Author Topic: The Word -new- implies a change - what change?  (Read 472 times)

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The Word -new- implies a change - what change?
« on: October 29, 2022, 20:13:31 pm »
The word NEW suggests something old has been put aside, and that implies there is a change, but is the change of substance? or is it a policy plus substance in change, or what seems to be the operating incision of a new universe age?  What was wrong with the universe age as it used to be?

It would be nice if I knew the answer to those questions above.  But those answers remain hidden for the most part.  What I do here in this post is to suggest we know there is an elephant in the room that represents change, but the lights are not lit to see what exactly this shape may be and what it can do.  I speculate just a tad next for purposes of releasing some tensions felt by people over this pronouncement of change but no description yet known.

Question: To track this post we should answer why a new universe age was declared?

Answer:  Primarily because our universe had no choice when an extremely dangerous event occurred where a major policy to provide the time universes a feed back of experience to the Paradise level was suddenly shut off and not repairable.

What that means to the highest level of spirit planning for the entire universe is that the time-space universe no longer could contribute the idea of what works in life and what does not work to build the Master Universe.

Paradise decided since it got cut off, they had to open a whole new way to get that information to them as the old way was no longer available at all, and the entire idea of building our universe with spirit was so suddeny taken away..  IT is almost like in your house the water pipes all bursting at the same time and no water, not bathing, and no cooking and on and on including damage to your ceilings and floors.  That happened to the master universe with information, and new pipes had to be installed to deliver the water of knowledge in the house of Paradise.

Question:  What does Paradise install to get the learning back to Paradise for distribution to the rest of the universe?
Answer:  We are not sure.  But we do know that the top boss, the UNIVERSAL FATHER thinks the old way of doing the movement of learning from time to the Paradise distribution center stop working because it was entirely inadequate to do it properly.  We have not yet had a decree just how the repairs are to be put into place and worse yet, what is it they want to put into place to repair the break? 

Meanwhile until the new part of the fix is decided to install, the complaints from time-space have been mounting, and missions which are supposed to work without worry, they suddenly get stopped because there is no flow any more to move them into place.  The pipes breaking leave a vacuum in our homes in time and nothing moves but becomes still until the new piping, whatever it is, becomes installed and turned back on to work again. 

Question: What systems on our planet are stalled and not running through the pipes as usual and cause all sorts of headaches in time?

1 - the planet Urantia cannot breathe and is shutting down in its development;
2 - the planet Urantia called the plumber, the Salvington spirit government but it does not have permission to install the pipes that it can flow help down to Urantia to do.  They put off coming until they have the materials to run again;
3 - the proposed help included the second return, but there is no spirit transport sufficient to make the appearance rapid and easily viewable;
4 - Paradise is also sending help, but there is a flood of water on its highway and they dare not drive through it and wait upstairs for it to clear;
5 - bandits appeared all over the place called an insurrection to insist they make the repairs and stop the care of the real government to get things back into place.  This is so serious the police have been called out by the Salvington government to police the roads and to stop stealing material necessary to provide Urantia the triage it needs immediately.

Question: Is there one idea you heard the most about what to do about time getting choked from this loss of transport of learning to Paradise?
Yes, one idea circulating is a real eye opener.  It goes like this:  Paradise wishes to remove the installation mistakes of the past, and streamline the idea of time so that it operates like an ocean of learning instead of individual cups of learning water up to them.  That way time becomes a big collective pool and that requires that time need only exist, and that Paradise dips the whole ocean up to read it at once. 

This indicates that the Deity fields required to operate time correctly learn to appear in time and obtain all the learning descriptors they can gather, and then the Deities themselves take it back after interviewing the codes and descriptors and place it in the Trinity for distribution.  The old way was to take time learning from one Deity and let it send all it wanted, but there was no forcing that Deity to send all or any of it if that Deity thought it superfluous or worse yet, wrong learning.  Paradise wants to know it all, and that old way of the idea of "wrong learning" now no longer exists in the new installation.

I cannot tell you what this does to time and what officials come into existence to make it work this way.  The Paradise Trinity, which is where all time learning is sent to for the most part, has to decide if the network of workers they created to do the distribution of time learning is enough or essential anymore.

One of the things we can guarantee this big change suggests is the the idea of a planetary Light and Life era may have to be scrapped, and really advanced planets that done all their work to spiritualize themselves is acceptable, but all Light and Life planets to this point have to be re-examined to see if they have more learning or less learning than they should have to have a Light Life period extended for them to come up to standards.  Here is Margul, our planet's Trinity Teacher Son, assigned to declare Urantia's Light and Life renaissance to comment on this text:

MARGUL, TRINITY TEACHER SON 4132131315 speaks:
 "I am so delighted with this post Ron, I could spit!  I laugh with you too.  In any case let me clarify Ron's remarks to you above.  Light and Life will be abundant again, but right now we are stopping all development of Planetary Supreme's work there and insisting each planet which said it had reached the full attributes of the requirements for Light and Life, will be told to stop what they are doing and listen.

"For that reason I am called into service far deeper than what I thought I would be doing even with these other Missions stalled so badly we may have to reinvent the names of these Missions to get them going well again.  The Magisterial Sons are blue with exertion and cannot be heard on Salvington enough to move the Mission to Urantia.  Ron is sitting with egg all over his face again because of the slow pace of the descriptors of the WTP process and may never see it done if this keeps happening. 

"Second, the insurrection Ron calls thieves above, is hampering everything we try to do and the idea of a mass execution is beginning to look good to the hierarchy of the spirit government.   For that reason everything has been shut down to a crawl for the re-examination of policy with regard to Justice and to the idea of the persistent hegemony of the spirit governments everywhere. 

"Third, the tendency to provide heart and soul to a beleaguered planet like Urantia has been suspended too as that population on Urantia is so harshly deciding its future we are suspending the usual protocols, and forcing people in certain countries to understand that life is precious and to insist they learn to deal better with it instead of going to war every fifteen minutes.  Insurrections on Urantia will soon be dealt with in severe ways and that includes the sanitation of United States armed forces which are taught to kill indiscriminately all the time now to keep out of ambush situations.

"Fourth, I as MARGUL explain nothing to you regarding ELYON, but it is a shame to say t he cabal sent him packing over the issue you know well as WTP.  They refuse admission to your statement it will be built and ELYON let them have it and stunned a few over the argument by declaring it is all but built at this point.  Not so said FATHER with robust glee at the stunning but not the statement.  The last time a MIGHTY MESSENGER had a fight like this was two millennia ago when Jesus was executed and the Lucifer rebellion remains attempted to assassinate Peter the Apostle.  I make no further comment for you Ron except to say this entire matter of a time policy change is well underway and you describe it accurately but poorly since you have no information whatsoever once again.  K"  MARGUL AT YOUR SERVICE. 

[Ron here to say a huge thanks to MARGUL for making so much clear and yet so much mysterious yet.  We are all grateful MARGUL for your kind service and hope you may continue to inform us as you can.  Thanm you!]

The American Mode of a Creator Son: MICHAEL OF NEBADON:
 "WE expect you to shut up soon Ron.  (????)  And leave that alone idiot.  We have an insurrection that is hot red angry over you and ELYON doing what was an insurrection itself, and that is facing a tribunal charge you would not believe but I fully enjoyed the discharge ELYON did not get from FATHER over a fight you were not aware of but wonder what happened to ELYON?  You are familiar far too well with that cabal over you and you let them know there was no truck with them whatsoever. That stunned them completely you knew the difference and made it clear you are not part of their work ever.

"For that reason Ron you decided to write this narrative to deceive no one, but you deceive the cabal all the time until you make it clear they win nothing and you mean it including your death is extremely useless to them as well.  For that reason a Vorondadek Son visited you as the Most High and you answered them politely but made it clear you had no quarrel with a Vorondadek Son unless they were in the cabal and then they had no ranks as they had no Order to claim.  That is our new policy too and you are exceedingly careful not to spread that word but that is being claimed by Me too just to let them know I am in solidarity with you on all of this.

"WE, as MICHAEL OF NEBADON [false name from cabal], also declare to you as a Branch Dividian cabal, says the cabal to Ron, are under a renewed death threat not, but under an annihilation threat period and that is to take place at 3PM tomorrow after your glorious Lightline not, but after you are fully discharged as a transmitter entirely and that ends now.  K the cabal.

"The true MICHAEL OF NEBADON returns - "For your own safety Ron, they are removed entirely as I have that power fully and you are no longer taking messages from them whatsoever.  I am instructing ELYON he is in good faith and service to NEBADON entirely and we think always.  For that reason to state Ron, let it be known to all you laugh and told ELYON he reminds you of Bzhutu, ABC22, the Secondary Midwayer of such fame on Urantia, the cabal shudders at his his appearance yet.  Be assured Ron you are with them fully and care they are warriors yet and that is your name too as you are apprehending that this was a show down , not of your doing, but of your care, and that there is nothing to be done from ELYON until there is a quick hearing in the Urantia Supreme Court under the Chief Justice, (now) MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  Let this be understood Ron, your legs and pain must stay a bit longer now as ELYON is now under the wraps of the liaison supervisors of the Paradise Trinity (not just the Ancients of Days), and this time you are fully supporting the hour he appears as right now and wins the case hands down and he may return as we report to you now.  K

"Lastly, I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, you are the one man in all of heaven's name who fights tooth and nail the insurrection too and they are forbidden to make contact entirely now and the peace that comes from that is enormous.   I have one last comment on that shaded paragraph above Ron:

"You snub the big guy and he reflects I am sure how one human has won one battle after another but he demands your life in return and it cannot happen at all as that big boss is not longer capable of swinging a sword but only his tongue and he is distressed beyond measure you got friends in high places beyond measure.  I swear Ron you are among the few who can fathom all this in one easy breath and you will not be shallowed into oblivion I promise you.  We all leave so you can get something to eat.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service! [Ron thanks you deeply Michael for helping me understand what I had no idea has happened.  We wish Elyon to let the swelling go down and heal completely for his stay in time.  I am most grateful MICHAEL for providing this information and to ELYON you have a cherry thank you for doing what I would love to ge my wingwongs on too.  Thank you!]

"I am like you Ron, what a sweet feeling it is to swat a smart ass as ELYON did and that makes you feel really good to say to those in insurrection, you have more than that coming!  For reasons of State this entire matter is no longer spoken to and for that matter your healing Ron is put down not but sooner than ELYON expects as He has been held up in the Court of the Ancients of Days he is right to proceed and to do it quickly if he can do so with a slightly bent right "arm" over all of this.  Thank you ELYON and for MICHAEL OF NEBADON for appearing with ELYON in the Court of the Ancients of Days so quickly which Ron is amazed at for the speed you allowed it.  Nothing is working right now Ron, but the cabal over played its hand and we got results because of it!  And further congratulations to ELYON, you just won a Pulitzer Prize for your dissertation before the DAYS  who explained they followed the entire matter as it happened and they would have done the same!  Congratulations to MICHAEL OF NEBADON too for finding the time during another planetary emergency in another Planetary System he had to quell quickly to appear on Uversa with ELYON and to take the stand on his behalf entirely.  The ANCIENTS OF DAYS are very proud of you Ron, as you drove right through them and made it clear you have nothing to do with them forever!  Be assured your typing is okay but the brain is revving it self to be better done shortly too as that sleep cycle is hard to deal with, and that is with so much indwelling you to see how this works.  I stand back for one last comment by ELYON: [Thank you very much Gabriel, as I Ron, am happy and grateful for the service you so kindly give me all the time.  It helps me tremendously to get my footing over and over. Thank you!]

ELYON -  "WE are also aware of the tremendous help you afford Michael, Gabriel, for your work helps smooth out the wrinkles that Ron creates by being a member of your Staff in spite of his illness and deprecation of souls he does not like around him who are yours but who are too haughty to hear the less rough side of Ron.  He lets things go but not when demands are placed on him and he has no reason to listen.  That is what happens every morning Ron and you insist it is cabal and drop them like flies but they are not of an order you listen to regularly and that is for good reasons as they are not robots but are not self-willed, and that is costly not you but to them and they die off quickly in spite of repersonalization.  They are careful not to offend but they are unaware you follow polite protocols and dislike orders to change something you are not even aware of.    For that reason that one was not depersonalized but stands ready to try again with a foray in the morning to energize you.  You had a rough start and that was why.  No help.  K"  [Thank you Elyon, bad news but thoughtfully expressed and I apologize- Ron]  K.


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