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Audio Transmission / A NEW RELATIONSHIP
« on: May 21, 2020, 03:16:08 am »
Teacher: AMADON
T/R: Lemuel
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 21st May 2020  09:16 Local  07:16 Z

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Re: Audio Transmission / A NEW RELATIONSHIP
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2020, 07:37:05 am »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission
A New Relationship

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. No doubt, you can hear I am in the countryside, it is a beautiful morning and we are being serenaded in this moment by a nightingale. Well, I am here to do an audio-transmission and I know that Amadon, my Teacher, wants to say a few words.

AMADON : Good morning to you all, I am Amadon, Lemuel’s Teacher. You will have observed that in recent talks about teaching I have talked about the Adam and Eve and teaching of the New Era and that really there is no difference between teacher and students, it is an-going thing, but this morning I want to emphasize that at the beginning of the teaching of the New Era you will come to understand that one of the most important things you will ever learn or probably the most important thing you will ever learn is about yourselves and the relationship that you will learn between yourselves and your Indwelling Thought Adjusters your road to perfection which is the only admonishment that comes from  your Father – be perfect even as He is perfect in Him, but at the moment, all of you, the vast majority of you on the planet are confined to some degree or another because of the Covid-19 coronavirus. You become aware that has given you a new opportunity to reflect on your lives, what you are doing, where you are going, what is it you need to do or to learn, especially about your priorities, your responsibilities, to whom and to what are you responsible really.

Well, of course, we understand that there are various relationships here on the earth, the normal man and woman relationship and whether there is a marriage or not, they live together and there  are the gay movement, homosexuals, lesbians and also those in-between, by that I mean the trans-sexuals. It is really don’t matter, the point is that people, unconsciously, seek themselves through the company of other people, they need to be with someone, need to be loved by someone, to be appreciated by someone and this is the normal human-being state of affairs. When suddenly you are not able to do this, when you are denied the company of those you love, you suffer tremendously and you are forced to turn inwards and ask serious questions and it always begins – why me, why now – and the tendencies to put the Father on guard for everything. Well, of course, those of you here on the forum, you know simply that is not the case. As the years go by, you get older and hopefully you get wiser, one naturally turns inwards more, because you realize that your death is getting closer everyday and you begin to question in a more serious way. Of course, it is a great pity that many people live it until then in the autumn of their lives before they start asking themselves serious questions.

Well, in the future it will be very different, because as I mentioned the other day teaching in the New Era will be very different and so we come to the most important thing of all which is, again I repeat, the relationship between yourselves and your Indwelling Father Fragment, your Thought Adjuster. It is very difficult for young people now to even think about these things because they have so much pressure to make their way into a world, this is normal for a young people, everything is so intense and he must try to get a degree for this or that and the education system being what it is, everybody  come out on the other hand with qualifications or not, but he does not really been prepared for life, not at all, just prepared most of them to get a job, as you know not everyone gets the job. You all know there comes a time in all our lives when you are struck down by illness, a car accident or whatever it is and these circumstances are another way to make you think more deeply about yourselves. The question is asked many times - is there such a thing as an accident, for are these things allowed to take place for that very reason to stop people in their track, so to speak, so they can reflect on their lives and question themselves and begin to put their priorities in order and of course your health is very high on your list of priorities.

Almost all of you now have a car, you drive cars everyday and you don’t think about driving, you have done it so many times, you drive on automatic pilot, so to speak, you don’t think about it, you do the same things every day, thousands upon thousands of time and suddenly for several reasons you forget to do something or just do something and you have an accident and you ask yourself : how is it possible, I have done this a million times, why did I not do it this morning, what is the difference ? Well, if you believe in accidents, alright it is accidental, but I want to instruct you in the sense that although you may have the opinion that accidents do happen, the majority of what you call accidents are allowed to happen to those people who have reached a particular state of awareness in their lives or in the alternative have not received, have not reached a particular level of awareness where they need to be stopped in a track, so to speak and so a so-called accident is allowed and then through what may be perhaps months in hospital, finally come out of hospital and may be spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair or whatever the situation is, you would have learned a great deal and your life of course would be changed  forever.

In a similar way, it is that now, there is a before and an after situation coronavirus where people have been forced to reflect and revaluate and this is good. People will realize that they have indeed changed on their list of priorities is different now, just a few short months ago. So, however it occurs, in whatever manner, when you become aware that you have changed your attitude to life because of circumstances you recently come out of, you will be so grateful, yes grateful, even those of you who end up in a wheelchair, you will be sorry for a while, yes, and you will regret your stupidity or whatever you think caused your accident, you come to realize that something good has come out of it, you are different, you have different friends now, you have different values, in many ways you are happier. These things are difficult to accept at first but nevertheless they are true. So, this morning, talking about teaching and learning and experiencing and coming to terms with a new situation and realizing finally that your responsibility is to yourselves, to understand yourselves, to develop a closer relationship with your Beloved Indwelling Thought Adjuster, knowing these things and experiencing these things, of course help you to understand and identify the same situation with all your brothers and sisters.

So, the greatest thing that you will ever learn is to love and be loved by your Internal Father Fragment and this is your eternal love affair, this is your eternal company on your ascension journey to reach that state of perfection which your Heavenly Father so desires for all of you and so I leave you with these few words this morning. I am AMADON, Lemuel’s Teacher, I bid you all a very good day.

Lemuel : Thank you AMADON. I too bid you also a very good day and thank you so much for listening and I hope to talk to you again very soon, bye-bye for now. Domtia
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