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Early Monday morning I was preparing to go to work while listening to the news of all the shootings and killings in the Shreveport area and I was thinking 'this is what happens when you take God out of the schools'.  Then I listen to your tape with President Reagan and things seem to fall in place. The average age of people who commit these crimes are in their mid forties to teenagers.  All who lost the benefits of saying their early morning prays in school as we did in our early years in school. It's as if the Pandora's box of evil was let loose upon the world. I remember the event well because I use to admire the ACLU but that event showed me that there was some hidden agenda about that organization that made me very suspicious of them.  Thank you for the tape.

Thanks you Occerpa and I am only adding a note for clarification.  Ever since June 19, 2019 and subsequently on September 26, 2019, those are dates that change forever most old transmissions and tapes.  By that I mean those who transmit to us were stunned as we eventually are that there is no return to normal or even fully to epochal revelation as originally received.  For that reason Jose and Occerpa and everyone else including myself, must understand that statements made prior to the dates I print here, must be reasoned with as operating about facts no longer in evidence.

I lecture and I do not mean to, but I am in constant revision right here in York.  IT is exceedingly difficult for me to understand that all I dreamed about and felt could be achieved, that all of that is on the chopping block if I keep getting it wrong about what is to really happen.  In past five days I have had to look at life from the grave and that will never be understood by anyone unless they have a near-death experience.  I have not had that but enough of it to understand it is no picnic to join the mansion worlds without understanding how the change in 2019 has restrung the tennis racket which does not return the ball when it has a chance to.   If you must know I have had to re-evaluate everything we do, and I come up short on keeping some of it going; that is, until I reordered my own mind to understand that the pals being for Michael we are, does not matter so much to Michael as does does Urantia in general.

For that reason there has been a subtle change in how we do business here.  And I do not pretend I know why or how, but I find the entire matter of the Second Return as totally useless in the face of inundation of land masses and the stout reply by Manson, the name that stands for the POLICE CHIEF of this sector of space to over see and care for to keep life going and order restored.  Do not take that name Manson for keeps as I cannot remember that name presented to me often enough well enough to be useful here.  But there is a Police Chief and it was Rene Duran who was contacted first and now it takes days more to fully understand that we have a new review to understand.

That is why we must be very careful to re-evaluate what the old tape messages mean to the new universe age era.  I am learning the hard way I cannot just do anymore, I have to understand change without it being spoken to first.  That is true for Jose and Occerpa and Lemuel and all of the rest of us reading these missives.  Be open as your own diary to learn what the meaning of your day is now, because not all of everything is important as it once was before 2019.

I also want to point to something.  I look at history all the time real hard, and I am trying to make a point with those BREAKFAST tapes, that to ignore the past is to ignore the dimensions you require to understand the present in a better context.  The space Police Chief admitted that in World War II, it was human groups who live off planet who sent aide in the skies over Europe, and could not make a statement other than to be mysterious but present as incursions of our night skies with balls of light the soldiers called FOO..   Humanitarian care by our fellow humans living off this planet is consistent but never explained.  That is also what is occurring right now, an incursion without explanation in spite of all the work we have done to prevent ignorance.  We are at the mercy of our own evolution and it does not play kindly with all we are anymore.

The Magisterial Missions are running!  We do not see evidence.  We have nothing to supply to them because they do not need me or us until they get the reason we did what we have put into place, and frankly we now have to be very, very careful about what to expect.  Occerpa, I do not know what to expect in finality now.  Virtually done for now but waiting for explanations is the trial for Lemuel to rehear Calumnia.  IT is important as to why, but it I d o not get it entirely.  Why am I hearing from Charlemagne?  Why from the Privy Counsel Morrow who served the  Queen of England then?  Or the talks I have had with the Orthodox Pope of the 4th century AD?  IT tells us something about what has to remind us all that has happened since the First Bestowal of the Christ.  The Second Bestowal of Christ is on its way in spite of this curious interlude we are in right now I do not understand well at all.

Thank you both Jose and Occerpa and let us keep our faith secure while  we undo expectations we keep wanting explained but have not way into it just yet.

Ron Besser
MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Ron are expecting not much lately.  You have had to work without support or care for much of the past six weeks in spte of all you have arranged to do to keep things bright and interested.  I am a Creator Son who does not weary, but you have and do enough to keep it flowing without upsetting the apple cart.  You fail to appreciate all I do to keep you out of the loop for good reason:  you are working hard to maintain the safe idea of Missions and care.  We have Missions and not much care, for the moment to come almost today but certainly this week yet, is a shock to your system of heart and soul.  Yes, a SHOCK!  

"I dare not say much but that you spoke with a high ranking member of the Elizabethian Privy Council is an indicator how deeply you care to understand how we got into this mess and how the Queen herself often reminisced over what she was doing was historical but could not make sense of it either.  Morrow is his name and you remembered by just being plucky about memories you retain within yourself.  Now this to you in particular Ron:

"You make these statements with great thought but your audience is not listening ever again and that is because they feel they have to be themselves first again and that severs the heart of many around you to think they can do without your guidance on certain matters dear to you and to ME.  You are the one who understands that Lemuel must regain his ascendancy better and then leave CALUMNIA alone again once he understands his life is not forfeit, but that he is being fully pressed into service and to drop the nonsense he must pay the price of age and fall beneath the waves of expediency.

"For that reason Ron, you yourself are facing one day of death defying leaps of faith to maintain the course, yet are so ill sometimes you cannot raise your head of a pillow to rest more.  That stands well enough but you are also learning that the people around you are willing themselves out of service in order to maintain equilibrium at all costs and that runs counter to the idea of prescribed service to Father in the deepest possible way.

"It is also for that reason you look at those around you and who never really see the snow that falls around you to remind you nothing matters except to maintain your course and let things become as they must.  I dare not lecture you here, but you get it in the neck every time you prepare for your transition and worry not what happens to all that you own.   But you must also understand I own you too like Joe Poluka, that fighter in a 1950's comic strip you never read.  He was always fighting the battle to be good in a corrupt world, and so do you but never do you win  enough to be cheered.

"The MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS are working right now and you complain you know of no vision of such being done.  Either do I to be right about it as they get stopped in their tracks when the people you depend on waste time and do nothing instead of working on understanding as you always do.  For that reason you get more than most but you still have no real idea why the transmission rate has quadrupled around you and no where else. 

"I leave this extra comments to the rest who read this post, and that is to understand Ron, you are now leaving Urantia sooner than expected not, but we are revitalizing the idea of past history is very important too, and that those tapes Occerpa speaks to wanting a transcription of, are not for transcribing in your view, but he may get his wish when I send a service over to you that writes out all of the apocrypha  you produce.  For that reason you must be righted and we do that.

"Lastly to Jose Vargas, you wait timidly but are a lion in your heart for something to break before mom leaves and lets you deal with the remains of property and care that she needs so much again.  Her life is entwined in yours and vice-versa, but you feel sure it would makes such a real difference if both of you could at least know the matter of the Second Return is now established.  It will be; however, at my sense of timing for Jesus to do it well.  Ron lets it slip now and then he has a lot to hear but never publishes it because it makes too much sense not to let people know our real thoughts on much of how to time the Second Return.

"I clear the stakes now to say to all of you:

"Keep ME in mind.  Keep ME in your hearts, and let the cold winds of winter stay the course here in the north.  The South regain nothing soon, and worse it becomes for the West; however, let it be for now, as it will be obvious shortly just what I mean and you are not worrying Ron about that in so many common sense cares for all.  Let the chips become the day when they coalesce around changes that must appear without further elucidation.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and will have something to say shortly to ll of you in spite of no Lightline to use.  Let us keep it together again shortly Ron, but keep the day trim and work what you must to keep going again.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. 

PLEASE DO NOT translate and repost this transcription until it has been reviewed and this red warning removed!

  • 012923 Audio Tape Light Line USA; host: Ron Besser
  • Subjects: Medford and the foo fighters of WWII, Urantia quarantine continues, the metric system will become universal on Urantia, new star date calendar will be instituted, spaceships may assist inundated areas, and Father’s temple will be present on Urantia; Speakers: Tarkas, Universal Father, Monjoronson, Rayson, Medford, St. Peter, St. Paul, Jesus, Michael of Nebadon, Gabriel, and Pope Alexander XVI of the Greek Orthodox Church who died in 340.  
  • Transcribed By: RAZ
  • Link To Tape:

Ron Besser  
Hello everybody. This is Light Line USA for January 29, 2023. I'm Ron Besser, your host. And we have 19 currently listening. And I thank you all. Welcome. 

This is Tarkas Ron, and thank you for the cause. I am One Without Name and Number. And Ron has been working very hard to see to it that you have a daily update regarding the general information of where things stand in the local universe of Nebadon and the proposed missions to your planet. I am asking favor from the Father to be able to speak as the emcee Ron. 

Ron Besser  
Father, may we hear you, please. 

Universal Father  
You certainly may Ron and thank you. This is the Universal Father, you have done as Machiventa Melchizedek requested you do and that is to open the forum and declare Light Line USA for the 29th of January which of course is Sunday. For that particular reason, I do not mind Tarkas speaking over the top of the quarantine. Your planet, ladies and gentlemen, is been shut off from normal contact. We are no longer allowing anybody back in nor are we allowing anybody to leave it. This is like the quarantine when the Lucifer rebellion started at least 250,000 years ago. For that particular reason, we also state the following: Ron, you are having a difficult talk this morning. You are also looking at a situation you cannot overcome yourself. Worse yet, the cabal sits on top of your head and miscues everything you attempt to do, which they included in your tape 15, and cut the back of it off. You say it's not that important, but that it was a message from Monjoronson indicating a change that will be instituted shortly to your calendar. We are going to rewrite the calendar and insist it be used immediately. It will be of the type you hear in the space program, Star something, Star Trek. There they used what we call the star date calendar. And that is what Urantia will begin to use when we get there and can institute it. Furthermore, this is your Father Ron. You are in the middle of a discussion that breaks your heart and maybe his. The truth of the matter is it cannot be avoided unless we see to it that there is no problem. You've got other problems to work out between you but not that one anymore. Furthermore, let me say this to you, Ron, you woke up this morning thinking, well, it's just going to get worse and worse and I don't see how it can get much better already. The truth of the matter is we state it this way. You are staying the course without any help. But you are dependent upon Michael, Myself, your Adjuster, and the high Trinity beings, you call One Without Name and Number and a few more you don't hear. For that reason, we are not cutting that back. We could, but you are too essential and you are essential in this manner. You have opened the door to push through a tremendous amount of revelation that they would not pay attention to, unless it came through the miracle of free power for everybody, including the Russians and the Chinese someday. Right now they are not included. Now this: I am your Universal Father. Tarkas has requested that I allow these proceedings to go forth. I do. There is no need to ask further, Michael. And to you, Elise, you have been problematic in one case, only. You won't let certain things alone. Your Father commands you, drop it. Furthermore, Ron, you must drop it with the circumstance you have this morning. This will not prevail, and it will end as quickly as it began. Do not pursue it further. And for that reason, I ask that all of you who are trying to make amends over the lack of seeing Jesus or any other mission appear. Ron, every morning he has woken has had to deal with a cabal standing right by his bed and enforcing a deep negative thought. Well, he caught on this morning and dismissed them. Tell them what happened Ron. 

Ron Besser  
I must remain, and this is Ron, domestic. I had to do a wash in the washer. I proceeded to fill the washer and dump the clothes in, set it, and went upstairs expecting it to run. Well, what they did was they changed the cycle and forced the machine into a short circuit. It would not run forwards. It would not run backwards. I couldn't turn it on or off. It stuck it in its cycle and it wouldn't budge. 

Universal Father  
Michael intervened and reminded the seraphim who pulled it that this was not the way a seraphim behaves. She told him to go jump in a lake. The complement of that seraphim was also standing by and wiping her forehead knowing full well that the angel who pulled this in the cellar was not going to survive very well. Ron told her as far as he's concerned, you can stay in the cellar. Enjoy the darkness and the chill as far as he was concerned, she was dead. He humped upstairs and proceeded to heat some soup. About 10 minutes later, Ron was prompted to go back to the cellar, which he did, and found the machine jammed. He says there is a way around this. I know there is, I'm just not thinking. So what he did is; it's a knob that you press in and press out to start and stop the machine. This time he pressed in and then spun the dial twice. He then came back pressed the machine button out and the lights started to blink. He said, well, maybe this is hopeful. He turned it to the right setting, pressed the button in, and it runs normally. Now, that is mundane, you didn't really have to hear that. But what it proves is that if your will is strong enough, ladies and gentlemen, you can overcome what the cabal pulls. Amethyst, you've had nothing but trouble off and on all well say for weeks. So did you, Rene Duran. And so did you Clency. That is the direct result of interference. It is not spoken. It's just tripping you up. Ron though, it's spoken. And he refuses to deal with the speech and locks it out. Yes, he can do it. For reasons of state, none of you have learned that yet. But let's put it this way. The entire matter of the cabal, which sits on top of Ron's head, like a pile of snow is now dispersed for the fifth time in two weeks. And for the reason of state, Ron is advised and so you hear it please, that the breakfast news tapes are now suspended, not. He goes through a lot of trouble to see to it that you get variety and a wide sense of history. This isn't the first time we've had to do this for Urantia. And may this be the last one, please. For that reason, we say to you, Ron, stay the course, even though your head hurts so bad and rings unceasingly, it is not the brain dying. It is the brain being revived. The legs will disappear, not so you float, but so that you have new flesh to walk upon. Today you took a pile of Advil. It helps but not a lot, but it helps. Now to you, Michael of Nebadon your little son Ron has nothing to offer other than a home for the missions which you own. He is stepping aside entirely. He will do as you ask. He considers the entire matter so important Michael don't drop it because you just don't like doing it, please. The Universal Father states this to you Michael, my Creator Son 611121. That's your serial number. Your brother in Avalon is 611123, and your brother in Alvoring is 611124. Where is 122? There never was a 122, Michael. You don't know why. I know why. And I'm not doing it again. We will talk about this between us Michael they need not know. No, Ron, 122 wasn't a girl. Now this: for reasons of state Ron that is called inappropriate. But thank you for lessening the tension. Now this: the trial that must be restated to everyone listening to you today, and we have 25 with us at the moment; there is nothing to stop the Magisterial Sons doing their work. They wish to be seen. And Ron says, please be seen, do as you wish with the Magisterial Foundation. I am, says Ron, here to take your orders however you want them to be done. You can own the Magisterial Foundation. It is better you do. But at the same time, I will stand in for you until there is a better solution for you. 

This is Monjoronson. Ron, thank you. 

Ron Besser
We greet you Monjoronson and are thankful to hear your voice. 

Monjoronson  15:48
Thank you, Ron. The truth of the matter is Ron that we Monjoronson, Serara, Rayson, Sen-Sen, and a couple of others you haven't heard mentioned are all for the Magisterial Foundation and that we are going to portray it as yours, not ours. For that reason, Ron, you can't slip aside and just be the CEO for Rayson. Rayson insists that The Rayson Corporation and York Pre-Particle Technologies incorporated are to be part of the Rayson Corporation on high as well. York Pre-particle Technologies, ladies and gentlemen is a factory. It puts together the machines that work for WTP. As well as probably the hydrogen car and a way to take the extreme radioactivity out of all the uranium and other types of radioactive rods used for atomic energy. There's plenty of other radium around to that needs diffused. But Ron has been instructed on how to do that even and he lets it sit for the simple reason he's in a fury over the Department of Energy, the patent office, & an attorney that does not shake the tree. It's late. In any case, ladies and gentlemen that patent will be pushed out. There is nothing they can do to stop it. And now this: I am Monjoronson and Ron said to Elise this morning, yeah, the tape is 40 minutes long, you got thirty-some, they cut off the back. Not entirely true Ron. I wanted it cut off. And that's because I do not want it known that we are going to institute a calendar right away that if you do not use you're in trouble figuring out what to do if you have schedules. It must be used at once. Unlike when Jimmy Carter said I am not going to go to the metric system, Americans can't use it. That was his decision and he pulled out of the agreement. Consequently, you're using inches and miles. We are going to insist that the United States go metric. Just so you know. Ron has tried to learn it. He knows the writing is on the wall. But never has enough memory left to tell what one inch is in centimeters. For that particular reason Ron, use an inch and we will convert it for you in your mind. 

Ron Besser  
You are quite a blessing. Thank you Monjoronson. 

And now this: the truth of the matter is Ron can speak but most of you don't even try when you're doing a transmission. Rene if you would interrupt a moment when you do a transmission and ask who that individual was you thought was from the Pleiades, he would have told you an earful. Ron has the information Rene and I'm not going to spill the beans here. But understand that he is not only the police chief for Salvington but that he is also the rescue mission to people on Urantia who cannot get out of the way of the inundation of the Pacific into their cities. So you're gonna see a few spaceships. Be glad you can climb into dry land. They will drop you off in a staging area unannounced, that exists on Urantia and is safe. No, it's not on top of the building the Magisterial Foundation lives in Ron. 

Ron Besser  
We are grateful. 

Thank you, Ron, this is Monjoronson. The truth of the matter is when you say we are grateful, do you mean everybody?

Ron Besser  
 I certainly do. Besides I'm almost victorious sometimes. 

Thank you, victorious. Now this: I am also reminding all of you. You come and you listen to the Light Line on Sunday. But then you don't read what is posted between Sundays. Okay, you don't have time. And it's so-so stuff. Okay. But the truth of the matter is, it contains definitions that you need to understand all of the Sunday Light Lines. The idea Ron that we have a police chief on Urantia at the moment, trying to figure out where the Magisterial Foundation fits in all this is his to come to you by your side and report to you. 

I am the one you call M, Ron. Rene Duran gave the correct name. You can't recall it right now. 

Ron Besser  
I want to say Milford but that's not right. Minion, or something like that. 

I am Medford Ron. M E D F O R D that isn't what you heard. 

Ron Besser  
No, no, that isn't. If you can believe it. It was a letter shorter. 

That's true. The truth of the matter is that Rene got the right name. That's what I told him. But in my ranks up here on Salvington, I'm the entity known as Medford. M E D F O R D. Medford. Medford had something very interesting to tell you, Ron. 

Ron Besser  
Oh, he sure did. I tried to make a tape out of it. And there is absolutely nothing I can find that tells me anything except the Foo Fighters existed. 

Medford  24:12
Thank you, Ron. What a wonderful segue. It's this: during World War Two the nazis had a superior air force. They could have overrun eventually the domain of England. It was a decision of several human groups that that superiority would have sown a lot of confusion about what was interfering with their air force. The truth of the matter is we built a squadron of fighters, that the allies called foo, F O O. Now it comes out of an old comic strip, Smokey somebody or other, in the 1930s when he described the problem with big fires, and that there's always something interfering and getting them put out. He called them the foo. Well, the troops in the 1940s knew the comic script very well. And they picked up the fact that there was confusion in putting out a fire, just as fighters put out the Nazi Air Force, and that it undid everybody. We didn't intend to undo everybody. But we had to bring into the air above England and Germany a confusion of who has lights that can buzz aircraft. Not only the Germans but the Americans and the British. One day in a Lancaster bomber, a Brit brought along a camera, a movie camera. There is online that footage. And as he panned to the back, there were 50 round lights following the squadron into battle. They could not understand it. But the odd thing is they were not frightened. If these were Germans they reasoned they would be all over us. But they stayed back politely and just followed. The Germans have no record in their files about the foo. But many a commander looked out and saw the glowing orbs of light that would follow them into battle and wondered what in the world the allies were doing to them and they often ran out of battle to get away. I am Medford. They were under my command and we withdrew them entirely in 1948. It was a prelude to an inspection tour by a group of intergalactic craft that ran into trouble over New Mexico. One clipped the other in formation and crashed near Roswell. Now Ron, are you satisfied? 

Ron Besser  
Yeah, that's like dipping your cookie into chocolate. I want it all over Medford.

Later Ron.

Ron Besser  
Thank you for what you did tell us. Thank you very much. 

Thank you, Ron. 

Ron Besser  
Come back, please. 

We will. 

Universal Father  28:49
Now ladies and gentlemen, let me bring to your attention something else. Ron one night walked out onto his back porch, probably around 10 o'clock in the evening, pitch dark and he thought to himself, wouldn't it be wonderful if I could finally see a UFO? I've been close but I never had a cigar. As he was standing there a streak of light appeared in the western horizon about 25 degrees off the horizon above his head. As it disappeared over the pine forest he lives nearby the sky lit up three times with a flash of light. That was a greeting to you, Ron, from a friendly Commander. You loved it and knew it. But you've never seen any more. 

Ron Besser  
It's a dry hole. 

Universal Father  
Yes, it is Ron. And for that reason, Ron, you will be open to seeing them from time to time, because you know they are friendly. You have never understood the paranoia that Hollywood films always makes out of an alien landing on your planet and having to call out the military. For that reason, we are now going to tell you this, and all of you who are listening. Monjoronson in particular is interested for getting Urantia used to the idea there is more out there than you can count. There is more out there than you can hear. There is more out there than just the Popes Ron, whom you have accidentally made contact with. When Benedict (not Alexander) the 16th, died a couple of weeks ago, there was a funeral mass held at the Vatican and he laid in state. For that reason, he took a walk to find a place to rest in what we call the morontial shields. Now that is a morontial atmosphere, laid over the top of Urantia beyond the upper layers of your gas atmosphere. Those who die and remain conscious find their way into that atmosphere. They are aware it's above the planet. They're only aware of a labyrinth of rooms, dimly lit, and a light shining over their left shoulder. Ron spoke to Benedict (not Alexander) for the simple reason that Ron is attentive in those areas, not because we asked, but because he's interested for whatever reason he can be used. Alexander approached him and said: Where am I? Ron explained. And then Ron asked him, have you seen a light near you that just follows you? He says yes, it's over my left shoulder. What do I do with it? Ron said to follow it. There is your transfer transport to your resting place in heaven. Benedict (not Alexander) said, now I know you're kidding. The truth of the matter is Benedict (not Alexander) knew Ron from before, but never knew the voice that spoke to him so well. Ron's consciousness refuses to be beaten by the cabal, the rebels, the insurrection, and the awful Lucifer they are being gathered in one place, Ron, and for your information and, all of you, please; believe they are done for. We have our own justice. And Ron, you are full of suggestions. Yes. And for that matter shut up.

Ron Besser  
Well, okay. Good enough.

Universal Father  
The truth of the matter is that Ron has not resigned anything. But no one asks. Most souls coming over now know the light means something, and to follow it. Benedict (not Alexander) the 16th, as he was called, as Papa now must resign in heaven with a group of pontiffs that are studying not only Ron but how to reform the Vatican. They think the church must survive. Ron reminds them and you, the Father's temple will arrive and become predominant as a house of religion and care that the Father's name be held correctly and well. We let it go at that for now. Here is Pope Alexander the 16th to speak. (He was a Greek Orthodox pope who died in 340 A.D.)

Ron Besser  
Please go ahead, Alexander. Thank you for coming. 

Pope Alexander  
Thank you, Ron. I do enjoy the protocol you provide us. I am standing here in my little report area with Pope Boniface the 8th, Pope John the 21st, and several others you do not know by speech. Pope John 21st made a speech on the tape yesterday, Ron. And that's okay. Pope John the 21st tried to reform the church and was darn near assassinated by the clergy. I'm telling you now that the churches on Urantia have no idea what they are doing with regard to the shepherd and the flock. The flock follows but the shepherd is faulty. All churches will heel. And that's H E E L. And for that reason, the new church which is the Father's temple will approach Urantia shortly. Its placement is secret. Its will is for God. Its placement is close enough, Ron, for you to become an altar boy. And I see you laugh and enjoy it tremendously. 

Ron Besser  
I do. 

Pope Alexander  
Ron has said from the very beginning that the Magisterial Foundation shall send candidates to the Father's temple to learn to be attendants to the altar. He considers it the highest honor possible. So do we. The Father's Temple is not run by humans, people it is divine. You will receive current instruction and be satisfied that if you are selected to serve the altar as Ron does, you will be instructed far ahead of your fellows to know the Father intensely. For that reason, I Alexander the 16th, and Pope John the 21st now assign to you our ring. And for that reason, Ron, you say oh my god, what do I do with it? Wear it, Ron, secretly. You are one of the few who understands our heartache and our need to be presenting to the people of Urantia our flock, what Peter intended; to honor the majesty of Christ. To honor the majesty of Jesus. And for that reason, Ron the papal legate will assign to you a special version of the laity. You copied a piece of it and let it sit. You've got a battle trying to get the tapes to synchronize well enough to put online. That's the cabal and you get around them every time but at a cost. Tape 15 for right now, Ron should be the last but tape 16 which you will put up for Monday, the 30th of January will be unusual. So look for it. I am Pope Alexander the 16th, as I was known. Already I have a different name. Already, Pope John, the 21st has a different name, our indwelling God reassigns names once you are sitting in heaven and are accorded peace, we say goodbye, for now, Ron.

Ron Besser  
And thank you, Alexander, John the 21st and all of you for attending a simple and noisy speech about the day. We are grateful for your attendance. And please be with us if you can. Thank you

This is Gabriel Ron. The speech is beautiful. The attendance is not required. They are open to your preachment not, they have their own and better done. But for reasons of state Ron, you are being considered the natural cause for the Vatican to listen and care appropriately. Whether they can ever do that is beyond our ability to forecast. But the Magisterial Foundation will not go unassigned by the Vatican. Ron, you have no intention of raising status and probably won't get it. But for reasons of state to all of you. Please understand that the China pond experienced by Ron is equivalent to the road of Damascus. It's the second time it has happened and probably the last. We say to Paul, St. Paul, Paul of Tarsus, be glad you have a partner. Yes, the graphic is true Ron. 

Ron Besser  
I don't blame you, Paul. May the wall between us be light.

St. Paul of Tarsus  43:24
Thank you, Ron. That's beautiful. I am St. Paul. Greetings everybody from Uversa. I have been allowed to transfer down to this august sphere. It is the center of the Seventh Superuniverse. A galaxy so big it covers half the area of the entire time creation and it all circulates around Uversa. Urantia circulates with its solar system and many other systems around a minor galaxy called Sagittarius. It will always do so. But Sagittarius happens to be an important part of your birth certificate Ron for it was not Aquarius on the horizon but Sagittarius. And that is not true says Michael. It's close but no cigar. We leave that alone for reasons of state. But in any case, the truth of the matter is Ron that your friend has Sagittarius in very important places too. When Sagittarius is prominent in the birth chart, that's no accident. We leave it at that. Now the truth of the matter is Ron you have two moons. 

Ron Besser  
Of course, I'm Gemini. Two of everything, you know that.

St. Paul of Tarsus  
The truth of the matter is you don't have two, but it seems like it. One moon is in Aries and that is a hot-tempered emotional Moon and the other one is in Cancer. That's the home-loving moon. Wherever the moon appears in your natal horoscope indicates your character. And I leave that alone too because Ron warns us you're Urantia Book readers which denigrates astrology. But Ron says while you may denigrate the reason astrology exists, don't forget, it's almost 9000 years old, trying to identify the character of a human and what they do with their lives. 9000 years, it is an accumulated description of behavior. Ron uses it only in commensurate dictation with the Creator Son. The Creator Son never makes an error about interpretation. It's not astrology, it is using the wisdom of character description. Now, let us change subjects. 

Michael of Nebadon  
I am Michael of Nebadon, Alexander and John have returned to their places. For that reason, then I say to you, Ron, we have attempted to remove the great pain and cannot. You look at it and say one more day I dread going to bed. Then you sleep soundly. Get up and it's all over again. I want you to know that Gabriel, myself, the Universal Father, and a few others who don't know by name, gather around you in the morning to try to cheer you up. But the cabal interferes to the point we cannot be heard. For that reason, Ron, you say why are the rebels able to drown out the good without exception? And the answer is we relent but, 

Machiventa Melchizedek  
And this is Machiventa Melchizedek speaking for the entire regime on Salvington and a little bit on Paradise. Paul of Tarsus Ron is not letting this incident go. He now understands you're facing a catastrophe with a friendship and that it must not take place or it resets you entirely. The truth of the matter is, it is not in trouble. But the entire matter must be reconstrued so that both of you can move forward on the board of directors and see to it that there is proper assignment. The individual on the board called George Meier presented you with maps to scale of the entire United States and then cut out cardboard circles that were of the same

Ron Besser  
One moment.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
Dimension, the scale they're cut out for 200 miles. All you need do is open the big map on the big dining room table and place the circles to see the coverage of WTP, from an antenna placed in the center of the circle. George determined that you can cross the United States with a little less than 10 of these circles with their translators and cover coast to coast. We're not only going to do that Ron, but we're going to exceed the 200-mile limit and produce one that is approximately 700 to 900 miles in diameter. No, Ron, this is not cabal. 

This is Rayson. 

Ron Besser  
Thank you, Rayson. Are we glad to hear from you. Please go ahead. 

Rayson  51:09
Thank you. Hi, I am a Magisterial Son. Ron knows that. I am the chief architect of technology that is shared with human planets. Ron received about a year and a half, well more than that maybe two and a half years ago, a full dictation done over about eight days, how to make free electricity. He attempted to get it patented because it needs protection. We don't disagree with that. But the DOE has constantly broken back the patent office to allow it to be issued. Now Ron understands that the entire matter has broken out in a big argument once more. And this time, the President of the United States has been informed. He says why isn't it issued. The truth of the matter is they don't have an excuse. But the attorney that Ron uses, doesn't know that. He is sitting docilely waiting for the arrangement document called an NOA, notice of acceptance (allowance), which precedes the issuance of a patent. Ron has it. So does the attorney. But it's now been over, since November, two months, the time is run out, and no patent. The Universal Father is particularly understanding of the Secretary of the DOE. In any case, she must break the logjam and will issue it, non sequitur. Don't ask me about this, just send it out. They will be crazy at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Because MIT says it's not workable. You're not including the necessary steps for fission. What MIT doesn't understand about fission is that there are two versions. One the sun uses with heat, one that Urantia will use with cold. They don't take it into consideration that pre-particles are full of little bits of energy. It's their fatal mistake. And finally this: Ron says, well, I feel good that we got that out but it still leaves us in the mud. Not so Ron. Thank you. The truth of the matter is that the idea of electricity is truly electromagnetic and not a separate issue as MIT considers it. Ron knows that the magnetosphere is an atmosphere of electricity magnetism that covers the entire globe due to the friction of the spinning Earth's core, it sends out static electricity. Static electricity becomes the magnetosphere. And for that reason, you can capture it just as any garment you wear can and shock your fingers. Only we pull it into a plant that can broadcast it. For reasons of state, we do not say anything more. MIT never hears these tapes. But it should. And if they did, please understand that the entire issue of the United States and the ability to power the rest of the world is theirs. And Ron will do it. He seeks no status. He is selling the plant to me. I will take it and put it in escrow. Those are legal challenges not but merely making it impossible for any constitutional legate to try to assign it either to the United States as its ownership or any other country in the world as its ownership. It stays in the hands of the Divine. Ron fully understands that and steps back entirely as any claim that it benefits him directly. Now, this is Rayson. To finally say to the rest of you, you have figuratively given your heart to God, you have given it to me, you listen to Ron, and the Urantia foundation despises all of it. They fail utterly to understand that the change of relationship is not only because they failed, but because they do not understand the Fifth Epochal Revelation as to its purpose. Dr. Sadler tried to get it down on paper. It is in his diary, which some fool burned, and now this: we are no longer using you Ron entirely. But we've got Lemuel, we've got Amethyst, we have Rene, and we have Clency, and we have Elise, they do not stand up and speak like you do. But we are demanding that they begin producing breakfast tapes. How do you do that? Well, don't only ask Ron. Ask the pontiffs, Alexander the 16th who understands Ron's dedication and his love of the church, and the care for Peter. For that reason, please study Amethyst, Rene, Elise, Lemuel, Clency, and others who will come into the tradition of the voice of God. It's been forgotten. If Peter had it, he could have saved the little apostle Mark. Ron cries in his heart for Mark, long gone now. But he was murdered for something less than 10 cents on his way home to Jerusalem, from Rome. They threw his body to the side of the road. And the gospel that you now read as Mark was in his knapsack and blew in different sheets of paper, papyrus into the weeds along the road. There so happened to be after the deed was done a small army division of Roman soldiers. They marched into the scene, discovered Mark's body and they gathered the sheets. And when they came back to Rome, marched in body to the Vatican. To the humble church, Peter started and said the terrible news. Peter has not yet recovered it, and neither has Ron. For that reason, the beloved Mark stands high. For what reason Ron is not sure, but he detests man who does that. We detest them too, people. You have nothing different today than what happened to Mark. Killing children just because you're pissed off. It will end in decimation. 

St. Peter  
I am Peter Ron. You somehow adore me for what I did. And that is beautifully spoken. You consider me brave, stubborn, noisy, and ready to clash with death. For that reason, you look to me to maintain the pontiffs. Thank goodness you say there's a center yet, regardless of how gaudy. The present Pope, Ron is deeply concerned about you. He knows the circumstance and is ready to say hello if he can avoid the press. You agree with him. Stay the course. I will abide my Father, as all of you do when faced with inscrutable circumstances. The truth of the matter is, he is poorly designed in his mind over too many issues within the chamber. He has said goodbye to his friend Alexander. He has said goodbye to a pontiff he deeply loved, John the 21st. But he has never said goodbye to modern phraseology. The people deserve better. The people deserve better.

Jesus  1:03:56
This is Jesus. I want to say to you, Ron, that the entire matter of the entire affair of putting this WTP into effect has proven to me that the universe itself needs revised. It doesn't like the idea of a puny little man standing up and saying I can do this too if I am appropriately educated. Many of you do it. Many of you are deep into good works. Many of you understand the Fifth Epochal Revelation at least enough to stand firm with a promise of my return, it is imminent. I will not tolerate the putrid atmosphere where people are gathered innocently and are shot to death by morons who understand nothing anymore, they are already spiritually dead. They are to be removed, maybe even just standing there. In any case, let this be of good cheer. When we sign this off to you today. Ron has got the usual disaster he must always attend to with a body that is failing. But the truth of the matter is, his will and his voice still resonate enough to tell you, God bless America. God bless the world. God bless our Father and his Jesus to be seen soon. I say goodbye, and amen. To all of you. This session is complete. 

Ron Besser  
Thank you, Jesus. 

Thank you, Ron. 

Ron Besser  
Does anyone else wish to be heard? 

Michael of Nebadon  
This is Michael Ron. Yes, thank you. I am quite convinced that if we take down these light lines, there is no church to really attend to satisfy the soul, what is to occur? I won't have it. I have been advised by my cabinet that the Light Line USA is too popular. How can that be I say? They say Ron becomes a fixture. I say to my cabinet. Yes, but so what? Jesus will always overshadow a mere man and he doesn't seek it in any case, he will fade and they say it is your luck then Michael. We have advised I say then to my counsel. I know you're true. I will not stop this work. For the simple reason that cabal must be stopped. We take care of it ourselves Ron. Fight it as you need to. And now this to all of you. The end of this Light Line is now. Shut the tape off now Ron.

Ron Besser  
And we do so and thank you for listening.

Threads for New Transmissions / PAY ATTENTION
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 02:01:03 »

T/R: Lemuel
Girona, Spain.
31st Jan 2023  07:30 Local  06:30 Z

Yes, Lemuel, pay attention. I have been on your mind for days now, trying
to get your attention but you thought it was your own imagining. It was not!
Being assigned to you by Father Himself, I will not leave you until Father so
desires. I am here to remind you that I am still here.

I understand very well your reticence, but you still have not taken fully on
board the importance of our relationship and your responsibility to fully
respond. Your age and present state of health concerns you, naturally, but
you will not be allowed to pass over without the permission and readiness
of your Thought Adjuster. 

Trust more, in your receiving and resume the habit of carrying with you
your voice recording machine so that I and your Indwelling can converse
with you at any time. At the moment, all seems to be quiet, but I can assure
you that there will, most likely, be an avalanche of information coming down
that will need to be broadcast immediately.

Like your Thought Adjuster, I am always in touch with you, Lemuel, 
remember, and remain conscious of the fact.

Good Day.

Lemuel:  Thank you so much CALUMNIA for reminding me that I always
have the honour and pleasure of your company.

General Discussion / Re: Be Prepared for Change ( December 6, 2016)
« Last post by occerpa on Today at 01:36:37 »
My greetings to all. Thank you Ron for such interesting breakfast news tapes which I try my best to understand but would greatly appreciate if I remember correctly Prozonov who spoke of his intention to do the written version of the audios which would be a great service.
On the other hand, I also want to thank José Vargas for his dedication and concern for posting those past transmissions on the forum, all of them very select, and although they could be treated as in the case of Madre Espírtu, a non-current personality, none of her important teachings. And referring to this last "Be Prepare for Change", I think it is worth stopping at the point that indicates that the fallacy of reincarnations should not be taken into account because it is not important. A subject to which I have dedicated a lot of attention and time, which is why I would like to be informed of everything necessary to clarify any conflict that this aspect generates. I think that by getting the proper information from Ron or any heavenly source, you would have a much better foundation for that essential concept of SELF-KNOWLEDGE. At my level of understanding, I assimilate that reincarnation does not exist for the evolved soul, that is, for those who have accepted the presence of the Adjuster, but not for the soul in the process of evolution in which the majority of Humanity finds itself. Who is The Beloved One addressing here in this transmission, the man who does not know or does not accept the truth of the Mysterious Monitor? or whom he knows well of that presence but does not work enough to surrender to his guidance and direction. Another concern, the Adjuster is a prepersonal entity or a sort of device implanted by the Father via quantum waves, through which He can make a presence in each of his thinking creatures. Logically, the questions do not stop while our mental function is in evolution. Thank you
Tape 17:  It Is Only Days

Machiventa Melchizedek:  "This tape is short and sweet and let it run briefly and learn you are being taught patience while Ron tries to figure out what he has left.  I greet you here and leave you as you were.  Be patient!  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK at your service!"

Link To Tape #17

We thank Seth and Adam & Eve for addressing us and Machiventa Melchizedek for His kind closing.

This is the link to the recording:
TRANSLATIONS / 30.1.2023 - Samorządność i wola
« Last post by Andre_P on January 30, 2023, 07:32:57 am »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekaz : Dominick O, administrator, starszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : Seria II, Lekcja 01, nagrania Ohrbecka - Michał Nebadoński, Nowa Seria dla Misji / Tom 2, Lekcja 52 - Samorządność i wola – MELCHIZEDEK, 29.01.23
« 29 stycznia 2023, godz. 11:28:25 »

Samorządność i wola
Niedz., 29 sty. 2023, Jork, Pensylwania, Stany Zjednoczone
Nprzekazujący : MELCHIZEDEK
Odebrał : Dominick O

Człowiekiem rządzi interesowność, niemalże dziecięce zachowania w wykorzystywaniu swojej woli do uzyskania tego, czego chce, a potem umysł wchłania, nie tylko swoje wewnętrzne pragnienia, ale psychiczny wpływ wszelkiego rodzaju czynników w waszym środowisku zewnętrznym. Połączcie to ze ssaczym i zwierzęcym, niemal komórkowym, dążeniem do społecznej, ekologicznej dominacji, hierarchii, jeśli wolicie. Wtedy to, co macie w czasoprzestrzennym królestwie niedoskonałych jednostek jaźni (osobowości), jest samozarządzającym się ekosystemem, ekosystemem jaźni. Więc naturalnie macie filozofię raczej skupioną na zasadach interesu własnego i na przykład na bardzo prymitywnej planecie, takiej jak ta, naturalne było uważanie Człowieka za naturalnie skłonnego do bycia, w cudzysłowie, złym w takim stopniu, że te namiętności własnego interesu były raczej brutalne, bezwzględne, samolubne, ignoranckie i tak dalej i bez wyższych zasad, które by tym kierowały, wasze obserwacje samych siebie napędzały te filozofie. Innymi słowy, nie objawienie czy boskie rządy, ale wasza własna dziura w błocie.

Ten temat Jaźni dotyczy całej drogi aż do Zakonu Melchizedeków, gdzie zazdrośnie twierdzono, że samowładztwo Melchizedeków jest prawowitym mechanizmem rządzenia dla niższych Zakonów pragnących poddać się samowładztwu, ale sposobem i prerogatywą Melchizedeków jest nakłanianie i harmonizowanie naszej woli z wolą Ojca i jest to również synonim reprezentowania i stosowania sposobów Ojca wyrażanego przez naszego Syna Stwórcę.

Wiemy jako jednostki i jako Zakon, jak pytać naszą wolę o to, jaka jest Wola Ojca w każdej chwili i w każdej okoliczności. Z natury jesteśmy jednym w symbiotycznym sposobie kierowania naszą wolą z Ojcem, z Synem i przez Ducha. Wszyscy inni, czy chcecie to usłyszeć czy nie, ćwiczą, uczą się, rosną i ewoluują do tego wstępnego etapu Wznoszenia Wszechświata we Wszechświecie Lokalnym waszego pochodzenia. Tak więc, ironiczną tragedią nawet najlepszych spośród was jest to, że będą eksponować i popierać te wyższe ideały i zasady, ale prawie nigdy nie będą żyć zgodnie z nimi w 100% czasu, a wasi współpracownicy niedojrzale i naturalnie będą to podkreślać na swoje własne, samozachowawcze sposoby. Dlatego konieczne jest ustanowienie na jakiejkolwiek planecie, czy ona się nie wywiązała lub zbuntowała, czy nie, konieczne jest ustanowienie pewnego kierowanego łańcucha Boskiego prowadzenia. Zaniedbanie, w którymkolwiek z tych łańcuchów, tworzy przeszkody ewolucyjne, ale Rebelia przerywa ten łańcuch i musicie go ustanowić ponownie w całości.

Doprowadźmy jednak tę lekcję do końca i do jej tytułu kierując ją i przekierowując ten wniosek Boskiego Kierowania do siebie. Boskie Rządzenie zaczyna się wewnętrznie, od was i waszej samoświadomości i tylko wtedy możecie zrozumieć i pomóc wnieść to zbiorowo do waszego środowiska i waszych społecznych okoliczności. Dziękuję i życzę miłego dnia.
General Discussion / Be Prepared for Change ( December 6, 2016)
« Last post by Jose Vargas on January 30, 2023, 07:23:50 am »
Urantia, December 03, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Be Prepared for Change.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Be prepared for change. Now is the time for all awakening ones to let their light shine. This is a dark world that has been plagued by unrighteousness. All sincere and courageous citizens on this beautiful but backward planet are called to let their light so shine as to encourage the sleepy ones to wake up and accept their part in the great renaissance which is about to commence. It is the beginning of the Correcting Time and people everywhere are needing to wake up and stand united for truth and righteousness.

“All nations’ citizens who believe in truth, beauty and goodness, will survive the coming upheavals. Therefore, it is not the right time to be complacent and sit in a corner somewhere and think that someone else will step up to the plate. There is work ahead for everyone, so give it some thought why you are alive on this planet at this particular time.

“At birth, you mortals were all gifted with your divine blueprint. If you would allow yourselves the time for contemplation and commune with your Thought Adjuster within, you would appreciate this gift. Do make friends with this Entity as it is given to you for all time if you accept it. If you do not accept it, it will be given to another mortal on another planet, who will be more than grateful to receive that gracious Gift from the Creator to accompany him or her on the ascension journey to Paradise.

“This chance is given to all mortals with the capacity to think. Therefore do not shun it but accept it gratefully. Eventually you will find out what a special Companion you have been given; one who might have had numerous in-dwellings on other planets but whose hosts declined the Gift, so now all their previous experiences will be added to yours, unless you also decline; either through doubt, unbelief or laziness. There needs to be some effort made on the part of you mortals to appreciate this priceless Gift within you and the more you get to know this Gift the greater will be your appreciation.

“Think about it in this way: you only live your mortal life once, never mind the well-known fallacy of reincarnation. Think of what good fortune you have been handed by the Creator to make the most of this foundational life on which your ascension journey will be built. Endeavor to live this life with a minimum amount of regrets. There will otherwise be time needed in the hereafter for some remedial work to be done on the way to perfection.

“Give some thought to how marvelous the Universal Creator is, to not only give you life but also to bestow a forever Companion to travel with you on the sure path to Paradise. There is so much more that can be divulged, however there needs to be willing ears to listen. Each human has their journey to fulfill and is therefore responsible as to how their individual road will be travelled. The Creator loves creativity and therefore there is only one personality like you. There are no duplicates ever in all of creation, neither will there be on any of the eventually well-nigh innumerable inhabited planets of space and time.”
Yes indeed Clency, as you note, these words do penetrate. If every president, king or any head of State addressed the people in this way, it would leave a great impression and probably touch the hearts of everyone and great changes could take place throughout society.

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