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Expanding Lightline
« on: October 15, 2020, 09:21:41 pm »
There has been much talk about expanding the Lightline service to allow more callers.  There has also been much talk about disruption of the internet and possibly other things due to natural events and civil unrest.  I have an idea.
When I was young, about 1969, I used to sit in my room in central New York and listen to WOWO from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It is an AM station broadcasting at 50,000 watts and has a range of more than 700 miles.  They have call in shows like many AM stations do.  I was thinking that when interest picks up and, hopefully, funding becomes available we could acquire a station like this and broadcast Lightline.  The wonderful thing about AM is that you don't need many parts to build a receiver.  A simple crystal radio will do, and it needs no batteries.  This may be vital when conditions get bad.
On another topic, I see that the Mission is about to invest 15 million dollars to acquire the L shaped building in York.  I feel that in the not distant future it will be feasible to establish subsidiary teaching centers in various places.  I dream of such a place in Laconia NH.  There are two buildings, four stories each, for sale here.  One is an old Masonic Hall on Main Street.  The other is a historic mill.  They want 1.2 million for the Masonic building and 1.3 million for the mill.  I am thinking that the Masonic Hall, with it's auditorium and all would make a great teaching facility and the mill could be used for offices and apartments for visiting teachers.  Renovations would probably raise the total investment to five million or so.
Just some thoughts.  Domtia
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