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What we can do
« on: October 06, 2020, 10:16:09 pm »
Dear Ron,

Thank you for starting the discussion about what the average person would do when faced with the return of Jesus.

People are like sheep. They follow their favorite persons, of whatever profession, and seek their advice whether it is their expertise or not. Every entertainment figure is sought for advice. Would Jesus do well to meet with these various influential people as an incognito? As a "Boss Under Cover"?

When people are faced with the return of Jesus, much will depend on their previously held notion of what Jesus is like. If that person reads the Bible to find out what Jesus said or did about whatever, that person would more likely be reached by Jesus in a face to face situation.
There are many, many people who want to do the right thing. They want to do good things for their fellows, or for the environment or for the earth. Many with money or resources want to help.
Jesus can meet with people who can make important decisions, such as financiers, politicians, environmentalists, lawmakers, what have you. A personal one-on-one meeting with these people can make all the difference in their outlook and actions, creating a whole new following of their own, based on their encounter with Jesus.

Jesus incognito can influence all kinds of actions and decisions among people who embrace the solutions as their own. World leaders are looking for fresh solutions, and an informal encounter with Jesus as Joe Blow could make all the difference in future legislation or policies.

All along the way solutions can be found that are tempered by moderation and temperance. Fruits of the Spirit, as we know them as love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith can all be expressed in the actions of people who have had personal encounters with Jesus.


What would Jesus do when he returns? A physical presence, with administration buildings, employees, etc, can come later. Getting on the media could well be something that evolves after meeting with those influential people who in turn affect their followers.

Will there be an end to Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? I doubt it. because these very media can be the very ones to turn people toward Jesus, naysayers notwithstanding. There will be a lot of discussion, for and against, but a naysayer simply needs to be convinced. Jesus staying neatly out of reach can be a way to dissolve those objections.

We remember from the Urantia book that Jesus (and the Father) are masters of delegating. From the very beginning, Jesus delegated responsibilities of various kinds to his disciples. From early on the Disciples had to stand on their own two feet and speak with the people. Later, when they were sent out two by two the disciples did not have Jesus' ready presence to answer questions or help them out of a fix. What I am expecting to see upon Jesus Coming, is that he would give speaking assignments to his followers (us!) to speak on his behalf. I am convinced that he will be encouraging to us as long as the outcomes are good -- and the people we speak with are edified and there results fruits of the Spirit, such as joy, peace, patience, temperance, and moderation; and that sensitive issues such as abortion and homosexuality are treated with good outcomes, however the word is spoken.

If Jesus gives us speaking assignments like he did his disciples, the growth will be slow, but with the social and mass media, word can get around much faster.

We will not, and neither will Jesus, be responsible for other people's beliefs and warped opinions. Everyone is responsible for their own beliefs and attitudes. How our beliefs are shaped is not God's doing. Our beliefs are a result of our own freewill. But God can intervene and present circumstances that will help us change those beliefs for better ones. And that is where we come in. We have to be sensitive to the backgrounds and cultural influences that helped create the beliefs prevalent in a society, and be ready to listen to the reasons behind the freewill choices that formulate in each persons mind and soul. Our willingness to accept people for what they have made of themselves has to be shown as respect, and every sort of kindness and patience has to be employed to reach them with truly life-changing ideas from above. How easy it would be to harbor a little bit of arrogance or self righteousness! How easy it would be to want to "fix" this or that.

Jesus might be quiet now just so that we might formulate in our minds just what are the values we wish to seek, to settle in our minds the realization of how long this might take. Rebooting the Universe computer, reprogramming Universe software (which incidentally might be alive!) creating new entities, solving rebel problems is not going to happen in an instant. Good thing life extensions are a possibility. Meanwhile, learning a new language, as Mother Eve suggested, could well be sign language, computer language, the language of math, language of music, or indeed a spoken language. But keep in mind, English as a second language is becoming more prevalent in the world for economic and international transactions. So learn English well!

If Jesus is quiet, that doesn't mean we should be. What happens under our hat is more important now that it has ever been.

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Re: What we can do
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2020, 10:58:24 pm »
Carole, you obviously has thought about this a lot.  Good and I hope others do that too as it is the only way you and others can mitigate conflicts within your own minds and hearts about Jesus, and what he intends to do in spite of what you think he should do.  It is bound to happen that way probably with me too.

I look at the Jesus proposals which I have listed in 10 points in Bulletin 19.  You will probably be surprised by a few of them already, but I  take the attitude that I have no satisfactory clue how to fix a broken civilization like this one is where even the consensus of how to live well is so contentious no government can be fully unified running such countries even such as the United States.

Your psychology I think is well grounded in the work you do and your observation of the people who go to church and even their tendency to be collectively of one mind before the preacher but somewhat contrary if faced with a similar situation in their own homes.  Man is a contradiction on most questions sine his ignorance is profoundly working in spite of a college education which does not prepare students for life but how to work within a capatilistic society,  You will likely note that even a humanitarian must accept moeny by foundations and social organizations which demand you meet certain standards that are mostly not humanitarian in nature at all.

That said, I will be honest with you and will gladly tell Jesus, since I have no clue how to bring unity to thought I will gladly work with your idea of how to make unity of support and thought for important institutions like a government under one roof and one religion where, whoever else they admire in religion, that the Universal Father is the cause of all and of those they admire too.  That is all it really takes for one religion in spite of cultural and language differences.

What I hope happens is that even the congregation you are used to Carole, sees the man Jesus and exports to him the trust he is right and allow the experiment to unfold until it is a congressional law in the United States.  And then that it spread to other countries first like Canada and then to Europe and then to South America until there is a wold consensus that we are in a new age, and  there is at last someone who knows how to truly lead people like us to our own redemption, in the sense of our own flesh and blood being resurrected in the ideal of a Jesusonian balance of wealth and power of thought and community.

Jesus already knows how to deal with racial epitaphs; how to deal with gender scraps, and why abortion may be no one's business but the concern for a morality that starts it in the first place to be a big issue.  These things are already partially settled in the Urantia Book I might add if you are capable of readidng between those line well stated by the First Revelatory Commission.  Further that which Jesus has to say has been somewhat said in Bulletin 19, but I dare not release it yet for the simple reason we have our own disagreements within the various camps in spirit which support the return of Jesus, but cannot see how he is going t o make progress with a civilization that has to be explained to that there really is a God and that God demands a certain amount of respect.  You will have militias after Him when he disciplines those cowards I assure you and they are complaining not about government but about having to live in a pluralistic society where government encourages such against their will.

That is why Bulletin 19 states categorically the liaison forces will support and surround the Second Return and will deal with lethal intent if anyone dare approach Jesus with evil intentions.

The subject is endless Carole, but we made a good start with thought into it, and I thank you for your  thoughst and concerns and insights into who will react and in what way.  I am mighty curious about all of it myself and work hard to keep netureal in public but I hope Jesus gives them hell  those who create hell on earth themselves.

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