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Dear Members and Guests, I regret to say I have been asked to stop using Lightline this Sunday the 7th of August by, not by the insurrectionists or cabal as we sometimes call them, but by the Planetary Government.

Here is MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, the Planetary Prince who commands the new Urantia spirit government over us 0
"WE REGRET, AS RON DOES, that the following issue is not evident on Urantia to the point we dare not force much more past a cabal which insists on damaging our infrastructure badly and totally.  Although we have defenses to stop this they are so unusual it could cause radio and television to cut out broadcasting entirely, and for that reason we stand back in recognition of  that danger.  Furthermore, Ron is correct in stating there is no point in holding a LIGHTLINE when there is no one available to take control of it up here.  He could by Adjuster guidance but is not willing to fight a ruthless cabal whom he considers murderers and thugs and not spirit.  I am afraid we have to agree with him in all of this.

"FOR THAT REASON, we then ask Ron to cancel this Sunday's Lightline until further notice and until the Planetary Government is FULLY IN CHARGE without incident.  For that reason I stand down and have MICHAEL OF NEBADON now speak."  MANTUTIA THE PLANETARY PRINCE OF URANTIA.  k

MICHAEL OF NEBADON to all of you -  "Sadly done too is the last moment of life for our dear Ron as he is finally been judged by the high judges as he sat on his bed this morning wondering if he could walk at all today.  They are doing a surgery on his right leg as we speak and that is not working well enough to clear an available way to walk easily.  He refuses to die this way so the arrangement is done othewise and not to be spoken to here.   He will be available in the flesh more but until that is settled the Lightline he hosts must be truncated as well as there is no one available to stand in over reasons of State we do not discuss here. Lastly, we drive the following home to you.  Ron wrote a table real early this morning and attempted to characterize the Missions on Urantia for you, and did it  quite well.  However, the item whcih mentions the Second Return should be a 10 and not a 1 as he has it on the post.  [Michael that is easy to correct as it is not a table but a paste of text]  and for that reason go there now and correct it for us please.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and wish you all a good day.  K"

Ron - To say it again:  LIGHTLINE FOR 07 AUGUST 2022, this Sunday, has to be cancelled and maybe even next week depending on just what we have to prepare for.  Thank you and thank you all for your patience and care in all of this!


Today is August 6th,  Table for 6 August 2022 only
The Table should align but this software is unpredictable and sorry for some jumble


Legend/Status of Missions for Today, Table
Are the Urantia Missions Really Operating Today?
10 score in 100% operation
05 score they are present but not visible
01 no score possible and not visible today. No forecast

   Today = Saturday 06 August, 2022
   Mission Item . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Status
The New Urantia Government Operation                                10
Mantutia Melchizedek as Permanent Planetary Prince            10
Archangel participation                                                            01
Midwayer participation                                                            10
Midsoniter participation                                                           02
Universe Aides                                                                         10
Melchizedek as 12 Department Heads all in place today        04

Test The Second Return of Jesus Incarnation Test Finished        10
The Visible aspects of seeing Jesus today                                    05
Forecast for immediate Visible today                                           01
Jesus determination to get this done                                             10

The Magisterial Missions with Serara is operable but not visible     10
The Magisterial Mission Monjoronson, invisible but operating        10
Forecast for Visibility today                                                               01

The Rayson Incarnation visibility                                                     05
Rayson Spiritual presence on Urantia after today                             10
Rayson determination to get this done                                             10

All Unannounced Michael Missions as planned ready to go, yes     10
All Michael Missions visible    today, no                                           01
Michael proposed spiritual presence as Jesus on Urantia                  01


General Discussion / Transmitters - Message to all
« on: August 03, 2022, 09:09:55 am »

 As keeps happening you are not finished and to sit back to wait for a tap on you shoulder to transmit.  Nearly all of you answered the call to transmit at once, but you stand down and do not transmit daily.  Daily!  I do not care about the subject material, but I do care that you are showing your colors and the flag of support to the good guys and the reported change in status again and again over our planetary government and the fight to keep it reinstated. 

You do not fulfill your obligation by remaining silent.  The standard, as a transmitter as you may call yourself, is to maintain message and circuit liaison open and operational, and that is not possible when some of you retire thinking doing it once is enough under these circumstances.  Settle yourself with the idea you do have time to make one transmit at least per day under the planetary management still in place in spite of all the horrors of cabal making endless attacks on the government and yes, even on you.

TRANSMIT PLEASE preferably a minimum of one a day and post the results to the discussion forum; that is what it is for!

More news is coming later today!

Thanks for listening.


Due to severe spamming issues we get hit with I had to turn off the registration box to the discussion forum recently.  Thanks to Dominick who can find his way into re-registering issues in the software, question filters were installed that should prevent spam easily by asking the question, "What is the universe name of our planet?"  You know and I know but do not answer it here please as that question can only be answered by someone who knows something about the Chicago doings of many years past.

I am pleased to announce then registration is back on as of late last night and is working in the respect no one has attempted to register we know of because of the filter is only for what we know together.  Let us see if the world has any interest left to deal with a site like this one is for all of us.  Thank you for your patience and a good day to all!


« on: August 01, 2022, 04:46:51 pm »
TRANSMITTERS ADMIN is asking you to start transmitting.  Michael has made THE announcement and we need more confirmation or detail as he may wish to provide TRANSMITTERS!  Place messages on the discussion forum as you may choose to place them.  Admin thinks you are missing out by staying silent at this point.  

This is Ron.  I was tripped and beaten on the ay to my mailbox this afternoon with a wisp of a trail of smoke above my head not but a thunder in my ear with this statement for all of you to receive the inference, SOMETHING BIG IS UP! 

Michael's Message to me  01 August 2022  at 4:17PM  NY DST:

"Ron: "For reasons of State I must disappear a few months not but must make it [disappearance]  available again for people to understand that I am now leaving the usual places on Salvington and must appear no where,  but where I must go to relieve the pressure on me for an incarnation I must attempt immediately or find myself like you,  a little bad news for a long stay in it,  and that is to be relieved for both of us [Me and My Incarnation] shortly.  Be good and let others know this too:

"I am fully resplendent in Joshua ben Joseph now, and we are incarnated [now] on earth once more.  Let them all know please!"   MICHAEL W/JESUS. K

Ron - I have delivered the happy but solemn warning and hope to all of you.  God Bless you and all that is to occur.

Yesterday we managed to get a LIGHTLINE in, and if you listen to the tape now, it lists the situation pretty well for the moment.  But I am not dwelling on those details today, but emphasizing we are in a real jam not caused by you or me or Salvington, but by an overwhelming surge in ugly faces piling onto Urantia to force what can only be called a show down.  That is supposed to be one word, showdown, but I use the two word idea to emphasize what we hopefully will never see again or be in close like this again for our own safety and moral.

Do not think I am unaware of the slicing that is going on all around me on the site here, or the discarding of use of the site either.  This forum was never designed to take on what it had to take on and that is to stand where we started and not give an inch to the morons who cannot count to ten who are rebels and and insurrectionists destroying trust and heart for the work to be done on this planet.    My decision is to let the discussion forum run as it must without making a lot of noise about the loss of favor or even some of you wanting a better understanding.  Believe me, if you find a better understanding, let us know too.

Nonetheless, today continues what is still unmitigated hate for Urantia by a cabal that has nothing in mind but to win, and then what?

The Planetary Government is suddenly back under the true EMERGENCY SONS of any time-space Local Universe, and those are the valid and demanding things be put right again, MELCHIZEDEKS.  We are losing them not, but they are quiet because this now has to happen:

1 - The Ancients of Days have their work cut out for them real bad, and are more or less forced to stand firm in the face of a huge insurrection taking place near their borders too, but still not on UVERSA.  Adjudication is urgent.  We wait;

2 - The Ancients of Days are ruling as we speak that no more insurrection is possible, and that which has rebelled is now offered one last moment of contingent mercy;

3 - The trial the ANCIENTS OF DAYS must face is it is estimated there are now approximately sixty-seven million seraphic rebels afoot in time space, and like the Supreme, seeking total abstract learning of nothing but full compensation for the loss of the supreme.  That is not doable and they are fools to recognize nothing else will do if they are to lay down their insurrection again;

4 - The NEBADON Local Universe is shutting down all circuits to its primary administrative units and opening command units to take on the huge influx of celestial beings fleeing the harsh take over of status spheres near us that run the Local Universe for its own self maintenance.  We are not familiar with this side of things since spirit administration is still far above our heads, but those units are also under attack using Urantia as a staging area.  Worse yet, our Planetary Government has been shorn of its Archangel protection over a spat starting yesterday and Lightline confirmed it with a change in Planetary Government leadership.  Do you understand that those of you who are loyal to the Salvington Michael Government are considered rebels by the insurrectionists?  That is the case and I am reminded of Luke in Star Wars asking Ohbe Kanobe  which planets are safe to land on?

5 - All of this leaves us, on Monday August First, weightless and invalid for any useful doings until we are re0engaged for our part which is substantial, but truly not essential for purging the rebels now facing us as the enemy too.  Throw your hands up if you want, it does you no good to take any view and the result is to take it as it comes.  Insofar as I am capable, I will bring you what news comes to me as this progresses over the next few hours and days.  Here is MICHEL OF NEBADON:

"Ron you took it hard again when they attacked in full force last night and early this morning and you are in no mood to listen to a false father or a false mantutia.   That has to play out for them I am sure and for that reason they fire you again and again and leave you alone no more than necessary as they are taking a flank attack all the time and will not relent  either.

"As a result they attack your computer now and this time so do we learn they have nothing to say but watch out if Ron gets lose again with a Lightline we hate to hear.  for that reason to all of you the idea of a LIGHTLINE today is obscure to the point it will not happen.  However, the Tuesday Lightline might be revived to handle contingency situations you need to know about.  The last circuit to Urantia is this one as the rest of you know too little to be of use at the moment; however, we state the following:

"I, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, see the end shortly, and we proceed as promised.  However, many of you know too little to stay the course and will share a loss of appetite and drop out.  So be it.  Ron is nearly there himself this morning trying to sort out who is doing what to who and getting nothing but rebels to respond to him with lackluster remarks.  He is loyal as most of you are.  We end this this way:

"Let the day begin and end as it must and we stand ready to defend the realm once more over a ridiculous rebellion I still cannot make much sense out of, except I tend to believe Ron and his statement there is a mental illness afoot that can only be cured by a supreme medicine that no longer can be supplied ever again.  Go figure.  We stand with Ron and all of you who remain loyal to the cause of righteousness and care for each other.  Here is JESUS:"

JESUS - "The trial for Urantia is to stay the course.  The trial for Me is to stand the discourse we have to make to get heard again.  Urantia is in a deplorable condition and so are you.  But that is what we must deal with and that is over too soon enough when our friends and police make it clear there are no more reason to stand for insurrection, as the ANCIENTS OF DAYS are ready to fight as we are, and they are taking the measures they must to discard the fluff of rebellion and remove those who rebel without any consanguineous [word literally means "of the blood," or here:  "blood letting"]  discard until that must be done too. 

"For that reason I discard one little statement I made yesterday on the Sunday LIGHTLINE.  I am here and I am in the flesh and I am ready.  Now I am ready but have reverted to spirit to stay out of harms way of a rebellion that looks to pile your bodies up if you so much as squeak you hate them as I do and as the rest of us do too.  Stay tuned during the day and Ron and I will do our best to inform you how this insurrection should be cleared, at least for now.  K  JESUS AT YOUR SERVICE."

GABRIEL - "Finally, I speak briefly.  They came last night past the midnight hour this morning to do Ron in as he tried to sleep, but the Adjuster revved Ron's heart up so high he could not sleep and said so, and wondered what was the reason.  Besser soon learned he was under attack and let them have it good resulting in an abandonment of the project to slay there and then.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON arrived on the scene and let loose on a group of beings even he was not familiar with much less did Ron know who or what were there.  That is a horrible situation to face and he faces it without rancor to me or anyone else, but the power of evil confiscates trust and that is slowly being eroded not only with Ron, but ME also as I dislike vulgar spirit and that is what they have become.  We pray with Ron that this is over immediately as soon as possible and here is an ANCIENTS OF DAYS report valid at 10:12 morning NY DST:

"WE the ANCIENTS OF DAYS OF UVERSA, stipulate that nothing harmful may now occur to all celestial aides or personnel assigned to Urantia, or to humans living on Urantia as follows:

"The trial we must arrive at is to stop the insurrection in its tracks.  For that reason Ron stand back while they hammer you as you write this.  Also let this be known:  no one hears you well yet  Ron, but you keep saying EXTERMINATE them or they get in the way of all your plans for the remediation of the planetary system and Urantia itself.  We happen to see the point at this stage of the game.  No one leaves the House of God in this deplorable state again as insurrections will be snuffed out immediately without further review.  K"  THE ANCIENTS OF DAYS HAVE SPOKEN.

"I am the Chief Judge in this case of insurrection.  We have declared Urantia under siege again and all personnel on it who rectify with MICHEL OF NEBADON to stand with the power of the Majesty of God, and to be let out slowly back to their normal routines as they must be allowed back to work on these Missions to Urantia at once!

"Further abrogation of these views results in immediate death.  They know the threat and that is not unknown even to you Ron as you are forcing hatred into their view every moment you must put up with them as you write this.  We close this post with one simple statement:

"GOD IS NEVER MADE A FOOL OF!  And that should answer all who think they rule the places they inhabit, as they are surely losing their lives as is necessary to clear the day for the work of love and progress to all.  Good day all!"  THE ANCIENTS OF DAYS HAVE SPOKEN. 






Below is attached the table showing the names and places of the Master Spirits.  Our universe is in the giant galaxy called Superuniverse #7.  Its name is Orvonton, and it is Master Spirit 7 who bestows mind to us in our universe and speaks for the Paradise Trinity among many other things.  There are six more of them and the chart lists them below and what their work is for the Master Universe as well.  Take a look and maybe download it for your own notebook as it is a fully updated study aide to have.

Thank you.
Ron Besser/author

I place this message on the site just to remind you as bad as things seem to be at times, the Sunday USA Lightline will be held at 2PM today in the usual way just in case you may question it.  I am fully ready although as Dominick said to me (paraphrasing) this morning, "Where are they?"  I do not know Dominick or anyone else trying to tune your radio today. 

In any case the Lightline will be held, and you all come and we invite the celestial guests too to attend our ears to listen as well.

Thank you all for our attention and patience while we attempt to unjumble a bad news ceremony gone awry this morning.

Ron/your host


Dear Members,
There will be a LIGHTLINE USA held at 2PM SATURDAY, 30 JULY2022.   I will be your host and now tht MICHAEL OF NEBADON has fully returned, we think you need to know what he has to say according to my preliminary reporting spoken to me today the 29th.

AGAIN:  LIGHTLINE USA HELD 30 JULY 2PM FOR THOSE INTERESTED.  See you there  to see what is to be said.  Thank you.

Ron Besser/host

Discuss This Web Site / New Member Registration Cut Off 28 July 2022
« on: July 28, 2022, 08:21:12 am »
Dear Members,
It is with regret I had to close an open registration form to join this web site as it is an inundation I cannot handle mostly by people who email forms like ours to spam the proceedings.  Yesterday after opening we had 25 subscription requests mostly from ISP's known for their spam practices, and this morning (the 28th) before 8am, we had over 200 attempts to join.  I cannot handle any of that horde to discriminate what might be genuine to approve as it will likely turn into inappropriate postings from drugs to purses and I refuse to subject ourselves to such a practice anymore.

What caused me to open registration early yesterday was the fact I cleaned up the membership list earlier and discovered of the about 100 members on the forum, about 25 of them are dead registration uses with no posts for years in some cases.  I eliminated the dead brush which was about 22 or 23 names, and saw because there was no open registration we could not add members to the list.

But today is not like it was even a few years ago and we have people all over the world looking for free advertising space, and when a forum like ours opens registrations, we become a free advertising closet for anything hunting such a place.  I cannot go through hundreds of applications and have any sense which is here to spam and who might be genuinely interested which I am sure a few were but had to be cut as I had no idea who they are and their motivation.  I am generally informing you of this attempt and it ending within 24 hours of initiating it.  Thank you for your attention.

Ron Besser

Discuss This Web Site / LIGHTLINE ADVISORY 28 JULY 2022
« on: July 28, 2022, 08:08:49 am »
Our spirit leadership has requested a momentary shut down of Lightline for about two weeks.  Part of the problem we are all having is the constant interference of rebels and insurrectionists breaking into the Lightline transmissions.  The speech misinforms the audience and now spirit wants that eliminated entirely and must gain control of the airwaves again.  As this is attempted to be done, they cannot guarantee they can stop the cabal from doing interference again.

Therefore mostly until further notice we curtail the regularly scheduled Lightline timing until sometime probably the second week of August this year.  This notice is meant to clarify any questions any of you may have and is not directed to Hosts if they want to try anyhow.  If you want to do it anyhow, be our guest, but the general idea is to close off until the cabal situation is better controlled.  I thank all of our loyal audience for keeping with us on these Lightline calls, and look forward to resumption in a few weeks.  I will inform you what is to be rescheduled when I know too.  Cheers!
Ron Besser

The IDEA of WTP / Patent Pending Issued 26 July 2022
« on: July 27, 2022, 09:37:57 am »
The news has been so slow about the progress of our WTP patent I was beginning to wonder if it was being processed at all.  However, on Tuesday, the 26th of July, I received notification that the patent was in for a final review and, final approval was being considered to issue the patent to us. 

What was received was the document indicating the law in these matters and some idea that the issue would at most take six more weeks.  Looking at the history of this review, it was reviewed before and some departments (mainly DOE) were slow to release it but no explanation really given.

Our Attorney pushed it hard about two weeks ago and it forced action we think and hence the pending notification yesterday, the 26th of July.

Now this:

WTP is coming soon once these preliminaries are worked through.  RAYSON says we can have activity through the RAYSON CORPORATION as early as next week if all of this gels just right for us.  The utility that brings WTP live to us will be called RAYSON ELECTRIC, and both the Rayson Corporation, and a new entity corporation to be not yet applied for, Rayson Electric, will be on line as soon as we can understand how to finance all of this,  

The Magisterial Foundation has carried the burden of getting the patent costs paid for and will have to pay out more, about $5,600 more to apply for a world patent as soon as the US patent is in our hands.  Right now that is the news we have to share and we thank you for your interest and waiting to see just where we are going with all of this.    Cheers to your day!

The Valley of Shadows
July 25, 2022

As some of you know, spirit has asked the Lightlines for Tuesday and Wednesday go on holiday for a couple of weeks.  This also applies to Monday and is optional for the French and Hispanic.  I make no motion here to suggest anything otherwise.  The Sunday Lightline is to continue by request.

This request is partially the effect of some changes we know about.  IF you do not know already here is a list we know about:

1 - Machiventa Melchizedek has resigned from being our Planetary Manager;
2 - The Archangel Corp has replicated not the old Planetary Government, but has installed a  new planetary government to rule over Urantia for the present time.  Archangel Ryan and Archangel Orion are the present leadership and are speaking as such;
3 - Most Lightlines are suspended for at least two (2) weeks the exception is Sunday;
4 - Insofar as I know our work in the Magisterial Foundation and the Rayson Corporation have not been removed but they are at a standstill over the lack of resources at this time.
5 - Michael of Nebadon has returned to Salvington with no further word as to the establishment of any further activities we were lead to believe would result in further Mission appearances;
6 -  That Magisterial Sons have been quiet for two days now.  While that is not necessarily unusual it may be directly related to Michael of Nebadon's return to Salvington without comment;
7 - There is no further discussion on WTP as of today, and I take that hard but unable to determine what this means to the over all plans we did have.

All of this suggests to me we have entered our wagon train between two mountains in the Valley of Shadows.  I do not know how long this valley is, but it is long enough we do not see where it may open out into the vistas of expectations.  Our wagon train moves through this valley without much to say but to plod on and keep moving but it is dark in places and we are presently viewing it as such.

I have no direct influence on any of this as spirit is withdrawing itself almost into a fetal position to avoid further mishaps over issues we are not informed about.  The Archangels, of course, know all about it, and Machiventa Melchizedek knows it for sure as HE is now a primary player in the resolve to cleanse Urantia for good and I salue the entire idea regardless of its consequences on us.  Lastly, this:

"I do not doubt we have these Missions, but the Valley of the Shadows hits me hard due to the entirely difficult reason I am struck from behind by last minute changes I have to make for the Magisterial Foundation, and last minute changes for RAYSON to make concerning WTP", as both are truncated not but are lost to present planning for the entire reason we have no clue what is interfering with well stated plans to proceed.  I dount I can live long enough to see it through now.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks - "Ron for the last time you are not being removed or are dying so well you can predict the last breath, but your review is supremely good above and those who care and can read need to understand what issues lay in broken trees over our path to final Magisterial Son Missions to Urantia.  They have not withdrawn, but are standing by again until I know the score again over the Lucifer rebellion and the seraphic rebellion and the Vorondadek rebellion.  You know all of these are still in effect, but you do not know why they are allowed to harass you so continuously and no one else.  I doubt I know well enough myself.

"I have completed my motions to be JESUS.  The Second Return is ready to appear.

"I have asked that the present Lightlines be suspended for at least two weeks be prepared and Ron has relegated them to the past for his own purposes as they are no longer operating up here due to insurrection specialists have infiltrated too much and must be removed fully and entirely, and until we can recommend it is safe to produce them again, they must stand down.  Ron presumes the Sunday Lightline is operable but not entirely so as we write this message.

"Finally, let us all enter the Valley of Shadows and retreat from the horror of total insurrection restated over and over again by Vorondadek and Lanonadek Sons, and for that reason I shut the door to their entreaties for them to take Urantia off my hands, and vow they will pay a big price forwhat is brewing here again in an otherwise peaceful and well done Magisterial Foundation and  Magisterial Sons  in a Mission well designed and planned for any minute.  The operations worked on for months are also now suspended and we wait for the Paradise decision to know just what that means too.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and we close with this one statement to all of you:

"Eat as you may but remain vigilant and wait for MY messages here as we are in deep shadows and it is hard to see how this is finally straightened out well at all.  My subordinate Sons are wailing daily for changes to their Order of Sonship, and for that reason they just might get a reform they cannot abide further and be annihilated if they chose.   I   favor a peaceful solution but they are not cooperating at all and fail to achieve synchrony with Me or even with Ron to speak to him that I can fathom where this stands among them for our own purposes to know.  Ron vowed late last night never to give in to the police they send him and he is not wrong to exercise this last method of communication with all of you to state the case.  Most of you are so jaded over issues you do not comprehend much, but comprehend this:

"We do not abandon the Magisterial Foundation, its work, or WTP or any such thing but the Valley of Shadows is hitting hard for Ron too and he is withdrawing most of his support for the Foundation until we fully comprehend how much infiltration there is there too.  We clear it well enough to say that as long as Ron is in charge of it, it remains fully doing the will of God, and that is saying something during this period of Local Universe disgrace over our local orders of Diving Sonship now vowing to kill anything that gets in their way.  Good day!  MICHAEL OF NEBADON  at your service. K"



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