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Why Stllness Practice? Machiventa and Elyon and Jonathon
« on: April 13, 2019, 11:07:18 am »
This group is from Utah and a yet practicing Teaching Mission group left over from the once thriving program by our local universe to teach how to make spirit contact through the mind.  These were the days all who transmitted were shown how to practice stillness in order to be able to transmit a celestial teacher or the Deities themselves  Mark Rogers is among the oldest transmitters in actual practice we have left in this country, and is quite set in his ways.  These remaining groups truly known nothing of what is pending as for the subject of York, or what Michael has in mind concerning the Second Advent of Jesus.

For the readers of their transcription of contact made below two days ago as I write this. Machiventa orders these transmissions as an outline of Lessons for the teaching mission groups and this one follows the book to give such lessons as being really well organized and pointedly given.  You know Machiventa Melchizedek by name here, but you do not know Elyon, now promoted to Mighty Messenger by fiat of the Universal Father for his service in the  old Teaching Mission now ended for about seven years ago, but this group keeps going as though they do not know that.

And finally we have Jonathon speak.  This man was a musician and played professionally on stage while being a member of this Utah Teaching Mission group for years.  One night about about 15 years ago, he was performing his gig on stage and suddenly keeled over and died almost instantly of a hemorrhage.  Michael brought over immediately and placed him on mansion world four at that time.  His life now has been learning to teach as a celestial teacher and he uses his old group to speak to in order to provide him experience as he learns to speak for a new Teaching Mission to Urantia in about six to ten years from now.  I now give you Jonathon for your edification before you read their transcript below:

JONATHON = "I am Jonathon, and I greet you all well and steady as it goes.  Ron is a superb transmitters and so is Mark Rogers.  Mark is nearly seventy years old now, and fails a little around the edges as his mind wonders now and then, and you Ron are so silly this is so easy it ain't funny McGee!  I any case I am Jonathon and Ron and I met at Niagara Falls, in 2003, and I can really say I had forgotten him and he forgot me as we do not gel at conferences like that very well.  In any case I am delighted to make contact again and release my angst not over anything you are doing on this web site.  It is one of the few on Urantia that truly has the truth at hand and up to the minute idea just what the universe intends to do as Magisterial Missions are about to start and this group is still way back in the 1990's, and they will have a shock when I tell them personally they are so out of date as to be wondering what they were doing all these years.  Ron tried to update them but one called *** ate through the letter with such bombast and convinced the group Ron had a screw loose they all voted to rescind what he had to say and left the entire matter to Elyon.  Here is Elyon for your listening pleasure. I am Jonathon and a son of God as all of you are someday.  Be in my peace.  Magisterial Son Serara now speaks."

SERARA - "Ron wonders why this group persists in the past.  I do not know. I am sure Ron knows the old story why Elyon is gone as He was promoted to Mighty Messenger almost immediately after the old Teaching Mission closed its doors for good in 2012.  They do not know that yet.  However, Ron keeps listening to hear if they are updated, and they are not because they consider Ron apostate and we prefer not to rub their noses in it for now.  This morning Ron had the silliest of dreams and he luaghed hard when he woke up fully knowing it was a rouse, but an important one.  You all will hear it if he concludes you should as it remits to the idea he is like everybody else, but he is super independent of that ilk that will read the new Sixth Epochal Revelation, and yet he is in heart with them all.  He loves all humans and is ready to serve so long as he can get out of the ties that bind him so tightly to this planet in the near future.  We are sure that Utah group will learn its lessons well soon and wonder how in the world Ron has captured our hearts so well we can move into our human sized buildings in York Square and start immediately in planning what is to be done.  I am SERARA and we will talk later to day. SERARA."

ELYON - "I speak now with flattering tongue not as Ron is truly ill and he is so ill he can barely speak in joy this morning due to a treatment from Uversa last night that has him so groggy this morning (is it?) and fails to enjoy the spring weather outside his windows now.  It is a beauty in York and so is the prospect of what is to happen there.  They have secured a building already and are willing to place an offer to the owner of 1.1 million USD for a gorgeous little building on the SE corner of the Square.  How they managed to do that we do not know, but Michael himself forced the issue with Steven Gitz and Steven this morning is wondering at his own chutzpah over how he secured it.  He now is signing an offer to the owners for over one million dollars, and between Ron and Steven there might be a few dollars they could scrape together but Michael has insisted that the universe will give them a Bank Warrant and Ron says that is find if the Governor of Pennsylvania agrees it is sufficient to hold hearings on it which the Commissioners of York County requested he do.

"You Ron are so silly as to rescind this building work by Memo yesterday to the Contact Commission (CC), and they agreed with you with Memo 1, but by Memo 3, you were buying a new building for in Memo 2, Michael took you to task for pulling back with orders in Memo 1, you send them during an earlier part of the day.  Now this all came down the chute well enough, but what you do not know Ron, is that Machiventa Melchizedek was given strict orders to see to it that the New York Bank, co-owner by us through Morgan Stanley has signed a Warrant for your use to the Governor, and all is set.  We watch this play out with great glee and your rigid view you all had to run into the woods and hide if this thing does not work shortly.  I am Elyon, and I will stop in to visit every so often and Jonathon is on a short leash in his practice, but he is willing to take shots on this site if there are transmitters to do that too.  Good day!  Elyon."

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK = "Ron you are among the most luscious transmitters I ever heard as you exude thanks to people who are a little jaded up here with their old past times to transmit to the old Teaching Mission.  I am one of them and you still have the flavor the old Teaching Mission had although you were never a transmitter but a ferverent supporter of that program and made great strides in using its material for your own berevement when no one would listen for your suggestions for reform to keep it more international and going with a decent organization to capitalize it .  They could not just do it and it failed totally in 2012.  Now we are faced with a Magisterial Mission, and again they fail us and you and your CC because they tire of words and not action and even the old Teaching Mission had the same problem.  Now this:

"Your dream was my instigation which Michael fulfilled for me this morning and you had a good laugh over it.  In it your were wrapped in a soft blue blanket and lay down in a doorway between two large exercise rooms and it was full of people laying and sitting on the floor of both rooms also wrapped in a blue blanket each.  To Ron it was surreal and very warm!  In any case, it ended when someone called him and he looked at the young man and never saw him before in his life and that ended the dream.  Ron awoke and laughed and he asked who was responsible for that one, and Michael declared He was.  They had a good chat and Ron dismissed the entire matter as goofy and out the door he went.  Now let me tell you all something:

"That dream spoke to the reality of the situation for Ron.  He sees the SER-- the Sixth Epochal Revelation which is tardy and late to his hands and Mantutia has to hide his face all the time over talks about him receiving it for distribution, but the truth is, it never existed until today when they printed it up all over again for Urantia distribution in about six weeks.  Now we learn that Ron has a copy not coming in the mail but coming to a dealer near him called Machiventa Melchizedek, as I will deliver the new revelation to him on April days not yet disclosed yet.

"We also announce that the SER is ready for world distribution soon and that Ron has a plan in mind to bolster the glad tidings with an ad campaign on major network television at once.  So he thinks.  He has a fine idea of a doctor in a white coat leaning and sitting on the front of hid desk, speaking to the camera with a huge ball of a globe  held under his right arm and onto his right thigh, announcing a new Book of Revelation with a choruse of young children singing the coke song, "I'd like to Teach the World To Sing."

"Now I see the sense in it truly!  With the money we have at hand it will sell like hot cakes and that is his purpose and fund and serious intention to make the SER a common place word.  I am sure this is a way into something I never thought would happen on Urantia, but Ron is not happy with a choice tid bit on the docks of San Francisco Harbor.

"Rather it will sell like hot cakes when Jesus picks the idea up and uses it as a introduction to his rallies soon to come.  I se Jesus brighten with this idea because He will use an orchestra to start his rallies and perhaps the former director of the Boston  Pops, John Williams, who still writes film music, could do something with that ditty and make it original for Jesus to use.  Incidentally he wrote the theme music for Star Wars.
John Williams conducts the Orchestra in that piece shown above.
"I am Machiventa Melchizedek and you ought to hear Ron have fun with this and he is ready to do it as soon as he can figure out who should play the parts.  Michael is hilarious over the idea and wishes he had thought of it. Play that Star Wars theme again Besser, it is worthy of our ignoble ways at times to bring you on, but on you are and that is that.  Machiventa Melchizedek speaking no longer:
Ron, now that we are finished with this huge introduction, I now present for your reading pleasure the Utah group being reminded about how they must practice the STILLNESS.  Without further ado:

= = = = = = = = = = =
Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2019-04-11
Teacher: Machiventa, Elyon, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents and friends, we invite you to join us in our parlors of spirit, even now at this time and in this moment. We invite you in to our citadel, our place of peace and would invite you to join with us in fellowship and share each others company. We crave your divine peace and energy. We seek you in times like this and attempt to create the space, even now. Let it be so and let us enjoy the fruits of our effort at having created this space and this connection, thank you.

Machiventa: I would seize this opportunity because you so allow. I am Machiventa and I will attempt to field this serve that's been made regarding the purpose and value in the practice of stillness as we refer to this act of attempting to calm the body, calm the mind and allow yourselves to enter a state of relaxed receptiveness. It is in this place that you can hear the voice of spirit, that you can be one with spirit, in this place you are spirit sharing with spirit and it is by virtue of your having built this place that you are able to easily once again revisit it and as referenced, you may revisit any number of projects, your portal, your healing exercises or visiting celestial friends. These are all revisited in the same manner as you are referring to revisiting this act of stillness.

If one develops the practice of doing stillness regularly, then less and less time is required for you to revisit the circuitry and recreate the state of awareness. Shorter and shorter are the times required for you to get re-centered if you have practiced a lot. You are in all this practice simply creating a groove, developing a path and treading this path repeatedly so that it is familiar and easy, so that it is traversed quickly and you arrive at your parlor of peace. Once the groove has been worn, once the trail has been established, it only requires little maintenance to be maintained and used. Once the portal has been constructed, it only takes the contributing energies to maintain it. This is the value contained in practicing anything and you all are aware of this human benefit and have seen the effects that practice makes.

So I invite you to understand that the stillness is the framework and you are building the paths and creating the circuitries, you are establishing the "neural networks" if you will. You are creating the paths that you will so easily follow to get back to spirit. Stillness may take innumerable forms, it may be practicing being in the moment and at any point can it be referred to as a moment of stillness. So, be easy on yourselves in thinking that there may be some form it must take, some amount that must be done or some inherent requirement. It is merely the suggestion we have made in this curriculum to keep practicing and repeating in making the pathway indelible. It's interesting that some of the very initial material that we attempted to get across is still generating thought and discussion. It is still relevant as it will always be, so thank you for this solicitation.

Yes I appreciate your attention in class all these years since we first brought up the subject of stillness and tried to define this concept. It is my pleasure to join you today and field your question. It is greatly rewarding to come among you again. I appreciate our relationship and I would now make way for another, thank you.

Elyon: Yes, my pleasure to greet you all again, I am Elyon and it has been a while so it is with great pleasure that I return to reflect a little more on the stillness we began so long ago. This idea of simply slowing yourselves down so that you might hear your voices within, that you might recognize your spirit connection at these levels of relaxation and peace that we attempted to describe and define and achieve as you went forward in this process. We had many a good discussion on what this practice meant and so it is with great interest I join you today.

In the beginning when we were attempting to bring this process forward, we had to first make you aware that your minds were full of chatter and that there were discussions going on and directions being taken in your own minds that were commandeering your thoughts and that it would be well for you to step back and see these from a perspective further back or deeper within and that the approach to reach for this place was to attempt to be calm and to be still and to forsake all external distractions so that one could focus on the internal connection to spirit. The path we advocated choosing was this path of stillness and we suggested that if you practiced this exercise, if you took this path, that you would get to a place of receptivity wherein you could seek connection, the connection between you as spirit and the totality of spirit, the rest of spirit of which you are a part.

And it is with great pleasure I can say, that you took the advice, you got the point, you were able to see for yourselves that this path was valid. You proved that you could create a bridge between you, where you were, with that part of you that is spirit, to a place of spirit where you may interact with other spirits. I am sure that everyone here will call to witness in their own lives, they have seen that this connection to spirit has been not only created and made but has been utilized, has been worked with and has been not only accessed, but directed.

So to all of you who asked what is the big deal about stillness and forming a path, I suggest that your paths are so well worn you have forgotten the time spent where you have created them. They are second nature to you. Your every move may be viewed as stillness when you are in a state of awareness and presence. So I thank you for this topic of discussion and cherish this opportunity to fellowship with you in the ever evolving understanding of these principles. It's a joy to join you all and I now take my leave. I bid you all a continued wonderful journey of discovery as I see you are doing quite well since last we had a visit, I bid you all farewell.

Jonathan: Hi guys, Jonathan here. I am called as if by loud trumpets to this meeting because of the association with Elyon and the discussion around stillness. I feel as though I am in familiar territory. It is good to revisit subjects that we have taken for granted for some time perhaps and to ask are we still connected? Are we still involved? Is our connection still strong? This indicates a healthy desire to strengthen your connection. This urge is beckoning you to shore up and strengthen your connection. That is always a good call to heed for we can all use a stronger connection, a greater grasp, a superior perspective and those are what we look for in our connection with spirit, these fundamental shifts of awareness and perception that come when you are willing to mingle in the spirit dimension and share.

That is where these transfers of awareness may occur, in the places you have prepared them to occur, in the portal that you support they may occur, in the field where you may take your focus or in your personal citadel of spirit they occur. This is because you have become well versed, your patterns have been established, your neural nets have been built and now they simply need energized. You know how, it is just a matter of doing it. This is the result of your exercise, of your practices of stillness in its many forms. It is so good to join you and feel the presence of old friends. I would take my leave and express my love and gratitude for this connection, take care, bye.
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Re: Why Stllness Practice? Machiventa and Elyon and Jonathon
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2019, 05:55:39 pm »
Beloved Forum of the Spirit, :'(

That day, in France Our Lady of Paris has been devastated under the flames, and the whole world knows, the heart is crying and is it perhaps a Divine warning, the fire remains the sign of Purification, and what do you get out of it? Our Lady of Paris 1459/2019
:'(bernadette de France  "  POTCHa-Mé "
Salutation from france, all urantian people,
tankyu so much ,dear brothers and sisters,
in my country, no people ready , yet for this wonderfull Work in the Universal father, i hope
french forum For Monjoronson, and Mickael;love
and light way together,multilanguages,with my respect and gratitude !

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Re: Why Stllness Practice? Machiventa and Elyon and Jonathon
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2019, 09:18:09 am »
@Bernadette of France,

Before my final retirement, I have been working for some years as ‘‘ agent d’accueil ’’ at the cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, just to say that this place is very familiar to me and that I know almost the in-outside of every angle stone. Watching live on television the devastating fire was indeed heart-breaking, particularly for art gothic lovers. I can’t say if it were ‘purification by fire’, but I know that a great symbol of France has gone away and that its reconstruction will take centuries. Domtia
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