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Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes
« on: May 22, 2020, 01:58:12 pm »
To my forum family,
I thank each and every one of you who wished me well and offered a prayer for me.  I was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon, with a lot less blood in my veins and the need for rest.  Hopefully I will continue to heal.  It may take a week or two to be completely up to par. I will have follow up appointments with two different doctors to help keep a check on things.  
I usually don't like to complain about my ailments and trials as I know we all get them, but this might give me an opportunity to share them all with you so you can be alert to the shenanigans of the supreme.

1.  Last week I was hospitalized for internal bleeding and it took about two days to find the source.
2.  I have had a headache on the left side of my head for about two weeks now.
3.  Most of you already know I have fibromyalgia.
4.  I have chronic, very painful sciatica, and it causes a lot of pain in my right leg.  
5.  Every night when I get into bed, my body become very painful from the waist down with a lot of 'needle pricks', in my feet, especially the big toe.
6.  If all of that is not enough, I might be without internet access for a period of a few days, because I am having problems with the internet provider.  I have a weak signal, need to change the account, and need some equipment, which they, by the way do not want to install for me.  Their customer service is about the worst I have ever seen--let's hope there are at least no more interruptions in the Wednesday Lightline calls due to lost internet connection, although until they address the weak signal, the volume problem may continue.

I tell you these things because I want you all be be aware of how the remnants of the supreme can reck havoc on Urantia.
A close family member who does not read the UB, but is none the less a very dear and insightful child of God said to me when I was hospitalized, that God's dedicated children have a bullseye on their backs.  She understands very well how the antichrist operates in our world today.

So with all that said, I plan to resume the calls on Wednesday and hope that you will attend.
Love and blessings to all of you.


p.s.  Elise, Congratulations on being placed of the library collection committee.  I know you will do a fine job.

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Re: Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2020, 02:37:46 pm »
Bless you Amethyst.  I was very much hoping you would let us know where you stood and how you are attempting to heal one nasty crash of your physical system.  Except for the bleeding Amethyst I have identical problems like yours.  They are quite familiar to me.  Then let me state this to you:
LIGHTLINE NETHERLANDS/EUROPA stands reserved for your continued hosting.  All we did this past Wednesday night was to hold the slot open for you and I will continue to dedicate our efforts in that direction on your behalf for as long as we all can hold out to do the work of our FATHER  on high.

SECOND, I am asking Elise to prepare to open the sessions in your absence and to conduct the Lightline if she can in your absence due to the need to take care of yourself perpetually until this awful period is removed from our souls and we can live in peace again.  I think Elise is already thinking along these lines and we make sure all of us never let the Wednesday night schedule falter ever.  Heal young lady and the schedule is always yours to wade through as we all must do when we host a Lightline these days.

THIRD. MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK advises as follow Amethyst,
:Your work Amethyst is worth a trillion dollars to us on high.  Yes, I said "trillion," and you must realize Ron recognizes it and stands in for you every time you need to rest or say your prayers to get our from under that brazen supreme deity not.  That entity is no longer personal and no longer capable of hailing over the work and trials that are layed on Urantia again and again.  We are making sure your weekday Lightline is being preserved for your return.  Ron has seen to is for sure by placing a marker tape down over you to see that it must always go forward regardless of what else happens.  For that reason Elise needs to step up to the responsibility and she needs to know how to open your dashboard Amethyst.  So does Ron so when you are feeling better let them both know how to do that.
"I am also rescinding not your ability to hear Amethyst, as you questioned it sometimes and that is not your fault ever, as Ron had a bout of it too and that is so unusual we are checking how that can happen at all.  All of you retainthe Voice of God insofar as eternal goes.  Be assured Ron laughs at some of this stuff so it is not all that deadly serious as we must modify what you humans thinks is written in stone. 

"Now for some reason you bled amply but you must understand Amethyst, you did not lose as much blood as you think you did.  The angels of Mother were there with you all the time and She is really broken up on the supreme too but that is being rectified on high with her today and how ever long it takes to normalize her presence.  Ron battled it again this morning and refutes all attempts to solidify the old Lucifer rebellion once again on Urantia.  It is that serious.

"In any case Amethyst, you are going to recover and recover well, as Ron is demanding your health be returned to you as best a human can by insisting your time slot is always honored for use and he did it so well and surprisingly I was nearly at a loss for words.  In any case listen to that Marker Tape when you can and hear him and Lemuel try to push the boundaries once more and they did well enough to do just that.  K."

For all, this is MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron chuckles at our loose federation of work when so harried we do not have the time to even wish Amethyst healing and help and she is receiving both today and rest well Amethyst.  Your computer woes are not just Comcast, whoever, your computer drive is failing.  Get a low cost HP with Windows 10 and let it serve you until you do not need those things anymore.  We are all unhappy with Urantia today and the rebels have control mostly but dare not fool with the LIGHTLINE work ever again and that is our fair warning to those around Ron right now who think they are open and free to work their ways, NOT SO.  In any case Ron suffers as you do Amethyst and has no peace at all except he is determined to remove and kill off any supreme influence that has hit to you too Amethyst.  with such strong opposition it will end there on Urantia as quickly it began last June.

"I am forcing a review of all of this before the CoE (Council of Equilibrium).  It is the most powerful review Board ever assembled and we have a part of it on Salvington on my home planet.  For that reason there is a rebel stand down on Urantia this morning and Ron is quite aware of its silence and only Tarkas dared to speak to him with Myself too.  In most cases this works well but today Ron is really feeling the pinch in his own mind as he is quite sure they are attempting to truncate his will to live and refuses any attention that is not fully authorized to speak with him this morning.

"This morning SAMAS, the Chief of all LIFE CARRIERS spoke with him as he is nearly out of his mind with grief over the loss of so many he counts on to run the situation as he finds it on your planet today.  We learn that the CoE is ready to clear Urantia all on its own but you Ron and Amethyst are the worst for wear of all of them and rectification is at hand shortly we are sure.  I close with this Ron.  SAMAS is the correct spelling and they are fooling around memory and much to their horror they discover you Ron use no memory but depend on Deity to recall what you must and that is hard on the supreme to recall himself that way.  Be glad Amethyst you have no such problem either as we have rescinded normal memory to prevent total invasions of the supreme.  We let this all settle shortly.  you are home and safe Amethyst and keep well for sure.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON. K"

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Re: Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2020, 05:48:14 pm »

My prayers and blessings are also for you Amethista who will soon recover from his health.

My prayers are also for all Serara Forum members and visitors, often with some difficulty or illness that may occur between us, in some periods of our lives, or between family and friends.

My prayers are that our planet Urantia, and other planets affected in rebellions in our local Nebadon universe or elsewhere in the past or present, present universe, will recover and return as soon as possible to the path in the light of God, Universal Father of all.

My prayers, my words, that God may enlighten all of us human beings so that we may seek God's way and light.

With much love to you Amethista, Ron and everyone.



Minhas orações e bençãos também são para você Amethista que se recupere logo de seu estado de saúde.

Minhas orações são também para todos os membros e visitantes do Fórum Serara, muitas vezes com alguma dificuldade ou doença que pode ocorre entre nós, em alguns períodos de nossas vidas, ou entre familiares e amigos.

Minhas orações são para que nosso planeta Urantia, e outros planetas afetados em rebeliões em nosso universo local de Nebadon ou em qualquer outro lugar do universo  no passado ou no presente, atual, se recupere e retorne o quanto antes ao caminho na luz de Deus, Pai Universal de todos.

Minhas orações,  minhas palavras, para que Deus ilumine todos nós seres humanos para que buscamos o caminho e a luz de Deus.

Com muito amor a você Amethista, a Ron e a todos.

Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)

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Re: Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2020, 07:51:48 pm »
Bless you Amethyst.  I'm afraid that I do not speak with the eloquence that I routinely see on the forum, but I've inserted a big buncha words into my prayers, asking the Father to please keep his loving and compassionate eyes upon you, minimizing  your pain and travelling a short road to a swift recovery............By the way, Phyllis, thank you so much for your kind and caring words a few months ago when I was experiencing cardiac issues......I write in bold print for no reason other than ancient eyes.....Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  22May2030

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Re: Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2020, 12:33:06 am »
Dear Amethyst,
I am so happy that you are out of the hospital and feeling better.  I have a close friend who spent six weeks in intensive care.  He finally came home on Christmas day.  I don't like to complain about my problems, but I have been experiencing severe headaches and sharp pains in my head lately.  The stress of living with a partner who suffers from bipolar syndrome does not help, but I can not abandon her or her son.  I can only pray that the grace of God may save us all.  You are in my prayers and I hope for your speedy recovery.
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Re: Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes
« Reply #5 on: May 23, 2020, 03:33:50 am »
Hi Roger Krupa, 

It is with interest to hear from you even though you post far and few in between, yet you regularly watch this space on the forum and I note you have been doing so since 2014. It is the same year I joined the forum too as you did. I note too you are almost ten years older than me, which makes me a youngy, hahaha. Well I am concerned with what you are suffering which is not good. I think you need to see a doctor and get a brain scan to see what is going on there. Those headaches and severe pains in the brain signal alarm to me. It happened to my husband one morning that he broke out in a seizure and the rest of the story unfolded to the point that he had a rare autoimmune disease.  I think you need to get that checked out as soon as you can Roger. That sounds bad in my view. I don't get headaches or pain, just the continual vibration and certain signals that I recognise as a time to listen up and receive a message.

The other thing that worries me is your partner with bipolar syndrome. Although, some of us have some mild form of it, it seems this one you have is a challenge for you and the child is in some ways vulnerable to the mother’s mood swings. That can be rather dangerous if it is a dark one. The child is safe because you are there and keeping it in balance. But the woman is not in a good place for herself for some reason. I had a nephew-in-law who got married then eventually separated from his wife who had a severe form of bipolar disorder.  It was not an easy one to live with and it traumatised this nephew-in-law to the point he had to separate and get her back to her family who know her better to handle it.  Bipolar, as I understand it in a simple form,  is a switch between a high as happy and elevated in ecstatic mood then a plunge into a very dark depressing mood of some sort. It is difficult for me to understand how this occurs and why in some of us and the severity of it can range from mild to extreme. I find it quite an interesting subject,  as the awareness of it is now coming out to the public to take notice of its occurrence in some people. I get some form of it and it drives me to the highs when I get a laugh out of the humour of life and then when things get all too much and hard I just shut down in a depressed mode that I simply do not want to play anymore. LOL! I think we all can relate to these sentiments at times in our lives as it goes on poor old Urantia.

In all, I trust the Father no matter what as my life is hidden in Him. I live because he lives and abides in me. That is a faith journey. Now, I want to say this: Look after yourself Roger and seek medical attention as to what is happening to your brain area, the brain is a critical part of your body and is the nerve center of all the other parts. My husband’s seizure he had back in the mid 1990s, is to do with a type of substance he had in the brain that put pressure on his main artery nerve in his brain and resulted in causing him to have that seizure that he had at about 5am in the morning, which he never had previously in the time that I got to know him.  It resulted in a long story afterwards to find out what it was that he had to cause his seizure in the first place and a long couple of years of recovery after some chemotherapy treatments.

Amethyst, I am pleased you are alright and getting back to some form of recovery. I bid you well in my thoughts and prayers for you. Thank you for sharing your part of the ailments you have encountered and it is so good you sought medical attention as you did. It is my hope that we can all get back our mojo and be swinging better and get the good juices running again. It is simply not good to have another heap of rebellion over us and your friend is probably right in saying we have a so-called “bullseye” on our backs for the rebels to aim their attacks on us to no end. I had a chemical splash incident happen to me at work yesterday and caused a mild skin rash on my upper right arm near my wrist. (I did wash it with water immediately, fyi). A simple job of changing chemical containers for a dishwasher turned out to be more of a hazard than I thought. I then had to report the incident with the Manager in the Riskman report. After work,  the doctor had a look at my rash and said it was nothing to worry about and it will go away with a topical moisturiser cream. So far the cream helped and so too, my dutiful extra care in what I am doing with how I go about my work in the workplace. I will take more care to look after myself, on a daily basis now as things get really busy for me as work goes.

I also would like to thank Ron for sharing some of our problems we all go through in his list of those listed who are battling a number of things we contend with and I agree with what is said in that matter as we go through our turn of attacks on our body, our mind, and our sensibilities. I did not know that I also hallucinated and probably did so in so many ways that I forgot I did it, hahahaaha! I will have to watch out now and laugh it off. As an afterthought, I think the rebels get a bang when I catch it and laugh anyhow!

Father is here to speak:

“Sue, do not forget I am here with you and I ask that you also remind everyone that I am here with you. Yes, each of you in turn. I get the point you are under the gun with these rebels but not so when I get you running with me in my way as I see to it  that no one gets the ones I love dearly under such a gun. Stay centred in me and be of good cheer, each of you. Know that I am understanding of what is happening on Urantia and seek to get it cleared and that I sought the Council of Equilibrium to get this cleared up and done with as Urantia is suffering way too much to my liking and we need the Magisterial Sons on the spot to make known the revelations the people need very much in their lives right now. I leave it here and be of oneness in you. G’day.”

I leave it there too for now, thank you so much Father, as I was wondering what the Council of Equilibrium was considering for some time, and you have given me some idea on what is to come. I wish everyone here, both our Members and Guests, to be well and eat well. 

Thank you.