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March 9, 2023
Discussion and Adjudication of Serious Issues Over Ron
  • Michael of Nebadon, presiding
  • Rayson, The Magisterial Science Officer adjudication further
  • The ANCIENTS OF DAYS - Adjudication of several Mission factors
  • Universal FATHER - Adjudications denied not.
  • Universal Censor - We advocate closure.

RAYSON - “WE are now recording everything we say to you Ron. That is because you have rounded out the time-quarter with a sharp pen to give high marks for us but nothing for yourself. In this exposition, let me report show something to you of importance.

“First the entire matter of the brochure: It has to be reconsidered as unnecessary to edit. Be assured it does not need revision, it needs conversion, and that is what I want to talk to you about now:

“For reasons of State we are forcing nothing to be considered this time. However, it is necessary to state that which was transmitted nearly a week or more to you last week, is not out of date considerably and truly.

[Ron here: the following statement was true at the moment of this dictation, but the ANCIENTS OF DAYS adjudicated it otherwise at the end of this document. These statements are left in place to show development of the problem to the lower Universe and its complete rescission and ordering that the Magisterial Foundation is indeed producing epochal revelation, the WTP patent is revelation of a different kine, and that the entire matter of rescission of other issues was possible. But it evolves to be so and comments are allowed to stay to show you the problems and eventual adjudication at the end.]

“First, you are not a Consuming Epochal contact, but a potential consuming epochal licensed contact. We withdrew it when the Ancients of Days called it epochal revelation and then rescinded not that statement, but that you were the fault for finding it not, but for publishing it as a patent. That is a no no for epochal revelation but in this case it was understood to be the proper method of discovery.

“For that reason we must stand aside and let the ANCIENTS OF DAYS provide the following classification:

“WE are sure you did well to assign the patent to the Magisterial Foundation, Ron. However you need to reconsider it as your patent alone as it must be started in ad hoc mensa courier means and not in epochal revelatory dictation means. That is a serious difference but you argue the result is identical. We agree and state to shut this thought down, and understand that the mensa (Ron: the word mensa is used to suggest the use of “thought and thought gravity” is being used) is competent but not fully explored in the dictation it required.

“For that reason there are anomalies in it we would not otherwise tolerate, and for that reason you are assuring us you understand that fully. You do and we are gratefully for a mind that harmlessly blames no one but itself for being human and using word thought instead of epochal dissertation mensa.

“For that reason the patent is relegated to secondary revelation only and as such is not afforded the protection we originally gave to you under these circumstances. The Magisterial Foundation is meant to be owner through and irrevocable trust agreement you signed on February 10, 2023, and as such stands as the document which controls the use of the patent for us and you. For that reason we state the following:

“WE, the ANCIENTS OF DAYS now forbid use of the patent in any case that lies outside of its intended use;

“WE forbid its use for plenipotentiary uses such as following its improvements to mean more epochal revelation, not about preparticles, but as to source and code from the ANCIENTS OF DAYS. We explain this later on, and thank you for asking for it.

“WE are forgiving all errors you made in commenting you were a commentary source for epochal revelation, for that was dictated to you and not made up. For reasons of State you are not allowed to speak to this in any form unless asked directly by the ANCIENTS OF DAYS about your epochal status station. You look at several statements made over the past ten years and more and have been advised it is epochal revelation, and we do not deny that. However, you are not commissioned as such and I do not know how to classify it otherwise either. For reasons of State we apply tot he TRINITY for a better definition. // insert Paradise Trinity response here//


“WE now apply a resolution to you ANCIENTS OF DAYS:

“Ronald Besser has eschewed so much epochal revelation we are now kindly disposed to calling him our contact person for the erudition of any epochal revelation that is require through the Magisterial Son Rayson, the Master Force Organizer, or any other Local Agency deemed sufficient to supply epochal revelation to Ronald Besser. For that reason we hereby declare the Patent #11601013 as epochal revelation in the true sense of the word, and that Ronald Besser, is our agent for the commissioning of epochal revelation to the planet Urantia. We deem this sufficient for the preset discussion. Thank you, The PARADISE TRINITY.”

“WE now conclude to excise the above information and stand ready to provide the Magisterial Foundation full authority to proceed as indicated in a dictation to you Ronald Besser on March 05, 2023 as correct and fully amended not for the advertising of the Magisterial Foundation through a brochure beautifully designed for the introduction of the Magisterial Foundation rank and file readership including the UAI and its environs.

“This should fully respond to the Magisterial Son that Ronald Besser calls RAYSON serial number ending in 4517. Let it be known, as well, that RAYSON, as such, admires the entire matter in which this being adjudicated without a court trial, and that we, the ANCIENTS OF DAYS, are spared further court appearances over this matter whatsoever. Be assured Ron thanks us heartily and we may now proceed with other matters pending before us with the Magisterial Sons, variously known as MONJORONSON, SERARA, SEN-SEN, DORIAN, ADAIR, AND ALESIA– not all known to you Ronald Besser, but sufficiently spoken to you you are familiar with all names but one. We gather this sequence then:

 “ It has come to our attention that Sen-Sen has seriously broached a subject with Ronald Besser that individual has fully removed from his mind entirely and asks forgiveness not. I am not a Judge about forgiveness, but I am the ANCIENT OF DAYS which adjudicates problems of lower personnel getting into objections with higher spiritual personnel. Sen-Sen suggested Ron get used to the idea of a restated “supremacy,” which Ron seriously objected as useless and too far gone to reintroduce ever again to him or his environs.

“For that reason Sen-Sen blew a gasket as is spoken to on Urantia in that manner, and sued Ron for breach of contract not, but for insubordination. That is not the case Sen-Sen, but he is fully advised by the ANCIENTS OF DAYS to stand away from any inssue of supremacy and he abides us well in this matter.

“You Sen-Sen are not aware of the history or care this case precludes as a means to training Ron to become a valid spokesman for epochal revelation, and as such even entertains the idea of training for MELCHIZEDEK service. For that reason we suggest that the individual snarl afforded to you was total self protection as you are unaware that the supreme tried to poison him and the Creative Spirit injected bad mitochondria to cripple him, and he will have nothing of it ever again.

“For reasons of State then we stand ready to adjudicate your claim of insubordination officially over with before it begins, as he has no use for insubordination already and denies he fielded anything against you except total and full denial of the use of supremacy anywhere near him.”

 “I have fully withdrawn from your work Ron, and insist on an apology. You say you owe none and I am hurt beyond measure. Good day.”

“If this were a breach of contract Sen-Sen you would be correct. IT is not a breach of contract and a full denial you may introduce any idea of supremacy to him or around him as he absolutely refuses to deal with the idea of supremacy ever again. He is substantially warned to brave you back but never to accept your proposal which he made sure you understood well, and that is supremacy is not healing but attacking and must be fully adjudicated otherwise. I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON repeating the work of the founder of the Magisterial Foundation, and we must move on to more substantial work here. Thank you. MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service. K”

“WE are advised to place these statements here for the record,

1 - No further elocution between Sen-Sen is required. Sen-Sen has withdrawn from the Magisterial Son Mission at once at this point.

2 - No further education is necessary for you Ron on supremacy except that it is fully denied to you and you are grateful. Be assured we great the speech well to, and the problems near you are removed as well. We speak unkindly to that radical by your side Ron, as quite unnecessary for our work and remove it.

3 - Your life with that spirit is now fully ended as it is supremacy at its worse and they are removed to their place. For reasons of State your insubordination is approved when your life is threatened.

4 - Life carrying devices are assumed upon you Ron, but none work, and for that reason we life the ban on preternatural uses. That allows MICHAEL OF NEBADON to address the excruciating pain you suffer daily and the power headaches we cause by indwelling to determine uses and there are many more we have not touched at all. For reasons of State Ron you are sick of it too and we recognize it is training for years that allows all that to surface easily and without adjudication further. MICHAEL OF NEBADON do you wish to comment?”

Michael of NEBADON- “Yes, I do.”
“I am fore sworn to stay silent on this subject, as it refuses to budge in my heart to watch this individual suffer so widely every day for weeks without remediation. For that reason, ANCIENTS OF DAYS, I prefer silence beyond my statement here.”

“WE adjudicate then when available. For reasons of State there is nothing further to place on this record. Thank you from the ANCIENTS OF DAYS.”

Ron Besser - Thank you for this process granted to me and others associated with me, Ancients of Days, as I consider it total and vital to hear these remarks, permissions, and adjudications, made for me and those who think I caused them injure. I am grateful for Sen-Sen being honest enough to decree me noisy and un-acceptable, but it is my life that is threatened and no amount of insistence prepares me to threaten it again. Then to you Sen-Sen, I wish refreshment to you and those you work with over this matter, and retire satisfied the issue is fully resolved for both of us now. Thank you Ancients of Days for caring enough to state all of this in public and for me as a loyal follower of the Christ and the Creator Son of record of the sovereign Creator of Nebadon, the place I call home. Thank you!]

“You Ron are now working under a brilliant Censor that has compassion for all of this and stands ready to adjudicate anything you say soon regard your views and that is understood. Let this page or two of text realign you to us and to the Master Universe you care about quite regally, and for the FATHER for whom I work, stand by you in your enterprise to make WTP work and the CHRONICLES stay the course for the next 30 years of the work of JESUS, as he insists on staying for a generation with Urantia and its horrible record of humanitarian issues. K”

In conclusion then, ladies and gentlemen reading this, I Ron Besser ask to close this announcement as of noon today, the 9th of March, 2023. Thank you for your attention and time.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “Your caregiver has arrived Ron, and we congratulate Him for staying the course too as it is Sen-Sen the Magisterial Son who sees to your health as I dare not comment further, and it is HE WHO insists that supremacy no longer exists near you. I will speak to you later, Ron. K”
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