Author Topic: The China Currency Problem Is Serious - A Notification By SERARA  (Read 2244 times)

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The China Currency Problem Is Serious - A Notification By SERARA
Michael of Nebadon
Serara, The Magisterial Son, Chief

York, Pa USA 1am Local Time
October 23, 2018

This is Michael. And please quote me:

“We have hit not a snag but a problem in the world financial scenario.  China is bulking at doing anything to prevent the devaluation of the Yuan, and as such will cause a major rift in the financial markets beginning next week or a little earlier.  This disaster looming is because China as a trade balance deficit not and refused to cooperate with other world powers to bring the Yuan into proper balance with other currencies.  Since China is so large, it moves and it makes waves whatever it does.  Eastern currencies of Indonesia are running fine without parity to China or the US, and the Real is doing fine there. But Australia and its dollar is pegged to the US dollar and it is getting jostled with the Yuan since Australia imports so much from China these days.  As a result the Chinese consider Australia one of their best countries but China also refuses to refrain from currency manipulation to get the best price for their goods by devaluing the Australian dollar and not their on Yuan.

“As are result, the Magisterial Son will provide a shot across the bow of the Chinese Ship of State, and refuse to let the Yuan hit parity with any currency so long as China refuses cooperation.  If the Yuan hits seven or so to the dollar, the United States will retaliate and devalue the dollar.  If China lets the Yuan drop below six point five Yuan to the dollar, China will retaliate and force the US to recover from Chine selling all of its treasury bonds on the open market.  That will cause the Federal Reserve to massively infuse national banks in the United States and will cause stock prices to falter ot pre world war II price ranges of from 10,000 to 15,000 on the DOW.  Today the Dow runs in a range of around 25,500 and such a drop is in excess of fifty percent on the Dow markets alone.

“In 1987, Ron in particular remembers the huge stock sell off in October of that year.  The Dow lost thirty to forty percent of its value in three days and only the massive intervention of Japan and England and the Federal Reserve stopped the panic.  Today we have Japan in our corner, but England is fresh out of good will with Trump and will likely sit on its tail unless really pushed by the Federal Reserve to intervene.  This means the dam can break this time when China starts selling US Treasuries and causing huge rifts in international gold markets and oil pricing at the same time.  Oil may crash or it may soar; it is that unpredictable.

“Nonetheless, this post is a warning to all nations: ease back on your monetary controls if there is a financial panic over the US Dollar, and if there is watch out for all savings and loan institutions as they are not as well indemnified by the Federal Reserve as a national bank is these days which insures your accounts up to $250,000 of value in it.  After that amount you may lose it in a panic.  However, we do not expect it to come to that, but it could.

“Finally, we will indemnify all fused humans who work for us as the Team however that comes about or when.  We cannot forecast that well right now, but any losses because of financial panic will be made up especially for Ron and Lemuel who are old now and have no incomes to depend on themselves.  Ron will have his salary as well and that can be kept clear of banks by joining our Magisterial Foundation Trust Department of about more on that much later this year.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon.”


“I am disappointed in China again.  They have a couple of hard liners in control and they need to be put out to pasture if China is ever going to survive the great financial changes that will take place very soon on Urantia.  The present world situation when it comes to trade was destroyed by Donald Trump in his attempt to get a better trade deal, but he has failed more or less because the world is not after equity but after wealth and it will not work that way at all.

“I am proposing that we will stand very little of these shenanigans and can force the markets to behave by placing heavy tariffs on trades that are inimical to stability for world trade exercises.  I am sure that the House that Jack built will cause problems down the road as the Chinese prefer to use that structure instead of listening to the wiser voices in their government who feel the United States is not entirely wrong to cause a pandemonium by refusing to trade with China under existing conditions.   If the world understood that the United States has shouldered world trad on its own for so long, it got used to being profitable, but countries like China have a much lower wages scale and no one bothered to adjust China’s output to the proper scale for sales in the United States at all.  That has led to a problem with the bulky segments of the American market and its manufacturers and they are not going to take it anymore.  As a result China must either agree to a new wage scale or drop all pretense it can trade satisfactorily with the United States.  That means a forty to fifty percent trade balance in the positive for China is the United States fails to enjoy trading privileges with the PROC.

“We conclude this post with one final remark to all of you.  This Transmitter is frankly too old to carry all he does but he does it without complaint and works hard to make sure we make a good impression in writing.  We will continue to use this transmitter until he drops dead.  He will be bak in the pink in a few days we hope and that is that.  Leave the idea of your redemption in the first paragraph show as all should know the truth of the cost physically all this is to you.  Good day.”


“We speak closely to all on these matters and to Ron who must obey the laws of physical gravity, he will be made whole shortly in spite of our determination not to create miracles on Urantia this time, he can have one and be done with the entire matter of age when we finish the changes to his physicality shortly.  In any case we must also aver that Ron is the only one we can trust to be ready any time any where to take an emergency message as it may be.  Be assured we leave no stone unturned for a transmitter to fill in if Ron goes down a day or two which is to be expected in the coming months of travail and surgery for his jaw and teeth.  The bone is worn out and he needs implants to keep the mouth working as it should.  In any case the Chinese problem is not our problem entirely, as the Consummator of Universe Destiny is warning that no one will cause such a disaster if they can keep it from happening, and that spells big trouble for China if it gets in wrong with that entity on high." 

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania