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General Discussion / Re: EASTER
« on: April 06, 2024, 09:32:24 am »
Thank you Jose, for this very important reminder.

I keep a timeline of important dates like this.  It agrees exactly with your facts Jose, except I have Jesus' age at 35 and 8 months.  Remember Jesus was born in 7 BC, since there is no zero year (goes from 1 BC to 1 AD) you must add only 6 years to 30 AD, less 4 months to his birthday.  Also 2024 - 30 would be 1994 years ago.  Let me know if I have it wrong so I can update my timeline.


Thank you so much my Brothers.  For joining in my sincere prayer.  

If You ever need a Prayer, I'm your guy!

Your Spiritual Bro,

Dear Father, Our Hearts cry out!  How long must our People endure these evils beyond imagination?

Father, where is Justice, Love, Fairness?  Our extreme humiliations are destroying what little faith is left in our Hearts and Souls!

If You Love us, if You really care, You would finally, after all these thousands of years, have Mercy on Us, and put an end to this shame, once and forevermore.

I wish I could Pray a better Prayer.

I wish I could be You.  I would find a way, Dear Father, to end this evil in our World for Good.

The Re-Appearance of Jesus as the Second Return / A Prayer of Thanks
« on: December 26, 2023, 08:55:58 am »
A Prayer of Thanks

Thank You Father, for the Best Christmas Day I have experienced in recent memory!

What a Wonderful time with our two Sons and their Girls!  Even the gift giving time was memorable, joyful, and very special indeed.

Then the frosting on the cake. Eight of our very closest Friends, four of the most outstanding couples we know, invited into our Home for drinks and desert!  Our Home was so full of laughter and good cheer, I know we were Host to many Angels (please accept our most humble and heartfelt thanks for such a privilege)!

Also Father, I wish to discuss with You a special unannounced Christmas Lightline Ron transmitted.  This was a most serious and insightful Lightline, more than worthy of appearing on Christmas Day.  Much of what was stated, we have heard previously in bits and pieces.  But this Lightline was characterized as the best example of concise, clearly stated,  Assessments, Decisions, State of the nations, and Plans for future actions by the Most High of Highs I have ever heard.  All this beautifully, transmitted, interpreted, and voiced by Ron at his Finest!

So as an exercise (test) in listening skills (or lack thereof), I desire today to restate in my own words my best understanding and memory of what was disclosed.  Since I only listened to this recording once, and have no transcription to refer to, I will not even try to quote or reference specific Entities, but rather capture what was most memorable and impressive to me:

A call for human unity, more specifically among transmitter/receivers, as the Missions on High will only visually operate on Urantia in Unity, and as One.

The best rational I have yet heard for why the "5th Epochal Revelation" is now so controversial, and why it makes no sense to promote or associate it with the current missions (I pray with all my Heart we can receive the "6th Epochal Revelation" soon, so that this controversy can at last be settled).

A Magisterial Mission now takes precedence over the Second Return of Jesus.  (I assume the Most Highs reserve the right to change Their Plans right up to the moment such a Mission is to begin, based on the prayers and decisions of humans.)

This transmission is the best example I can remember of why we Know and Love Ron Besser as our Human Leader here at  Thank you so much Ron, for giving your time, on Christmas Day, serving God for our benefit, and the benefit of anyone on this earth that has "ears to hear" what are the "signs of our times", and the Blessed "Voice of God"!

Dear Amethyst,
We miss you when you are gone.  We rejoice when you return to us here at the forum.
Thank you so much for this new information!

Dear Friends, during my prayer time today I was inspired to write (see below).  I have no idea if this was my higher mind, TA, or something else.  I share it here under offerings of prayer since that is what prompted it:

Optimism is a measure of Faith

"Be of good cheer!", a favorite saying of Jesus.  Is this not a way of being optimistic?  Does it not also take Faith to remain optimistic?  Is it not one of the most endearing ways to have a positive affect on those you Love, even to include those you know only casually?

Be full of Joy, why not?  If you could change one thing about how you go about your day, each day, wouldn't "being full of Joy" be a very good choice?

Perhaps today you find yourself not particularly inspired to feel joyful, did you know you can pray to your Father for more Joy?  Why not?  An Infinite Father can never be taxed too much.  

Pray often and deeply for that which you need, especially the Spiritual Gifts of your Father like Faith and Joy!  Always include these gifts for others, as well as for yourself, which puts you in a higher state to receive these gifts from your Father.

Thank You Father for this time to Ponder and Pray!

I am thinking about the "seven circles" (psychic), and worship.

It occurs to me that though these can be achieved by us higher types of humans, in truth we move more or less in and out of these states of mind and spirit consciousness.  Though I might achieve in one moment, in subsequent moments all is forgotten and focus is lost.  So I desire to remain in higher states of Mind and Spirit as I progress.  This is my new intention!  An intention, I'm sure I will need to reaffirm often before it becomes habit.

Father, in our October 10th light line we are given some rather discouraging facts about the spiritual achievements of humans now living on this planet.  I'm afraid very little of this generation will survive this life with much of any Spiritual value.

Still the memory of spiritual times in my life and childhood still stirs my Soul!

I am "Sooo" grateful for my superior upbringing.
I take little credit for these achievements given the huge Blessings You have provided to me: my parents, siblings, wife, family and friends.  Not to mention Angels and T/A.  This knowledge will always keep me humble and meek, for sure!

I pray Blessings on this world!
I refuse to give up on Any of my human Brothers and Sisters.
I will stay the course, carry each one in my arms from the battle field of life, if this might move them closer to Eternal Life with You and Us!

I know my Father does not tire, is never discouraged, knows always what is Best for each of His Children.
We will Overcome all obstacles between us and Our Father!
We shall be One Again and Forever!


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Dedicate more time to Father
« on: May 30, 2023, 11:39:14 am »
Dear SonsofGod, you are truly a Woman of Courage, Heart, and Spirit.  You speak your truth well to inspire us all here in our Family Forum.

You have noticed, I do not often respond to Ron.  Ron is controversial, as some may have noticed.  He is my Brother in spirit and yours, and so I Love him for what he does well.

Out of respect for you, I have reread Ron's post, and here is my truth about it, for what it is worth:

Ron's post and transmission above contains so many errors of my true and honest intentions, it would take a very long post to address each one, which I choose not to do.  The problem for me is, this happens "All the time", and not just to me.

And so I will address Ron here only briefly and then respond no more:

Ron, I assess you as a good and honest man who tries his best to avoid the "cabal", and always use "clear channel".  But your ego and filter is tainted in so many of your transmissions it can no longer be ignored.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: "We need global cooperation"
« on: May 26, 2023, 07:59:13 am »
Thank you Evelio and GAIA for this message that we need to "Feel Brotherhood among Humans" even in our business dealings.

And thank You Gaia for showing up more often on our Forum as we humans, even those who say they do not believe in God, have a real affection and understand of You and Your mission.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Dedicate more time to Father
« on: May 26, 2023, 07:51:26 am »
Thank you Evelio and Archangel Michael for this message!

I do not have (or don't remember) any personal experience with You Archangel Michael, but have others in my life that mention and do use You to call on.  I often wondered if You were being confused with our Universe Father Michael.  Now I know better.

Here is some related information from The Urantia book given in Paper 37:

37. Personalities of the Local Universe

3. The Archangels

37.3.3 The archangel corps of Nebadon is directed by the first-born of this order, and in more recent times a divisional headquarters of the archangels has been maintained on Urantia. It is this unusual fact that soon arrests the attention of extra-Nebadon student visitors. Among their early observations of intrauniverse transactions is the discovery that many ascendant activities of the Brilliant Evening Stars are directed from the capital of a local system, Satania. On further examination they discover that certain archangel activities are directed from a small and apparently insignificant inhabited world called Urantia. And then ensues the revelation of Michael's bestowal on Urantia and their immediately quickened interest in you and your lowly sphere.

37.3.4 Do you grasp the significance of the fact that your lowly and confused planet has become a divisional headquarters for the universe administration and direction of certain archangel activities having to do with the Paradise ascension scheme? This undoubtedly presages the future concentration of other ascendant activities on the bestowal world of Michael and lends a tremendous and solemn import to the Master's personal promise, “I will come again.”

37.3.6 Two senior archangels are always assigned as the personal aids of a Paradise Avonal on all planetary missions, whether involving judicial actions, magisterial missions, or bestowal incarnations. When this Paradise Son has finished the judgment of a realm and the dead are called to record (the so-called resurrection), it is literally true that the seraphic guardians of the slumbering personalities respond to “the voice of the archangel.” The roll call of a dispensation termination is promulgated by an attendant archangel. This is the archangel of the resurrection, sometimes referred to as the “archangel of Michael.”

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Prepare for food shortage
« on: May 25, 2023, 20:49:11 pm »
Thank you SonsofGod and Father for this warning.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Are you ready to follow ME?
« on: May 24, 2023, 23:43:24 pm »

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: ASCENSION DAY
« on: May 18, 2023, 08:19:35 am »
Thank you Elise and Jesus, for these important Remembrances and Hopes to come.

Interesting, thank you Sonsofgod, Arthura, Michael of Nebadon, and Universal Father.  I will give this method some serious thought and prayer to see how it can work for me.

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