Author Topic: So You Know What We Are Doing So Far 23 June 2020  (Read 145 times)

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So You Know What We Are Doing So Far 23 June 2020
« on: June 23, 2020, 12:10:15 pm »
So You Know What We Are Doing So Far
York, Pa 11am  Local DST
June 23, 2020

WE are a joint announcement now:

The trial of using a Magisterial Mission to clear Urantia without breaking so many eggs to do it and harm Urantia permanently is over.  Together Monjoronson and MICHAEL OF NEBADON, have concluded that Ron, and the Magisterial Foundation, and all that goes on it it, are not rescinded but charged with hearty disapproval of the supreme and therefore must not be eliminated and we fully support their view it is a disaster to address anything about the supreme whatsoever in our power structures.

For that reason Monjoronson and I ahve agreed to start the Phase II of the Magisterial Mission, now underway, and to rescind Part III of that Magisterial Mission where SERARA is introduced as the second Magisterial Son to establish a world government and all that goes with it.  We believe a world government on Urantia is likely useless until all languages are reduced to a couple or one, and that a United Nations is just one more pill to untangle we do not want to start.  For that reason no world government now or perhaps ever and no one triangle of power spirit to guide you on Urantia.

Instead we wish to announce that JESUS will appear shortly.  No promises of a date and please stop making plans to great the man, as He will enter Urantia as full spirit and decide if Ron is capable of doing well what he promised to do: that is to approach the sixth epochal revelation as a real project which we keep taking away from him, and not the other way around.  For that reason, the Magisterial Foundation must resist entertaining the Urantia Foundation for some time until there is a need for them to fully understand the disasters we had to overcome, not fully done so yet, and to relive t heir purpose not but to dissolve into ignominy and we go our way separately. That is the appraisal all have including Ron and your groups on this discussion forum are beginning to see the light why and now are beginning to have some clout with that Foundation.

MONJORONSON and I carry huge weight on the Federation ideals and must amend the Urantia government to be sure that the RECEIVERS, which are six (6) Archangel and twelve (12) Melchizedeks, are now fully advised they have ME, Michael of Nebadon, to work with alone on some of these issues, as Machiventa Melchizedek is no longer fully working Urantia, but is on Edentia, trying to get something to work in the Constellation Norlatiadek again, since we blew that one apart thinking we would establish Orion as t he new training Constellation for outer space work to be assigned no longer to Urantia in general, but in particular to people like Ron and Sue for sure.  Amethyst is to undetermined right now to guess what she winds up with in her training next year if she does not get that heart looked at pronto!

WE are sure Ron needs a huge break from responsibility, and that Charles who does our web work for us has to learn the humility of paying his own way for the time being and asks for no more invoicing to be payed as Ron himself must pay for everything too and that is the sad case of no one sending some much needed money to keep the Magisterial Foundation afloat.  I warn all of you that can afford it to help out because we dare not spend currency on something not fully funded on Paradise for us yet, and for that reason no one seems to care who does what for whom.

Finally, we need to state that the Federated Government will have representatives from each Local Universe that makes up the Federation possible.  Here are Local Universe names in the Urantia Federated Government if you forgot them.


Names serving as Vicegerent representatives are not revealed just yet.

For Nebadon, our Vicegerent is Machiventa Melchizedek, and his our Planetary Manager as well.

“Now this: we must conclude this post with reassurance to all who read it that the Federation Government for Urantia is the first time a material planet has received other than the standard fare of a Planetary Prince, now Manager, is fully rescinded.  Instead this Urantia government is to be an  experimental one and Urantia now resumes as number 606 of Satania and stays in Satania without further ado.  The name Satania is due for a change but that is minor for what else must be done.

“We close with a salute to MICHAEL OF NEBADON. TO RAYSON AND TO MOTHER SPIRIT, from IMMANUEL, as I too have a vested interest in Ron and the discussion forum and the site as well.  Be assured Tmarchive,org is welcome yet but has a broken link on the discussion forum web site Charles you brushed over and did not fix again.  We salute you too Rayson and Ron for your work for that site and so on, and now affirm that MARGUL, the Trinity Teacher son, is back on the job and represents to the Federation the Trinity interest in what is done and how fair it must be for all concerned Michael.  Avalon is particular likes Ron to be happy and well and is looking at his need for companionship at some point.  We conclude that all of everything to do today Ron is secure and best wishes for your work to come.   Amen.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: So You Know What We Are Doing So Far 23 June 2020
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2020, 01:33:04 pm »
Ron, I will restart my donations ,especially considering that there doesn't seem to be any funding available from Spirit.    Do we do it like we did before though paypal?I
   These past few days there certainly have been some shocking and disheartening news. I am glad to read that Immanuel at least included Mother Spirit in His  salute.  I find the news about Mother Spirit to be so perplexing since She was the Prosecutor  in the trial against the Lucifer Rebellion 
please restate for those of us who might be able to donate to the coffers how you want this best done.
thanks.    LarryG

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Re: So You Know What We Are Doing So Far 23 June 2020
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2020, 04:07:51 pm »
Larry and Ron, I was thinking the same thing in regards to donation and am wondering how and what method can the donations can be paid. Would there be a Paypal account or similar to direct the funds to help with the upkeep of the websites and with the ongoing expenses with the conference calls and so on. Ron could you let us know how you would like this to be done for those who are international and may wish to contribute.  Thank you.

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Re: So You Know What We Are Doing So Far 23 June 2020
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2020, 04:27:35 pm »
The broken link (Search The Urantia Book) is fixed now. Sorry about that.