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Produced May 28th, 2022

Here is some more context in a reply from Ron in response to the tape speaking about ultimatons, what is within them, and how the Master Universe and Grand Universe operate.

. . .
But let me tell you something else.  Because of your work in providing this transmission this morning, I get a revelation into my own mind as I listened to what you were speaking.  The Deity Absolute told me that in Ultimatons, and as you correctly speak to, those two rods of plasma inside them, he preferred we not refer to their energy content as plasma.  He told me the glowing rods are in actuality a     5th STATE OF MATTER.  
The states of matter as we have them now are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma
The Deity Absolute states that a fifty state exists but not observable on Urantia, and that the rods in Ultimatons are in reality a super nova of energy states that can retain memory.  Let me remind you Dominick, you really need to understand Origins and you will not be so helpless to understand some of these statements that must come out of the Local Universe as entirely valid but they come as a surprise to you.  I am sure no one recalls that when we look at the origins of the Master Universe Infinity, that its cosmology results in the profound recognition that when I AM sorted the Master Universe out as to how Infinity is to operate.  You do not yet grasp we have the FATHER'S version of INFINITY, nor does that imply we can have any other version, but that I AM when he selected all the pieces to produce the Master Universe operating system, produced the First Source and Center once Infinity was established to so operate.

Please realize that with the First Source and Center now operating,  IT, was alone.  Matter and spirit were combined and nothing was yet diversified.  Do not mistake the proposition that matter in the case of the First Source and Center existed with memory as a totality of creative proposal  to later diversify them later as reality into two major sections we eventually participate in in the Universe as a Deified universe and a simultaneous double reality of an undeified universe.  But with the First Source and Center before diversification into these two reality states, matter and spirit are one, and as such the state of matter has very unusual phenomenon  attached to it in our eyes today.

So when the Deity Absolute tells me that the Ultimaton has within itself a 5th state of matter, the Absolute is referring back to a state of matter no longer available as a scene to be recalled in past Infinity only.

That should tell us both Dominick, that the Ultimaton rods are reasonable cultured to understand themselves, but can never be identified as using a material that is available today and just why the Ultimaton is the secret of materialization  as even materialization is predated with energy that was also spiritual.  You are right you cannot fathom it but it does state to you Dominick that the Ultimaton is so fundamental to the appearance of the Master Universe, it probably has a relationship to origins outside of the Master Universe in its invention for the Master Universe to use to become its visible self.

As profound as that may seem Dominick, I am humbled by MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK when he says to me after I finished writing the above, you are no doing as well as you think Ron, but then I am not either when it comes to these things of origin.  Take well from Dominick this morning as you consider him precious and doing all you asked him to try out, and has done superbly well this morning, but you both miss the fact that neither of you are well enough done to stay up for 24 hours without getting too tired to do anything but blink.  FATHER stayed awake for at sixty trillion trillion quadrillion years and shows no sign of a break.  For that reason I, MANTUTIA, have been awake without break since  sixteen thousand billion Urantia years myself and show no sign of a change there either.  What does that tell you Ron?  you say is has to be more than age, but I do not know what the awake effect really speaks to.
. . . .

Speaker: Spirit Transmission
Subject: Ultimatons, a 5th State of Matter, Spirit Within and Without
T/R: Dominick
Transcription: Raz
Location: York, PA, USA
Date/Time: 5/27/22
Good morning it is Saturday, May 27, 2022, here in York Pennsylvania and this morning's keyword prior to turning this on was extricate.

The word extricate popped into the mind which was nice because as we often do we wake up to festering and chronic difficulties not to mention just the everyday stress of living. Do I have enough eggs? Do I have enough green vegetables? Just the same as looking at the bird's nest right outside on my porch with the little finches, this time. The doves shared the nest first like an open bowl and then the finches came through and they built a roof and a larger wall and there's a little hole that they can get through. 

That is the animal side. The spirit (and we're in transmission now as of that word sentence) the spirit extricates the animal difficulties and worries. Spirit releases that which is pent up and toxic in the body. Spirit is a natural state of human composition. Spirit releases energies and plasms at an ultimatonic level. Plasm relief. Plasm is a fourth state of matter. Your bodies are very complex, you know this. And now you know how on a cellular level meaning your body is comprised of cells now. Those cells are made up of particles; atoms. And those atoms and those particles are further made of preparticle matter. Antimatter no; preparticles, subatomic things that comprise the composition of an electron. An electron being quite small. Now, this is where the plasm, excuse me, this is where the plasma resides in the ultimatonic rods. This is where spirit takes effect. That is why one tends to want to see to believe, but how can you see at such a level? Yet, if you know it exists, it becomes tangible in the mind, the coordinator of spirit and matter. Does this not make sense? It should. Ultimatonic plasma, plasma which is in the ultimaton is the median, excuse me, the media, spirit is able to enter. This is how power directors manipulate time/space in the ways they are created to work. 

So, that is why spirit balanced with everything else mental, emotional, and all the myriad categories of human well-being must include spirit. This does not mean it must include cosmology, religion, those things are coordinated. Your soul is made of some materials you on your planet have no idea in day-to-day living exist. We have a vocabulary word for that - morontial. Morontia is made up of semi-material and somewhat spiritual compounds if you will. It is a compound of spirit and matter. It allows spirit to phase into the physical dense slow reality. Just like when you see a gas suddenly turn into a solid. What is the in-between it, it is a liquid. Spirit and matter often need this interface of the most elusive to date state of matter, which is plasma. So, when you need to extricate yourself from things in life. Turn to spirit humbly, openly, willingly, and without expectation. Without your demands. Simply offer yourself in a way that is open to Spirit. You are all, including this one, learning the ways to do that. There is no recipe, if you will, to follow. It is a constant aspect of your life incorporated; yes through practice, some discipline, but mostly an intention and awareness that becomes habitual and then part of your nonthinking material animal coordinated integration with more than what you are. 

Which is to say you are born without this spirit integration. You have the spirit potential the nearly inherent imperative to reach for the spiritual and the potential to become integrated with spirit. This way you have endowments with a pure spirit within you. The purest in the entire grand universe. This is a gift. This is not something like a gift certificate. It does not expire. But it does beg the question: Do you wish to know Spirit? This is where deity becomes personally knowable. Deity in your reality functions on two levels; the knowable and personable deity God as a Father-like being, Spirits with mother-like being, a binary positive assertive quality matched with a passive resting, nurturing quality. Or deity that bestows personality, as in, bestows a personality upon the material upon an entity, whether it's material or purely spiritual. 

But for you the human, you have a composition that has something within, yet is not purely you, and it is a pure spirit attached, attached to you. Attached so, intimately it voices itself as you. It voices itself as you and this is how and why we explain this pure endowed and bestowed pure spirit of the personally knowable deity side of God, the deity of God. We call this attribute within you prepersonal, prepersonal that is, how you live in eternity. The soul as the new material literally to harbor yourselves, shall we say, materially after your physical atoms of the body decay and literally expire on a planetary incarnation, birth in your case, and in most cases in certainly your local universe it is not a reincarnation it is an origin. So the revelation today for many of you is to hopefully and straightforwardly lay out the groundwork for material survival and these materials are quasi-spiritual and this logically leads to the release of difficulties of physical living upon a planet. Spirit extricates the hardships of life. It does not grant you money for relief for that does not guarantee anything, now does it?

So, my dear ones please at least become aware of the quite real spirit realities that you are invited to explore within, create without, and discover its meanings, its effects, and its relations; its purposes, and its benefit to you. As it benefits you it will benefit others; it will become contagious. Extricate your difficulties by being open to spirit and you will experience material benefits just like anything else done over time. Good day. Thank you. I'm out.

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Hi Dominick:
I like this lenguaje they use in this revelation I can't help it I just love it,
God Bless