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Ron, this in no way addresses the problem and confusion experienced in
my Lightline on Wednesday.

I do not, and cannot, accept that I receive a clear and concise message from
Michael of Nebadon and just a few minutes later you receive the exact

What do you say, Ron?



Ron, I must tell you that I am deeply disturbed by the differences in our
transmissions during my Wednesday Lightline. I received quite clearly, that
the Lightlines had come to the end of their usefulness, except for your
 Sunday Lightline, which is to continue as long as you remain alive.

For me to receive such a clear and concise message from our Creator Son,
MICHAEL, and then just a few short minutes later to have it reversed
by your receiving, is greatly disturbing, to say the least.

The resulting confusion that this must cause in those who listen to the tape
recording, will inevitably raise doubts in their minds as to the authenticity
of these transmissions, supposedly from MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

Opposing messages will deter anyone from tuning in to any future Lightline.
Either my receiving was wrong or yours. I cannot believe that MICHAEL
would dictate something through me and the opposite through you just
minutes later.

Ron, I stand by what I received, that the Lightlines are over, except for yours,
at least for the time being, therefore there will be no further Lightlines on

Other Lightline hosts may choose to do otherwise, of course.

Ron, I felt it only right and propper that I inform you of my decision.



MICHAEL OF NEBADON spoke of the decisions now taken regarding 

the Magisterial Mission.

Link to the recording with Lemuel your host:


Lightline for Wednesday the 10th of April is canceled.



Thanks to all who attended today´s Lightline.

Link to the recording with Lemuel your host:

General Discussion / Re: The Creator Son's Warning 28 March 2024
« on: March 28, 2024, 14:06:52 pm »

Ron, I am horrified to read that you are still suffering and constantly from
the cabal. I want you to know that I, and I am sure all of us, are with you and
pray that Michael may a way to rid us all of such horror and evil.



Ocilliaya, Master Spirit No. 4 spoke of the status of Lemuel the host and

Ron transmitted MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

Link to the recording:


In today´s Lightline we received important information from JESUS and


Link to the recording with Lemuel your host;

Dear Ron, 
I´m in the same boat as you. or put another way, my body is ready for the
knackers yard. In case you don´t know, in the UK, knackers yard is for those
cars and other things that have come to the end of their usefulness and are 
taken to the knackers yard and just dumped there. This is how I feel every
Remember, I claim seniority, therefore I should be taken the the ky before

If I do, i´ll wait for you to come over.



In today´s Lightline we were pleased to receive Amadon and Arthura.
We also received transmissions through Ron.
A big thank you to all who attended. 


Link to the recording:



My dear brothers and sisters, I am still here and much better now.
Who keeps killing me off ?
I was told last week by Michael that the Tuesday and Wednesday Lightlines
for this week were canceled, but Elise´Lightline was to be held as normal.
I didn´t think it was necessary to remind you all that my LL was canceled.

I have just listened to the recording and was surprised to hear that I have died
again. Maybe next time, third time lucky and I really will die.

I am only sorry for those of you who may be upset by learning of my death.
My Thought Adjuster is not amused however and I can understand why.
For my part, I regret the fact that somehow there has been an error in the

I have faced death a few times in my life and I still think it´s a miracle that
I´m still alive. I am still alive because my Beloved has plans for me, don´t
ask me because I don´t know, but I am more than happy to remain here for as
long as I may be of service.

Just so you know.
Good night. Buenas noches.



Thank you, Ron, and thank you too Michael



Dear fellow members,
                                     I´m sorry to announce that I have canceled
tomorrow´s Lightline. I have been ill recently and I really need to rest for 
a while. I know you understand and thank you.


General Discussion / Re: MICHAEL ON URANTIA
« on: February 19, 2024, 08:56:42 am »

          Having just read this latest from Michael, the words of Hemingway´s,
"For Whom The Bell Tolls",  keeps reverberating in my mind.
It tolls for you, and me, and everyone, unless we can come to grips with 
what´s just around the corner and out of sight.

Faith can move mountains, so they say and so I will put my faith to the test.
When all seems to be coming to an end, I prefer to think that everything is
about to begin.

I pray with all my might that it be so.


AUDIO TAPE Links - Comments - Schedule inside / LLUSA WEDNESDAY 14 FEB 2024
« on: February 14, 2024, 15:17:37 pm »

Today AMADON acted as our MC and introduced ARTHURA who spoke 
about Recognition and being alert. We also heard transmissions from Ron.

Link to recording of Wednesday´s Lightline with Lemuel as host.

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