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The Jesus Return?
« on: October 10, 2023, 10:22:52 am »
2023-10-10 The Jesus return?

Good morning All!

Thank you Father, and TA and Michael, and Margul, and Melchizedek, and all involved, Tarkas, . . .

Is there anyone who would like to speak?


Here is a question from me: Hamas says Israel does not have a right to exist, and they are dedicated to eliminating Israel from the face of the earth. People in Palestine elected these leaders 15 years ago, and now they have to live under their regime. They may not want to, but they have to.

Iran applauds their war, because Iran sponsors and supports terror, as part of their philosophy that Islam should rule the world.
So we have a full fledged war going on.
Welcome Lord Jesus!
Are you on this planet now? Did you go back to Salvington to regroup?
Is there a planetary headquarters destroyed right now?

As above, so below, so they say. On earth, as it is in heaven.

Dear God, what do we do? Biden is supporting Israel. Are YOU supporting Israel? Do we turn another cheek? Do we accept all that could be done TO us and respond spiritually?
Hezekiah the king laid the letter before the Lord and prayed O Lord, Help!
And you did. You turned the enemy against themselves!
(II Chronicles 32:1-23)

There are wonderful possibilities that could arise out of this.
Dear God, Your will be done.
Dear Father. You know where we are. You know your people. We may not be heroes. We live far apart. What shall we do? Our prayers to you, Father, and Trinity, must arise from a place of spiritual purity.
You have no anger against the Hamas. or the Iranians. You regard them as "erring children". Your encouragement for them to change falls on deaf ears, but you have time on your side.
In the parable of the prodigal son, there is no mention of how long it took for the son to realize his predicament. That was one of Jesus' favorite parables.

People are dying. But they will arise in the mansion worlds with new directives on what choices to make. Families left behind are the ones who can build on the experience of forgiveness and tolerance. Please help all involved in such tragedy to see the "silver lining" as they say, to rebuild even from the first day with the attitude of forgiveness.