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Dear Folks,
I had to have help to establish the Lightline yesterday.  We as commanders (that is, those who maintain the web sights and attempt to do the Lightlines) are forced back under the vicious hate of a rebel group who wish us ill.  Lina that you for your sincere attempts and know you were missed as an audience.  The attendance numbers were about 30% low and getting connections well is almost impossible.  My connection is poor and the cabal knocked down my computer code so bad I had to use Dominick' connection to help out.

What we may be faced with it that until there is some normal establishment  of these Lightlines, it will take our Lightline individuals perseverance.  Today is Monday the 24th of June.  Elise is the commander (moderator) of the Lightline today.  I expect Elise to do it and to get on her phone and have it successfully.   However, connections to the usual means are subject to irregular heartbeats of those who do Lightlines and pray we get a normal  connect today, the 24th of June.  My connection is a mess but I will attempt none the less to  support Elise and attend to hear what the supernal voices of God can speak to.

I thank all and maybe this can be normalized, but I am not sure what is happening today but the usual nasty cabal out to ruin our information gathering and our ways of standing tall with Michael of Nebadon.  Do not forget he is here!  But the cabal is dirty tricks and we pray for their dismissal entirely.   Meanwhile, the Lightline connections are there but it is difficult to get in because of the cabal.  I am trying too and hope to see some of you this afternoon for the Monday Lightline with Elise of the Netherlands. 

Cheers to all of you!
PS:  Michael of Nebadon was said to have attempted to get in to speak but was shot down by a friend of the court.  We let it all alone for now and wish Elise full support for what she has to do today.  R

Thank you Weydevu for your accurate assessment.  Thank goodness you are active and speaking with a few others here, but there is a curtain being drawn across us folks.  Use us until it falters.  I have asked Dominick to hold the electronics of our doings here carefully and well preserved until changes force us to either leave or truncate our services.  

The reason for that statement this:

I have seconds to go until I will probably go to heaven.  I cannot see properly this morning and my body aches pretty good.  I fully intend to hold TODAY'S LIGHTLINE IN KEEPING!

For that reason there is little to speculate with and I have really enjoyed our Lightlines and our chats, but there is now something very serious approaching our work:  for me it is the transition to the Mansion Worlds.  I do not really want to go by the old body is worn out at 82 and it is making it difficult to even think these days.  

However be assured I leave the work intact and you my friends of the course to bring the divine to this plant to help straighten out the mess created by 2,000 +  years ago when Jesus left, is to be finally done and out the door with the evil that became a nature on this planet so often.  I pray thank goodness there is a nation or two left to seee to the rigorousness of a divine Mission on Urantia.

I also pray that the time for Dominick to shine and give this place the vital energy of delivery may continue, and please pray for that continuance as long as it may last to stay with you and even me, as I will be advised I hope of just what is transpiring with Dominick and the organization left in place by my death.  I do not like that, but at least I have that to remind me of my faith and courageous stand that someone gather what we have achieved together, and that Dominick Ohrbeck has and will use his training with us to maintain the discussion form and help the Board of Directors maintain the patent.  IT is an extremely well done and ready to go patent and it needs maintenance and cared for.  That said, this to all of you:

I am well enough today to hold the Lightline.  There has been trouble operating my telephone recently and if I have that problem I will try to work around it but I think it is impossible to do.  In any cast the Lightline is scheduled for today and let us hope we can get it done without a lot of failures.

And finally this from me to you:  It has been a pleasure to work with all of you.  Number 1:  I leave the Board of Directors that runs this show in place and hope for their honest evaluation to change things if it needs addressed with change.  And 2nd, there is no real reason to perpetuate the electricity patent as it has been given to the Board of Directors to help decide what is to be done with it when  that time comes.  We have about 20 years to hold it and then it lapses by law.  May we have some interest and a build of that marvelous plant before the patent expires in 20 some years. 

In the sense of final achievements, let us pray together for the MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS coming to this planet even as I speak.  I desperately wanted to be part of the Missions on Urantia, but I got worn out before they could be achieved.  In any case MICHAEL OF NEBADON has decreed that I will know of the changes you put into effect if that is done, and please support Dominick Ohrbeck for his work, as I have placed all my hopes and dreams in this endeavor  with his knowledge and therefor his leadership to get this done with all of you.  They promise I will know of your work and how it goes to get all done we had to when we started all of this in about 2007-2008.  My prayers and blessings to all of your work.

In finishing this post let me answer WEYDEVU about this:

Weydevu wrote:
"In another post you said that the ratio of the insurrectionist seraphim was 5 to 1.  I'm looking at the population of Urantia at about 9 billion.  Would that be two seraphim to a person? Or two to a group of 10 or 1 hundred?  Whatever the case maybe it seems that  MICHAEL of NEBADON needs reinforcement, will HE receive some?"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON  replies :  "WE ARE SURE the motions of time are set on Urantia and that planet will receive us accordingly and well.  We have no problem using the main headquarters (HQ) in the United States, but with Ron gone, it devolves more securely in New England, and there is shall prevail once Ron is gone.  He hates New Zealand not, but they found a way to speak to me no one else ever did and he certifies their work as necessary  as the preliminary start to something great.  Look at Tmarchives with a link at the top of the page of this discussion forum.  And DOMINICK never remove that link as it has in it the promist of over 7,500 transcripts Ron has preserved from that period.  Almost no one looks at it any more but it has all the promise in it  you have today with this discussion forum.

NOW THIS:  "Ron want to change the color back to black print, but I insisted he keep the font this blue, and to say this to all of you:  DO NOT FORGET I AM IN CHARGE!  I am in charge of the MAGISTERIAL SONS and all that they do and worry with them that you learn to fold them properly.  Too long have we had to search for decent words needed to explain the miserable situation on URANTIA and SALVINGTON at the same time, and now we are clearing it with the help of the UNIVERSAL FATHER.  Let this be a reminder that Ron never misses the meaning or the care we mean, and this time listen to him well:

Ron told me as he fell asleep last night, tht he cared this whole thing remand into custody your hearts and your care for it to continue.  IT WILL!  But you must participate!

Long ago the Apostles forgot who I was when I left in some cases.  The Alpheus twins never forgot or did Peter or Samuel and Matthew and Paul and so on, but some did and you hardly remember some of the names today.  That is the fortune of time passing, but Ron folded it so well he is automatically part of this even if he forgets to do something.  That has seldom or never happened and we are sure he belongs on the bench with the Supreme Court immediately.  I am negotiating with Machiventa Melchizedek to see if Ron ever qualifies, and he said He Will if he has anything to do with it.

Now you all remember that one of the Supreme Court recently died.  That was Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  She and Ron have had long discussions and she informs Ron he might have a chance to join the court.  I for one love the idea and Ron hardly feels qualified, but he is of a judicious mind and cares tremendously about the litigants.  I have made the choice to give him a more judicial mind and he is grateful now and laughs with me on the decision which Ruth Bader Ginsberg finds difficult at best.  I do too but MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK likes th4 idea slightly and Ginsberg pants slightly but will make a good judiciary out of him if it kills her and him.   Now this:

We are back to our regular color black print now, and I want to say this to all of you.  If it were not for Ron you would never see these discussions, as he made sure that the discussion forum spoke primarily to us.  For that reason we are stating that he might have a chance to sign on sometimes with your Lightlines in order to maintain the idea of continuity.  IF FATHER allows this, it will be the first time a human who passed (and Ron it matter was you passed okay?) stands well enough with Michael of Nebadon to hold forth during a Mission they missed.  He wanted desperately to welcome the Magisterial Sons to Urantia and so did we, but the calendar caught up with Ron and nothing will exist on earth soon enough for him to be visibly present.  For that reason DOMINICK  OHRBECK must do the honors and he is fully adjudicated to do that.  Now he must get the energy to lead this group properly and well.  Ron leaves him in care and properly so.

Now this to all of you wondering why the hub bub this mornings:

There are 2 (two) outsdatanding cabal groups left on Urantia.

One of them has disfavored any claim to irresponsible behavior any long.  BUT:

The other cabal group is standing firm an attempted to murder Ron again early this morning.  Ron is fine as far as that goes, but I am quite certain there is now a remission even in the cabal that this has gone too far, and that Ron is still alive this morning and will doe the Lightline today.  But that a line has been crossed and we will have our JUSTICE shortly.  K

And now it is time for Me to say ado.  That is better Ron, and finally I want to share some of the high jinx you get into without ever telling anyone you do it.  Last years about this time he wanted to quite the whole thing and let another take over.  I told him "NO!" and he agreed, but his next take on the work was to make himself hard of hearing and he tried to do a brochure showing a car damaged by an accident and then showed the patent in fully color.  NO!  I said jokes aside that is not appropriate.  Well, as it happens the UAI questioned what was doing and a new friend appeared to tell him the Patent is wrong at best.  But what the fellow has learned is that Ron understood preparticles so well he made the electricity plant work very well.  You should see it when it is fully operational for it exudes a blue-white light all over it when it is running.  Ron knows the blue but not the white and wondered where the WHITE light came from?

The answer is that when you change a preparticle as he does from an electron in electricity to a muon is a carrier of  electricity, a confusion of light appears as the preparticles in the instruments charge extra Paradise light to make sure they are compatible with the change.  Now listen to all of you:

The trial that is that Patent #11601013, is that there is nothing in it that is sacred, but the FATHER insists that when it is built under  probably Dominick Orhbeck's leadership, the light of that plant will suffuse  the area that for miles around you will have a twilight permanently around it and for about a mile on either side of it.  It must be built soon or lose its originality and space, as it will be an anachronism soon enough if it does not get priority funding and properly placed.   I have insisted that Ron care for it.  But now the patent must be used or lost as the hyeannas will dismantle it before he can build it as they are  pressuring the world of electro magnets to stand in the place of electricity.

What does that mean?

It means instead of plugging in your electrical products you let them sit turned off and without connecting them to a wall circuit, turn the switch back on to get light, for instance.  I am against that type of invention but there are electro engineers who favor it and they might prevail unless this planet can be built and the soft glow of its blue light be entertained.  Ron will eventually become famous for what he has done, but right now it is too late for him to enjoy much of anything until he he leaves the planet.  Then Tesala not holds a piece of cake for him not but they will enjoy the science that follows Ron well, and he is the first to use cold fission for anything.  They will eventually understand that and maybe built the plant to watch how it works.

It saddens Ron to see that, but he has warned us all he must look at this philosophically and stand back while he learns the ways of the Mansion Worlds soon enough.  The cabal hit him again very hard and this time they are withdrawn from Urantia entirely, and they are furious at the move of our FATHER to be incredibilized over what they did to a poor human who had such an invention for the good of the people yet.  I must leave now, and Ron got his gold watch, and want you all to know he is delighted when the time comes to pass it all to others.  Be of good cheer and I announced this:

BECAUSE Ron has done such a marvelous job on Urantia, I want you to know that many of you will join with him on the new mansion worlds of ORION.  You are mostly a group who will not go to the present Mansion Worlds, as you have learned a great deal under the work of Ron and the others that have seen to this web site.  Be assured there is nothing left of most others as MONJORONSON insists that the place be cleared, and even Ron's insistence on a clear channel to spirit be denied temporarily, he thinks, but if these MISSIONS  go very soon,  Ron will have a change to hold forth on Lightlines just who and what is happening and Monjoronson now appears.

MONJORONSON - "Ron  you have been run ragged over this, and I am sure we could  make it better, but the FATHER has said no more changes, just get to it please, MONJORONSON and SERARA and HANSON and SEN SEN and a few others.

"Do not forsake Ron, but let him die peacefully and he will be back in a month of two up here ready to take the world on again.  HE needs rest and relaxation.   Be assured he care very much and it shows in his language and reporting.  But time is king on Urantia and we remove him shortly.  He may collapse at first as sometimes happens and it is not for him to lament long.  He gives Dominick high marks along with his Board of Directors and all of you who are genuinely a good part of this experiment with talking about all of this before it happens.  We leave you all now, and hope for the best in the coming months, and I will not be real prevalent in sound with you, but Ron knows I am prevalent and so is SERARA and so on.  Until we meet again then.  Have a good day.  MONJORONSON and the rest of the MAGISTERIAL SONS for URANTIA.  K"

Weydevu, I can clarify no more than the Magisterial Sons allow.

This discussion forum is about the only writing allowed to speak directly to the Magisterial Sons, and because they are so prominent now, I prefer to quote them and leave some of your direct question alone.  Here are is is the Magisterial Sons answer to your question:

MONJORONSON - "I am the leader of the Magisterial Sons, Weydevu.  For your information Ron considers you one of the brightest and best held of  the people on this web site to actually ask questions that are pertinent to the reason this web site was founded in the first place.  Congratulations on finding that so well, and second, I am unwell at the moment and prefer to keep this short, but the entire Mission of the MAGISTERIAL SONS is now truncated not.

What does that mean?

It means that we have a NEW MISSION to discuss and Ron will be available for it shortly.  He is resting as best he can but the cabal is insisting on their rights to interfere and it is not longer working well at all.  For that reason MICHAEL OF NEBADON is curling the cabal under his gratuity wand and this will be mentioned more and more as we are insisting that Ron perpetuate the electric patent but will add the hydrogen car to the patent list as soon as we can double fare RAYSON for that work again. 

Lastly Weydevu, keep up the good work for so many, as your voice is cheerful and giving as Ron is and the post production of the Magisterial Foundation is not the endless calls for assignment to Mission work, but to make sure those who mean well are kept in the mind and run well with this discussion forum, as it is the only one that is directly associated with the Magisterial Sons currently.  I am MONJORONSON and Ron is weighing difficult passages yet to come that we have to announce to all of you shortly.  Thank you for your concerns, and we will be in touch shortly.  K  MONJORONSON.

I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON!  I grant you this is very dramatic but I love Ron's sense of fair play to all of you, to make the announcement memorable, and not just a paragraph on the discussion four.

I want you to recognize this may be Ron's last day, as he is terminally ill with age and a cabal that wants to kill him.  He has refused all attempts to make him die until there is some announcement of the MISSIONS, and now we have them announced today and now: 

GET this in you MINDS:

"TODAY AT NOON, NEW YORK TIME, the 20th day of June, in the year of our Lord, 2024, there exists a state of high energy over the area and you may see some storm break out in the eastern areas of the United State, because there is a heat wave approaching New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC now and we are assured most people have their TV:s on now  because of the damnably hateful heat of summer time so early now over the land. 

"For that reason, I announce the following:

1 -  No one will ever understand this but YOU!  There is no Mission without peace.  That is, no mission! without the cessation of war!

2 - The Middle East is a hot bed of war and count the months or days to settle it.  When that is done, you will see the Magisterial Sons;

3 -  Today is  Lightline supposedly by Lemuel, but he is too ill to carry it.  Ron will attempt it Dominick but Dominick does not read posts early for some reason and now Ron must wrestle the Lightline for himself if his connection is not broken again.  We will see.

4 - The trial to be Ron today is immeasurably difficult because his announcement this morning was to call him home.  But he refuses to listen to the gentle call in order to get this announced and heard by all.

5 - No one shall hear it better than Ron for he and Min Hoet heard it at the same time near midnight in June of 2003 and Ron still laughs at what Min received, because she got, NOT Hckry Dickery Doc, but Simple Simon, and t hey both laughed over it for years.  WE are the MATERIAL SONS:  ADAM AND EVE AT YOUR SERVICE:

Ron you shall not pass into oblivion today.  Maybe tomorrow or next week or maybe never - who knows???

WE are ADAM AND EVE and we have lived on Urantia 35,014 years ago today!  Remember that time trial!  It has taken us 35,014 years to realize that a young son of ours, not Ron, but another one you know, DOMINICK, is about to hold a Lightline today without realizing yet that this is happening.

RON tries to warn him but he refuses to listen and he must be taken over, not by Ron now, but by his better selves, as at NOON TODAY, the 20th of June, 2024, you have a Magisterial Mission.!

For reasons of State, the entire matter is shunted off and out of newspapers and television, and we leave it at that for you to absorb.


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron almost cut this off before I had a chance to say a final thing:  NEVER FORGET WHO I AM! But for the next 30 (thirty) years, you owe MONJORONSON, SEN SEN, HORATIO, and TENNYSON, your heart to see these Missions begin.  SERARA will not attend in the flesh but knows Ron misses HIM and will make every effort to remind Ron he belongs in that famous group of humans who died mostly already, and that is not founders of the URANTIA BOOK, but founders of the care given to MONJORONSON AND SERARA AND SEN SEN, AND A FEW OTHERS for their work for Urantia.

"Now listen Ron -  you are not dying today although you feel like it.  Today David Thorow will remember for you and the others who pioneered this web site and message boards, as the one and the others which we favor and have given our heart to, for you and the others, congratulations to see it through to this point!.  The rest of the world will learn by announcement later.  Noon TODAY STARTS  THE MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS! and for all of you enjoy this NOON as SAVIOR DAY!  Enjoy!  K



"I AM MONJORONSON, and I tell you the Missions to Urantia are now open!!

This is Monjoronson, and I am the CHIEF OF PROTOCOL too, and I must rely on you RON to take care in announcing this:

A)  There is no service to recommend us.  We arrive 400 (four hundred) in number!
B)  There is no way to count us for the joy of it even penetrates Ron's heavy heart today and he is delighted if it is all true.  And it all is, except Ron himself is so weak and careless over the news, he almost missed it trying to get up this morning.  HE awoke at 530am, so the time and closed his eyes again and had  to wait until 1030 "AM,  this morning, June 20th, 2024 to obtain a trued picture of the announcement.  That announcement is as follows:


C)  For that reason we state the following:  Ron will feel better later today.  He is working under the regime of the cabal right now and detests their work and t heir presence and he will be rescued now!   For reasons of State he is broken not in spirit but his vitality is very low and that will be attend to shortly too!

D)  Ron has always declared us FIRST AND PRIMARY if MICHAEL OF NEBADON chose to stand back slightly.

Well now, MICHAEL OF NEBADON has chosen the Magisterial Sons to take the helmsman-ship  of our charge and lend it to the name of URANTIA, and to let all know about us when we can tell you about it on Urantia.   YOU KNOW ABOUT IT NOW, but the rest of the world will wait until there is a cessation of war in the Ukraine.  Sorry about that as the war in Ukraine may spread first to Poland and then to Czechoslovakia and then to northern Europe and so on.  We are not going to show ourselves to the population until they manage to put t hat war aside first.  If the Middle East explodes too, we will wait until that war is decided too.  Now this:

Ron Besser is dying off today if we are not careful with him.  He produces this information gladly, but he is very weak and knows him damnably.  Ron f or historical purposes was the first person to hear from us near midnight  in a day in 2003, when he suddenly received these words:

Hickory Dickery Dock
The Mouse Ran Up The Clock!
And then he had to guess who was sending him this rediculous rhyme at nearly midnight on June 20th 2003!  That is how long ago this has been brewing!

But now this:

"Let the good times roll when Urantia is sane enough to hear us speak THE COMING OF THE LORD to Urantia again!



Well, well:  again it is June 20th, and this time it is in 2024.
I am Ron Besser and I transmitted that in 2015, and I still remember it slightly.  Today is June 20th again, and the sanguine view of that day in 2015 is mostly gone, and we are left with a MONJORONSON and a SERARA and the Magisterial Son, Sen Sen, working just as hard to maintain a Mission to Urantia, as this was stated in 2015.  Let me update you, however:
This date and time as SERARA the Magisterial Son, updates you with this:
When that was written Ron had almost ten years to live and go.  Today the end is approaching rapidly and he is miserable about it and still without a MAGISTERIAL Mission!  Why?
1 -
It seems as though Jesus tried to enter into the picture and still is entering into the picture, but with no sure abstraction as to why or when he should do so.

2 -
There is no good cause left, since 2015 marks the second year of a secret rebellion that was unknown to Ron and the rest of you, and now is so wide spread that Ron refuses to participate with them ever.  That harms anything you are willing to do from this perspective.

3 -
Do not become frakensensed over this but remember your place!  This is the second anniversary of stating what has to be done, but no one can do it until Urantia learns some manners, and WE are not going to broach the mess until we are ORDERED to do anything at all.  Let me explain something to all of you:

I am MONJORONSON, and Ron is on his last moments almost.  He detests the idea of death, but even more so, he dislikes the cabal in any form and refuses to take their messaging.  This is a first for mortals, and this is the first time I agree with a mortal who has given his life to do better by us for the planet, but he is able to discern who is doing what, and he refuses to do a thing for the insurrection whatsoever.  Given this day is June 20th, and someone posted  the above dissertation about the Magisterial Son, we are happy to say that our MISSION is about to show to you fully and truly!!!

AS MONJORONSON, I am fully deciding to put Ron to sleep today, but the FATHER said to wait a moment, and to let him repeat a message of hope to all of you today, the 20th of June in the year 2024, and to speak as follows:

A)  WE are here!  We are Monjoronson, and Serara, and hit me again twice, Sen Sen.  And for that matter so is Hanson and Gibraltar and Solomeister, and about THIRTY SONS  of care of good will to Urantia, and its faultless inhabitants every where.

B)  WE are here!  That means the solstice of this MISSION is on us bravely and truly.  I was going to announce this on the Lightline today, but Dominick is wavering about holding it for Lemuel, or Lemuel is holding it himself, but all on Urantia today are ill or ready to be ill over something or other that the CABAL is passing around these days. 

C) For that reason, Ron prefers to be awake enough to say this:

NO ONE GETS THE MAGISTERIAL MISSION without providing something for them to work on.  Urantia is so full of problems it cannot help bu do  that and in spades as it is sometimes said by care players, as Spades are often the TRUMP suit in most card games these days.  In any case, let us look at something very important next:


Dominick above reminds of the basic definition between channeling and I think he meant to state "transmission," but he does mean that fully.

Let me remind those who are interested in "transmitting," you do not use a gland or a memory unit in the brain.  The basic transmission is NOT channel, for it uses in  transmitting the basic frequency the user is already on to make the input audible.  Channeling uses parts of the body.  Transmitting starts using the contributary body internal parts.  However, when the transmission is ready to go, the human voice box is used as the primary gland, and sometime the pituitary or unusual neck glands may be used.
The point is I use my whole body as the instrument of transmission after years of practice using my pituitary gland primarily to transmit what is now 1.275 words, as spirit keeps record of t he service and counts the words over the career of the transmitter.  They do not tabulate the work of mere channel.
I am telling you this so you get the idea that transmitting is superior to channel, but channel is much easier to reproduce and the transmitter as I am sometimes reverts to channel in order to keep the mischief out of my body when there is cabal around and they want to interfere with the mind transmission.  I am not clarifying what Dominick said above, but I am making more a distinction than Dominick does in his response.  For instance I have nearly 32,000 responses and only 15,616 real transmission words to them.  If I were always using channel I would have worn down my pituitary gland entirely.

However, I have learned the technique of changing the mode of transmission to channel and I am aware of different mind usages, but it is my Adjuster which makes the adjustments during any of these transmissions.

Now, let us be clear about something.
When you channel you are using about  70% brain power.  When you are transmitting you are using about 65% brain power and that is because the transmitter in spirit is lending you some energy to do the transmission.  In channeling you are doing 80% of the work and maybe more if they get verbose.

Finally, I have this to say to new transmitters (not channelers or channeling), and that it is a much clearer use of words when one transmits and avoids channel.  Most of the world channels, and I would expect that will change once we have a real spiritual Mission to Urantia.   K
Ron Besser


I transmit the Pleadians for you now too:

The Pleadians speak
"We Ron know your plight, and you are careful to keep it quiet.  But know you are fully appreciate Carol's decision to keep it going in spite of  the difficulties you find with it as a master race not, but as spokesmen for the end times more than anything.  We are not quite of the ilk, but we are also aware of the dire connection you feel for the end to normal civilization, and the beginning of a true correcting Time.   For reasons of State we say this to you:

"Never feel lost on this planet, for it is the Bestowal Planet of Hope and Cheer.  And for that reason you are never defeated but the disease of a nervous system wrought upon you buy an intestate Chronicle, is what is at heart for you, and you refuse its presence forever and you win big time.  Long ago they saw you developing and long ago you saw no interest in their fare, but they have eroded you enough to take their pleasure and now you have fully rejected them, and they are at a loss to decide what to do with you at all.   For reasons of State let this pass as it will as Father has no care for past actions which spoiled your thoughts over born again folks not entirely, but we see FATHER speak wrongfully of us, for you feel you are being critisized unnecessarily?

Ron here -  No, not at all, but I do not get or understand the issue being pursued in that question either.  I am find and I am happy for the most past what has occurred here and would like more if time should allow it, but my affairs are being turned into putty and I resent it tremendously.  Thank you.  R

MOSES - "You inspire me to write a little on your scribe paper:
"What you achieve today is lost to the world already Ron, as you never saw it coming, and that is a total dismantling of the truth in favor of a restricted economic fare and a huge repair to the concept of History, and you are not buying it ever.  Good for you!  But the world has moved on to a different paradigm and for that reason you find it useless to pray for a Mission that has no real meaning to it, except IT IS A MISSION!  For that reason you let it lie and do not lament its passing at all, and thank goodness I now Understand that you are not trialing God or me, but that you are trialing the idea that Urantia may not deserve a Mission until it learns to pray again in earnest redemption for the care and feeding of  the earth's population properly and well.

"Now this from MOSES;

"You are incorrect that Michael had to abandon Urantia briefly in order to reconsider the Missions for what it takes to do Urantia properly, is not the Mission but the statement that God waits patiently for a change in heart of the American people in particular to see the smoke of a fire burning down the United States and the care of the European Union for its constituent countries.  This is nota fuel for fire, but a fuel for the disposition of the heart of God who knows no difference of opinion by man of the trial he must face certainly, and it will cost not on the United States a huge problem, but also the European Union, a huge reverence for God, but it must bring to an end the priority of  the American and European losses in two world wars, just what they fought for and what the end to those wars has meant to the entire world.

"You are looking at this missive with a question about what I am about to state.  Let us state it then:

[Moses speaks fully now] "You are not fully understanding the prose of the great Creator Son of Nebadon, when He says: "YOU ARE NOT A GREAT PEOPLE; YOU ARE A LITTLE PEOPLE, and  I will not break my heart over you anymore!"

"That suggests that the Creator Son is no longer listening to man on Urantia and the need for a Mission.  However, it does speak to your heart primarily because you feel the loss personally but understand the Creator Son must make these decisions and you support Him fully.  For that reason you are safely ensconced into the need for reform, but you are not caring what happens to the millions who have no idea of the magnificent view you hold of Father and Son.  Both of them fully recommend your heart to the group, but the groups lately are so cold hearted and demeaning you leave them alone to state their own purpose and leave alone ther3form you so advocate for the Urantia Foundation all the time.  This morning you saw clearly they are so far behind the trial to  change it will take a blast from the future to remove them and start over again.   Be assured it will happen and not the United States to lead here, but probably the poor Republic of Panama to do it.  Strange as it may seems Ron, you support their view that God is Great!  And then leave them to their own insults of such poor knowledge of the Revelation that they are bound to suffer through years of deprivation before they really get what is to happen to Urantia.

"For that reasons I have chosen to speak to you alone on this, and because you can type we relent and allow this to be public:

"There are two reasons the United States will fail to win any hostilities with China this year:
     1 - There is not real purpose behind the hostilities as the United States has no real concern about China, as the United States sees China as a bottomless pit of exercise and no Republican renewal whatsoever.

     2 -  The United States has nothing to offer the Republic of China whatsoever anymore, as both countries hold high rank for organization, but almost no rank for humanitarian needs.  The Border Crossing in the Southwestern part of the Untied States is far too open and the Biden administration can not see it.  Why?

     3 - The Biden administration cannot cope with two problems at once.  It, like other American administrations, does not hear the clarion call by God, to desist and stay quiet now, as the administration of the Capital of Salvington, no longer is present and this planet, URANTIA by name, carries nothing but hodge podge in meaning  to the heaven it ascribes great power to, but it never wins a call for peace but always carries the banner to estrange small people first, and then a large nation like the Ukraine, second. For that reason then God has no small amount of reunion of the past with the present, and that is to constantly remind man that man is far too small to be heard these days at all.  Ministry to the born again is affordable, but not their doings, as they are as bad as the heathen that cut down the Palestinians in the first place, and as cheerless as administrations of American power has in the past delivered Israel again to the world as a Jewish power without recompense.

     4 - For that reason we must stay the course up here in Spirit Land, and wait for sense to dawn on the American Republic, to stand back and let the world settle its own fights, and then find the time, peace, and money, to stop this frugal wearing of the debt ridden wars Americans always love to fight for but seldom stay the course to claim victory in finality.  Be assured I speak my heart here, and you should honor Me with capitals too, Ron, as I am Deity now, and enjoy it tremendously.  You say "I'll never reach such a State, " but you are a mighty voice when it comes to it, and you do not give up easily.   The Palestinian cause is never your cause Ron, but you allow them to state their reasons, and it is about FAIRNESS and not much more.  The last time I spoke to you was several years ago Ron, and now you are fighting the call for death to your life on Urantia, but you dislike it and feel you have more time to do here.  Not so.  But that is an opinion, because the FATHER understands your rubric, and that is to stay the course until it is done somehow. 

"Too much time will appear to do that Ron, but you are granted a few more months at least, and you might die Christmas Eve just to be sure your passing is well noted.  For reasons of State the Paradise Trinity is embracing you for the Trinity use of the Urantia SUPREME COURT and you feel highly honored by it, and you should thank everyone involved in seeing to it, but that is not your last assignment with FATHER, as He needs to hear your forgiven words of praise, not for Netenyaho, but for Palestinian children and women who know nothing.  I am surprised Ron you hold them in contempt when they do not move the Palestinian cause out of Gaza.  For reasons of my own I appreciate this view.   . . . . "

Ron -  Moses quit and left when I objected to the view that the Palestinians need better care and I am without contempt for them but they need to find Jordan to allow them to find a homeland, as Gaza is impertinent to their own cause and Israel no loving neighbor any more.  I simply disagree that the Palestinian should reoccupy Gaza. 

MOSES speaks - "I have never heard this alternative view Ron:  you believe and I believe correctly, that the Palestinians deserve no separate homeland but are closely related to the goodness of Joranians, and believe they should be settled in Jordan properly and to let Gaza alone for ever, and to join Jordan as a member of their lives and destiny.  Now you and MICHAEL OF NEBADON finally tie the knot on this difficulty, as the Palestinians are properly the people of Jordanian accent and could live in peace there forever and Jordan is a fond member of Israeli support and care as an end to the Palestinian remorse over losing good grazing lands that Israel now occupies.

"One last thing Ron, you do not thrill me with this alternative view of the Palestinian cause, but you are right, the Palestinians are properly aligned with the nation of Jordan, and that is where they need to relay their wealth and goodness for their own homeland in pepertuity, and you are getting kicked by Seraphim over this but they must understand that the Jewish homeland is sacrosanct too and mut be honored as a result of a British Prime Minister, who did not know the consequences of fooling with exquisite herdsmen.  I leave quickly.  Now.  I now know you are probably correct but time is against you in fulfilling any such political view.  This is MOSES OF ARAGON, and I leave you well and in peace with Me.  MOSES."
Ron Besser - Thank you Moses and I cut the rest of this post in your favor and let this reside as it will the minds of my favorite people who always support God, regardless of the controversy at all.  Good day to all for now.  R

That Helder Poeta is a good question for the legal profession.  What the Japanese have not done is to do a patent search, and that is a fancy terms to show what patents already exist for the transmission of Muons.
First of all let me explain something about preparticles that is not generally known:
1 - They are all built by using Ultimatons to build them;
2 - The Japanese are good businessmen but they often fail to understand that other people had to learn what they learned long ago, and that the sciences are not meant to be the exclusive right to hold patents alone, and that people like me participate in patent production, and yet the Japanese seem to seldom hold anyone responsible for truly useful inventions except unless they do it alone and well in Japan.
3 - I admire them tremendously for coming up with a flow of Muons to do this work, but it is  barely the full idea of what a position can do if you learn to transmit Muons for what they use their transmission for.  I am not an expert in the sciences in spite of waht it might look like, but I do hold an unusual patent that uses Muons exclusively to create home and automobile electric power as a use to drive them well.  There are other and many uses for transmitting MUONS  but I doubt Urantia pays attention to me or the patent I hold until I am long dead and gone.  Then they might say isn't this a marvelous idea, why didn't we use it sooner?
4 - Muons are not practically usable unless you have a specific use to transmit them.  They the Japanese found a good reason, but the Japanese fault no one for not telling them my patent is real and good, and they will find the problem for them if they press this too hard, because patent infringement is costly, and I must alert my attorney this is brewing and let him handle the case if there is infringement coming.  I am now an old man and I hate it, but I am positive that there is use for my patent on electrical production and we have to wait for some news events to produce a good and solid statement that Besser saw the use of Muons year ahead of this development in Japan.
5 -  And finally this:  I cannot maintain all the systems I have originated, and I do not know where this patent goes for use; however, let it be known that electrical production on this planet may come under a very serious kind of starvation, and that is because the rods inside an Ultimaton are reportedly during bright red.  The normal rods in Ultimatons on Urantia are usually bright blue, but when they turn a dark red, that means the Ultimatons are facing some sort of problem and it is beginning to happen here.

6 -  There ar e two rods in the body of an Ultimaton.  Their color is usually a bright blue if anyone could see them but they re so tiny, it takes one hundred of them to form an Electron.  For instance a Proton take  fifty-three (53) Ultimatons and the Neutron takes  one thousand fifty-four (1054)  normally, but since the use of nuclear power in 1945, Urantia has been the only planet in its constellation to have Ultimatons turn their Rods a bright red.  The Universe considers any bright red rods in Ultimatons to be an emergency  material condition on the planet.  I have no idea what it takes to bring such back to normal at all.  End of lesson.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Ron are settling into a death stab not but beware the long knives are out to kill you.
For that reason we close this chapter today and hope things settle down entirely to remind all of us that the evil of a parsimony  is its size and not what it  can do. 
You who just watch these responses have no idea what it takes from persons such as R
on to do  this kind of posting.  He is near death today and I know that means next to nothing for most of you, but he must not leave without a statement of what is to come shortly to URANTIA.  It is THIS:

"Please be aware FATHER  placed the stars around that title.  For this reason:
1 -  The Patent for electrical production on Urantia uses a Muon flow to carry the latent electrical production to homes and transport.  It will be the only useful production tool they have to produce large volumes of electricity shortly, as the entire matter of electricity ends on Urantia because the ELECTRONS are becoming  more rare due to an inference in the cabal that insists they maintain any use of electrical devices.

2 - Ron has refused their use of any such thing, and he is quickly becoming a hero against such an insurrection.  For reasons of State we stop producing words and close this down, and Helder Poeta, your fresh approch to the subject brings these  comments out more than we thought should be done, and that is because Ron is under a serious death threat and that we must prevent now.  Good day for the   time being.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

I am fully put out with this announcement, but thank goodness we have a patent, for it is a flow of Muons off a broadcast tower that leads to the production of free electricity.

Bob Kalk sent me this news item today.  Bob is a member of the UAI and has taken an interest in how we produced free electricity without the need of electrons to broadcast lots of electricity for over 200 miles from a transmitting tower we build on the plant.
For those who may wish to read the Muon broadcast article, the reference is:
   I may have more on this later.
For your information the Japenese will shortly  discover that Muons carry preliminary voltage of free electricity, and then the fat will be in the fire, as we hold the first patent protecting that use of that discovery for ourselves.  I have little more to say about this yet, but here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON to comment on it:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "As Ron recalls, every patent fight ends up with winners and losers, and you are about to get into a patent fight big time, as the Japanese already know that Muons carry the light of electricity in their innards.  For that reason Ron is way ahead of the rest of the world, but he will be fighting a patent custody body for years if he does not patent one more item:  How to transmit electricity using a flow of Muons.  Get with your patent attorney Ron and explain this message is bad news for your comfort and you need an additional patent on how to transit Muons in particular.  Get it done today and you have time.  You have the money to do it and do it quickly as this spells trouble for you and us if they get it too soon.  K

"Further Ron, the cabal is angry at you for spelling this first today, but I see it is the germain news to you and you are not going to let it go.  You need to get to your attorney and to allow another patent to protect how you broadcast Muons, period.

"And further more Ron, do not take your leisure over this patent and push it immediately over the patent you now hold and sight this article as it is a direct threat to your intention to modify electrons into muons and you must make it clear it is a break through the Japanese are not aware of but it is only a little time to discover it.  Haste is your byword now.  K

"SECONDLY, do not take my word for it, but you are under threat by the US Department of Energy as they consider this patent to be malleable to the point you may not use it for any reason but to broadcast Muons.  If the Japanese learn to broadcast Tachyons the fat is in the fire.  Do not mention this to the attorney, but make sure he hears the story from you first.  Get an additional patent on broadcasting Muons at once. K"

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "You Ron have foolishly let this patent molder for a year, and while you do not give a rats fanny over it, please realize Seraphim are ready to hit you where you live too and they will not get a chance if you move quickly enough.  The Japanese are good competitors but they are lethal not when they gather you already have it patented.  You do and this time they will ask you to share it not religiously but well and do not get too excited yet over dealing with the patent attorney as Kalk has to understand you are covered by the fact of a patent already done over a year ago now and you hold it strongly and well.

"Further, you must make amends not to any one, but the attorney is making headway on this patent himself and he wants a piece of it but has no longer a good will drive to speak to you because you left him sit with nothing to do.  But bo hoo Ron that leaves you vulnerable as he knows how to abstract this patent into more and more prolific patents.  He should be notified at once and he is now rushing to be in the hospital not but if he does not get regulated on this patent again, he will drop it and leave it alone.  Not my cup of tea at all and you have one magnificent advantage, and that is to stay quiet at the moment as they search the realm for patents and they will find yours fresh and new and will approach you kindly to ask to share it and do not share it easily but listen to their deal(s) and you will  become a friend of their science funding too as you have more t do with Muons, as these may be the people to do your science with Ron if you treat them favorably.  I am sure you will get a letter from them shortly, and  if not, why not?
"The last chance you have at all Ron is stay coy and deliverable at the moment as you patent on preparticles if the first ever of this kind and no one is familiar enough to make it available for discussion.  But leave it to you and you will bumptiously destroy their patent to transport Muons because you are the first to  discover their use.  I leave it at that for now.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK at you service,  K"


Andre, a merkaba is literally a small tornado of care placed over a group to keep them happily together and working spiritual causes.  It is a very old term that used to mean a great deal to people in the 1980 through to 2012 when the term became useless as its energy dissipated with the rebellion fomenting on high.
I an my group from 1980 to 1985 used one and quite successfully, but I gave up teaching a group then feeling guilty that I was pushing too much too soon.   The merkaba we were using for our group was strong and quite wonderful to use, and it stayed around me to go to New York, but the conditions there were so harmful to really good organization, it finally dissipated in 1991.  I lament it loss but conditions for me and for the rest of the world got so awful in spiritual sensing it finally gave up and dropped out of order.
The merkaba is an organizer by spirit to keep a group together.  It has not been seen by me since I got home from New York work, but it still reminds me from time to time to stay organized and keep pressing the work of the spirit on Urantia.  Here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON TO SPEAK TO IT:
"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and the Merkaba is a Jewish word that means "friendly and happy" and Ron used it well into the 1990's and had to give it up when he left New York, as he had to return to a house full of disputes but he left that alone and worked hard to assume the leadership under MICHAEL OF NEBADON for six years after he returned to Pennsylvania from New York.  We lament that it happened but he has learned enough more to overcome group dispiriting and now knows the importance of hos work until this year of 2024.  He now is laid low and cannot make much sense out of what has happened but you Andre need to take a careful look at what you are doing for Poland and other native concerns you have for your group of listeners and doers here.

"The trial we have today is nasty and incomplete.  Ron is made so ill he can barely locate enough sense to understand what is being posted here and leaves most of it alone in favor of sense.  Helder Poeta is a baby yet and must learn a great deal to have a serious conversation with someone like Ron, but he does make things work by being a frequent poster to this forum.   That said, however, he runs the terrible error of being sure that Ron is part of the Magisterial Mission yet, and he is, but Ron feels they need to be active to remind people of their existence and their proven ability to take on a spiritual Mission they must do now and fairly alone as I am driven into oblivion by so much acrimony on Urantia, I dare not enter.  That is because I would claim a few Heads of State, including American, if Biden does not learn to stop stirring the pot over Japan and South Korea at this time.

"Nevertheless, I am hoping that the Magisterial Sons will return, and so will the Merkaba if  Ron allows more to follow him into the oblivion of trust and care he still exhibits even though I have stopped speaking so much to him.  The merkaba will return but right now Urantia is under a huge parallelogram of disfavor by the spiritual side of existence, and I doubt it will recover nicely for a long time.  That means Ron's work and the rest of you who subscribe to it, are going to be lonely and disquieted by world events soon enough and the American dream is to stop these wars, but now Biden is raising the cost of these wars to the point he may have a war of his own to contend with soon enough.

"I am the MERKABA that Ron used for over 20 years.  I am mature and I still help him out when he has a genuine good word for most of what has happened for those who have learned to transmit but ignore Ron as though he is a witless being of gore and estrangement.  Those new transmitters do not know what they are doing, frankly, and be extremely careful of the one that calls its UNITY.  It is far from unity and it classes itself so superior it does not understand that Ron is the most superior one on Urantia and does not know it. 

"For that reason the Merkaba he used stays back until there is a better way to reinstate it, and it looks as though we are misguessing its use as he is dying rapidly of a systematic poisoning done by a useless cabal and they will pay a steep price for what they have done to a perfectly normal man under a perfectly normal resume of work and care for these spiritual missions.  Lo to all of you who  dismiss this effort and you are all worried of big changes coming:  WELL BE CONCERNED!

"Ron has dedicated 25 years to this cause and now hears I am quitting and he laments it greatly but he does understand why and what has happened. The house and its belongings will be passed successfully to a man who must learn much but he is willing and caring for all that is given to him now.  Ron laments having to leave in the middle of, not confusion, but indecision, and that is going to last awhile until I feel good about what I must do.  Never mind that statement now, but Urantia will be far different than it is now and probably without a population so enormous it can hardly contain that many people.  Let it be for now, but I am warning the insufferable uses of the MERKABA and it is being careful too, but Israel better watch its base as it is not suffering what it really wants, and be aware Ron has a lot more to say shortly.

"Today you have Ron's Lightline and he intends to hold it well.  I will speak  to you then along with the MELCHIZEDEK Corp over Urantia currently, and there is much to say this afternoon at 2PM on the Lightline to listen to carefully. 

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and the Merkaba is never forgotten, but it has been so misused by people who do not know enough to be comfortable with it, and we let it go mostly for now.  Ron carries one yet, and he is grateful, but it embraces only true friends and care giving to those who are left on this discussion forum who know how to use it well.  I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON and I wish you all a good day.   K"



June 15, 2024
From The Magisterial Foundation and Others
- - - - -
I Ron Besser adress everyone here: there must be a clear understanding that your lack of activity for most of you is important for me and the Universe to notice.  The usual circumstance on any discussion forum, mostly, is that the activity on a discussion forum indicates the level of interest of the membership.  Now certain of you are way ahead of the game, but the majority of the membership is sinking into the oblivion of “show me or I quit!”  Well, I have no control over what you do, but I can feel the remission you a re sending, and I am quite certain you no nothing.

Let me correct that.  I will say that my time on earth is about over, and I lament that such is true; however, let it be known that some of you are missing a good bet on what is to follow a change in course, but if YOU NEED A MISSION YOU HAVE ONE!  Where is t he interest in that?  Let me explain something about spirit you ought to study where you can figure out spirit is working:

First of all, MICHAEL OF NEBADON is still on Urantia!

REPORT: “I am Michael of Nebadon.  I have been on URANTIA off and on for weeks now attempting to understand what has happened here?  It is not a mess, it is a disaster, and I am not capable of cleansing it easily by myself.  What have I done to address this catastrophe?

1 - I have called on the Magisterial Sons to remedy Urantia and that means I am asking them to show up and do a Mission NOW!  They are on the way!

2 - Ron Besser is dying on me.  He was designed to live about 76 years old, is not 82 and wailing about miserable pain in his legs, and so forth.  I want to renew him and he wants to be renewed but the FATHER indicates it is too much to ask of the universe to renew such a worn out entity as Ron Besser has become.  You know it, and we wait the day of passage to the Mansion Worlds for him.  Meanwhile he holds critical information not only for the membership here, but for the world that it is going to miss.  Why is this world so awful?  They have no direction to follow anymore.

3 - What do you do when a planet of men and women lose all direction for tomorrow?  You punt and ask an old Creator Son for some help, but folks!  You are giving ME a Mess so big I cannot easily do it alone or even with just Jesus.  I state the following for the Cabal and all o thers trying to interfere this:

Not everyone believes in the good fairy, and Ron does not.  He is fully ready to lay down his life to kill of the seraphic cabal and he might do it yet to clear Urantia of a terrible mess about how to live and avoid war after war after war.  You are brewing some more wars and I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT!!

You are all fully aware that those who live in the United States have a good chance of avoiding the damage and the depravity of such wars, but believe old Russia will attempt to clear a few cities from the seaboards of American jurisprentice and this time if they attempt it, the United States Forces are ready to answer fully.  Meanwhile the United States has made a huge gaff by assiting Israel over the death of the Palestinian population, as the flower of youth and leadership has been all but decimated now and Palestine is no longer claiming any land but trying to live its life out to the end of partisanship.   


4 - We are remember Ron just a few months ago when he was roaring and ready to go for us in the old configuration.  Now, however, the old configuration is not big enough to take care of the mess on Urantia, and I must call in a lot more troops to handle this.  Ron laments being too old to handle it and has requested another life extension, but FATHER says it is already too old for hime to consider help to the remission Officers to be sent as they want to take hold of him and he will not listent to mealy mouth organizations which do nothing but claim hegemony and then nothing.  I would not tolerate it either.

5 - WE are going to follow the information he sent to us years ago, and clean Urantia up of all dimensions of insurrection, and make sure there are humans available to do it.  

6 - Already, Ron has alerted personnel in the EU to stand by for reorganization of these Missions and to consider being here in the States with the Magisterial Foundation to receive orders to proceed in the EU.   He is already preparing to start the process of livery here in the States once the word is given to him privately to get started as the human participant for these Missions Once Again.

7 - I follow this well, and am Glad someone is listening, but Ron is 82 now, just having had a birthday on the 9th of this month, and he gets little help from anyone at the moment.  He will pass shortly to the Mansion Worlds, but we need him on the front lines and he will be commissioned on the front too, as he is not a passive individual.  Meanwhile Dominick has his work cut out at 2709 Sunset Lane, as we will use that as a center of work for now.

8 - And finally, Ron is bleeding internally not, but his legs have been ulcerated by a blend of hate and confusion by a seraphic pair of so-called angels who have beaten him to death over and over and yet he survives to do the work you all enjoy, including LIGHTLINES.  I am asking him to DO A LIGHTLINE TODAY, Saturday the 15th of June, but he is very weak.  CHECK TO SEE IF THERE IS A LIGHTLINE TODAY @ 2PM, and if not lament it not and try again on Sunday the regularly scheduled day for LIGHTLINES these days.

9 - And now t he following is mostly for Ron:

You are now listening to a habit of mine: do not get down Ron, you have a tendency to say “okay, we listen,” and then not do anything to bolster yourself to listen at least.   The problem we both have is that we have outrun our work schedule by a hundred miles, and now have not the issue to startle anyone anymore, but you and I are old protagonists not, but you must leave well enough alone with the Netherlands and the rest of the world, as you have mobilized the EU at the Netherlands input and that must cease not now, but in ten days if I cannot get lose on this drudge called a CABAL.

Do not, Ron, say anything more as they are getting ready to come to the States and receive their instructions on how to do this.  You have made no error, but FATHER  is looking at your insouciance and wonders why not too?  This is extremely difficult Ron but you want to put into effect offices to counter the Cabal and get people mobilized, regardless of how long it takes, to provide a genuine and mobilized Mission to the place it works best, and that is always in the east coast of the United States.  You are the last of the Mohicans there in t he States, and you will not take a loss if you can help it.  But the loss is guaranteed if we cannot clear the seraphim from your loft immediately as they are attempting to kill you and it is a battle royal to stop it.  

In any case, this is not a pleasant thing to say or do, but you are conditioned to go out of life in about a week or less, yet you are preparing for battle regardless of how you feel and that is always as good sign you are ready to stay the course however it might be denominated on high.  GABRIEL SPEAKS NOW:

GABRIEL - I have stopped all preparation work on Urantia, Ron!  Why?  No one believes me, but you have mobilized the EU and the United States, all by yourself, and you will not back down over the insurrection seraphim, and while you are deathly ill this morning to achieve such a standing, you are not too ill to stay the course and make the racket you have to.  For the reason the EU has heard the spiritual clarion call and you are ready to fight until your last breath over all the cold cut issues facing you, and they are not starting!

LESSON #1- we are preparing a counter attack against the evil angels yet, and that is now taking place and you say “good!” but its outcome is not sure.  For reasons of State Ron, hold your fire for a month of a little less but then you are departing for the mansion worlds very soon.  It does not work at all for you to be hear but Michael of Nebadon has something to say about all of this!


“ I am fully sure this attempt by the cabal to stay the course is met with a final disposition of their fate.

“I am now fully quoting myself so it get recorded.  

“There will be no further escapade by the ministry of the seraphim on Urantia, any longer, or I will I permit Ron, to suffer the arrows of their death intentions.   Be assured he has figured it out and made a difference already, and that is unusual for a human to be able to do that, but he foresees the problem at once, and will not give up ever or at all.  Gettysburg College is listening carefully to what you have said Ron and may send you a letter but you are too ill not but answer solemnly and carefully.  They need to know the truth for a change about how you are discharging your duty to recommend a good study about the reappearance of Jesus on Urantia, and why there is such a controversy and why you are leaving not in the middle of it, as I have won a stay of execution!  You are free to pursue much and you will get t he healing you need soon!

“Dominick must stand back slightly now.  He also must understand there is a change in you that makes it primary duty to stay the course and stop worrying about the damn television set and its confusion of working clickers.  You are a funny man Ron, and we agree the cabal did a job on the machinery.  But let us figure this our first:

“Those remembrances are found with Me now, and you did everything but spill the kitchen sink on them to listen.  However, there are born agains in that lot and they are insurmountable in discovering why you can do this and stop when you please as they are quite sure you have the choice to be good or bad, and you are insisting on the good.  For reasons I cannot fathom , there is a movement to hear you out in a symposium they wish to orgainize to hear you out.   You have nothing to say right now, but you will be loaded for bear when the Gospels are paraded out and you have Matthew speak to heard them nearer the truth than they say directly.  The cause is about to meet a the breach and we will see to it well.

“I AM FATHER.  Do not disparage me yet young Turk.  The trial with Gettysburg College is not your only trial, but you have awakened the Diocese of the Lutheran Church for the United States.  Easter Orthodox Church is mightily interested and you will eventually be addressed by the Diocese of the Apostle Matthew too.  I am the DEITY ABSOLUTE, and you are taken aback over this already.  Well, then, let me state the following:

“Your take on these Missions is that Urantia desperately needs correction.  I cannot deal with that entirely, but correction must enfold a highly specialized document that must follow this one.  You are the only one who recognizes the huge trial facing Michael of Nebadon, and you are not easily put down and will insist you will go out fighting regardless of who tells you to never mind.  The trial today is to get you well enough to see this through over the next six (6) weeks and be done with your part for good.



“Today we speak in unison:

“The last time we did this we decided to promulgate time and space into the oblivion of the loss of God the Supreme.  Now we are facing placing LOCAL UNIVERSES out of the way, and insisting that Local Universes become amalgamated into DOMINIONS of some sort:

1 - No Local Universe may start an insurrection any more, and Nebadon has now done 2 (two) of them and we are not happy;

2 - You brat of time an space are evil not but I swear if you do one more of these writings without US, you are not going to wear clothes but will appear naked before FATHER and explain how you get to hear all of this before we have fully promulgated the issue before the high councils of the TRIUNITIES of Care and t he TRIODITIES of Despair, these days.  Shame on all of you for disparaging this Lesson in Paper 104, as most do not even try it.  But Ron tried it and has the marvelous concept of how the FATHER HIMSELF can become more than INFINITE!  You are too faint hearted to trial these lessons, and yet you want more theology to add to this one you have don’t debate ever or at all.  What shall we do?

Ron has eliminated the FATHER never, but he knows full well, you cannot have this both ways and FATHER is not only INFINITE, he is superinfinite, and that must take an explanation that MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK debated long and hard whether to include this in the narrative of the Urantia Book.   However, he is right, and today the minds of all men and women are creamed over by jealous seraphim who do not know what it is to be faithful anymore.  You Ron are sold on the faithless being called your friends because they mean so much to you, yet they do not promote FATHER, but find fault with the endless profusion of trust by other commanders who have no thought of your work Ron, or what it takes to do a patent for electrical discharges that no one every heard of before and have it actually work in the minds of observers, but they do not know why.  This patent, but the way Ron, will not make any sounds until about a year from now when lasers no longer work well on Urantia, and they do not know why.  The simple answer is that Urantia, is losing its race of electrons and gather the impure Electronitis, which is the sure sign that Urantia may be dying.  The problem is so great we hold conference after conference about it yet today!

Finally, I am t he DEITY ABSOLUTE:

“You who have spoken briefly into this maelstrom of purity intended by Ron, but rather debate other news of less importance, I am sure there is nothing we can do to enjoin Ron’s pain in legs and what not, but when he comes over here in our neck of the woods, he will enjoy a free cost of living seminar to learn what it costs for ME to speak to all of you.  NOTHING!!! But believe me you are not behaving like brave men and women of the past, but hide out in order to learn but not do.

“For that reason I state to Ron, keep the course going, but allow us a seldom heard announcement about the real reason MICHAEL OF NEBADON is having so many problems to address the Urantia failures.  They are your failures too and just because you enjoin the Urantia Book, does not mean you are enjoying the fruits of God analysis.

“I must greatly approve Ron’s departure as he has worked extremely hard and spent a small fortune on trying to get us heard over the rumbustious noise so called experts on the Urantia Book, and who cannot hold a glass of water much a glass of gold that all must hold that our Ron managed to do in 1988, and fuse himself with an Adjuster so sick and tired of being put out of existence, the ADJUSTER finally said, “THAT’S IT!  I AM GOING IN!”  And Ron is the first and last person on Urantia to fully fuse before he dies on Urantia in the heart of early summer around here.  Now this:

“I am the DEITY ABSOLUTE, and I have managed to get well with Ron and the rest of you who can transmit.  But so help me, the purity of the choice of transmitter the FATHER and the DEITY ABSOLUTE and the MASTER FORCE ORGANIZERS, are only available to Ron and a person in Taiwan, who cannot speak a thing right now as his molars are impacted, and you can guess who helped that poor man get that impairment.  Ron is healthy enough yet to discourse this material, but the cruelty of fate will destroy even Ron, as he has no defense again the horrible seraphic control freaks that still inhabit Urantia 5 to 1 (five to one evil to good seraphim) ratio of bad to good seraphic duty officers.

“Let that sink in!  There are several reasons this happens on Urantia but let me list the few you can appreciate:

1 - The Planet has never been normalized due to the Bestowal of the Christ on it in the FIRST CENTURY AD;

2 - The Planetary Government of Urantia is solidly MELCHIZEDEK, and that is a collegiate group when the Planetary Government should still be a Lanonadek Son Order of visitudes;

3 - The Universe Councils understand why the Planetary Government under the auspices of the COUNCIL OF TWENTY-FOUR, up until 1986-1987, was favored by Michael of Nebadon over seraphic government.  This caused a split in aforementioned control power, and the APOSTLES OF JESUS actually held more power than the Seraphic council did.

4 - The illustrious URANTIA FOUNDATION made one mistake after another, and today is behaving as though it is Lord of the Realm, but understands nothing about what has to be done to make sure the book is respected along with the fact that the Urantia Book, has been ripped apart by citizens who know nothing, and Ron’s attempt to get it recognized by a spiritual college died an early death when he transmitted Martin Luther to them pleading for them to listen.  He still has an onerous view of the entire crew called a History Department, but Ron’s voice is still heard by the Department head as she never heard of this possibility to transmit this kind of information to a History Department in a major college.

5 - There is nothing left for Ron to do but stay the course and we are getting hungry to have him in spirit so he can really underline the principals of the FATHER for all to see how little they have progressed in over 2,000 years of history since Jesus appeared on Urantia; and to debate it further: there is nothing left today to stand on since the Bestowal of Jesus over 2000 years ago anymore, and Ron is fully aware of how dreadfully dull it is out there in the hinterland.  The news is full of war and murder and cheating beyond our comprehension.

6 - Fully done we are not, but it is signaled to Me by the FATHER OF ALL that we have said enough for all of you to realize that Ron’s soon departure is a loss to you and to some teeny-tiny extent to us as well.  But like it or not Ron must go on and without further comedy Ron, we leave this with one thing to say further:

The trial to be happy on Urantia is very hard for you.  You covet the friendship of all and get very few who recognize your work is the first time anyone has said to the URANTIA FOUNDATION to step up to the plate correctly, and instead it makes fun of you and your further ratification of a power planet that uses Ultimatons to fly the way of an electrical produce.

“For your information Ron, the UAI is quitting its examination of the power planet and reducing you to a small jot of history not, but fully does not understand you have even given Albert Einstein a jolt about preparticles he still has a hard time maneuvering into a practical sign of leadership so far ahead of your time you are regarded as sacred by the Master Forces Organizers.  Your Ron hate praise written out but that is what is adorable about you as you take it as though you are just one of the guys, but you are not. 


“I am not praising you too hard, but you Ron are the only one who recognizes that we do not speak to mere mortals ad you are frankly almost totally a morontial being as no one else even approaches your development.  You are fun and full of good humor but you hate the visage of death and wonder if you can avoid it?  Not so.  But your work on Urantia is far from done, and the FATHER recognizes this failure but makes no attention to it except to say, “tsk, task, ain’t that asful!”    I, 404, have this to say, and I am not Chief of my Council: URANTIA needs about 75 more like Ron, and Dominick comes close, but he fails to understand you must never quite.  He does to earn some money, but Ron NEVER quit and we must do so now and to post this amazing transcription of intense behavior to keep Ron alive for a little while, as he must come over and be ratified for his work and then released f or the Supreme Court he still favors but he belongs in t he sciences too as he has a marvelous mind to be in that quadrant too.  I am THE DEITY ABSOLUTE AGAIN, and shuush! 404!!

The DEITY ABSOLUTE speaks finally:
“There has been a movement to censor Ron but the Urantia Foundation, not on anything in particular, but in his incessant view that the Urantia Foundation needs revised is entirely too self satisfied with its work.  Well let me tell you the true facts;

“The repeal of the Urantia Foundation may be coming in the next two (2) months!

“This fact is a sad one because members in the Urantia Foundation, have lost the ideal that made the Urantia Foundation, unique and compossible in all of its features.  Dr. William S. Sadler speaks to them this way:

     [Dr. Sadler speaks from Mansion world Six (6)] “You who betray the sacrosanct world of revelation, will never know the horror of what you promote over the revelatory nuance that others have provided you, and yet you want to commercialize the produce and the care I gave it those long years to raise it up and to make it holy.

     “I am fully deciding that I do not know you anymore, and for that reason we must part company as I am too tired of it by now and I am fully sure that Ron is the property inheritor of what to do next.   But he is now old and ready for refrshement, and so are we, but he insists that the Urantia Foundation be better d one or lose its stripes to become the first organization ever to prepare an epochal revelation for the masses.  I am proud of that as is the old Urantia Foundation.  Now this:

    “Ron you are the last of the good ones to know what is at stake, and for the most part MICHAEL OF NEBADON ignores you mostly, but HE cannot take your dearth easily, and He wants to assign to you a parade route for your inception into the Mansion Worlds but the lottery queen for them forbids it entirely.   WE walk carefully now Ron, as you are on the holy sepulchre, and that is to say goodby to Urantia shortly, as you are worn out, and you keenly miss the idea of preparing for the Missions, but that is entirely mine not to forgive either, as you will make a claim to be mine for a solo appearance in the Missions without Me and Grandfonda , as you have split the world into two, and neither one of us understands how you tell the difference between the day and the night as your mind is always active with the Adjuster, and t hat one is exhuasted too and claims he needs a hammock now!

This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON and quote me again Ron:

“WE are about to start a third mission design for URANTIA.  For that reason your talk with Elise last night is entirely appropriate but you may not be visible by the time you are ready to roganize the EU into the States admission to the pure bread spirit Missions we have organized for the final statement to Urantia, this time.  

“Be aware everyone that the entire Mission status to Urantia, is now off the cuff and back on for another input shortly.  Ron is furious he will mist it, but I do not think so, as he will see the world from a higher perspective soon enough, and although he has reached the glamorous age of 82, he now longer desires much of anything from or for Urantia, but to earn his chips to understand Me and the Universe as spirit.  He will have a front row seat when it comes time and then to the hard work of education on the Mansion worlds not entirely but he will eventually go to the Constellation ORION and become well trained for the outer space regions in the near future, as he will e among the first mortals to have such an assignment there.  Thank goodness he will know what that has to do with time, but he will learn the right way soon.

  Now good day to all of you.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON in a post post: Ron you have lots of time now as you are ready to serve under whatever conditions you have and you are ready to see it through from 2709 Sunset Lane, your home address, and then let me know what I can do to make things all well again.  Please let this on so the people know I do care, and you are lovely to bow to Me as you alwasy do when alighting from a transmission.  You are the only one to do it and you are precious beyond words and it just happens I know and thank you.  

Everyone, my explanation is from those on the Mansion worlds and what they have to wear and what they must be in clothing everyone has to wear.  The dress article is a thick, woven dress that comes down past the knees, but folks you float and have no need for feet.  The dress article is handsome but everyone wears the same cloth and article design.  Even the Morontia Supervisors wear a dress cloth very similar to the studens (you and I) once we are a member of the morontial worlds.  It sounds rather pleasant to me too as I do not have to pick out a sweater and slacks and shoes but merely am permanently clothed in this dress uniform everyone wears, including the Morontial Supervisors who take care of us until we learn our way around.

Furthermore, you might be interested as I have spoken to the area the past Popes live in now and they are quite friendly to talk to me what they wear and their interests now in the Urantia Book.  I leave that alone as they are quite intellectual but I really do enjoy them and Pope Paul the 23rd told me he has been reading the Urantia Book now for six weeks, and truly enjoys it.  You see the Urantia Book is not usually distributed to mansion world students, but because it got mentioned in what I do they checked it out and some enjoy it tremendously.  In any case I reporting it accurately, and if you don't  believe, wait to you go over and find out for yourself, okay?

And one last thing:  if you think  today has been bad for getting along, check me out as I could hardly get out of bed this morning and not a soul has bothered to say hello today - fine -  but that is so unusual I have to watch TV and I am not crazy yet about  1,000 cable channels I have as I only watch five of them!  Go figure the Comcast cable station.  Oh, and I have 10 channels of music on it and three channels of strictly classical music with pictures of lakes and tree and mountains -  I get very tire of it to be frank, but it sounds good but half and hour with it and I am ready to do something else really. 
In any case. morontial citizens think we are gross because of all the variety we wear as clothing down here on earth.  But I know some of them in the Urantia Group held on the Mansion Worlds (now on mansion world five ) and it sounds very pleasant to me too.  Take care all and I will have a post sooner or later on what is to happen.  It is just they have do not have it all figured out just yet.  Cheers!

The invention is hopeful for future consideration, but right now in the middle of June 2024, war and the rumors of more ware are constantly heard.  My hope is that somehow this electrical invention does make it into the consciousness of the powers to be and that they run it well.   

I have revised this entire script to take the heaviness out of it and just plead the loss of nothing but continue to hope, for all of us, that some these programs and inventions can come to pass well enough for Urantia.  Thanks for listening. 


This is a response to your question about having no legs on the mansion worlds and I have this to say:

There are many things to discover when you go to the mansion worlds.  Like this:

1 - You are resurrecvted without the need of any tissue beyond the waist of your new body.
2 - You wear a creamy-white gown that covers you to the floor of wherever you are.
3 -  You may wear a badge on your gown on the left side as you face outward to the mansion world grounds.
4 - I am told I have three insignias to be worn or my gown, and that is a service badge already, a kindred badge for all to say where I am going to work, and a mark on my face that indicates I am a warrior.  I do not know what that means but that is what they tell me.
5 -  The moronotia areas are closer to us than Salvington is, but the mansion worlds also lie in a different plane in the space topography between us on earth and where they ar4e located in a far distant space area that only the home seraphim have t he strength to make the trip. 
I cannot tell you more because I do not know more, and be glad they allow me to tell you this.  Hope that help a little for you all and knowledge you like to have.  Enjoy the next two to four weeks as the big, really big news coming, is that the race is on to get the MAGISTERIAL SONS seen and the record of the new Mission to Urantia underway.  More later then.

Ron for t he Big Guys coming to Urantia.  K


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