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What Is The New Universe Age
« on: September 23, 2022, 13:06:09 pm »
 SUBJECT: What Is a New Universe Age?
 T/R: Ron Besser
 The Magisterial Foundation
 York, Pa
 September 23, 2022 at 13:00 NY time

"I am the Universal Father and my scribe reminds you all that the term "New Universe Age," might be confusing to you.  Here is what the term "New Universe Age," really refers to:

"Back in June of 2019 on your planet we call Urantia, you call earth, we had an insurrection occur so terrible it resulted in some divine constructions to be destroyed, and that upset so many angles, they too went into rebellion complaining they were due more compensation than we could give them.

"This scribe, known to you as Admin on this discussion forum, was also attacked and seriously wounded enough we had to repair some of him to keep living.  For that reason he is very well informed of our repairs to the rest of the damage universe you live in, and that also created terrible disasters on your planet some of which you do not know about yet.  I was, as your Universal FATHER, forced to end the old ways of doing things even in high spirit and then to declare we are doing things differently even on your planet.

"It was decided to provide ministry to Urantia, and to see to it that Jesus is to be visible and give comfort and also to reform you and even your iimporant national governments where possible.  Now this Universe is using new people, and new techniques to rule in the place of those who had to go to prison for creating sensational disruptions to spirit processes.  At 12 noon tomorrow, the 24th of September, the old Lucifer rebellion is removed forever from the universe and your world.  Let it pass unnoticed.  Do not tell people yet about.  Let Jesus tell you in person when he arrives with the banner of RIGHT in his hand and the HEART of God back on your planet after so many years being missed due to rebellion and insurrection, even among some of you.

"I am FATHER, your FATHER, and I speak eloquently now:  the NUA (the New Universe Age).  I am not only Infinite, I AM existential.  Learn the word as it carries huge changes to this Universe because I create learning and healing and music and science so you may learn life and reality.  Good day to all of you My children.  The FATHER."
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