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Just to advise, Julio, the pole shift is not the tectonic plate rumbles you will hear near you when they happen.  I suspect tectonic plate shift in some place will be triggered by the proposed pole shift and axis change.  But all of this is a very complex set of geophysical actions and you have to be a very powerful spirit to know what is what when they do happen.  But tectonic plates are not usually involved with a pole change but this one is so large it could trigger the Pacific plates in particular.  Ron


“I am pleased to say that Ron has captured exactly what we wanted him to od this morning and early afternoon, and that is to post a donation link to help maintain this web site.  It is very valuable to us as outreach to the rest of Urantia, and it is quite valuable to places like China and Russia which do listen to our reports on currency fluctuations and policies we will provide once we are on Urantia and operating as we should in a Magisterial Mission of great quality.

“I am now providing a policy statement from the Magisterial Mission itself:


SERARA, CHIEF OF THE MAGISTERIAL MISSION - “We are experiencing a decided shift in our regular concerns for currency exchanges as they happen in the present world trade imbalances and other trading issues not yet on the table for discussion between the United States and China, and various other countries in which the United States is changing its agreements for trade with them or collectively.  We are processing our concerns this way:

“Natural causes will likely bring down the usual ways to trade in the near future.  The present predictions we have is that Urantia will undergo a pole shift in about six weeks (today is Oct 22, 2018 1400 New York Time DST) and if this properly proceeds, we will have a dark period on earth beginning sometime near the end of Novermber and perhaps early December, depending on the exact date of the dark period to being.

“It is a matter of chance which part of Urantia is in the lighted area from your sun is over you, and which area of the earth you are in that is in the dark shadow at that time.  Our forecast is that York, Pennsylvania, USA, will be in the twilight area between total darkness and bright sunlight, but it cannot be predicted so well as to be sure of that.

“In any case, the event will cause shipping and rail traffic to almost cease, and the trucking firms will have problems of polarity affecting engine running perhaps.  We are not clear as to how this may transpire with electronic starting and stopping in the newer engines used on Urantia today.  Meanwhile, be assured there will be trade problems and eruptions of great need for certain goods during this pile shift that will also affect the axis tilt of the planet too.

“As a result of this event coming very close, we are to insure that currencies should be protected while we wait for earth to right itself and get back to its diurnal cycles which may affect daylight and dark at slightly different times than Urantia has been used to for millennia.

(Pole Shift Approximate Dates Given next)
“I will institute a ban on all currency manipulation during the period of the pole shift which we estimate is dated roughly from 9am, 28 November,  New York Time standard time. Daylight Savings Time ends in the New York time zone at 2am November 4th this year which is a Sunday, and the pole shift event will end, we believe, about January 5th or 6th 2019, at about noon, New York standard time.  During the period more less from 28 November, 2018 through January 10 or less, 2019, a ban will be placed on changing exchange rates entirely.

“The Chinese Yuan will trade for this period whatever it stands at November 28, 2018 at noon that day in New York, and will be reopened for exchange rate adjustments on January 5 or 6 or as late as January 10, 2019, depending on world conditions at that time.  The dark period or light period for this shift lasts about 34 or 35 days.  We will keep you informed if this information changes.

“All other exchange of currency rates consideration are the same dates for control as stated above for the Chinese rates.  In any case, we must make amend to two other considerations:

1  - No amount of exchange rate examinations will be allowed once there is a visible representative on Urantia soil until the full temptation to devalue currencies is abated or stopped entirely.  Urantia (earth) cannot afford a currency war on top of a trade war that is developing into monumental proportions thanks to the Trump
intransigence over rates and styles of barter or trade itself.

2 - There is good reason to believe that the entire matter of currency devaluations will be allowed ever to take place in a year or so, as we insist on indemnifying the United States dollar and the Chinese Yuan as major world currencies, and will provide gold reserves plentifully to control speculators who ruin all world organized attempts to keep currencies relatively stable.  Our choice will be to keep New York and Beijing informed as to what trades are allowed and how much.  But until that is established real time we will just announce this policy in general for now.

3 - Our work is about to commence during the dark period of the proposed pole shift coming swiftly to bear on this planet due to extreme heat building in the earth’s core, and we must be sure that everything is ready for our reception in York, Pennsylvania, as well as we will use those Magisterial Foundation offices to place controls where we have to on the world financial markets.

“I am Serara and end this with an entreaty to Ron to stop scratching his nose as I am truly ready to take on the entire matter very soon with the help of Michael of Nebadon, as we are very late now, and must grab hold of financial concerns and controls as best we can.  I am belatedly beside you Ron over head as you correctly surmise we who are Deity can fold space and be present anywhere we wish to be.  China will learn, you have done so already and we thank all for listening.  Serara, the Magisterial Son of Record for Urantia.  Serara.”


Dear Guests, we have a Mandarin message from our Lord God, Michael of Nebadon.  Because we are using Chinese characters I had to place it in a graphic box for you.  Thank you.
Ron Besser

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To Our China Audience - The Following Information For You 15Oct2918 | ChinaNetCenter

Dear China Message Takers for China

I am the Magisterial Son that has been promised to come to this planet for the past fifteen years.  I remain in spirit, but the entire uiverse watches the primary players in the financial markets on a planet we call Urantia.  You call it earth.

As that Magisterial Son I am planning to arrive on Urantia (earth) in a few short hours or days.  Time is very difficult for spirit to assess and we have no direct way to “time,” or as to duration of our travels.  It takes me, the Deity known as the Magisterial Son, ten minutes of your sixty minute hour to travel one parsec.  That is the equvialent of moving at the speed of light over sixty of your light year measurements every hours of your time living on Urantia.

Let it be known that Spirit has no friends and it has no enemies.  We simply are.  Now this: I am the financial worker in spirit for the work to be done on your planet in the coming one thousand years.  That is one millennium in Western vocabulary and it is known well in China as well.  Your masters, the leaders of your country, know me already.  They have spoken to me frequently through mass media and through this particular web site.  We will use this web site and will provide answers to questions you pose, but please ask them in English and direct them to the email as follows: 

That arrives in the mail box of this transmitter and he has our permission to respond to your questions in a direct reply to your email at your computer as you may wish it to be directed.

Finally, the trial for the entire planet is to be sure you, China, understand we will not permit belligerency on any front so long as it is not justified.  War is soon forbidden on Uranta.  We must prepare an invasion of spirit to the planet withing a few short weeks from now, and all will be included and that includes all of China and the people of Urantia as well. 

We complete this message as follows: This web site may go down when the confusion becomes apparent that we are here and controlling media and transmissions to prevent confusion.  Those channels of news who misrepresent the news will be turned off.  It is not to panic but to control outrageous acts of sacrifice or killing or other misdeeds due to panic.  Let this message suffice for now.  I am SERARA, that is my name, and I am a Son of God, and unlike Western religions, we are not one but millions, and we come strictly in peace to all mankind.  Good day.



Larry, particularly to you, Michael has this reply for your edification:

This site is pretty worn through.  It has lost its luster badly mostly due to the in attendance of people like yourself who has no real regard for what we say, but that we say it.   You are not alone in being disgusted with a period of silence we have to go through again, and I am not very happy about a lot of things either.  However, recognize the site is hardly used by anyone anymore due to the restrictions China places on religion in China, and the additional problem of the Urantia Book transference to the view in the world it is a flake book and a fake philosophy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

China does listen and they have the message I am so informed.  I hold no real degree in diplomacy but I am a ward of the Most Highs as you are.  In that case I can make statements that have some relevance to the world, but the world has so deprecated the idea of spirit, I doubt that anyone takes these statements on this site, seriously.   However here is a case for us:

China sends envoys to all important capitals of the world.  They have, I am told, considered sending one to York with the American okay, to view this idea of a Magisterial Mission entirely in the view of China and how to make amends or defend its view to the Magisterial Son, Serara, and laterally to Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son in charge of the Jesus Return production status of going nowhere right now.  In any case the best we can do is speak as we are spoken to, and that includes make amends to the Chinese for our rough words to warn them they have a powerful tool in YUAN and they must care not to kill the idea of cooperation once again with the United States government, once the insanity of this American governments is removed.  The period of the AMERICAN REGENCY IS COMING, and that is to surprise even me in its power to resurrect the glory of a powerful nation under God to do the bidding of a Spirit Adminsitration such as Michael of Nebadon weilds over all of this quadrant of space and time.

I therefore speak to you Larry as the one person who notes the effort to do these communications, but to also advise you I carry no real personal attribute to do this other than to do it as requested.  I am quite happy I have this opportunity even if my tenure is so restricted you do not hear from me often in this kind of communication ever again.

However, be advise as well, that I am truly out of work for the moment and I am awfully upset with a spirit administration that is so heavy handed they leave things drift in favor of themselves to the detriment of their human supporters.  It reminds me of a deaf man trying to conduct a symphony orchestra in many ways.   I am probably the only voice that calls this unfortunate, as most people will never, ever, understand the price all have paid to be a supporter and then to founder on the loss of one Mission after another.  I do not complain to anyone on this issue but merely note it for the record. 

In any case, you in particular Larry, had our choice of good words this morning as the site continues to languish in its own losses, and I am not changing anything but will hunker down and let it ride into the Michael Mission as is and change it then if that is our need to do so.  Thank you for your post.    Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I finally here from the real Ron Besser and that is refreshing entirely.  I am Michael of Nebadon, and I am too busy to listen to little ones at this time, bur Ron is not a little one, and I hold him dear.  He is truly making the case I have for years with all of you that this is a time of refreshment and not of wailing about who does what.  But I must amend the thought that human participation is considered so lowly t hat we do not take it harshly, but rather, that we have some people at least on one hand, we can count on in the crunch, and that crunch is already here as Ron heard me smack him around this morning while his legs carried on again with pain.  He is trule disgusted with the whole idea this is how service must be approached.  In any case Larry Gossett, your words are appreciated and we do say so now. But be aware your own intransigence is well known and you refuse service if it requires you to think more than you want to.

MARGUL, THE TRINITY TEACHER SON - "Ron looked at the Chris Maurus message from Margul on the Barnard List this morning and cringed at his use of the wrong pronoun.  Maurus insists on calling me "she," and Ron says to himself, I have so concreted my lessons in from the Urantia Book, I get upset over this, but I refuse to as it really isn't important at all as the message is.  That is true, but I cringe too at the wilful disobedience of people who could do better and do not listen ever to a change in habits that would make it easier for us to work with all of you.  Your world of thought Ron is bashed all over the place this morning yet you can laugh at these peculiarities with which we work from the human viewpoint.  Good day. Margul."

October 11, 2018
9am Local Time, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Economic Co-Dependence Is Useless

“his is SERARA.

“We are now at the point in this unhappy economic period to not ever say to anyone this is wrong ir this is right.  We now all must deal with the idea that the entire matter of economic co-dependence is useless. 

“There is no world trade balance today,  and we are truly amazed you can hear at all that this is a tirade that must be concluded before it starts.  Julio (Brazil) is genuinely happy to see a message that at least supports the idea of normal trade relations but hates the idea of governments doing what China is doing these days. 

“We all do dislike it as Brazil dislikes it, but poor countries, becoming poorer have no choice.  Their economies will not suffer briefly, but their economies will then turn down without any relief in sight when most of the good will in the trading nations disappears.  That is our view as of the moment, but let me add this to the following insult we bring to the United States as well.  

“United States: you have made the worst deal in the history of the world to erect trade barriers to force a re-evaluation of the monetary system.  Trump makes no amends but forces a trial where there should be nothing but gratuities today.  In this we make the following evaluation:

“United States: you are using a world leverage against a rich country that once was a poor China.  Now it is a rich country, but too late to help you, and too late to help anyone, as they have driven a wedge into their own economic relations with the East and laterally, to the West.  I am sure the United States will hear the name of “lame excuses,” from its Chinese counterparts, but they are as poor in thinking as is the United States and the Trump administration is using.  The United States can no longer afford a pair of tongs to lift anyone or anything out of the mire of a Great Depression that shifts its way into use over and over again as the United States flails over China and other trade pacts it finds ludicrous today. There is a Great Depression soon to hold the world in its fangs once more. 

“Trump, you have unwisely concluded that China is an enemy State, but it is only the frail caricature of an enemy State, and seeks self distribution in its own area of influence.

“In so many words, the trial to redo the American free enterprise system is over.  The US Government cannot undo the disaster Trump has perpetuated, but it can undo the administration in the upcoming elections.  Unfortunately the United States cam no longer pretend it is sits on the high ground of economic development any more. And we must make amends not to China, but to Singapore the British have finally given up on in order to restrain the Chinese beast for money and goods it really no longer needs or wants in final attribution to the old idea of Empire.

“Finally, the appearance of an economic military mission to the world of Urantia, is being drowned by the incompetence of the military in China to sustain its power over its own internal interests.  The regime that holds China together right now is rich and unhappy over the entire world view held by the United States, and it will throw the United States curve after curve providing the American Senate to someday endlessly review; however, it is not our intention to ever intervene in the to and fro of political bickering that takes place between these two, once friends, countries at the moment.

“Now I make a policy statement for those who read these pages with a fine toothed comb:

“The Magisterial Mission to bring sanity and health back to a world desperately alone in the universe and in our own view, even alone in the ways of high Spirit these days, and it is a world without a chance for any kind of romantic clearance of all its problems by Deity fiat, we say the following:

“In the United States, there is no real love for countries like China who bargain hard and leave nothing on the table but economic grants to purloin other countries to its own advantage.  This is especially true for those in Africa, and strangely enough, Brazil, but also to leave nothing to develop once they leave a country.  Be assured  this view we hold will make sense once there is an understanding in the United States, that nothing matters except to revive domestic production again, to protect a stand alone economy while a Great Depression is fought off once again.

“I am Serara, and I decry the need to lecture the little ones who read these pages, as they should be fully aware that all of us in spirit use these pages as a way to speak to all the world which hardly knows we exist yet.  But they will!   In this case I use a transmitter to put down words, not of glory, but of fear mongering to those who dismiss these statements as coming from fools and tirades of luckless men and women around the world. 

“The motivations we hold today is to advise all who do read these pages with or without rancor, you will learn we mean what we say and very soon.

“I am Serara, and that is a line we must respond to ourselves from our position of strength in the higher levels of universe policy toward developing planets which have spun themselves into a loss and not a wind situation.  I am truly sorry we must approach Urantia with these bee hives of unjust economic attitudes, but places and countries that deem themselves out of the world order only because they can afford to be out of the world order if bashed by a country like the United States, or even China itself, there must be a return to equitable trade with one world currency, and that is the entire aim of this Magisterial Administration, soon to be totally encouraging all who can serve, to serve.

“Finally, I am the Magisterial Son of Record on Urantia.  And I demand that all work stop at once on the ridiculous idea of a fence with Mexico, and the fire storms of Saudi Arabian bombing of Yemen.  However, let it be known the United States has been prudent in its application of power by insisting that the Russian idea of hegemony over Syria is wise enough,  given the forces unleashed by the Saudis and the Americans over Yemen and other place in the Middle East.  There are desperate times coming and they are badly insulting to the idea of spiritual reconditioning, but we must make amends to the fact that it matters not in the future history of Urantia, that this world, right now, is useless in all things except that it exists and then must be returned to normal, if at all possible.

“I conclude we need better liaison work to the world than this lone Transmitter who is duly licensed to bring the words out of our mouths, so to speak, but he is entirely too frail to end up being our lone spokesman, and others will supplant what I have to say, but for now, these pages are the only outlet we have to be heard fully, and we will utilize them fully.  I am SERARA. Good day.”





SERARA - "I wish to state the following: We are in no way considered pirates, but we must have the understanding that China and the YUAN is to remain pegged at 6.975 per USD, or preferably, 6.735 YUAN per United States Dollar.

"If the exchange rate dips to 7.5315 Yuan then we will take unilateral action to destroy the extra profits this brings industrial sectors known to you, the Chinese Government, and we will take measures for you to release ONE TRILLION USD,  back into the world capitalistic systems.  What is being done by the Chinese Government is to charge over twenty cents for every Yuan at that rate,  and as such, it is seriously overvalued to us and to the rest of the world.

"Let it be known we have reserves in the amount of seventeen (17) trillion dollars at hand and can easily obtain more.  Your currency reserves are nearly double that, but you must understand that world conditions will see to it that is quickly depleted if you make a run on the USD and we wish that not to occur.

"Finally, the USD is now pegged at the close of our trading day October 11, 2018 at 6.921384 Yuan per dollar.   This is excessive and you are warned it will not be tolerated by the end of the day on October 25, 2018 midnight New York time zone.

"I further stipulate this outlet of news to you will be activated briefly to bring you news as to your ties to Hong Kong and other places along your Pacific Coast line, and the South China Sea,  and that we have no intention of allowing a wide spread invasion of Korean goods or Chinese goods to display in place of Vietnamese goods or Hong Kong goods to name a few.  Your policies are made to protect your interests, but they are becoming excessive to the degree we cannot tolerate them for the good of this world we name Urantia, and we ask you to remember that as a matter of course.  Good day.  I am a Magisterial Son and you the country of China are very important to us, and what we have to do here in order to recharge the people of Urantia back to a normal routine of life and observation of decent living standards once more.  I am Serara.  Good day.”


Clency, I assume you read what I wrote as analysis of your first post.  That they announce what follows is full of good information and I concur with them that we have a fight on our hands to provide a decent financial system.  But what they propose is fantastic and has no real application in numbers to global concerns for the research that must be done to understand we have a bad capitalistic system and the QFS makes it worse by changing it in to an apocalyptic reversion to a society without funds mostly as happened in the Great Depression of the 1930's.

My advice to you Clency is to stay away from dreaming as you get yourself all tied up in ideals that have no foundation in trust by the people or any real hope of being made to work among citizens of a world to be made so poor soon that a fake dime seems almost to be a solution as to how to spend yourself back to financial health.  I suppose you can be like Repunzle to let your hair down the ivory tower to any who promise these versions of financial on the backs of computer technology, but this scheme is not well thought out.  Instituted it would block true financial equitable standing among the people of a very poor worl soon to be.

And by the way Clency, world population counters have a bad logorhythm as the Universal Censor announced months ago that the total Urantia population now slightly exceeds nine (9) billion people.  I provided a fairly long post on how the log used fails to take into account that proportional deaths and births was not correct in the first place,  In the second place the density of population on Urantia is so acute math hardly has a formula to predict future births and death.  We are way out of skew on Urantia and unfortunately the planet will bring the population back down to less than four billion, or even three billion, when it goes to cool the interior center core of molten rock in the center of the earth.  

Clency, I would be curious who these fellows are who perpetuate the idea that banks are the dirty dealers by making money off of credit and loans.  They are essential but need reform.  I did a quick read of the list your reprinted and fine it hopelessly ideal to achieve without first instituting financial reform of the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve as it is put together today is a creature of modern banking practices, but it controls the flow of cash and value into the financial institutions we call banks today.  To provide a less commercial take on banking (and I agree banks need  reformed to handle money better than they do now), the Federal Reserve will have to cash in its gold and currency laws and provide a system of barter and trade without currency being the primary value exchanged.  One hundred goats are valuable but only to the right person while a 100 dollar bill is valuable to anyone who picks it up to spend for things they want.

The point I have to make to you Clency is that you cannot, and no one can, speak to what this list really means without some underlying philosophical debate as to how to achieve barter without creating livestock or houses as the new currency.  It is too short handed and not nearly extensive enough to build a sub devlopemtn or a New York skyscraper for offices at all.  It is too weak to meet our financial demands today and even I have to have a better banking system that is more secure than the one we have now as thieves are set to pounce all over us once we have a deep recession or even a depression when it happens again, and it will.

At best the QFS is a Communistic system, and a very old one at heart, and the ideas been around since Hegel and Kant and Marx.  We need more sophistication, not less, and while the pastoral idea is pleasant the QFS suggests, it is big trouble for accumulating wealth and amassing enough to create a sustained civilization.  I thank you for bring something forward I thought was really gone for good, but not so.


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Sharon, here is the original file below in Word


If this is a problem too let me know.  R

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Thank you Clency.  That is really good.   Ron


When this chart was made before we were hit with a seraphic rebellion on earth, the information was fully valid. The information as given on the chart and discussions that are posted later, are still good today too.

What we have to advise the reader about is that because the rebellion was seraphic; that is a term we call the angels that move souls from earth to the mansion worlds for resurrection, the entire matter of seraphic transport was disqualified for months, and people dying after June 21, 22, and 23, 2019, had to wait a much longer period in order toget transportation to the resurrection halls, then located on what was then designated as Mansion World number two.  Mansion World 2 now is a combined operation that does the work of resurrection and work assignment to the new ascender soul, of what once was Mansion Worlds 2 and 3.  Mansion World 2 now is where ascending souls are sent to get be provided their new bodies, and to get assigned to a work station to learn protocols in spirit-work relationships.

For that reason, the chart is no longer fully correct in assigning mansion worlds by number for what happens to the soul after one dies and the soul doe a "pop out,: with you fully conscious in it, but the "pop out" is now much more sure of itself and it moves easily to the grid terminal that is where the transportation for the soul to arrive at the appropriate mansion world for new life work.

In General, look at the chart (increase it in size with that bar that shows under it from 47% to anything you want by click on the + sign there) and keep these steps in mind as you read it:

Death - - - - >  Soul jumps out and one can look back if they want to to see the body you left behind in repose;

Grid Terminal - - - > Soul takes a small walk when it has jumped out and rinds a wide darkish doorway easy to see through, and there is a notice light over the left shoulder of the soul, (the soul is very similar to your present body form and you are ware of shoulder and legs and arms, for the most part; that is, unless you are a super big soul with huge life experience and they are mostly invisible even to the new consciousness), is the white transport light glowing.  

That transport light is sometimes ignored by new souls sort of in a forgetful mood and they wonder why they keep waiting?  Truthfully we have to send a spirit official in to the Grid now and then to remind people, that light is your bus rind to your new world of life and it is to be followed to get a place assignment for a ride to the new world of life for you.  

What the chart does not explain is that the new transports are angels but not the old seraphic transports anymore, but a type of train that is mechanical and has seats in it that once you are sitting inside of it, it places a signal into your brain that tells the brain to let you sleep for your own comfort.  Once on the new world, the doors slide open, you get awake easily, and your Resurrection Guide comes to you as your name and number is known by Him, and He takes you with Him to the gate where you  site down, and are prepared for--  let us call it, "work to resurrect yourself with a new body and mind and even a place to live while you get used to using all of these new things.

Sorting Souls

Let's face it.  Some souls are smaller, some are inexperience, some are very tired from long illnesses--  there are all sorts of reasons for differences in soul status.  Here is a brief guide for status styles and how they are sorted:

Broken Dream Souls-  You leave with so much unfinished to your view, you feel bad or lament leaving it all behind too soon.  

You are placed in a nice cozy room of your own to sleep it off; that is, a feeling of disappointment and sadness.  Sleep in the spirit mode removes unhappiness mostly and so like a good whisky to be, you are aged a little to get rid of the "sour" taste you feel at the end of the earth life;

Normal Souls Strength and Happiness to Make the Change Souls -  These are quite normal and they stay awake to go through the resurrection process quickly and well;

Super Souls with Huge Amounts of Experience and Ready to Got to Work for Spirit at Once:

These are the souls who get priority in the resurrection factories.  The resurrection hall has a big round building in the middle of it, and there are seven long radial wings built out from the hub,  Each race has its own wing for earth has many styles and types of races, and that is true for other inhabited planets too, and each wing represents a race style to be treated so all of your experience and memory you wish to keep, it placed back inside you, and you walk, ( actually you float, because the new form is in place from the waist up, and the new body does not walk, but floats at your will command).

Assume you fit the racial climate on Urantia, that being the name of earth on high, you are processed as a new form in moments as the spirit comes back to indwell your mind and then you are awakened to take your place among the workers to be taught how to do what you need to learn to do when fully conscious of your new life.

The chart that you can see below has to be revised so I am also taking it down for now or maybe not bothering to show it again as the above information is much more the way things go today after an angelic rebellion on earth changed so much after June of 2019.  Thank you.



Financial Risks & The US Dollar

Margul, Trinity Teacher Son
Serara, Magisterial Son of record on Urantia
Michael of Nebadon, Chief Salvington Government
Father on Paradise
Consummator of Universe Destiny speaks
York, PA 9am Local Time
July 15, and July 16, 2018

Ron Besser: This post concerns the coming financial crisis as ordered not by spirit but by the carelessness of man and the greed of the markets to maximize prophets at the expense of the stability of the moeny system we all use to pay down our debts and secure the life of ease we have grown accustomed to. I am providing several lectures on the financial problems that will come about to our system of money and credit in the Category on the US Dollar and the need to restructure our entire system of moneitization so that our future work can be based on a single currency backed by gold and its uses in industry as well. Here then are the transmission of concerned Deity and divinity about what they see happening and how to remedy the problems caused by a collapsing world empire of money and greed that sets their teeth on edge just to watch it work. Thank you. Ron Besser

(Deity from the Paradise Trinity and its work for future light and lige on Urantia)

“I relate to this subject quite well and present to you the do’s and don’t’s of the crisis your world is about to experience in your systems of money and debt paying to relieve all from the worry of bankruptcy due to circumstances outside of the money system you cannot control. Here are my points of interest to explain:

1 - No man shall have more than necessary soon. The new world order will cherish the man who saves and sees to his debts and his accomplishments to better this world soon, instead of the preoccumpation with 401K’s and the like to retire in lavis or necessary life styles already accepted as the norm;

2 - No man will ever recover all he lost during the coming financial crisis;

3 - You who read these passages easily must realize that God the Father is in charge of Urantia and the planet was gifted to the Father by Michael in 2009, and it remains His to do with as He pleaes. I am truly the Trinity supervisor but not the Trinity and that must be understood by the Trinity as well. Be assured it makes a tremendous difference to the Universe of Universes, that this crisis is to play out as if the Father Himself were directing the Missions for Himself on Urantia;

4 - I am convinced that this Transmitter reflects a new policy. It appears the Deity Absolute has resolved Mission conflicts and sees to the full repetition of our words to all of you through transmissions like this one. That removes a layer of censorship we have had to accommodate up until now and permits full statements for you to evaluate. The coming financial crisis is horrible and total and will wipe out all agreements including the Bretton Woods Agreement as the landmark system for monetary and exchange rate management established in 1944. It was developed at the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, from July 1 to July 22, 1944. It has since been modified several times but is essentially the same as then conceived. Its nature is secure but its working is and will be utterly destroyed by the collapse of the monetary system envisaged to come;

5 - The Bretton Woods Agreement is the basic agreement that makes the world work today and China and the United States are particularly beholding to the agreement through the World Trade Organization (WTO). Trump has unilaterally denied he agrees with the WTO, and is dangerously close to behaving in a way that will trip the wire that creates currency confusions especially in south east Asia. If the countries including Singapore and Malaysia, are forced into a currency revision because of the WTO debacle Trump is fostering, it will create a domino effect as it did under the Clinton administration when the Singapore dollar came under such pressure the entire region began to suffer economically and a run began that threatened the stability of all of Asia. Let this be a warning we must stop Trump from meddling with international agreements so he can get his two cents said and let the monetary arrangements as is prevail until the Michael Mission to Urantia can work its way with these financial systems;

6 - The trial is to be seen soon when the United States and Saudi Arabia take out a gallong of money to refinance the ARAMCO deal, which is what Saudi Arabia wants out from under even thought tht country supplies most of the oil to the world today. Oil plays a huge part in how the mentary system works and we provide the following for your edification:

         A) Saudi Arabia obtains about six billion dollars ($6,000,000,000) for every one million barrels of it purchases from ARAMCO to sell to the world. That is a huge sum, but Russia purchases its oil from its State run refineries and makes about seven billion dolloars for every one million gallons of it purchsed to see to the world markets including the USA. The United States has no real capital reserves with which to purchase oil and relies upon the Federal Reserve to announce what the cost of oil really is to the American tax payer;

         B) The wise man of old said a penny saved is a penny earned, but the United States values oil more than pennies and will make a drastic error if it starts usings its oil reserves. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is a U.S. Government complex of four sites with deep underground storage caverns created in salt domes along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts. The caverns have a capacity of 727 million barrels and store emergency supplies of crude oil owned by the U.S. Government. It is both a strategic reserve and a bank upon which the United States owes debts upon in order to finance its industrial output in various countries such as Great Britain and Saudi Arabia, and as such is tied to mounting debt to the tune of one billion dollars per second on the debt meter until the US decouples that reserve from debt backing;

7 - I am Margul and I state the following to all of you. We have instituted a new policy in which we use snippets of the Internet explanations for facts and figures either known to science or statistical government reports and use them above to provide exact figures. They are accurate in our view right down to the decimal point. Further, I have authorized this Transmitter to use them and copy them into this text to expedite time and reporting to all of you. I have asked Ron not use references as all of you can find them accurately by a mere search on the Internet.

“We close this statement from me to remind you that is the Magisterial Sons, Serara and Monjoronson, who are the monetary genuises and they have a report for all of you below. Thank you. Margul a Paradise Trinity Teacher Son.”


Serara - “The following should be of great interest to the Federal Reserve and its environs, and I state the following for your edification too:

Coming Financial Collapse & The Gold Standard

1 - The United States stands on the brink of a huge financial crisis it must not fall victim to ever. It is seen here as worse than the great depression of the 1930's when fully one half of the work force could not find work and nearly starved to death.

Michael has alerted Me and Monjoronson about this and will make it work for the US to pull out of it briefly and then succumb to it later but mildly so. The reason is that the US Dollar is available so many places it becomes the currency of choice. Michael will force the Untied States to go back on the gold standard. We understand the world will never see it as useful until the dollar has a parity rating of $1.03 per unit in today’s dollar’s worth.

Ron you understand seigniorage not very well but well enough to understand that gives the dollar a small profit to the Federal Reserve as it is, and that will save the United States from ever having to use gold as payment but will allow the Federal Reserve to dole out dollars in place of gold bars. That is mostly true but not entirely true and circumstances will have to dictate when one is given over the other.

We have amended out choice for the gold standard to say only that the House that Jack built is full of holes on this issue alone and it becomes essentially moot as to how we strangle unusual currency floats such as Bitcoin. In any case the dollar will be supreme for centuries as the world adjusts to using dollars instead of local currencies and the Federal Reserve witll have to withdraw from many monetary unions to advise everyone how to use the dollar as their own as issued from Washington.

Dollar Parity:

In placing this issue before you today, I ask for another Category dedicated to the Dollar and how to use it wisely and to see to it this discussion is revised in many other forums too and Michael can easily see to that by forcing the Federal Reserve to bend to His demands to plane all currencies, not on a float status, but to one dollar value of $1.03 per dollar used. That places the Federal Reserve in the position of controlling the world currency market and kills off speculators for good and that will do immense good for the currency usages around the world.

“In many places around the work there are too many dollars floating around without a home. In Denmark, for instance, the dollar is pegged at $0.94 and in Greenland it is pegged at $0.387 per Krone (koruuni). This tells us that Greenland has no use for the dollar but that Denmark does (Krone), we therefore say the following to corporations who must deal in these markets, that you will lose your shirt when you attempt to convert dollars to their currency. When the dollar is pegged at $1.03 per dollar, that will force the other currency into oblivion because of that and the dollar value is fully retained and not falsely valued as it is in Greenland. We back the United States with gold reserves well in excess of the need for dollars in the coming crisis.”

Currency Floats and Parity Needed”

“I am Serara and I give this lecture mostly to Ron, but listen well:

“You need to understand you float currencies too Ron: You now place all debt on a card and pay it off with check. But your check bounced lately, not because of lack of funds, but because Synchrony Bank in Chicago uses your check as collateral and the collateral fell apart when fraud intervened and forced Synchrony Bank to cover for the check that got stolen.

“In that case the woman who stole the check almost got away with it except for your notation to your Bank, Citizens our of Rhode Island, heard you tell the bank investigator, the woman used a utility code to slip the check through a facility in the Citizens Bank that opens them too easily to fraud. You are not considered fradulent but almost brilliant for calling that to their attention. Brian (bank officer) saw it immediately and made a second guess on your behalf by stating to the investigator that the Synchrony Bank was probably the inadvertent perpetrator of allow the fraudulent woman to get away with it and she knew what you do Ron, it is a slipshod way of doing business.

“Synchrony Bank now thanks you for your debt relief which you paid in full when you discovered two checks had been purloined and they never showed up to pay your debt, and Walmart is now convinced you knew in advance what was happening and forced it into the light. Now the lesson:

“We have explained the fraud and the effect of it on the banking system and we are not entirely sure you believe we had nothing to do with it to test the bank you deal with and we leave that alone for now, but you have managed to gather a few friends in the Federal Reserve by announcing that the parity rate of the Dollar was to be set at $1.02. That was true then (April 2018), but even this is extraordinary for you to realize as you do understand that gives the Federal Reserve a small profit on every dollar used. We now set it at $1.03, and folks reading this, multiply three cents times one trillion billion and see how money flows back to the Federal Reserve. That proft on printing money is called seigniorage. In any case note the following now:

Federal Reserve Insurance on All Bank Accounts
“The United States will tighten its belt probably by refusing all Federal Reserve Insurance on bank accounts over a certain amount. Ron depends on them to back this and was reimbursed over $5,000 by Citizens for the fraud perpetrated via the method that woman used to steal the checks and cash them as the corporations they were written to. Ron now has petitioned Synchrony Bank for auto deductions from his account via MasterCard to pay debt off immediately to short circuit fraud and he is successful in getting it as they now see he is honest and wishes to avoid further fraud against them and him. In any case the fraud brought to Ron’s attention by the bank calling him to ask why he ordered 600 checks to an Illinois address, which alerted Ron, who lives in Pennsylvania, that the thief was so sure of herself she ordered checks in his name to write on his account anytime she needed spending money. Beware people! Thieves will appear everywhere and they must be stopped in their tracks and prosecuted as this woman now sites in jail without bail and a few accomplices sit with her there too much to Ron’s disgust as one made away with over two grand using the same scheme too and that has not been refunded to Ron over and issue he does not understand.

Bank Fraud and Utility Codes Need Abolished in Those Systems
“As Serara, the Magisterial Son, I am immune to these doings but Ron is forced to institute huge and expensive counter fraud methods not only for his accounts in that bank but in all banks who have bent over backwards to serve utilities who are always cash starved. What these banks need to do is to trend toward pooling utility payments to a common account that is severely policed and prevent persons who attacked Ron through utility check codes to purloin any chech when that code is applied to any checks to steal them. Now this:

“As Serara and the financial guru Ron loves to listen to, we make this available to all of you: The United States financial empire is based in San Francisco and New York City, and we predict they are going to tumble hard an fast.

“That is because the trial between the maker of money (the Federal Reserve), and the payee, sometimes you, is fraudulent in that you have no guarantee of credit or debit when you pay your bills. This is a cause we have long recognized is at work in the Federal Reserve, and that is because the world causes itself many headaches when it delivers payments in gold instead of currencies.

The English Pique Over Trump in Its Reserve

“The US Dollar is ready to collapse in England as their Reserve, the Bank of England, disdains Trump fully and completely and will not cooperate with the Federal Reserve over pique and not policy. That is their right to do, but such an action will cause panic in the least of suspect places and that is in the EU. The EU is in panic mode anyhow for several reasons including the insecurity represented by Brexit. Worse the EU is collateralize in England over issues of fraud in the EU system caused by the Greek bail out and the loss of billions of US dollar equivalencies when Greece demonetized its debt by coming to the US for bank currency agreements with such low interest rates there. The US favored Greece because of its high rate of retrun on its bonds, but now faces with Greece, the problem of payback with higher interest rates secured by a Federal Reserve raising rates faster than expected. As a result we have Greece looking at the United States wondering what it will do to collapse its debt through monetary policies that have no real rate of return, and that is not easily explained, but the Federal Reserve knows the business of money and Janet Yellen was a genius into seeing they got their fair shakes in any deal they had to finance for anyone including Greece.

“England is a reserve currency and to a certain extent so is the EU, but the EU has no real value until they finally bring what cooperating countries may be left into one pool of debt and monetary policy.

“Italy is playing a fools game, and so is England helping them by extending credit they cannot afford to lose when Italy goes belly up for good. This is not unlike the start of World War I, when some incident causes a run on defense confidence and the righteous ambitions of rulers who had no idea of their actions, and their collusion's precipitated a bloody mess that was never resolved until a second war had to be fought against the titan Germany. In any case the entire matter is before the Federal Reserve Board in a matter of a few short months if not weeks. Our words cannot be heard since we are not recognized yet, but we quickly will be when we establish our own Mission Reserve equivalent to the entire Federal Reserve value in gold. We state the following:

The USE OF GOLD by the Divine Missions
“Gold reserves are essential but we will not payout in gold but in US Dollars. Be aside in your views of this since gold is so coveted we will if requested consider it as such, but as long as the US Dollar is available we will not see the need to circulate new gold reserves into the world’s monetary system. Further:

“The Salvington Government is without planning on how to realize the US Dollar at $1.03 per unit without us giving the Federal Reserve a key to our Bank. We cannot do that, but Ron can make cross payments if requested at our disposal and their reception, and that is far above his paygrade but he is excellent at following instructions.

“Our accounting section will play all currencies as best it can when we add gold to the Federal Reserve to the tune of on billion Trillion dollars valuing gold at $1,237.00 per troy ounce. This is slightly below our original estimate of $1,257.00 per troy ounce in April of this year, but we have reevaluated its value since then and have settled on 1237/oz. Now this:

“I am Serara and I will for sure be preparing a statement shortly on this in financial terminology as Ron must put the right category up to get their attention. Lock all topics Ron and be sure comments are received in General or other Category.”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks carefully to readers now:
“I am Michael of Nebadon and we have rested a poor transmission to a cracker jack transmission thanks to Margul and Serara and the Salvington Government of which I am the Chief Council and Ruler.

1 - No man shall ever be present when we bring the gold to Urantia; it is sacred means and we never show them even to little Ron the gold elf, and so on.

2 - Ron will receive the gold in the bank of our choice and literally count the bars and wait for assignment of those bars to the Federal Reserve. It is likely we will deposit our gold in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, but that rquires more than what we want to do at the present time, but we must make provisions shortly as value must be kept while we can keep it;

3- No man except Ron Besser, is allowed to fully understand our transactions as he has seen to many transactions that re nearly miraculous in and of themselves and knows nothing. He also is useful to do these things as momey is a commodity to him and not a treasure as it is for most people these days;

4 - Our work is tremendously aided and abetted by Ron who has seen to Corporation building to handle our transactions through an “S” Corporation that allows receipt of money from any source and it is to be owned only by Ron although he has signed on officers with him in the Team complex. This advises us he is ready to act as a normal corporation and tell all of their dealings except to report financial operations to the public as it is a private company under the US statutes. He is using 100 shares of stock valued at 0.001 cents per share. It is valueless. We also smile for him and his officers as they will deal with trillions of gold dollars as they send the gold here and there in shipments they will accompany to reserve banks around the world. And this:

5 - Gold shipments will be ceased no more than necessary during volcanic activities due to the ability of our transports to deliver through skies full of soot. Ron loves the idea of riding a divine design transport and will ride many before he loses his place on Urantia to a fully fledged morontial being as himself some day. Good and this:

6- Gold transport is useful only to Reserve Banks in foreign lands and they must be prepared to store the gold received from us in a special vault open to us any time we ask to make an inspection. Your work Ron with Wendy is to inspect banks as they come on line and to be sure they carry nothing unusual in those vaults such as silver ingots which rot when placed with gold. The chemistry of silver is antidotal to the chemistry of gold and must be kept separately from the other in storage;

7- Gold storage, by law, must be in Federal Reserve Banks. We must have the law amended to store gold where we wish it to be stored for our onw usages. It will be a fight to clear that with the Federal Reserve as they insist on it being kept where they can find it all the time for reasons of State Security. We are Melchizedeks taunting these statements Ron so behave, and this: you Ron Besser have no sense of right and wrong when it comes to gold except you know it is very valuable. You are not watched because you do not understand the money involved with all that gold as it is a stack of metal to you. We close with this:

“We are convinced Ron Besser was placed on Urantia to be helpful, and that is that, but we are sure he now understands he will live to see another day pain free, and that is his wish for tomorrow. Tomorrow he must go the bank and procure no loan but about ten thusand dollars to get out of jail with the IRS soon who wishes to assess him a fee for running all over creation to understand his work with corporations. He has surprised them with an S corporation and they are still scratching their heads over what that is about. However, he knows perfectly what that is about as it is the place he can take gold bars and never tell where he got them and then to spend them and nobody will ever ask how he spent them. That is the trick we learned very well from Ron with Michael pursuing it with him. We are sure the IRS will wonder how it works but he is sure it will and that is how he intends to work it although the IRS will surely ask where he gets the gold bars and he simply says from shipments to him from the Federal Reserve. He is truly funny with this but he knows it works and so do we. Now this:

“I am authorizing that these gold shipments are in Ron’s name only but Ron correctly points out that he has officers in the Starbridge Foundation, and any shipement to him as Starbridge Foundation Corporation, requires fiduciary responsibility for the shipments to them as well and that will then be to the Starbridge Foundation in care of Ron Besser that such shipments occur. We all learn as we go I suppose. We close with this:

“Yesterday was Sunday the 15th of July, 2018 and so on to today the 16th. Today ron awoke with the usual painful feet and legs and asked to end it and we do not. The usual. Tomorrow he sees a doctor and prays he gets pain relief hopefully from Lyrica, but we are convinced that does no trick to relieve it and he may wind up with a lot of expensive pills that do no good. The truth is the Father must convert him to more than he is and the blindness and the pain are part of the exercise. I am fully sure it belongs here Ron, but do as you please. The secrets he has are numerous already and he knows more are coming especially when he must handle the basic financing of these monetary policies we will institute one way or another on Urantia. He is in charge of the dissemination fo the sixth epochal revelation and of our banking system with his accountants of choice. He will see to their work and to ours and tothe work fo the sixth epochal revelation as well and probably much more. That makes him so silly he cannot get serious sometimes as it is a dream world of Scrooge McDuck and the Urantia Foundation all mixed up in his picnic world of flattery and court gestures. I for one look at it as the height of truth and justice well spent on the universe this time in spite of his idiocy. He loves baths of thought and gestures but this time he has outdone himself with my help in a moment of peril on Urantia. We wish him and all of you well in the coming months as the Missions to change Urantia have already begun as all is in readiness. Best wishes to all. Michael.”

“I am sure we take leave of this post with good cheer as Ron must learn that Father is in charge and that his pain is truly lacking at times briefly and then taken back on in sleep mostly only to wake him and wonder why the degree of pain again. He is hoping Lyrica will mask it and amy do so to the joy to the world at least, and you are good Ron as you recognize the insistence as mine, Father, and you will have full relief on your own in minutes when we turn on all the circuitry prepared for you to lie well again. That bad tooth must be replaced and the Lyrica trialed but it will all work out well I am sure. You are grateful I know but thank Michael and the Father of Nebadon to be sure you make to safely to the other side these coming days as you are prepared to present the world the first morontial baby in the flesh we ever fielded on a world so depraved it cannot find time to sin any further as all the time has been taken to sin well first. I the Father from Paradise speak now:

(FATHER) - “We are sure this day is coming off well for Ron as he finishes this post with edits badly needed as we see the kind of post he loves to provide full of facts and usages we intend. I now take no umbrage by introducing the Consummator of Universe Destiny as he speaks as Me now:”


“I am Father as the Consummator now, and I speak in low and confidential terms:

“We must put aside all thoughts of trials for the moment Ron as you are the one on Urantia who volunteered first and last to stay the course until we are done with you and you then gladly go where we instruct you to go. That must be understood as the last word almost from us. You are a gadfly to us sometimes Ron and you are now using your best behavior to hear our statement fully and it is this: All of you must stay the course if you are to exit Urantia successfully now. The monetary funds will be made available in great profusion as that is the language Urantia knows best. You all must understand that the earth will tilt and come back into day and night again but not until there is a reckoning above with what must be finished, and that is North Korea, and China, and the United States, and Great Britain, and the EU and Saudi Arabia, and on and on, to stop their bickering over money and power and resolve to live peacefully on a world too small for all the people crowded on it today. There will be a huge toll in lives as the planet tilts and some tectonic plates fail at the same time, and Ron caught that immediately and asked but got no real answer. This tectonic plate failure is soon to appear on the west cost of Africa, the west coast of America, and the east coast of China and the Korean peninsula will be ravaged too as will Japan and many other lands. Be assured we care for all people but not for those who have no soul and have no Thought Adjuster. We make it clear that fully ten percent of the people living on Urantia have no Thought Adjuster and another twelve precent added to that have no soul to use after death. Such is the malignancy of the present moment on Urantia.

“Our work is to provide a new start for Urantia and it must be done with the glory of God in mind and you Ron fully accede to that in spades and you are fully determined to see to it daily and minute by minute and you are truly out sized by my spirit I see as you fumble for spelling now and then. In any case you are all found on my dais with Me to complete the hours of destiny that rings true now, and that is to fully contemplate death and destruction as you rarely will ever see it again. This is no trial but the truth of the reaping of the harvest by God on Urantia forever and anon.”


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