Author Topic: LIGHTLINE call for Sept 16/net call Sept 23  (Read 135 times)

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LIGHTLINE call for Sept 16/net call Sept 23
« on: September 16, 2020, 06:11:52 pm »
Hello all--
We had a great call and I thank MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK for being our MC with transmissions from the DEITY ABSOLUTE, MICHAEL OF NEBADON , and VAN, as well as all who participated.  The DEITY ABSOLUTE took time to help us with our understanding of what a NUA means and how it affects all of time and space, which helps put in context. Here is the link:

Our next call is Sept 23.
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Re: LIGHTLINE call for Sept 16/net call Sept 23
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2020, 11:55:43 pm »
Hello everyone, here is a summary of this Light Line:
Light Line Wed. Sept. 16, 2020

Elise Sophia Veronica

Pray for Ron's eye operation.

MC: Machiventa: Deity Absolute:
There has been an evil cabal discovered on Uversa.
Now there is a classification of unrevealed beings, who have a special place to live, who have been selected as a special ops corp similar to the Navy SEALS. Father has assigned them the task of searching everywhere for pockets of rebels, in all the Superuniverses, especially 3 through 7.
Any unusual activity will be reported to the Master Spirit. If further attention is needed, the Ancients of Days will receive the case.
All this is a precautionary task. All the I's have to be dotted, and the T's crossed.

Questions and Answers:

Weydevu: I don't understand how we are assured that all the rebels are gone, but both the Lucifer rebellion and the Supreme rebellion have cabals that are not totally cleared.

Father intends that we start the New Universe Age with a totally clean slate.
The discovery of these Lucifer rebels who were never destroyed represents a serious breach of our procedures. There needs to be study of how these things were allowed to happen.

Michael Your Father: Light Line duties used to be easy. Now they are difficult. Ron has had more difficulty in getting regular communications. (We had been warned of that about three weeks ago -- SaS comment) .

Asking questions can generate transmissions.
Keep yourself safe-- as earth shakes off the evil of the ages. Things will level out.
The Universe infrastructure needs to be in place that is compatible and supportive of the new procedures.

Deity Absolute: Epochs start with Planetary Prince.
Then Material Son and Daughter. Then Magisterial Missions, Then Bestowal of an Avonal Son (usually) or possibly a Creator Son.
After the Epochs under the Descending Sons, there are 7 sequential eras of Light and Life. It was originally intended that all the 7 billion planets in a universe reach Light and Life together, and THEN a New Universe Age be initiated.
The New Universe Age is for the entering of all planets to enter together the age of Light and Life, and then proceed through the seven stages of Light and Life.

Planets not created yet have to be settled, 10,000,000 worlds -- this could take billions of years.

There are 7 billion local universes in Orvonton. Nebadon is only 1. The New Universe Age was originally envisioned as the end of all. The speculation is toward the outer space levels.
Now today's New Universe Age turns everything upside down.

Since so much is in transition right now, there is little actual news.

Urantia is now looking at the present. bestowal of Jesus as the first one; this cannot be understood by humans.

Transmitters are needed. You will marvel. Be patient.

Jose from Austin: Is Jesus returning on October 2nd?
Jesus: I am here on Urantia now. If I choose, I could become visible--but the timing is not right. People would go bonkers -- the stock market would crash. We have to wait longer. The planet needs more preparation. The Magisterial Mission needs to be in place.


Elise: how can there be no more creation in Nebadon? Planets, species, animal life and plants are in the process of being developed.
Michael: that is a difficult question to answer We don't yet have a complete understanding of how the New Universe Age has been constructed. How things will change I don't know.

Lemuel: Things could take a whole lot more time than our lifetimes.

Be patient and have faith.