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MORE Astounding News About Paradise and the Potential Reality Absolutes
Magisterial Foundation
T/R: Ron Besser
York, Pa 11am Local Time
September 16, 2022

Dear List, Lemuel wrote me a post this morning and the Absolutes of Potentiality responded within it.  I am copying it over so you can read it too as it is astounding to learn about Paradise and their comments as well.  Enjoy the few times they can surprise me too!  Ron

THE ABSOLUTES OF POTENTIALS (i.e. the factors of unrevealed religion and other matters) SPEAK:

On and about the Unqualified Absolute:  That entity is neither "he" or "it" but a special denomination called "themselves."  The Unqualified Absolute only knows what "themselves," have to do and does it perfectly as all on the Circle of Infinity do so.  Here is the Unqualified Absolute to speak through his Vicegerent Spinosa:

The UNQUALIFIED ABSOLUTE speaks:    We are among the very few in the Master Universe which has nothing to do with mankind ever.  But I have learned one exception to you Lemuel, and that is Ron has learned the drill so well he makes use of anything we wish to ponder or say for ourselves.  Ron pictures in his mind standing and looking at the bottom of Paradise where I am purported to live.  I do.  He sees it as dark, but like snake lightning moving across a flat surface he cannot see the end of.  That happens to be true, and he would love for a graphic artists to animate it, but he is too poor to do those things, at least yet, and we are sure MICHAEL OF NEBADON would not appreciate spends so much money on nothing but to show on Your Tube.  I am totally aware Lemuel.  I can know everything and anything I want to and while I am not of self origin, I am available to the self-origin Deity of the CONSUMMATORS OF UNIVERSE DESTINY, and work entirely with them when the time is right in your universes to decide how much matter, and how much original work I must do to maintain even the Local Universe of Nebadon.   For that reason, Ron is a wonderful ally and works hard to make sure people like you at least know these things without getting their, as you say sometimes, their underwear all bunched up!

!!   - I am the QUALIFIED ABSOLUTE,  and for that reason the Unqualified Absolute has a partner, for I relate to the Unqualified Absolute as you would to someone living next door to your rooms and see that entity as you would call it daily, because I am both on the top of Paradise, I am also on the peripheral of Paradise, and easily walk on NETHER PARADISE.   For that reason the Unqualified Absolute is intimately known to Me and to FATHER and to the SON AND THE SPIRIT, but never to Paradise itself.  Why should I say that?

"NONE of  you know this:  Paradise is thought!!! [It knows who walks on it and who is worthy and who is not!  You also think of it like a big oval that is almost so big you could never find the end to it!  That is true about it, and those who draw it for the Urantia Foundation lack imagination and care for I was there with them and they never heard me suggest to make it big enough to FILL THE ENTIRE TIME-SPACE AREA OF REALITY and still exceed that space size and go int OSL1 half its distance size!

"Now you know why it is the center of an Infinite Universe, and I asked Ron to capitalize those words.  He does easily and well as we demand he upper capitalizes everything you see in big letters.  We demand success for you and for him and he works so hard to make sure you are included in spite of how isolated you become for lack of allies.  That said also learn that PARADISE is not only so wide and big as I told you above, it is also very deep,.  If you could see Peripheral Paradise far enough way, standing tin the OSL1 you would see it is so high and deep it fills your entire vision as the Peripheral Paradise is measured in LIGHT YEARS and for that reason we do not correct your artists as they draw the one billion Havona planets around it as if they were next door to it.   THEY ARE NOT NEXT DOOR!

"The Superuniverses reside over a million Light Years outside of Havona, and the one billion Havona planets are over sixty-two billion Light Years out side of Peripheral Paradise!  I follow this well as Ron already knew the fancy pictures done by a graphic artist are so far distorted they are laughed at from here.  Let this be the last of my words to both of you now.  Good day!  I am the   QUALIFIED ABSOLUTE at your service. [Ron all are most grateful for the time and care you take to inform us properly.  I had no idea of this size of the central control body called Paradise, but I see it better but cannot conceive of one materialized body being bigger that our time universe space even into the Outer Space Level 1 halfway!  Your information is gratifying just to tell!  Thank you from all of us!  Ron].
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