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« on: November 28, 2022, 08:02:39 am »

Teacher: JESUS
Subject: I AM HERE
T/R: Lemuel
28th Nov 2022  14:00  Local

This is JESUS and indeed, I AM HERE.
With a gentle nod from Lemuel´s Adjuster, I have come with this special
message for all of you who are interested enough to read these postings from
the various transmitters.

You are not, nor could you be fully aware of the immensity of what is about
to occur on Urantia. There has never been such an event to have taken place
anywhere, especially with the present circumstances prevailing as they are.
There are many throughout the world, connected with the institutionalized
churches who are awaiting my return but they are waiting for a jesus who is
not me. I have not capitalized the name because I do not identify in any way
with the person they are anticipating. I am not going to appear floating down 
from the sky on a beautiful fluffy white cloud, nor am I going to separate the
wheat from the chaff, as they are so erroneously expecting. No!

When I appear, all will see me as I am now, dressed in a smart suit with a
collar and tie and I will be looking directly at the camera, and you will all feel
as though I am talking directly to you, and I shall be. My words will enter
into your conscience, and you will either feel an immediate response in your
heart of love and gratitude or you will simply deny the reality of what you see.
Many of course, will be confused, many will be fearful and many will be

My first appearance will be of short duration, even so, no one will be 
unaffected. I will briefly outline, by heading, my initial program for those
changes that are to be put into effect as soon as possible and that will be
sufficient to cause panic in many quarters, but I am willing to allow those
chips to fall where they may, as you say.

The forces that are with me are well-prepared to deal with the 
immediate fall-out, along with the Melchizedeks and the more specialized 
security forces. The world´s media will not know how to respond, there may
be a short black-out of communication, to give them a little time to get their
act together. We are hoping that we can coax someone in high authority to
deliver a message shortly after.

Whilst we are able to do all within our power to protect all of you who are
of my flock, I will repeat again the advice you have been given many times.
Remain indoors as much as possible. Keep a low profile and don´t speak to
anyone outside of your normal daily associates. YOU KNOW NOTHING!
Is the best answer to give to a stranger. You will know when the time is right,
for you to resume your normal daily activities, although having said that, they
will never be quite the same again. Your Thought Adjusters will also have a
vital role to play in this, so stay tuned to Their impulses.

I leave you now but I shall be with you soon. Believe me, it is my dearest

I AM JESUS. Remain in My Peace, now and forever.


Offline PJammer

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« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2022, 08:19:17 am »
Wonderful news!  Thank you so much Lemuel and Jesus.

We will continue our prayers and dedication to Our Father, Jesus, Celestials, Family, and Friends as we are led by the Spirit within.

Offline Moses Ouko

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« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2022, 02:19:16 am »
Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lemuel.
Good news indeed. God Bless to all.

Love and Blessings,