Author Topic: The Personality Types and Blood Types Resident on Urantia  (Read 174 times)

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The Personality Types and Blood Types Resident on Urantia
« on: January 03, 2022, 05:37:30 pm »
This is Ron Besser.  I was cleaning house and found this post from July 17, 2018 which was when we could discuss normal things and enjoy them.  This post is from SERARA and he told us about finding personality on Urantia is not hard, but the types are impossible to always classify today during a pandemic which ruins DNA too and changes people into aggressive units of protoplasm.  Here is a recording made of Serara giving instructions on what types we can still find today.



“I am Serara and we report that the following is to be understood soon enough.  The Father is preparing fusions on Urantia in six different ways.  We reported something close to this before but we are now reporting it more fully for your edification.

“Six versions seem to be necessary for fusion on Urantia because there are six different types of personality now on Urantia.  These six are described as follows:


1 - Aggressive Possessive - These are types known to you as President Trump and others you may know in Washington DC, and should never be elected to powerful positions as they are dangerous as you will see;

2 - Aggressive Passive - A type of personality you see in the Transmitter and they are powers behind the throne and work extremely well with secret projects as this one is;

3 - Aggressive Neutral - A quirky type like Rasmusson in the land of Egypt as Pharaoh and are so wildly construed as to choices they are impossible to predict;

4 - Possessive Aggressive - Certainly one could call Ron this one two as he straddles what he has to do with the patience of a cat waiting for a mouce to come out of its den to snatch it and dispatch.  The head of the Urantia Foundation is the same type of personality and they know each others moves intimately. Neither will show their hand unless forced to by the law or by being defeated by some agency that has the power to do this;

5 - Possessive Neutral - No one on this list can be found for this type of personality and though possessive they never share a thing unless pressed to do so under penalty of the law.  They are never hostile; always patient and ready to strike if necessary to prevent catastrophes.  The Rockefeller brother who ran the World Bank, of great power and hidden agendas.  They are trusted to the end of the earth;

6 - Possessive Aggressive Neutral - This type never is seen on Urantia unless there is an emergency of high importance to take care of.  Mantutia Melchizedek and Malvantra Melchizedek are given this personality type to incarnate with and they are excellent movers and achievers with nothing to show the public but are bears to work for.  We look forward to Mantutia in particular for being a student of the causes that brought Ron Besser to our attention, pain and all, and correction is being applied as we speak.  We sincerely mean this as Ron is so unusual we cannot pin a stripe on him as to personality type as he bends the rules to get things done we never saw before on Urantia.  Let this be for now;

. . . .

“All six personality types are still available on Urantia.  There use to be ten but eight of them remained in the 19th century, and only six remain after World War II.

“In fusing humans, the Thought Adjuster approaches this by serving notice to his ward, that there is nothing to do but rest and follow your inclinations to eat and drink and do the schedules of living, EXCEPT, the Thought Adjuster motions all humans who are candidates for fusion, into three or foud main modes of use while the wards are prepared for actual fusion on Urantia.  

“I am used to be quoted by a typist, but Ron has automated it with placing the quote sign into memory and I Serara hear Michael laugh at Ron again.  This is not to terminate.

“All six personality types given above are ready in some fashion for fusion on Urantia, but we insist all types learn what Ron and the rest of you who have fused have learned, and that is to be humble before God in all matters including pictures.  He has torn them up again.


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Re: The Personality Types Resident on Urantia
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2022, 08:11:58 am »
Very interesting that. Thank you Serara and Ron
These are personality manifestations that I noticed all over the world, but, I blamed it on education, or dating.
I would like to know if these personalities were given like that by the Universal Father or it is the circumstances in which one lived which shaped the personality of each one?

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Re: The Personality Types and Blood Types Resident on Urantia
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2022, 11:50:06 am »
January 5th, 2022
World Population By Percentage of Blood Types
Rank    Blood Type    Percentage of the World's Population
1    O+    42%
2    A+    31%
3    B+    15%
4    AB+    5%
5    O-    3%
6    A-    2.50%
7    B-    1%
8    AB-    0.50%

I recently posted the idea of personality types (above) on our planet and this post on blood types on the planet kind of fits looking at statistics about the human genome.  I copied these numbers from

if you care to read about details of who can donate to whom.

My biological mother and father were both B -  (Rh negative) and I am of course B - myself.  My brother is an O+ and explain that one.

MAJESTHIA,  personality bestowal is what it is, but we do modify behavior of personality by our experiences and where we are brought up as children and adults in all cases.  But the basic personality type is pretty much as outlined at the top of this thread for your information.

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