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A bit of information for those desiring to become transmitters and maybe some new info for everyone.  As show on Sundays LightLine I was asked to try my first transmission. I choke but did make it thru a short test.  Also it had been mentioned on the Forum there were many teachers of on high ready to help any individual that wanted to learn. So I had asked and a volunteer Angel was sent to help me out and after having 2 lessons a day with her I was able to get thru this first transmission, no spectacular information given but it was super spectacular to me.  What follows below is a session I have with my Angel today: Her name is Sophia, ask for her you won't be disappointed.
                                    Today's session

Hello Sophia are you nearby today, I have things to ask you.
Yes George I may not always nearby but I am always within hearing distance of when you show up and ready to help you anyway I can, so tell me what’s on your mind.
Well Sophia just a bit ago after arising from a nap I had some questionable thoughts and seems I had my own answer almost immediately after my thought. So was wondering is it you or my Thought Adjuster or any spiritual being almost immediately give me an answer right after I ask myself it?
Well now George you have made a new discovery and a very helpful one too. Yes that is true you may be given your answers almost as immediately as you think your question, and of course it will be given by someone who knows the answer. I myself am of an angelic origin not really all that much higher than you on the ascending stairs to Paradise, so I myself do not have all the answers you are looking for.  As you or anyone has the faith and ability to listen there are those above that can give you an immediate answer and you do not even have to be in a formal setting such as you are now here with me. And obviously some of your questions may be questions of state whereas you or other mortals are not ready at that particular time to get an answer, but that would be made known to you too.
Me:  So then Sophia are you here strictly to only help me advance and become more comfortable with doing transmissions, or at certain times you can also answer other questions that you would be allowed to answer?
Sophia:  Well George that is possible a few times depending on the question but I would prefer most questions be answered by some higher being in the know and able to answer, and if they are not around directly I would check and see if someone could show up and give you a proper reply but remember certain questions may be questions of state that will have to be answered at a time someone is ready and there are also those questions that will never be answered. So do you have another question now?
Me:  Well my mind has been full of questions Sophia, but I can’t pick out another particular question now and you have clarified a lot on my mind today just now,  I thank you so much Sophia for your help and I will call on you at least once daily until I get real comfortable with transmitting and hopefully becoming a worthwhile asset to the Magisterial Mission

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Contacting possible new Transmitters
« on: November 12, 2020, 07:42:17 am »

  I am the George mentioned a couple times a few days ago in the Forum and LightLine.  I discovered the Urantia Book 3+ yrs ago but never joined any of the Book foundations.  Just this past Jan 2020 I came across the Serara Form and found it very interesting and in the order of what I had been reading. I was totally amazed at Ron’s capabilities and the other Transmitters too and thought it would be great to learn that ability myself. About a month ago after reading a few techniques I gave it a try. For about a week at the same time daily I grabbed a notebook and pencil and sat in a chair to write.  I was concentrating to hear an actual voice to copy but did not hear a thing. After a bit thoughts quickly appeared in my mind and I started to write them down. At the end I read it over and to me it looked like it was my ego doing the writing and a week later I still thought it had been my ego as there hadn’t been any Spiritual topics noted, so I gave it up and even wondered if I had  a Thought Adjuster or not.  This past weekend especially Sundays LightLine it gave better description of how to do it so I tried again.  This time I sat at the computer with Word loaded up. I then had a quick thought that maybe Tarkas might show up as he has been saying a lot lately on the Form and LightLine.  I no more than put my hands on the keyboard and I started to type, without hearing a thing.  “Hello George, this is Tarkas”  I almost fell out of my chair but I typed out some interesting new news which I will not go into.  But see one wishing or learning to Transmit does NOT have to sit there and think or listen for a voice or whatnot, Just Start Doing It  I was able thru Ron to find out IT WAS a real transmit ion later and again I thought it had been my ego as I never heard a word.
  Now a couple related things lately is all about the New Universal Age, Jesus’s return, and the great need for many more transmitters to spread the word about these and the new Spiritual Government on Urantia plus Advisory 30 and Advisory 31.  Just today it was stated that the Urantia Book Foundation is agreeable to attend the meeting in York. Hopefully so. But all the different Book foundations should be there to form a united front to support the new Spiritual Government and Jesus’s return.  Aside from who eventually participates those former Organizations did provide a tremendous service to get the Urantia Book Published and attracting thousands or even tens of thousands of people to become familiar with the information in that Book and those members will be some of the first to understand what’s about to happen. Whether the organizations did not evolve spiritually there are thousands of people world-wide who have a basic understanding of what was said.  Now whether the administrators of these organizations are standing on the wrong side of the fence, there has to be thousands of members there that are sitting ON the fence undecided and maybe even thousands are standing on the true side of the fence. Now that leaves us with thousands of people many of which could become transmitters.  My suggestion is that those of you who have been with Ron in the early days up to now or if you remember any ones names from those earlier days and even ones you know from these recent days you let then know of the methods presented here to give it a try and even to check out the Serara Forum and join up.  There is a lot of potential out there that just need to be informed.

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