thank you very much.

Ron: You’re quite welcome. Now Lemuel if I may I have got Michael of Nebadon and an announcement he would like to make.

Lemuel: Yes of course go ahead please.

WTP status update

Michael of Nebadon: Thank you Lemuel. I'm Michael of Nebadon and ladies and gentlemen, the problem that we have today is that the entire matter of WTP and other issues that surround the magisterial foundation is up not for grabs but for a re-edification of what we wish to accomplish with the planetary WTP building itself on Urantia. Ron, update them.

Ron: Alright. I have looked at the Conewago Mountains. They are a small worn down group of mountains that existed about 130 million years ago. Really they're only bumps at this point but those bumps probably are among the highest elevation we have in York County. The USGS map tells us that the Conewago Mountains have at their highest elevation 956 ft above sea level. My home which is almost at Dover Township itself is about 440 feet above sea level. So you see it does rise considerably and that is where we wanna put the Tower. Obviously, for the best coverage. Now I have looked at it.  I have to go look at it for real, as it might say Because the USGS map I would estimate is about 20 years old. It shows dwellings but the problem is in 20 years the entire area of York County has almost doubled in population. I've got to see the home building density and to see if we are gonna have a zoning. Right now the York County planning commission has zoned the area we wish to put the tower in as Conservative and what that means is; they wish to maintain the rural area, the wooded areas and the natural streams that flow out of it into the basin of the Conewago Creek. I understand their concern. What I must ascertain by a personal visit is to see what we really are interfering with if we put a building there that broadcasts electricity.  

I have prepared for the engineer the issues I would like them to address. It runs in spite of being very spare with words 9 pages long. I also have prepared a proposal to the government of Dover Township, the Board of supervisors, what we intend to do, Where we intend to place it and the benefits that are derived to the Township Dover for allowing us to do it. And third, what we are going to suggest is that the engineering firm as well as Dover Township Invite a Consortium of corporations known called the IEEE, who deal with electricity technologies from free electricity to coal generation. We would like them to author a world standard on how to build a plant and how to operate it. We've asked the engineer and Dover Township to invite IEEE into the discussions. And finally this; Do you realize that if we put the plant where we would like to now, We can Electrify Washington DC, We can Electrify Philadelphia, We can Electrify  Baltimore, We can Electrify Allentown and Bethlehem, that is in the north east corner of the state of Pennsylvania and many other burgs and boroughs. So what we are waiting for right now is the issuance of the patent that the engineer may examine and begin to do those things that our request asked them to do. I will not say anything to the IEEE or even to Dover Township until I have the patent in my hand and that we have some resources in the bank. I will make sure that our discussion forum will announce when it is available, at what state we are and what we are intending to do with what we have in our hands. Michael, is that sufficient?

Michael of Nebadon’s announcement

Michael of Nebadon: It’s beautifully stated Ron, thank you. Now this is what I want to announce. The truth of the matter is Ron requires at least 5 million in his bank account to undertake all of these requests for proposals and requests for services. We will make that available easily. Ron has established the bank account and the corporate name the bank that can handle it. Furthermore Ron has also established the account that you donate to in the Magisterial Foundation. That account will be used to transfer donations from it to the Rayson corporation bank account that will set out the proposals. For that reason let this be known; Machiventa Melchizedek will provide the funds to the Rayson Corporation through the Magisterial Foundation as a donation the moment the patent appears in Ron's hands. That is so critical that we are waiting for the attorney located in Ottawa Kansas to provide at least some detail as to where he is with the US patent office and the questions he is receiving. Ron knows something of the questions and we have prepared him well to answer them. That is up to the last moment of where we stand with what we are preparing as the visible magisterial missions that coincide with the receipt of the patent. Thank you.

Now this; we thank Lemuel for allowing the time for this to be done particularly through Ron and we're doing it through Ron, Lemuel primarily because of the knowledge of WTP.

Lemuel: Yes.

Michael of Nebadon: So we proceed with this announcement. From now on the light lines as they are established will provide all of the information concerning the Magisterial Foundation, The Magisterial Missions, The second coming of Jesus Christ and a return of what we initially took away from Ron and that is some sense of control of his own body. Most of you are very tired of hearing about it but it will make an historical statement when history is finally reported for this period. Ron has undergone several incidences of severe attacks on his nervous system and even on his brain stem. Those attacks have not been eliminated but the ability to attack is no longer possible.

Now why would you be interested in this information? I am suggesting that within perhaps 48 hours, (Chuckle) yeah right in time for a big snowstorm Ron says, he will revise at least the elimination of the pain and the locking of the muscles in the lower legs. Right now he hobbles. He walks like Frankenstein. He rather not. And further this; His release from our control physically will eliminate some of the work being done for you Elise and some work being done for you Lemuel. And some work being done with Amethyst. Every one of you mentioned here will have a life extension But we will continue to repair the body rather than try to make the body do the repairs. That's much easier and we thank you Ron for the announcement.  

Lemuel: Yes indeed.

Ron: Thank you Michael. Thank you for providing very important information. Most appreciated. And now Lemuel I’m going to turn this back to you. Go ahead.

Lemuel: Thank you very much Ron. Thank you so much for that. Ok. I will remute you. And now to everyone well this is still question and answer, to take this opportunity for you raise your hand and ask a question that you didn't have the opportunity to ask last Saturday if you remember. So please raise your hand now, five star (5*) and I will unmute you as I see your hand being raised. So please go ahead and do that now. Okay there's no hands raised at the moment. Oh yes Jose. Okay Jose I have unmuted you please go ahead and there are two other more. Amethyst and then Weydevu. Ok. So Jose go ahead.

Jose: Yeah. Thank you. I came in a little bit late but I did have a question regarding the transmission of these light lines to the rest of the Federation. I just want to know if they're still being transmitted to the rest of the Federation or just the Sunday lightlines.

Lemuel: Well that's a good question. I wonder if Tarkas is here to answer that. First of all for me Jose can you repeat that question for me please just very quickly?

Jose: Yes. I just wanted to ask are all the light lines being broadcast to the federation or just the Sunday ones with Ron.

Lemuel: Ok thank you. Tarkas are you still here? Can you take this one please?

Tarkas: Yes I'm still here. Know I’m still here Lemuel. This is Tarkas. Well in answer to your question Jose, it’s yes and no. And I can say yes or no because of the interest or none interest in the others actually receiving it and at the moment I can tell you it's not exactly 50/50 but it’s not so hot but yes it is true to say that Sunday light line with Ron Besser is the most important and they do appreciate that and yes it is being broadcast to all of them. And probably that is the reason why the other lightlines at least at the moment the other light lines are not so, I don't want to use the word appreciated. I don't want to use that word but it's not so vital for them to receive. You know this is the best way I can answer that. So yes, well that's it Jose. Does that answer your question?

Jose: Yes. Thank you very much.

Tarkas: You're very welcome. This is Tarkas.

Lemuel: Thank you Tarkas. Thank you very much.

Tarkas: Thank you Lemuel.

Lemuel: Ok Jose, I will now remute you and I will go to, well I don't know who is first you or Weydevu, Amethyst. I will unmute you Amethyst. Ladies first, as always.  Amethyst, go ahead.

Amethyst: Okay I guess I'm unmuted now. Ron did answer Valerie’s question quite well but Machiventa Melchizedek is asking to say a few more words if I might give this to you?

Lemuel: Yes of course.

Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa Melchizedek and yes it is true Ron has provided all of you with good information regarding the insurrectionists. I however would like to add just a few more words to this. I can inform you that there has been a lot of progress made in the past 24 hours in catching and retaining elements of the cabal and insurrectionists. They have been apprehended all throughout Nebadon with the highest concentration in Satania and especially on Urantia. They are willing to die rather than release your planet. The Urantian population has been so creative in solving the problems of everyday living but at the same time they are so ignorant of spiritual matters and are so easy to control by inserting rebellion values and mindset into them. They are a ready-made army of Fools who are of extreme value to evil. Sometimes you have heard the phrase on Urantia '' useful idiot'' and that is just what they have and covet. I, Machiventa Melchizedek, as your Planetary Manager will not allow any of that here. You all know that and you I can be trusted and I’m beyond reproach. You can feel secure that as long as I sit in the chair of Planetary Manager I will tolerate no shenanigans. There are still many of them out there to be caught as Ron has indicated but I want you to know that the last 48 hours have been very, very productive with this problem. I thank you for your attention and I stand back now and give this to Amethyst.

Amethyst: This is Amethyst and I thank Machiventa so much for these wonderful words and I now give this back to Lemuel.

Lemuel: Well, Thank you very much Amethyst and thank you so much Machiventa Melchizedek. I will now remute you Amethyst and I will now go up to Weydevu and unmute you. Go ahead please.

Weydevu: Thank you Lemuel. My question will be about the Sons of Ascension and I would just like to know what is the difference between Agondonter and Sons of Ascension? How would they differ?

Lemuel: Well I'm gonna bump this up to Tarkas if he would like to comment on this.

Tarkas: This is Tarkas. Well let me tell you what I understand the difference to be, Weydevu. You all know and understand what an Agondonter is. Yes but there is a new order of sonship and this is a new order created by Father Himself very recently. This new order of sonship are for those who are above and beyond Agondontership if I can put it this way. They are, to use your very well-known and understood word, they are really the Elite. Now what we want to try to avoid, obviously we don't want there ever to be a schism in this beautiful, wonderful little family here in the Serara forum and that those on streaming and as you all know you're all very welcome to be here and you're all so very much appreciated. All of you and loved beyond your comprehension and this has been so pleasing the Father that He has seen fit to reward, if not all of you but at least to begin with a lot of you as a qualified member of this unique of sonship. And well I don't know if that can answer your question sufficiently Weydevu But this is all I can say at the moment. Are you satisfied with this answer?

Weydevu: Yes I am. Thank you, Lemuel.

Lemuel: Ok go ahead

Ron: I wanna point something out that is hard to grasp but you should do it. Agondonter status is directly identified with being able to understand and accept that there is a spirit, that there is a Father, that there is a life after death without anyone having to tell them. They don't have to see it. They do not have to go to school to get it. That’s an Agondonter. The Sons of Ascension exceed that tolerance of believing without seeing considerably. They also have a different destiny than just an Agondonter. And that destiny deals directly with God the Ultimate or at least the first two Outer Space Levels (OSL) for service beyond time. That is Sons of Attainment (Chuckle) I beg your pardon. I just advanced you even farther. That is Sons of Ascension.  

Lemuel: Yes

Ron: The Attainment is the Trinity and we are not involving them yet. (Laughter)But anyhow those who are being joined with a new order of human ascension, the Sons of Ascension ,are already picked out to be educated to be able to minister to the first two Outer Space Levels with the Creator Sons. I hope that makes a big difference in your mind Weydevu, the difference. I yield back to Lemuel and Weydevu.

Lemuel: Ok thank you. Thank you, Ron.

Weydevu: Thank you Ron. Well I have another question, Lemuel.

Lemuel:  Ok Weydevu, go ahead

Weydevu:  I believe that the Most Highs spoke about the Russian interference of our skies and that there was a security breach. Can you tell us anything else more about this?

Lemuel: Well, I can’t but I will ask that question to RA if Tarkas is unavailable to answer. I cannot answer that.

Ron: I can answer that for you.

Lemuel: Ok go ahead Ron, please. Thank you.

Ron: By all means RA, if you wish to speak to it go ahead or anyone else. I don't mean to step in front of you.

RA: That's perfectly alright Ron, go ahead.

Ron: What you are talking about, Weydevu, is really top secret. Let me identify the proper effects without getting into the details. Several months ago, in fact the end of, I believe it was October of 2021,The United States Air Force began intercepting radar blips that  they couldn't see but they could lock onto as real objects. They have decided that whatever it is, is invisible and Impossible with present technology to identify.  What the Ancients of Days have done, Weydevu, is identify the culprit. The culprit is an enemy of the United States and the cloaked device is a small craft that has been reduced to non-visible status by denying radar and visible contact by aircraft because the device being used has shut off white light frequency. Do you understand what I mean by that?

Weydevu: Yes I do.

Ron: Alright. If there is no frequency in the seven color spectrum, then you can't see it. That is the way the human eye is designed. One country has learned how to shut that spectrum off. It sprays the paint on that craft they are using to spy with a frequency denial. That's all I dare say.  

Weydevu: Thank you.

Lemuel: Thank you Ron. Ok.  

Weydevu: I have one last question, Lemuel.

Lemuel: Ok Weydevu, go ahead

Weydevu: I was gonna ask about our core and ….

Lemuel: I'm sorry what?

Weydevu: Core of the Earth. The molten core.

Lemuel: Motekora? What is that?

Ron: It's a hole in the middle of the earth that has liquid metal in it, Lemuel.

Lemuel: The core…. ok, ok. Sorry. It's your accent. I’m sorry I apologize. I am sorry. Go ahead.

Weydevu: And this morning there was a huge volcano on the Tonga Islands and I was just wondering about our core and the volcano itself.

Lemuel: Ok I understand the question now and I am familiar with it because we've seen it on the television here. This is an underwater eruption close to the Pacific island of Tonga and the effects of that were felt 500 miles away in the Island of Fiji. Ok. Well this needs to be answered by one of the Power Directors I think. Ron, can you deal with this one please?

Ron: Certainly. I have Power Director 4 here. Go ahead Power Director 4, if you wish.

Power Director 4: I am Salonia. That is my name Ron.

Ron: For the 52nd time and I can't remember it thank you Salonia. Go ahead please.
(Laughter) Just a minute.

Power Director 4: As Salonia, let me tell you this, but there are secrets all around this subject too. You are indeed seeing a volcano erupting out of the Pacific. Already it is close to 4 miles… that is how deep the water is that is coming out of. We expect this volcano to produce an island. A new Island. Whether the United States wishes to claim it as its own or some other commonwealth country or some other sovereignty we do not know because it has not erupted yet into an island. But the Island will come to exist and it will be about the size of Borneo. It will be quite large. What is erupting is a portion of the Earth's core that has been magnetized and placed into a liquid form and sent into a magma chamber through which this volcano is producing the material to produce a future island. For that reason we are not sure just how this will appear, just how long it will last or what damage it may cause other Pacific Islands. The islands nearby, Tonga and this volcano are in grave danger of tsunami. We will just have to see what will happen and learn from the experience as well. That is all we can tell you, Weydevu. Thank you.

Ron: Thank you Salonia.

Power Director 4: That's right Ron.
Ron: I got through 5 minutes.

Power Director 4: Yes thank you.

Ron: There you are, Weydevu and I turn this back to you, Lemuel.

Lemuel:  Ok thank you very much Ron. Ok is that everything, Weydevu?

Weydevu: Yes Lemuel. That’s all. Thank you, Ron. Thank you, Salonia.

Lemuel: Ok I will remute you now. Ok.  Now let me go up. I can see there is a question from Dominick and then another question again from Valerie. I first come to you Dominick. I will unmute you now. Please go ahead.

Dominick: Hi, thanks Lemuel. This is related to Weydevu’s first question about stuff but it doesn't directly address it and it has something to do with related revelation we received that is quite exciting but it's minor compared to the question. But it’s this; the Cuttlefish and the octopus do not use will power, because they don't possess it to change color. They use their abilities to detect the frequency of color and change it. So that is somewhat related to the question. It doesn't necessarily address the specifics of the abilities of these aerial objects or whatever to be in our space but it was a direct revelation….

Lemuel: That's extremely interesting

Dominick: Yes I wanted to get that in there…

Lemuel: Yes Dominick. That's really interesting. So it is not a willed thing. It is just the ability to change the frequency. That's fantastic; Cuttlefish and the octopus. I wish we could all do that. That would be wonderful. Okay, well thank you Dominick I will remute now. Thank you and I will now go to Valerie. She has another question. So Valerie you are unmuted, go ahead please.

Valerie: Thank you, Lemuel. I do have another question but before I ask that I would like to also ask another one concerning this island that is forming because of the volcano and the magma is coming out. Was that a directed effort of the Power Director to get some energy out of the Earth core? To get some release?

Lemuel: Well I have this Ron again to know if he has available the Power Director to answer that one.  Ron, are you still available?

Ron: Yes I have unmuted myself.

Lemuel: Did you hear the question?

Ron: Yes. I heard the question

Lemuel: Ok

Power Director 6: As a Power Director, This is not Salonia here but Power Director 6. I do not share my name at the moment although Ron has it on a list

Ron: It’s not Salonia 2?

Power Director 6: It’s not Salonia 2… (Laughter)

Ron: Please go ahead 6.

Power Director 6: Thank you Ron. The truth of the matter is that Ron has all sorts of lists and he can't retain them because there's too many lists. However the island that we are referring to that has erupted or will erupt out of the Pacific has no particular use for about 1,000 years. Maybe 500 at the least. The rock is poisonous to plants when it first emerges above the sea. The continent of North America took almost three million years to become fertile enough to grow the first tree. You see the land appearing doesn't mean a lot and In fact the fumes that come off of it would kill a human. It's just best to let the land alone for now. We see a picture of the Father Ron. We go to the Father.

Universal Father: I am the Universal Father, Lemuel and I am requesting that there be no further questions and that you end the light line for today. We are forcing things beyond our time frame and must get out of the way of insurrection which is still rampant. Ron turns this back to you.

Ron: Thank you Valerie I hope that gives you an idea

Valerie: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Ron: You're welcome. Go head Lemuel and finish your day here.

Lemuel: Ok thank you very much Ron. I will now remute Valerie and in fact I will say thank you to all who have spoken to us this evening. Thank you, Tarkas. Thank you Michael of Nebadon. And thank you for the information from Ron and from RA (spoke briefly if I remember) and Machiventa Melchizedek of course and the Power Directors that we just heard from. So without further ado I thank you all so much for attending. The Attendance has been 21 callers on the direct call. Well I think that is wonderful. Thank you so much for calling and until next Saturday I thank you all very much once again and hope to welcome you next Saturday light line which will be Saturday the 22nd of this month of January. Thank you all very much and I will now stop the recording.

« Last post by SophiaVeronica on January 17, 2022, 11:02:43 am »
Onderwerp: RUIMTE
T/R: Lemuel
Plaats: Girona, Catalunya, Spanje.
Datum/Tijd: 17 Januari 2022 07:00 Lokaal 06:00Z

Ik zou deze week willen beginnen met de ruimte te beschouwen. Het is geen onderwerp waar 
men vaak aan denkt maar zonder ruimte, zou je hier niet zijn. Ruimte, zoals al het andere in 
fysieke manifestatie, wordt gecreëerd en voorbereid voor toekomstig gebruik. Jullie hebben
kennis van de Buiten Ruimten, de toekomstige Universa.

De woorden, Tijd en Ruimte, gaan samen als ham en eieren en worden door de meeste 
mensen beschouwd als één en hetzelfde, maar ze zijn natuurlijk heel verschillend. Heb je
ooit overwogen wat eerst komt, tijd of ruimte? Het zou niet nodig moeten zijn om die vraag 
te stellen. Jullie huizen staan vol met dingen die ruimte innemen en als er geen ruimte is, 
kun je je huis niet inrichten. Ruimte kan bezet zijn of leeg blijven maar evoluerende universums 
en al het andere heeft ruimte nodig en dit is waar Tijd om de hoek komtkijken. We hebben 
bij een eerdere gelegenheid al eens stilgestaan bij Tijd en hoe het eigenlijk ons leven bepaalt.

Je bent tot het inzicht gekomen dat Tijd slechts een hulpmiddel is om je leven en alles te meten,
 maar ruimte blijft ongevoelig, het wordt niet beïnvloed door wat zich erin bevindt. De meubels in
je huis kunnen en worden verplaatst of veranderd maar de ruimte die ze innemen blijft hetzelfde. 
Je kunt de ruimte in het huis waar je woont niet vergroten zonder iets weg te doen en dit is 
een probleem voor menig huisvrouw die meer ruimte nodig heeft in haar kledingkast voor nieuwe kleren.

Evoluerende universa bewegen door de ruimte die ze hebben en dit wordt geregeld door 
zwaartekracht. De aantrekkingskracht en de afstotingskracht zijn de twee krachten die invloed 
hebben op jullie levens. Veel mensen lijden aan claustrofobie en hebben open ruimte nodig om
zich te vermaken. Anderen lijden aan het omgekeerde en voelen zich ongemakkelijk in een open ruimte. 

Je kunt je niet bewegen zonder de ruimte die je nodig hebt. Je kunt alle tijd van de
wereld hebben om te doen wat je wilt, maar je zult niets bereiken zonder ruimte. Dus, beste student, 
misschien zul je van nu af aan de ruimte waarin je leeft, beweegt en jezelf uitdrukt, gaan waarderen,
want zonder ruimte kun je dat niet.

Tot de volgende keer.


TRANSLATIONS / 17.1.2022 – Lightline z 15-go stycznia
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Link do wiadomości po angielsku :
Napisał : Moses Ouko, starszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : PLANY I NAGRANIA SOBOTNICH LIGHTLINES / Lightline USA z soboty
« Odpowiedź nr 2, 16 stycznia 2022 r., godz. 11:23:48 »

(Urywki z transkrypcji)

Lemuel : Pytanie od Valerie było takie : Czy to prawda, czy można udzielić jakichkolwiek informacji na temat powstańców, którzy mieli swoją swego rodzaju siedzibę na Uversie, a także na Salvingtonie, gdzie udało im się ponownie zaplanować rebelie i spowodować spustoszenie wśród nas wszystkich w ciągu ostatnich miesięcy, dobrze ponad kilka lat prawie ?

Ron : Wyczuwam kontakt. Pozwól mi odpowiedzieć najlepiej jak potrafimy. Sytuacja z tym, co można nazwać bazami Powstania, jest tak naprawdę na Urantii. Rozprzestrzeniły się one z Urantii na resztę Satanii. Sama rebelia lub powstanie jest tylko w Systemie Planetarnym Satanii. Nie rozprzestrzeniła się na inne systemy planetarne, ale z tego powodu Salvington jest w nią zaangażowany. Z tego powodu Valerie, baza powstania, choć znajduje się głównie na Urantii, ma również biuro w siedzibie głównej lub w pobliżu siedziby głównej Nebadonu. Jest to bardzo poufna informacja o tym, co Salvington, Gabriel lub Michał mogą wiedzieć, ponieważ jeśli to skomentują, to ujawnią informacje o swoim wywiadzie, który działa przeciwko nim. Teraz, kidy wiecie, że główne powstanie jest na Urantii i że rozprzestrzenia się ono w pewnym stopniu na System Planetarny i że Salvington jest świadomy przedstawicieli w obszarze Salvingtonu, to wystarczy, żebyście zrozumieli, że dopóki nie zostanie ono usunięte zupełnie z Urantii, powstanie Serafinów całkowicie się nie zakończy. To jest numer jeden.

Numer dwa, rebelia Lucyfera zyskała na sile i działa nie z Urantii, ale z małej enklawy znajdującej się gdzieś w pobliżu Uversy. Pradawni Czasu są zainteresowani jej stłumieniem i Michał oraz administratorzy na Salvingtonie powiedzieli Pradawnym Czasu : To w waszym biurze szukamy sposobu na zakończenie rebelii Lucyfera i jej wpływów. Tak więc nie ma sposobu, aby odpowiedzieć na ostatnią część twojego pytania Valerie i z tym po prostu trzeba się pogodzić.

Melchizedek Machiventa : To prawda, że Ron dostarczył wam wszystkim dobrych informacji na temat powstańców. Ja jednak chciałbym dodać do tego jeszcze kilka słów. Mogę was poinformować, że w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin dokonał się duży postęp w wyłapywaniu i zatrzymywaniu elementów kliki i powstańców. Zostali oni zatrzymani w całym Nebadonie, z największą koncentracją w Satanii, a szczególnie na Urantii. Są oni gotowi raczej umrzeć niż uwolnić waszą planetę. Ludność Urantii jest tak twórcza w rozwiązywaniu problemów życia codziennego, ale jednocześnie jest tak ignorancka w sprawach duchowych i tak łatwo ją kontrolować poprzez wpajanie jej buntowniczych wartości i mentalności. Są oni gotową armią głupców, którzy mają ogromną wartość dla złych. Czasami słyszeliście na Urantii wyrażenie "pożyteczny idiota" i to jest właśnie to, co oni mają i czego pożądają. Ja, Melchizedek Machiventa, jako wasz Planetarny Zarządca nie pozwolę na nic takiego tutaj. Wszyscy o tym wiecie i możecie mi ufać i jestem bez zarzutu. Możecie czuć się bezpiecznie, że tak długo jak będę siedział na fotelu Zarządcy Planetarnego, nie będę tolerował żadnych szwindli. Wciąż jest ich tam wielu do złapania, jak wskazał Ron, ale chcę, żebyście wiedzieli, że ostatnie 48 godzin było bardzo, bardzo produktywne w tym problemie.

Weydevu : Moje pytanie będzie dotyczyło Synów Wznoszeenia i chciałbym po prostu wiedzieć jaka jest różnica pomiędzy Agondonterami a Synami Wznoszenia ? Czym oni się różnią ?

Tarkas : Cóż, pozwól, że powiem ci, jaka jest różnica, Weydevu. Wszyscy wiecie i rozumiecie czym jest Agondonter. Tak, ale istnieje nowy zakon synostwa i jest to nowy zakon stworzony przez samego Ojca bardzo niedawno. Ten nowy zakon synostwa jest dla tych, którzy są ponad i poza Agondenterostwem, jeśli mogę to ująć w ten sposób. Oni są, używając waszego bardzo dobrze znanego i rozumianego słowa, oni są naprawdę Elitą. Teraz to, czego chcemy spróbować uniknąć, bo oczywiście tego nie chcemy, żeby kiedykolwiek doszło do rozłamu w tej pięknej, wspaniałej małej rodzinie, tutaj na forum Serary i tymi, którzy są na streamingu i jak wszyscy wiecie, wszyscy jesteście bardzo mile widziani tutaj i wszyscy jesteście tak bardzo doceniani. Wszyscy jesteście kochani poza waszym pojęciem i to tak bardzo spodobało się Ojcu, że uznał za stosowne nagrodzić, jeśli nie wszystkich z was, ale przynajmniej na początek wielu z was jako wykwalifikowanych członków tego wyjątkowego synostwa.

Ron : Chciałbym zwrócić uwagę na coś, co jest trudne do uchwycenia, ale powinniście to zrobić. Status Agondontera jest bezpośrednio utożsamiany z możliwością zrozumienia i zaakceptowania, że istnieje duch, że istnieje Ojciec, że istnieje życie po śmierci bez konieczności, żeby ktoś im o tym mówił. Nie muszą tego widzieć. Nie muszą chodzić do szkoły, aby to zrozumieć. To oznacza Agondontera. Synowie Wznoszenia znacznie przekraczają tolerancję wiary bez widzenia. Mają oni również inne przeznaczenie niż tylko Agondonterzy i to przeznaczenie dotyczy bezpośrednio Boga Ostatecznego lub przynajmniej dwóch pierwszych Poziomów Przestrzeni Zewnętrznej (PPZ), żeby służyć poza czasem. To są Synowie Dostąpienia. Właśnie posunąłem się jeszcze dalej. To są Synowie Wznoszenia.

Dostąpienie to Trójca i my ich jeszcze nie angażujemy, ale w każdym razie ci, którzy są przyłączani do nowego zakonu ludzkiego wznoszenia, Synowie Wznoszenia, są już wybrani do edukacji, aby być w stanie służyć na pierwszych dwóch Poziomach Przestrzeni Zewnętrznej z Synami Stwórcy.

Weydevu : Wydaje mi się, że Najwyżsi Ojcowie mówili o rosyjskiej ingerencji na naszym niebie i że doszło do naruszenia bezpieczeństwa. Czy możesz nam powiedzieć coś więcej na ten temat ?

Ron : To, o czym mówisz, Weydevu, jest naprawdę ściśle tajne. Pozwól, że określę właściwe skutki bez wdawania się w szczegóły. Kilka miesięcy temu, w rzeczywistości pod koniec, wydaje mi się, że był to październik 2021 roku, Siły Powietrzne Stanów Zjednoczonych zaczęły przechwytywać sygnały radarowe z obiektów, których nie mogli zobaczyć, ale mogli je namierzyć jako prawdziwe obiekty. Uznali, że cokolwiek to jest, jest niewidzialne i niemożliwe do zidentyfikowania przy użyciu obecnej technologii. Co zrobili Pradawni Czasu, Weydevu, zidentyfikowali winowajcę. Sprawcą jest wróg Stanów Zjednoczonych, a zamaskowanym urządzeniem jest mały statek, który został zredukowany do statusu niewidocznego poprzez uniemożliwienie kontaktu radarowego i widzialnego przez samoloty, ponieważ używane urządzenie wyłączyło częstotliwość światła białego.

Jeśli nie ma częstotliwości w spektrum siedmiu kolorów, to nie można tego zobaczyć, bo tak właśnie zaprojektowane jest ludzkie oko. Jeden kraj nauczył się jak wyłączyć to spektrum. Spryskują farbę na tym statku, którego używają do szpiegowania, anulując te częstotliwości. To wszystko, co ośmielę się powiedzieć.

Weydevu : Rdzeń Ziemi. Stopione jądro, a dziś rano był ogromny wulkan na wyspach Tonga i zastanawiałem się właśnie nad naszym jądrem i samym wulkanem.

Lemuel : Ok, rozumiem teraz pytanie i jestem z tym zaznajomiony, ponieważ widzieliśmy to tutaj w telewizji. Jest to podwodna erupcja w pobliżu wyspy Tonga na Pacyfiku, a jej skutki były odczuwalne 500 mil dalej na wyspie Fidżi. Ok. Na to pytanie musi odpowiedzieć jeden z Kierujących Energią. Ron, czy możesz się tym zająć, proszę ?

Kierujący Energią 4 : Jako Salonia, pozwólcie, że wam to powiem, ale wokół tego tematu też są tajemnice. Rzeczywiście widzicie erupcję wulkanu na Pacyfiku. Już teraz jest blisko 4 mil... tak głęboka jest woda, z której się wydobywa. Spodziewamy się, że z tego wulkanu powstanie wyspa. Nowa wyspa. Nie wiemy, czy zechcą ją uznać za swoją Stany Zjednoczone, czy też jakiś inny kraj Wspólnoty Narodów lub inna suwerenność, ponieważ nie doszło jeszcze do erupcji i powstania wyspy, ale wyspa powstanie i będzie wielkości Borneo. Będzie całkiem duża. To, co wybucha, to część jądra Ziemi, która została namagnesowana i jest w postaci płynnej, wysłana do komory magmowej, przez którą ten wulkan wytwarza materiał do produkcji przyszłej wyspy. Z tego powodu nie jesteśmy pewni, jak to się objawi, jak długo będzie trwało i jakie szkody może wyrządzić innym wyspom Pacyfiku. Pobliskie wyspy Tonga z powodu tego wulkan są w poważnym niebezpieczeństwie tsunami. Będziemy musieli po prostu zobaczyć, co się stanie i wyciągnąć wnioski z tego doświadczenia. To wszystko, co możemy ci powiedzieć, Weydevu.

Valerie : Mam jeszcze jedno pytanie, ale zanim je zadam, chciałabym zadać jeszcze jedno dotyczące tej wyspy, która tworzy się z powodu wulkanu i wypływającej magmy. Czy to był celowy wysiłek Kierującego Energią, żeby upuścić trochę energii z jądra Ziemi ? Żeby uzyskać jakąś ulgę ?

Kierujący Energią 6 : Jednakże ta wyspa, do której mowa, która wybuchła lub wybuchnie na Pacyfiku, nie ma żadnego szczególnego użytku przez około 1000 lat. Może co najmniej 500. Ta skała jest trująca dla roślin, kiedy po raz pierwszy wynurza się ponad morze. Kontynent Ameryki Północnej potrzebował prawie trzech milionów lat, aby stać się wystarczająco żyznym, żeby wyrosło na nim pierwsze drzewo. Widzicie, że pojawiająca się ziemia nie znaczy wiele i w rzeczywistości opary, które się z niej wydobywają, zabiłyby człowieka. Na razie najlepiej zostawić tę ziemię w spokoju.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: SPACE
« Last post by Ron Besser on January 17, 2022, 09:52:31 am »
Lemuel, fine and Calumnia got through well, but we need to correct one tinsy idea stated at the very beginning.  The term Master Universe indicates it is original and source of all universe phenomena.  It cannot give birth to another Master but it can give birth to universes not yet built in it.  But anything built in a Master Universe is secondary to the Master.  Your statement that it is possible to consider an additional Master Universe in it is not a credential Father knows anything about either.

Father one day will be the Father Infinite, but the Master Universe is already Infinite in its center and reflects the position the Father lives with in His Presence.  He is the Master Universe in concept and there is no concept in the Father for an additional Master Universe.  Our Master Universe will reflect the Father Infinite if that day comes ever, and the Master Universe has its otherwise concepts, but not as replicating itself twice as one Master Universe.  I think you see this quite plainly in your own mind and got a tad careless with words at the introduction of the SPACE concepts provided by Calumnia.  I make these remarks just to keep your transmit on the keen edge of conceptual narrative it otherwise is.  Thank you.  

FATHER - "Lemuel, when dividing work by Calumnia into your own mind as a transmitter, you still have not learned to observe the transmitter's protocol:  never place your own concepts into theirs.  Ron feels you do have the concept correctly but misspoke not as Calumnia, not as yourself or as Calumnia, but transmitted an interference somehow.  I happen to agree with Ron entirely on it but he does not mention it here to keep you jolly and happy.  You Lemuel are fully susceptible to cabal interference and there is not way to remove it except to question something that does not quite jive with your own mind as a statement.    It is not easy being a transmitter these days, but you do not stop and think as you used to about all you are saying.  The correction Ron suggests is not full of hyperbole as you often think but represents a very keen observation you ought to adopt.  He is not out to displeasure you but you get mighty sloppy when feeling pressed to correct and not knowing why you are correcting.  I am your Father, and as your Father, I exist in all phases of reality and Ron knows that, but existential Infinity is beyond any human concept except Ron has managed to nick at an edge of it I rather enjoy him propounding upon.

"You Lemuel dismiss the idea of Infinity as being possibly hyperinfinity but Ron knows darn well that is what the Infinity of our Master Universe is slated to become, yet you have no concept whatsoever why something like can be said by someone so low as Ron or yourself.   The truth is Lemuel you do not bother that which you consider beyond your wits without even trying to see what your wits can achieve and as a result your upset Ron with your inability to articulate that which is established concept even with ME.  For that reason we ask Calumnia to preserve is work with you but to avoid aggrandizing space as more than can be visible at any time as Lemuel you refuse to take on high concepts that allow others to grow too.

"For that reason you are cut from a good transmitter cloth, but insist on putting a hole in the cloth because you do not want to cover all concepts available.  Ron takes them all and is very, very careful not to criticize your work as it is very good when you are comfortable with the concept.  However, space is a difficult subject for anyone and you are included in it too Ron, but treat it carefully and gingerly so as not to make false statements about it.  You do not.  However, Lemuel you do not really want to be bothered and as such you are demoting transmitting to a frivolous subject when you are fully incapable to use a concept to your liking.  

"The produces in ME the inability to transmit much to you as an Adjuster, because you place your Adjuster in the silliest of positions of being able to speak through you but censoring certain subjects from your Adjuster broaching with you.  Ron is fully aware of this in you and stays at a distance so you can produce really good work, but you are not being fair to Us or yourself or even Ron to play the game this way.  HE feels resigned to the idea you are a lousy poker player but a good card shard when you understand the game being played.  He leaves this alone while I do not.   Therefore learn to be a full transmit and leave your own pictures alone as being so slow to adopt full measure of truth you become to rely on your subconscious to fill in facts and that subconscious of yours is inevitably wrong with most of its fact storage.   You have what Ron calls "folk wisdom" but not divine wisdom and that should be left to an Adjuster transmitting it and not you.  I am FATHER and I suspect his upsets you, but please pay attention to your work and not how you sound all the time.  Thank you.  FATHER"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Lemuel are the usual character out of the Dickinson novels you read as a child.  They are a favorite or Ron and even the Creator Son, as they speak to psychological indices of the vast range of human behavior.  Ron dislikes your use of folk wisdom but blesses you when you get it fully in the divine scale of work you should do for all.  However, today you are blanked in some respects and that has mostly to do with not your age, but your disgust with Ron not being able to explain satisfactorily why you are having trouble with the subconscious.  IT is quite often blatant and Ron sees no harm done, but he is precisely aware when you do it.  This statement of mind is at least the 5th warning in the last few months to be aware of what you fall into.  Is it over confidence?  In some cases yes, but your own mind tells you to pull back sometimes, and you do, but you forget and do it again.  This is not meant to clarify it for you, but to tell you to stop dropping phrases that are dictated and actually reproduce what is being said you prefer not always to write.  Now Ron will do it himself sometimes when sentences get over involved and he loses the sense of meaning just writing it.  He asks when he changes something around "is that okay?" and almost always gets a solid "yes."   In any case you have never felt regarded well in some Lightlines when Ron has to undo a statement you make as if left along they do damage to understanding.

"For that reason, then we state the following.  You are being pressed to do two Lightlines.  One in Hispanic on Thursday and one in English on Saturday.  Ron feels you do a superlative job in both and does not want to interfere with your ways.  But Lemuel, while Ron has to be careful handling your views, he is not particularly helpful to process you for two Lightlines if it wears you too thin and you make mistakes with your subconscious entering the picture as frequently as it does.  Ron blames it on your ego as the necessity of an entertainer which you are must produce to meet with a presence before the public audience you often employed especially as a good piano player in public places.  I do very much agree with him, and therefore Ron lets it ride as a performance issue.  However, it stops being a performance issue when we discover the facts you present at times get rolled up in your personal views and not as transmitted.  

"I suggest you give the Hispanic Lightline up for now to remove pressure from your very tired mind.  You never consider that but it is true and Ron laments giving Thursday up since it is so available to people during the full daylight even you enjoy.  He knows your capabilities but fails to understand you are so tired at times you rather just sleep than do a transmit for a Lightline at all.  I am not telling you to quit Thursday but consider it to relieve yourself of pressure.  I would also not you never adopt the obvious work Ron does as he has backup planned all the time and uses it very well and with appreciative help to boot.  You tend to be a loner Lemuel and as such that hurts your performance at times since no one else can do it but you.,  If you would notice he uses you and others all the time to relieve the tedium of hearing one voice too and that is a very wise man who can give away attention without caring who else gets it.  He is fully happy to share the limelight all the time as he tires of it too.  

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and I thank you Ron for calling to my attention this is interference at some point and must be stopped or lose all credulity of the reader.  The above advice Lemuel stands true and straight from your Creator Son, but the interference it does contain slightly is not to continue one iota further.  I can speak for myself dutch man standing beside Ron to snag all the time and he is fully disgusted with you as well.  Your time is short but let the least damage alone as you can be easily tried for sedition now.  Take this well Lemuel and no need to respond either and you are free to make your own decisions.  K"

GABRIEL - "Ron, I do not know how you do it but you did it again just fine and that saves us and Lemuel a headache.  As GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON Lemuel you stand with us just fine but must temper your remarks to actual transmission and not what you feed into it as a subconscious commenter.  You do it all the time and fail to see it.  Ron catches every nuance when it happens and I suspect he and the Deity Absolute have one tight alliance to do this so well as he never fails to catch it even when so subtle as was attempted and you do not see as he deleted a good sized paragraph too.  For that reason we stand adjourned and remind you Lemuel to train yourself better.  We leave it for now at least.  GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON."

Ron here -  I have been placed on the uncomfortable horns of a dilemma several times this morning already and do not like the idea at all.  For the cabal that never ceases being crude and sinful, you will rue the day this has to end and has nothing to do with what I can do, but I fully enjoy the idea of you being smashed to the ground without a voice left to do this nefarious voicing to a transmitter who refuses to deal with weak, ill, or just plain wrong, facts.  You are on notice that I will not cease to ask for your extermination and as quickly as we can get rid of this awful interference for plans to provide Urantia missions it desperately needs and every day without them is one more nail in our planetary coffin.  Good day to all of you who have nothing to do with the horns of the dilemma I am placed on, and to Lemuel, it is fully correctable but you must pay attention to it and correct these slips.

Thank you.

TRANSLATIONS / 17.1.2022 – Przestrzeń
« Last post by Andre_P on January 17, 2022, 06:34:49 am »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekaz: Lemuel, członek bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Wątki nowych przekazów / PRZESTRZEŃ
« 17 stycznia 2022 r., godz. 02:24:32 »

Nauczyciel : CALUMNIA
Przedmiot : PRZESTRZEŃ
Przekazujący : Lemuel
Miejsce : Girona, Katalonia, Hiszpania,
Data/Godzina : 17 stycznia 2022 r., 07:00 czasu miejscowego, 06:00 UTC

Chciałbym rozpocząć ten tydzień od rozważań na temat przestrzeni. Nie jest to temat, o którym myśli się zbyt często, ale bez niego nie byłoby nas tutaj. Przestrzeń kosmiczna, jak wszystko inne w fizycznej rzeczywistoci, jest stworzona i przygotowywana do przyszłego zajęcia. Wszyscy zostaliście poinformowani, że istnieją już Poziomy Przestrzeni Zewnętrznej (PPZ), które pomieszczą przyszłe Wszechświaty i Super-Wszechświaty, a może nawet następny Wszechświat Nadrzędny.

Słowa Czas i Przestrzeń pasują do siebie jak szynka i jajka i są uważane przez większość ludzi za jedno i to samo, ale są one, oczywiście, bardzo różne. Czy zastanawialiście się kiedyś, co jest pierwsze, czas czy przestrzeń ? Zadawanie tego pytania nie powinno być potrzebne. Wasze domy są pełne rzeczy, które zajmują przestrzeń, a jeśli nie byłoby przestrzeni, to nie moglibyście umeblować waszych domów. Przestrzeń może być zajęta lub pozostać pusta, ale ewoluujące wszechświaty i wszystko inne potrzebuje niezbędnej przestrzeni i tu właśnie pojawia się Czas. Przy poprzedniej okazji zastanawialiśmy się nad Czasem i jak naprawdę rządzi on waszym życiem.

Uważacie, że Czas jest tylko wygodnym narzędziem do mierzenia waszego życia i wszystkiego innego, ale przestrzeń pozostaje niewrażliwa na to, co się w niej znajduje, że to nie ma na nią wpływu. Meble w waszych domach mogą być i są przesuwane lub zmieniane wiele razy w ciągu waszego życia, ale przestrzeń, którą zajmowały, pozostaje taka sama. Nie możecie zwiększyć przestrzeni w domu, w którym mieszkacie, nie pozbywając się czegoś, a to stanowi problem dla wielu gospodyń domowych, które potrzebują więcej miejsca w swojej szafie na nowe ubrania.

Rozwijające się wszechświaty poruszają się w przestrzeni, którą mają i tym rządzi grawitacja. Przyciąganie i odpychanie to dwie siły, które wpływają na całe wasze życie. Wielu ludzi cierpi na klaustrofobię i potrzebuje otwartej przestrzeni, aby cieszyć się sobą. Inni cierpią na odwrót i czują się nieswojo, gdy przebywają w otwartej przestrzeni.

Nie można się poruszać bez potrzebnej przestrzeni. Możecie mieć cały czas na świecie, aby robić to, co chcecie, ale nie osiągniecie niczego bez przestrzeni. Tak więc, drodzy uczniowie, być może od teraz zaczniecie doceniać przestrzeń, w której żyjecie, poruszacie się i wyrażasz siebie, ponieważ bez niej nie możecie nic z tego robić.

Do następnego razu.

Miłego dnia.
Threads for New Transmissions / SPACE
« Last post by Lemuel on January 17, 2022, 02:24:32 am »
Subject: SPACE
T/R: Lemuel
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 17th Jan 2022  07:00 Local  06:00Z

I would like to begin this week by considering space. It is not a subject that one 
thinks about very much but without it, you wouldn´t be here. Space, like all else
in physical manifestation, is created and prepared for future occupation. You have
all been informed that there are already Outer Space Levels, (OSL) that will house
future Universes and Superuniverse and perhaps even another Master Universe.

The words, Time and Space, go together like ham and eggs and are regarded as
one and the same by most people but they are, of course very different. Have you
ever considered which comes first, time or space? It should not be necessary to ask
that question. Your homes are full of things that occupy space and if there is no
space, you cannot furnish your homes. Space can be occupied or remain empty
but evolving universes and everything else needs the space necessary and this is
where Time comes in. We have considered Time on a previous occasion and how
it rules our lives really. 

You have come to understand that Time is just a tool of convenience to measure
your lives and everything else but space remains impervious, it is not affected by
what is in it. The furniture in your homes can and are moved around or changed
many times during your lives but the space they occupied remains the same.
You cannot increase the space in the house where you live without getting rid of
something and this has been a problem for many a housewife who needs more
space in her wardrobe for new clothes.

Evolving universes move through the space that it has, and this is governed by
gravity. The pull and push of attraction and repulsion are the two forces that
impinge on all your lives. Many people suffer from claustrophobia and need open
space to enjoy themselves. Others suffer the reverse and feel uncomfortable when
in open space. 

You cannot move without the space needed. You may have all the time in the
world to do what you want but you will accomplish nothing without space.
So, dear student, perhaps from now on, you will come to appreciate the space in 
which you live, move, and express yourself, because, without it, you cannot.

Until next time.

Good Day.

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