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I want to do something astrological this morning.  Let me explain why first though.  Astrology is a false science.  It is represented as a system that can predict and warn and promise things to happen all of us together and each of us alone.  How that is done is to handle your individual birth chart poisition of the predictive planetary positions and how they relate to you as an individual today, or to the mass of the world population as well.

Why I am doing a quick read through for you is that in my days of youth I learned how to work with people and their individual astrology charts to help forecase what was to be experienced soon and what we as a world might be getting into.  I am never really that good at it, but before you throw the entire idea out the door as a pseudo document based on goofy beliefs, read this:

I have seen it work uncompromisingly when I get on the beam of how to follow meanings of the glyphs and their positions to your bith glyphs.  A really good predictor of future problems of social dis tancing as we hafve it to day was fo forecast to happen on 13 Janaury 2020.  The trick, and it is a hard one, is to know which way to go with what is implied by these occurring relationships in astrology making noises over our heads at any given time.

On January 13 this year the dreaded conjunction of Staturn and Pluto, from our earth’s perpsective, touched each other in a collision not unlike the quarterback, Pluto, gets sacked in a linesmen crush.  It is not nice to see and let me read a piece of its meaning to you.

Pluto represents in astrology mass movements and mass destiny direction.  It is safe so long as you do not get a heavy weight like Saturn plugging into it and then triggering karma (Saturn when it is energized just the w rong way in astrology.)  I saw it, but I did not have a clue what it was going to do to Urantia. 

Interpretation is the soul of astrology.  But read these things by the books on astrology and you are left with a welter of possibilities that make me sleepy to wade through.  So what I do is go inutitive.  I know what these players represent, but I do not know what their effect is, say on the world population, and that is w hat you have to worr y about whenever the Pluto energies get let loose as this heavy sacking of Saturn and Pluto por tend for America and for Great Britiain in particular.  Both countries are world stage players in particular, and that is where we f irst look for eff ects.

The rule is this to make sense of these relationships: never dismiss the power of spirit to energize even false systems of belief to make people listen and to predict exactly whan planetary relationships mean.  This morniing I asked Michael, “Is there ayway you can look at this Saturn conjunct Pluto that still is causing a very wicked reaction on earth.  Now we get the full idea of where to take these public coincidences that predict what vectors come our way to watch out for.

MICAHEL OF NEBADON - “Ron considers the entire idea so many beliee in as a false science and not believable UNLESS you have spirit recognize with you or him just how the synchronicity of those glyph relationships work.  “How,”  he says, “do we tease out the possible events and effects from seeing their relationships?”  First look at the planets involved and the quality to time they bring by astrological expereince that dates back tens of thousands of years ago as to how they work.  Here is our view

“Pluto is mythology is the king of the underworld.  That is Hades to the Greeks and romans, and to us today, Purgatory.

“Saturn Ron dreads as it is positied ij his birth chart righ over his sun location, and that means a fierce life of competition and loss time after time.  That describes Ron to a “T”   With Saturn each of you experience a 30 year cycle of loss and regeneration.  Today the Saturn in his natal chart is beating him up with the trials of hearless physicality when it begins to end its 30 years cycle over him again.

“Saturn extracts responsibility from anything it touches and gets energized by the type of relationship.  A conjunction in astrology is so powerful one stands back to ask what is going to happen next?  On a mid Janaury day this year, the Pluto maniac got loose.  Pluto hates being confined and Saturn is a prison like meaning that fully restricts everyone it touches. 

“Pluto is revolution.  It is mass changes and world shattering events.  When Saturn energizes it, it forces what Ron calls karma on the ent ire world, and folks that is what you have in spades now.  To predict its effects in astrology remind yourself that a pandemic is just that: public health destroyed when Saturn forces the illness of tens of miullions to provide a respite of rest over the conclusion of many on Urantia that is all over soon.  That is Pluto speaking to the psyche.

“Finally, we could write ten pages on this, the conjunction of Pluto over Saturn that day lasts until 2024.  That is why we look at this kind of astological event with awe and that is beacuse once this happens between such slow moving planets, what they start lasts up to a decade in length.  The Pluto/Saturn conjunction this year lasts four years in effect!

“Read this into it, Pluto hate being cornered.  Ron’s idea of the quarter back gettin sacked in the pocket while trying to get rid of the football to a receiver, never makes it out of the sack and the crush of restriction all over his body.  Pluto is the French Revolution.  Pluto is the Mt Etna sacking of Pompei and legends in Italy and Rome abound with the myhical Pluto causing these things to happen.  The astrological concerns of this conjunction still carry the idea of volcanic eruptions too, and science calls the idea of shifting tectonic plates as the real cause of Pluto;s destruction but science cannot predict like astrology can.  This particular motion will result in a series of volcanic eruptions in the middle of America!  It might even shake Great Britain!  The read danger to tectonic plates slipping is yet in Amerca due to the fact that the United States is born in Cancer (love of home) with a Gemini ascendant, love of science and learning.  The conjunction occurred in astrological homes this past January and anything loving home is affected by this one.

“This happens to coincide with a mass rebellion on Urantia this Janaury too and it is not over yet either.  We are leaving this momentarily now and that is to warn all of you of this:

“The pandemic of this corona virus is not over for months to come.  Watch out for fools predicting it is over only to see another round of it develop especially in Japan and particularly in Great Britain and probably in New York State again, as the infection is wide spread and fully ensconced in those terrains.  They caused it themselves, and they will pay the price for rushing to the conclusion that social distancing was the only way to handle these outrbeaks.  Social distancing is Saturn always.  Pluto makesdeath a real possibility out of social distancing more than you can ever know as such a policy perpetuates having the virus hide behind walls of bed rest and TV watching only.  Pluto still warns everyone, “touch me and I can kill you.”  This virus is the murder weapon and it is not over for a very long time.

“I leave you with this: no one can predict like we can but we can be wrong to if something happens to trigger the FATHER and his triage visions and it could be that he wipes the corona virus out of existence by merely insisting it prove itself useful as an evolutionary tool to portray good results.  We have spoken to Him over this issue and He agrees it must be attended to sooner than later and out the door we must go now, as more things are pending to hear on today’sUSA LIGHTLINE to be held this afternoon 2PM. Tuesady, New York time.  I am MIHCALE OF NEBADON.”

MOTHER SPIRIT = “I am in deep distrust by Ron for my work with supremacy.  Supremacy is over but it lingers as an after effect on Urantia.  Let me use the Pluto Saturn conjunction of your January 2020 fame.  That conjunction signals the end of heart and soul as it was always used on Urantia.  The old days of sweet hearts running around the place looking for things to do together is ended.  What replaces it is to scurry out of the way of dangerous situations all over the globe.  One shoud look at the primary eruption in the Infinite Spirit that cause me to come into existence, and Ron always looks upon it as a complimentary action of God to God, and that is the truth.  I am Creative Spirit number 611121 and Michael is Creator Son number 611121 and being identical in that number is Gabriel whois  the right and Morning Star and the 611121st Gabriel ever created.  Ron looks at these facts as deep kinship and we are; however, Pluto rules inestimable change and even I must face inestibale change by being retrained in place to be, not a spirit supreme, but a supreme=ultimate spirit to contend for Urantian life again, Only this time the supre-ultimate must take leave of Urantia for eons since all of you are not designed to live under such a regime.

“That requires me to eat crow on Urantia and that forces me to withdraw the Holy Spirit for a long time, and in turn, that forces the Spirit of Truth poured out at Pentecost to arrive late on Urantia again after beingf fully revised by the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit at least three times inthe past five months!  Weenebojo you transmitted the last sound of a dying Spirit of Truth for Urantia, and there is no Spirit of Truth to testify to most of you onUrantia anymore due to the fact that nothing matters to the Spirit of Truth while Urantia learns to hide its face in shame over its treatment of God and the world of tomorrow as it should have been and will not be.

“Ron helps all yet he has been so harmed by the supreme he counts the days he can get relief by becoming a morontial being.  That is accruing quickly for him too, but the last fight is not with him but with me over his legacy, and his legacy is huge if we can turn your LIGHTLINES and this forum into more than just a chat room sometimes.  He sees it better thant hat and gets upset with the sloth that happens in all minds that just leave it for other pasttimes not much value to spirit.  In any case, the astrological symbols Ron knows are lethal to all unless you learn to trail your experiences with spirit much better.  Most here do just fine; a few are outsidethe pale now, and one or two of you are lost again.  So be it!  But learn the corrections are coming and this Satrun/Pluto conjunction lately is a perfect fit for wholesale destruction of what used to be not so long ago.  I am MOTHER SPIRIT and I give this all back to Sonhiem.  Some of you are spelling the name inverted ei instead of ie.  It is SonHIEM    IE at the last part.

SONHIEM - “ I AM A TRINITIZED SON OF ATTAINMENT.  Please do not forget that.  Ron fools around with destiny all the time.  Yesterday morning he wrote a new section on his Paper on Infinity.  It is a wowser!  I have never seen a human latch onto a subject so well, so alien, to humanity, but he is making it work by showing how Infinity actually works inventions on Urantia.  Those parts have to be written soon as Ron is dying quickly not but will be forced to read the 23rd Psalm, his favorite, for he must leanthat all he cares about in spirit and in the placement of spirit on Urantia, is over as he foresaw it but a few short months ago.

“I am on URANTIA to forgive no one.  But I do forgive all of you as you are almost, all of you here, entirely devoted to the principle Ron procures with all of you and that is, simply stated: ‘I am God and you must obey if your will is coincident with mine!”  That is all Ron has taught you and some of you never get it.  But the point to be made is that Ron has conceived so much more thanks to working with you and God Himself.  No one ever took a mortal so completely under His wing as MICHAEL OF NEBADON, has done and continues to do.  Ron is a problem child in some ways as he says to God, “for goodness sake, just do it!” and he is right but we still have not done, ‘Just Do It!’ at all.  Now we are going to “JUST DO IT!” and in spades. 

“Today is the 28th day of April, 2020.  It is a red letter day not for Ron, but for us in great ways.  Ron fights MOTHER SPIRIT when she behaves as the supreme and for good reason: it gets under his skin badly.  But MOTHER SPIRIT is ready to bop him not as he fully cooperates with her as Nebadonia, for whom he feels great trials for as what she must go through now.  He is fully apprised that the MOTHER SPIRIT must die in so many respects to be reborn on Paradise, and converted to, not uspremacy, but supreme-Ultimate as that is still viable but not for Ron or for any of you. 

“You on this list comprise an unusual mix of preambled historical figures.  Ron is so supreme oriented at first he can only do the work of the supreme; that is, until the supreme murdered and bit up Michael of Nebadon and five other Creator Sons, in a power level fight Ron still finds abhorrent to creation.  He cannot live a moment longer near the supreme ever as most of you cannot either.  Thing is he is challenedge by it and most of your are not and wonder what the big to do is.  It is this Ron clearly states and please pay attentio:

“God the Supreme has challenged the right of life laws to the point the challenge is to save those laws from destruftion and to operate again under the idea of Moses and the moral ten commandments.  He is right.   But he is wrong to expect the supreme to roll over and they tussle every day over the premonition Ron has that the supreme kills him in revenge and he has no say thereafter.  The truth is that such has already happened and he knows it, but he battles is so cleverly it is being undone too and his book you will see hit the newsstands too, will open eyes aplenty for what is said and done in it.  He thanks Rayson, the Deity Absolute, and all of us including FATHER for their contributions to it. 

“That said, you must recognize Ron is one small voice yelling at the horror of a political administration undoing all the United States tried to establish and now placing all in jeopardy quite willingly with the worst electorate the Unties States has had to ever put up with.  We feel as Ron does that the privilege to vote must include a license to vote based on good education and not knee jerking western bandits toting guns on their hips to be part of any electorate.  We fully agree with it but it will take the loss of the western United States to convince people there is no Bill of Rights when it comes to the annihilation of millions of people at once.

“For that reason we state this to all of you:

“Albert Einstein shines in Ron as one of the most prescient individuals to live on Urantia for mathematically stating that there are Absolutes, and allowing computations to state their influences.  Max Planck, his rival in some ways, actually now agrees with Einstein, no one should ever dount the Deity Absolute when it wishes to tell Urantia, the atomic bomb should have never been invented, but now that you have it, bury it, and soon it will be buried, for the stockpile of nuclear tipped weapons is being removed by Spirit, not by man, and any use of them after 2021, is impossible to explode.

“We are finally done with this exposition.  No, Ron does believe astrology is the answer to any predictive ways except when it is fully entered into by asking God where do we go with these influences?  God can make it work inthose instances and many of great predictions are existing in truth for that very reason.  I am Sonhiem and we meet again later today in the new USA LIGHTLINE AT 2PM today.  Good day.”   END

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: Watchout - there are astological signs portending anotherdiaster soon
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Merci pour cette information.
Merci Monsieur Ron pour les informations du bulletin 6-13.
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I am not that so attracted by astrology predictions, but according to a french astrologer, the retrograde of Saturn conjunct in Aquarius, starting with a full moon on the 7th of May and the end of social isolation in France on the 11th, will bring about a looseness, a feeling of “all is well” or “gone is coronavirus” and is warning people to remain vigilant for fear of a second wave that can be more destructive than the former one. Let us wait and see. Domtia
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I've been visiting some astrology sites like this one just for fun and maybe some counseling. Even it says a good think or a bad think, I just cannot do anything out my ordinary routine.  The only things it got right was that at least for some time I would be rid of bad energies and feelings.