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LLUSA SUNDAY - 17 OCT - with Q & A
« on: October 17, 2021, 03:54:41 pm »
Hi Everyone,

Thank you to Tarkas our masterful MC, Michael of Nebadon, Jesus, Christ Michael, our Universal Father, the Deity Absolute, the Eternal Son and Power Director #5 for providing a delicious smörgåsbord of information for us today and for answering the queries during Q & A.

Here is the link for today's Lightline tape for Sunday, 17th October 2021 with Q & A:
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Re: LLUSA SUNDAY - 17 OCT - with Q & A
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2021, 04:33:42 pm »
Hello Everyone,  here is a transcription of the first part of Sunday's Light Line which include the words of Tarkas, broadcast for the first time to the people of Dominion: 
Light Line 10-17-2021 Sunday
Welcome Everyone. Ron, Host, and Phyllis, co-Host:

TARKAS: We have this to tell you, that the truth of the matter, is that the entire mechanism called Light Line is now being broadcast, particularly the Sunday one to other individuals on other planets. We want them to understand what can be done with a transmission for others who are not aware of their spiritual heritage. Today we highlight the fact that this group, 19 on direct call, and 9 on streaming, that all of them are almost finished with what we called psychic circles. Those on the direct call are hearing the transmitter's voice directly, and those on streaming an audio transfer from a station that can transfer the audio to their listening devices. We advise those on other planets, that you are listening through a translator. Our transmitter only speaks English, guttural, based almost entirely on the Anglo Saxon language. Anglo: English and its civilization, and Saxon, the German contribution to the English language. The English language is guttural because it is based on the original Saxon, which is fully dependent on what the Romans called the Barbarians. The Saxon tribes invaded the empire of Rome 400 years after the birth of the bestowal son. In 476 AD, the years past the bestowal Son's death, Rome fell. It was sacked and burned. The greatest empire that Urantia ever had died in that year.
Now that you understand the language he speaks, Urantia has over 135 languages. Most of you who listen, have only 2 or 3, and even they are being combined into one language for your spiritual renaissance. This transmitter is fully aware you are listening. The others are not yet caught up to him but they will be.
Now this: I am Tarkas: I am the Master of Ceremonies. I lead the discussion.
On Urantia, they call it the MC, the Master of Ceremonies.
I am here to tell you several things collectively many of you may not know.

1. The Urantia that Ron is speaking from has no particular reason to be alive any more. It is declared spiritually dead. There is no real spirit alive again on the planet Urantia. It would be left to die if the Universal Father had not seen to it that Urantia has a chance to live again. That will be accomplished by what is called spirit missions: organized means to correct and resurface the planet with spiritual life.
For that reason, the Bestowal Son returns. He will come again. On Urantia, they call it the second return. No one knows that that is what they are going to do.

It will be a big surprise for all the civilizations, that still work independently from each other. War is always inevitable.

2. Urantia is unaware that the universe they live in is now a Dominion. This group knows all about it. They may not understand it, but the local universe of Nebadon in which you live, and he lives, is now not only a part of Nebadon, but of 6 other Local Universes in a group which we call The Federation, " Dominion."

They are aware of Ron the Transmitter, and all the transmitters from this group who do a communication network called Light Line. Light means spirit. Line means a transmission.

We assign this transmitter to be able, and to do all he can to make sure that the transmissions that follow from today on are broadcast. You don't have to listen to them, but they are there if you wish to understand Urantia, what goes on there, and the terrible terrors that are likely to come.

We now have 10 on streaming, 23 on direct call. We welcome you all.
We must slow down the transmitter just enough so that the translation into the several languages of the planets in Nebadon may hear the translation quickly easily, and understandable. Ron, when he speaks normally, it is fast and clipped. But when we transmit now, at least today, it will be slowed down for easy translation.
I am Tarkas. I am the MC to this Light Line.
My order is known to you as well as to this group at least. There is a major Epochal revelation, made about 80 years old, 80 revolutions around the sun. It is in default primarily because of the insurrection.

This particular native, Ron, has been battling the insurrection now for 2 Urantia years.

In parsecs, Urantia takes about 0.05 parsecs equals one year. That is as close as we can come to translated into your measurements. Most of you are on planets that take longer than that. Urantia is a planet that sits the 3rd planet from the star. Right now the star is producing too much heat.

What should be the change of seasons has barely begun, when in past years, the season would be almost over.
I turn this over to the Lord, the Creator Son, Michael Of Nebadon.

I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON. You are used all to me speaking when I have to, to all of you. I am speeding Ron up as you can hear. Ron is good at articulating every word carefully so that it is translatable.

We are hearing just a little bit of traffic outside his windows, they are combustion machines long over due to be eliminated. But Urantia is not inventing anything anymore. In any case, your Creator Son Michael wishes to state the following:

I am now the head of DOMINION as well as NEBADON. I have one more title to add. I am the bestowal son, JESUS. Jesus is to appear shortly, regardless of the troubles on Urantia, and the idea, that Ron has invented a wireless production of electricity. He and the Magisterial Son Rayson worked it out together, and he is now looking for legal protection before he announces the invention.

Now this: the truth of the matter, Ron smiled at that wording. He can't hit engineers over the head and get attention for what he has done. So he has elected to provide what they call a "patent". In the country where he lives, you can legally protect an invention, and no one can copy it. That is what he is waiting for, and it will take a while.
We cannot do that for you.
The reason we are speaking to it at all is to speak to the fact that the Wireless Production of Energy is long over due, and only Ron and the Magisterial Son Rayson saw to it in the past time. They now have it ready to be patented.

Second. I am your CREATOR SON. I AM your Lord. You hear me in your own language. You hear me frequently, usually in your own language, and usually in a way that is easy for you to assimilate. This is not easy for you. The logic of the minds on Urantia are quite different from most other human planets. That is what Urantia calls our species. They have the word "Human" to stand in for it. You call yourselves something else. As a matter of fact, you call yourselves a term that is totally alien to Urantia humans. For that reason we do not repeat it.

I am GABRIEL: I AM the BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR to Urantia. It was my voice that spoke to the female who produced the bestowal son, 2042 years ago, so that she knew that she was going to carry in her procreation the Son of God. I want you now to hear the voice of the Son of God.


I am JESUS. I welcome all who hear me. To all who hear me, to all of you, my blessings. Each of you who are listening have had the history on your planet of a bestowal son, a son of God. For that reason you are familiar. They come. They do, they go home.
Most of you know the history of Urantia, where our Bestowal Son was murdered, killed, on purpose.

For that reason, I return to Urantia, to finish my work, 2047 years later, as time is reckoned on Urantia. Would you believe they have forgotten me? Would you believe, they are not even sure that God exists!
Most prefer to be what Ron calls "King of the hill". "This is my place. Don't you dare come to it." That is the attitude of most who are born and raised on Urantia.

I now see the Universal Father appear in his mind. We step back Father. Please go ahead if you wish. We welcome you Father. Please go ahead.


UNIVERSAL FATHER: Thank you Ron. You are always ready to provide what I wish to say, and you say it well. To all of you who are listening, we now have 23 on call and 10 on streaming. Please listen carefully.

I have looked again at Urantia, this morning where Ron lives. It was morning his time but it was depths of darkness on the other side of the planet They have day and night every 24 hours.
Now this:
I propose that Urantia become part of the Federation, that they become part of Dominion, rather than just Nebadon, and to use it as an international means to contact foreign governments around the planet, so they understand precisely they are under a spiritual government, and a spiritual federation.

For that reason Ron says, I hope they understand the difference. They do, Ron.

Now, Ron is able to communicate with me morontially. We welcome that.
Furthermore, we state that this transmitter has provided all the work, finished, to become a first stage spirit. You all aim for that yourselves. Ron is the first individual on planet Urantia, ever, to have achieved this status, and all by himself.

We have a term for Urantia beings who become sure they support the Creator son and the Universal Father. They are all for them, and they work for them without being assigned to do so.

The term is Agondonter. Agondonter. An agondonter is one who sees nothing, but believes anyway. Agondonters believe without seeing, and they are rare.

This entire group that he is speaking to through telephone and by streaming are all Agondonters. It is the largest group of agondonters available on Urantia.
They are honored to speak to you. They hope it is of use to you.

I AM FATHER. I wish you a good day.
I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON. I wish you a good day.
I am TARKAS. I wish you a good day as well.

We end this broadcast to you in order that you may assimilate it into your own minds.

Ron greets you, and thanks you for your time and your attention. We all say good bye. Thank you.

This is TARKAS: We are now out, as you call it Ron. We will entertain a Q and A session, after this announcement.

I AM CHRIST MICHAEL. You all know me very well, because the Urantia book refers to him as Christ Michael as well because the Urantia Book refers to him as Christ Michael, and you have been brought up to understanding spiritually that there is such a person called Christ Michael. We want you to understand that he is the ideal, he is the embodiment, not only of the Creator Son, but also of Jesus, the little Son of God when he first appeared. We are both now. He is part of me, he is part of Jesus, and he is part of your history.

We now proceed to announce the following:

As Christ Michael, I set the tone as to when and where I shall appear, as the second return of Christ. That return is fully returned to oblivion. That doesn't mean he doesn't return. What it does mean is that Jesus will be appearing without me at times.


I have decided that Dominion is so vitally important, that I must maintain spiritual contact always with Dominion and not interrupt myself with the co-presence of the Creator Son with the presence of Jesus. It makes no difference to you in how He appears. But it makes a huge difference to me, because I must stand aloof from the appearances themselves.

You will not tell the difference. You will not even see indications I am about which would occur if Jesus appeared with me at the same time.

Now this. We are now prepared to provide additional cleansing of Urantia. We have done what we have spoken to already. We have knocked down the Cabal, we have decimated the old Lucifer rebellion and its renewal. The insurrectionists, mostly seraphim, are being removed permanently. You should all understand that the old idea of seraphim is over. Those who remain in good faith, will become a different order. The whole idea of angels is being removed. They are all Universe aids. Omniaphim, Tertiaphim, Seconaphim, Supernaphim, are all Universe Aids. Seraphim, as they were once called, were Universe Aids.

The angels and transport angels are concluded.
The direct ascension of the spirit within man will see to it that the soul is transported to what ever mansion world you may be assigned to.

This is a huge change in the processes we use for your ascension.

We have a great deal more to tell you about, but not all in one sitting.

This morning Ron was shot at again.

I want some Q and A. Ask questions about what we have covered today.

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Re: LLUSA SUNDAY - 17 OCT - with Q & A
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2021, 12:23:47 pm »
Hello Everyone, Here are notes for the Q and A session for the Sunday Oct. 17 Light Line:

I step back an provide it back to Tarkas.

TARKAS. Thank you Ron. Now this:

In order to say something to Michael in gratitude, he had to reintroduce me to my self.
Phyllis; Our guardian seraphim, are they going to remain among those who remained faithful?
Tarkas: Ron threw it back to me because he doesn't know.
Phyllis: Do your guardians become a different order and still be guardians?

2. Does a guardian ever appear beside you again?

3. Where do those former guardians transfer your information for your ascension file?
Tarkas: The entire matter of seraphim and the creative spirit are removed. A third of those on streaming and direct call do not have guardians. That is because the Creator Son says we are so short of seraphim, I am calling them back to other duties. Most guardians stay with you until you are safe on the mansion worlds.

Your guardian, Phyllis, is one we have a name for but will not repeat. She is quite sure you retain your guardian without getting into the psychology. Ron appreciates a guardian and welcomes her, and you will be attended to by yours.

Tertiaphim for Phyllis. The Urantia Book tells you the differences. Read it.

There are no seraphim left. They have become hostile, and irregular in their duties. Urantia has 400,000,000 seraphim guardians, all removed as of yesterday.
Many regret losing their wards. The destruction of the seraphic order came with the death of the supreme.
Ron's is a Supernaphim. Some of you here have Tertiaphim. Very few have supernaphim.
Ron: Information from Dominick's guardian: it is a Tertiaphim. Read your Urantia book. Ron knows them strictly as universe aids to Deity. Neither Phyllis or Dominick are Deity, but it may indicate a very high destiny for both of them;

As long as you are an agondonter, those universe aids will follow you.

Lemuel has a phased seraphim. We do not know what the phase is, or its source.
Someone like Amethyst has a guardian, it is a phased seraphim. Elise you are retaining your seraphic guide from Havona. That is a secret. They do not explain it further. You are greatly honored young lady. For that reason, you must not quit. If you do, you lose your perks.

We don't have the time to go into examination for the other transmitters.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Your question, Phyllis, opens a whole new area of discussion.

The entire matter of guardianship has long been discarded everywhere except on Urantia. The exceptions have been told to you now.

Jose: Can people from other planets participate in these Light Lines?

Michael: questions that arise from different revelations, have to do with variations in revelations, and don't allow for side discussion.

Michael is giving preferential attention to Dominion. He doesn't want to drop the liaison with the other 6 universes that are participating in the second return, at the planetary government level. Michael prefers to be involved in that rather than being on the ground with Jesus.

Robert: ?
Ron: Listen to your English. I wish I could speak French. It is not because of the insurrection of the cabal. He wants to put his attention on Dominion.

Robert: Do the 7 absolutes form the circle of the infinity?
Deity absolute: Ron you answer.

Ron: When we speak from the circle of Infinity, we speak as ourselves, as to our function. We do not blend our response.

Robert: Thank you all.

Rene: The secret angel. That was with us for a while, and is is allowable to call back our secret angel?

Phyllis: Was the question, Why were all the Seraphim called back to Salvington?
Rene: He is asking about the most recent assignments we received, Calumnia, Daren, etc.. have they all been called back?
CIRCLE OF INFINITY: They are not seraphim, or guardians. They are entities originated by Father. They are the highest being that can contact a human, and can guard them as well. They are not angels.
Rene: I knew we could get in contact with them.

UNIVERSAL FATHER: Rene, I would caution you not to always assume that Lemuel has heard correctly either Calumnia is still with Lemuel. But we haven't been transmitting recently

For you Rene, he is advising you to begin your day with a transmission, immediately. When you are awake enough to do it. Are you there Rene? It is important training. Rene, you still have the Father-Guardian. He is requesting that as soon as you are up, start your transmitting. It is important training for you.


Weydevu: Circle of Infinity. You said they weren't of one mind. When they speak, there is only one concept that they give. Do they speak individually, but they all agree on one thing?


Ron: Look at Dominion. There are 7 Creator Sons. But we hear one voice when we hear from them. If it is important to unify to speak as one, they will do it. There are 7 entities, they are individual and they have their own thought.

Weydevu: To find new beings to supply the ranks of the seraphic hosts, how is Father creating them ?

Ron : Correct your language. They are universe Aids, not Universe Hosts. A Host is like an archangel.
As far as origins of the new order, certainly it is of existential interest, However, because it is serving in local universes in time, I don't know.

This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON. The truth of the matter, no one recreates angels, they simply are unaware of their new relationship to the master universe. When they are aware of i t, they are converted to the new order.

Ron: Think girls, -- think!
I am speaking to those at my side, and trying to choke me.


Weydevu : You mentioned Urantia becoming part of Dominion. Urantia is already part of Nebadon, so it is already part of Dominion.

Ron: that is not bad reasoning. Go with it.
If we become part of Dominion it is because the emphasis is changed a little. But you have it right.

Weydevu: Will the new beings in the Outer Space Regions be newly created?

Ron: Boy is that full of hair! Wait just a minute! I will call in the troops if I can.
What you are trying to say is is there a relationship to the time space levels as to what the new entities will be in the Outer space levels?

The entities that will appear in the OSL are not human, but in ultimacy, will be the equivalency as human start ups. They are not procreated, they are personalized.

It doesn't go through the biology. The biology on Outer Space Level planets is fauna of their own. They appear not as an alien life form but they appear as a white stripe to our eyes.

Michael: Ron is alluding to the fact that I promised agondonters of a certain nature will be able to see them wholly as agondonters. Those who are agondonters of a different level will only see a white stripe.

MICHAEL It is hard for an entity like you all to envision entities in the Outer Space Level.
The point to you Weydevu, those who are spiritualized on a spiritual planet, are done so through the work of the Melchizedek Creator Sons and the Ancients of Days.

That is true for the entire creation of Father Melchizedek, He has to appear personally on a planet that is personalizing a new Melchizedek. They will be personalized whenever it is done.

Only 5000 Melchizedeks on Urantia.
There are 35,000 Melchizedeks now that we have Dominion.
MACHIVENTA: Life availability to solve problems.
Ron: In time and space, we refer from the beginning to now as "Life availability" rather than the term "time".
We call our life style to the end of our life, we call it life time. When we go to the OSL, from the time we are on Urantia till the time we are on an Outer Space Level, it is not time, it is presence.
Ron: I dare not use our vocabulary that has to do with beginnings and endings. It is not time. It is presence. Life availability.

Lemuel: Life style?
Ron: That is the context in which you live. When we talk about presence, we could be talking about 1000 styles. It is life availability when they are present on that planet.

Interruption. . .

Phyllis: the beings. . . ?
Ron: The term eternity applies to the paradise citizens. and a whole group of transcendentals who are like those on OSL. They do what they need to do,

When you are done you are reabsorbed in to the existential presences.

Lemuel: I don't know who it is.
Ron: Doesn't matter

THE ETERNAL SON: Good evening to everyone. I have been o serving and listening to the Light Line from the beginning, and I want to say the first part, the broadcast, I thought was exceptional and outstanding, and Michael, Gabriel, and Tarkas.

What I am here to say this obviously been the first of a Federated universe broadcast. It is an excellent thing. I am being instructed to say that those who have listened have enjoyed it immensely and look forward to others.

The speech and the language of Ron stated at the beginning is a problem, yes, but it is one thing they will be used to. As one gets used to everything with practice and constant listening. I just wanted to mention that.

Thank you all very much indeed. It is a great thing, it is a great ideal .
Everyone is looking forward to the next broadcast. Good night to you all.

Ron: You just spoke for the Eternal Son and his auspices.

Savannah. Re-motion: assigning life solutions . . . versus eventuation being more compartmentalization. What percentage do they use here on Urantia as opposed to Restate?

Ron: When it comes to OSL they re-motion in the sense, that they pull down the file to find out how to solve a problem in time. They they put it it back in operation, re-motion it, so they can apply the right thinking to solve that problem.
Here on Urantia, we can't pull anything down except Havona.
Eventually we can come close to it. if we track it a long to time.
Re solve the problem as a gift of god the ultimate. We are still going to carry the idea of transcendental which is ultimacy. God the Ultimate has resigned his duties.

DEITY ABSOLUTE: I will not elaborate

Weydevu: Back in August there was a note that the axis would tilt in October.

Ron: Power director?

Ron had an interesting vision. Listen for the last 15 minutes of the Light Line for details.
Basically, the core issue has been resolved.

Phyllis Thank you to all on the call today, and the celestial family. and for caring that we care about what is going on.
Next Light Line is scheduled for Tues Oct. 19. Also the other Light Lines are available.
Phyllis is the host for the Tuesday Light Line.

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Re: LLUSA SUNDAY - 17 OCT - with Q & A
« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2021, 07:00:31 pm »
Thank you to you SongatSunrise for this great job that you are doing to keep us informed.
I thank the members of our great heavenly family who spoke through their children, to whom I say thank you.