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« Reply #15 on: October 25, 2019, 13:48:34 pm »
I am happy to contribute financially in the way you suggest. It seems that it would make most sense for someone else in close proximity to York, PA to do the coordination of it, in the event power & communication goes out. At least that makes it easier for that person & Ron to communicate.
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« Reply #16 on: October 26, 2019, 00:08:04 am »
In relation to contributions, it would be much more practical for me to send contributions directly to a personal Ron account because I don't have an active credit card anymore, and instead, I can make a transfer from my account to his account. Very good also that there is a person to whom that transfer can be made. Here the bank requires me Name and address of the recipient; name of the bank and account number, finally for international transfers the SWIFT CODE. I have always thought that the administration of the site is very cmplex and expensive, so any contribution would help a little. I think that a contribution every six months is much more comfortable. Thank you

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« Reply #17 on: October 26, 2019, 13:44:54 pm »
I have been racking my brain try to figure out how to help you Ron with the payment for the website.  I do not feel that it is a good idea for any of us to individually handle it ourself as that can pose a lot of problems.  What if we get too much money?  What if there is not enough?  I think it could become problematic if we try to receive currencies from many different countries into our personal accounts.  

I did some research on something call silver bills.  It is an online company that pays bills for seniors and checks them for accuracy and fraud etc.  They have a  A+ rating with the BBB.  The downside is that it costs about $60.00 per month, (I think) but that may not be as bad as it seems.  If only ten people participated, it would only be an extra $6.00 each, and I think a lot more that 10 would participate.  Also you could use this service to pay your other bills as well.  

I have included a link  from Forbes magazine about it as well as their official website.  You may want to check out this option and I am sure that the added cost could easily be absorbed by the forum members.
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« Reply #18 on: October 26, 2019, 16:15:38 pm »
Without discrimination to any suggestions so far, let me just say, when we make it difficult to occupy a simple solution to do something, we must shy away from doing it at all.  I know darn well we have the capacity to do maintenance of this nature easily if we were sitting in the cafeteria chawing away at lunch and just talking.  

I am in a transition of my own ways and trying to relieve pressures I normally do not mind, but lately the need to meet expenses and do what I do seems so extra hard.  Those who fully appreciate finding others of their own love of God in the form of almost me a psychic of some sorts to help with the news and changes above us, are truly able and capable of taking some of this on to help me relieve the pressures a little.  However, when we get to talking about how to gather the riches needs to keep us going, through organizational means, it becomes a logistical pill I do not want to place on any of you. 

Now just to remind you:  I want to dissolve Starbridge Group.  That is the charity you donate to for money to run this site.  I use PayPal because they convert foreign currency to domestic USD's when you use them and charge a 2.9% fee, give or take depending on how much and what country it is from. Starbridge pays that fee and the donor does not.  But Starbridge Group has won the day and a number of battles with the tax man, but the tax man never stops showing up and wants to know everything and I am tired of him.  Let us be in peace and I will put the button back up on the site to accept donations through PayPal  and continue that until the corporation no longer exists.  We can continue that arrangement since the money you donate goes directly to that account whether I call it SG or a kitty for the discussion form as I will keep  that money always separate from any personal business I do including the Magisterial Foundation.

Second, I still like the idea of all who want to that you have a direct hand in supporting this your site with what you wish to, and to have someone take on those cost upkeep responsibilities.  But you or someone has to take it on and be the cookie jar to keep our egg money in it, ad pay out regularly when these bills come in.  With five, ten or thirty of you, that is not a hard burden to share, but it must never become a burden.  For that reason I will indemnify that person with my version of a bank and stand behind you if for some reason we fall short paying out of the cookie jar whether it is a charity corporation or I just get rid of that headache over the tax man over not. 

Someone needs to step forward and organize it, make it real, and how to donate to it without difficulties to the donor. I rather not be in the mix at all except to say I will indemnify the person who takes on this organization and payment to maintain us here.  Tat means, when you tell me not enough is available to pay the bill.  I will make up the difference.  The account should start with about two to three thousand dollars in it, and that allows a little room in case we fall short sometimes in maintaining a donation level to meet every contingency.  This is not unlike establishing a group help fund for a sick friend, or something like that, and keep it simple and direct and figure out in what way donations can be received without getting snarled up with currencies and taxes.  The organizer needs to understand it is a burden but how lightly it may be to you is entirely up to you.  Being thanked hardly ever happens either but the donation itself is a big thank you to the organizer; remember that. 

I will let this stop now and thank you for talking and thinking about all of this to keep us group well done and needful to have something like this going.  Thank you!  Ron


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