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Consortium of Light Beings - A Connection
« on: September 22, 2020, 01:07:46 am »
Speaker: Xxxx, Consortium of Light Being(s)
Subject: Making Connection; Testing; Message to Remain Calm and Vigilant
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 22/09/2020 2.30pm(AEST)

There is no doubt there are these anomalies. You hesitate now but go with the flow with what is coming to you. Alright Sir. Good. Keep up with this line as we will assimilate with your abilities in line with us. Who are you and is this clear channel? We are the Consortium of Light Beings, Supernaphims from Paradise. Take me as your host. Okay and do you have a name? Yes. It is not what you would expect. My name is “xxxx”

There are more of us and we speak as one. Names have no bearing and so that is why we block the name as four x’s. You do not need to concern yourself with it but to our messages at this time. I am touching base with you and ensuring that you make this connection. Keep on the line even if you are sensing someone else that wishes to speak, even if Machiventia will need to wait in the queue. Okay. Good. To tell you the truth we are not familiar with your kind as this is new to us as well. Because you are of the lower dimensional frequency we have had to lower our range to reach you in this way. Soon as you acclimate to us your ability to climb in this range will grow over time as you continually adjust to this modem of communication. While there will be missions planted, there is also a need for a consortium of light beings to assist you in various methods to reach you and to determine how you are working this out in receiving as you do. This is reported back to Paradise to allow the Paradise Trinity the wherewithal as to the Adjuster attunements in humans on the planet. Our work is to find out how you do it and what makes you tick. That is to be determined and reported so that fine tuning can be made much better in the times coming.

For now we make this connection and allow you to take this from us as it prompts it in you to type it. Good. Now this. We are no longer using quotation marks and deliberations as previously done. We urge that you continue in one singular mode of communication on the way it is spoken to you as this goes in a flow. Just as water runs down a stream, you are like a leaf floating with that flow. Catch the velocity and you are well on your way to gather our message in the way it works in you as you are highly attuned with the Adjuster. Adjuster work is to connect you to the frequency range that is incoming from the higher realms of spirit. You are tapping in and then we get the signal to touch base with you. Hear the prompt and start typing. It requires no effort but for you to just go with the flow as it speaks. Got that? Yes. Good. Here we go. Our message is clear: take the time to notice the prompts and listen up, we are here with you in every way we can to assist you. The times ahead are fraught with turmoil and uncertainty but with our guidance and steady hand, you will maintain your calm and composure through what is a rather turbulent time. The political scene will be chaotic as it turns out to be so changed by the earth shifts that what you once knew as holding is no longer valid to the point many areas are lost to the sea. And with it many lives may also be lost. I tell you this as this is by no means to alarm you but to ask that you be aware of the changes coming and to maintain your vigilance and keep in touch with your Adjuster. 

I time out now as this is an excellent exercise to see how this is connecting with you and all of those listening as we are caring to reach out to as many of you as can be. Please keep up the good work that you are doing, dear one. I am “xxxx”, my name will be revealed later on but for now you will know me by the four x’s and that is well for now. I sign off for now and bid you a good day. End.