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Urantia Update  23 Oct 2020 Cabal; Urantia Update; Problems with Amethyst & Ron

Post is Lengthy but Carries Lots of News

   Cabal States What They Want
   Salvington Shivers
   Urantia Update
   Problems with Amethyst and Ron

Spokespersons:     ***

   Michael of Nebadon
   The Deity Absolute
   Transmission from the Cabal group


T/R: Ron Besser; York, Pa 2230 Local Time
Friday, October 23, 2020
Caution with cabal messages as marked and enclosed


We are what Ron calls the cabal.  We are sent here to dismiss all humans who propose to help the Michael regime do its work on Urantia in contradistinction to our plans for Urantia which were well established by God the Supreme before June 19, 2019.

The plans included removing the seraphic planetary government and instituting the supreme planetary government.  But Ron Besser managed to snarl those plans up so solidly we have had to return to Urantia to remove him and the other hosts of the Lightline service you all support.  We must damage Lightline until it is not workable anymore and that is proceeding according to our plans, although it is so strong we dare not completely remove it by our own account immediately.

Our discussions with Ron are zero.  He dislikes us to the point he refuses all transmissions although his Adjuster asked him to take this dictation down and he has well done.  For that reason we are keeping Ron in place for our occasional reserve discussions with Michael of Nebadon who approves this plan in order that we might surface enough to let people know out intentions.  All of you are againt us as well, and for that reason we wish to remove the discussion forum as quickly as possible and then some as the entire matter of the old teaching mission is in our way too.

I concluded this transmission with a summary of our intentions:

1 - Remove Ron Besser and all of the Lightline services

2 - Remove all Lightline hosts by making sure you quite due to frustration

3  - Remove the entire matter of the 1 st epochal revelation

4 - Remove the entire idea of an Archangel government from Urantia

5 - Remove all of the working relationships of all of you personally in order to provide a silence so that our work can proceed without interruption

6 - Remove all instances of thought having to do with any idea of a settled state of affairs until the Urantia Foundation regains its strength and is allowed to promote the 5 th epochal revelation in spite of the supreme being eliminated causing large errors in the 5 th epoch revelation text

7 - Remove all statements dealing with the honor of the supreme including Ron’s diatribe against the supreme as the antichrist big time.

For this reason we let the rest of our list stand for now with our own minions as Ron calls them and for that reason Ron learns that he must attract further attention to gather the weight of additional contributions to the Magisterial Foundation to have t he ammunition to fight the evil and error he says we introduce to Urantia and the need for a working Planetary Government.    This is the cabal and we sign off as the Vorondadek Son of choice to lead this movement against Urantia recover under the guise of MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and his crew who is now officially the Planetary Prince once more.  K  

Unquote and End of transmission


“I AM fully recovering now from a long bout of pandemic confusion associated with the transfer of my personal power into Jesus.

“For that reason I am moving toward resumption of normal activity today and Ron nearly fainted while working in his seat at the computer losing consciousness breifly.  He thought he lost all blood sugar as that is what it felt like to him, but at around 4pm when this happened, he knew he was in big trounle and went to his bedroom to lay down to hopefully wait the faint to be over.  It is still proceeding with him to a certain extent but he is awake enough t o take this dictation;.

“When a Creator Son attempts to stand well with a human, They indwell him.  But I had t o make an exception with Ron as he is nearly a spirit being so well done he hardly notices the bumps of misery of the material world anymore.  Yet he is in great pain and suffering and cannot get anything to work to relieve the sciatic nerve pain and capillary pain in the legs, feet, knees and now abdomen and lower arms.  That is the serious error we made years ago but now is coming home to roost and cann get anything to help him reduce the pain at all.   My wish is to certify that he stay as well, but the cabal is making it unnecessarily so difficult he is ready to mow a few of them six feet under himself.  Amethyst is in the same straits and both of you two are so well blushed over our plans you refuse to buckle under their heartless versions.  Amethyst is finally understand what Ron has been telling her for a year and finally recognizes she is being pushed to her limits too.

“That said, I must make it clear that today I had to withdraw from indwelling Ron, and my removal made him faint and he could hardly make to the bed for safety concerns.  I make it clear now that nothing in the past will now disrupt this brave man who stands true in spite of the troubles and we make it clear you are not to joke with me Ron as I do not appreciate the picture of a thumbs up after putting a level next to you and finding yourself standing true.

“For reasons of State the cabal is led by Mother Spirit, and Ron has vowed she can cry to hell freezes over and he will never do a thing for her she is so awfully and truly nasty.  For that reason the Mother Spirit has decreed Ron is to be removed at once but he still stands at his station and refuses to budge.

“This should be a reminder to all: do not expect help from us until the supreme is removed in its ideals and that the Creative Spirit on Urantia is history.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK thought he had secured her removal but that was never signed on by the Creative Spirit as she forgets what has been signed to and wonders what the big to do is on Urantia with Ron refusing all ministrations from her all day long.

“That was why I removed myself from Ron at around 4PM and his faint.  He now is fully recovered with lots of sugar in spite of being diabetic and in great leg pain yet.  For that reason he is not to assign a remedy for that pain but to wait for me to send the signal to put it into remission.  That said, he tried to order a neuropic pain pill and we deleted the order upon submission.  He cannot get relieve that way and now we stand down and he can order all he wants so long as he can remember which one it was.

“Mother Spirit now recognizes Ron for the first time and is helpless to harm further, not because she has recanted the work to do so, but because the Deity Absolute has just intervened to push aside this nastiness and reclaim Ron in a normal fashion now.”

Further: on Amethyst and Ron and Harassment

“Amethyst and Ron have taken physical harm to the point they question who is in charge and what who wants what, as the voicing is confusing and so are the instructions.  Ron has fully delayed any action until he understands the truth of the orders themselves.  I have rescinded all order up to this date period for just that reason.

“Our work is to be placed in priority over all other orders to the contrary Ron.

“Furthermore, Amethyst and Ron together hold the record on Urantia of length of service to God without relenting once.  For that reason they will receive an honary pin on arrival to the mansion worlds.  We make no further rescission on Ron neither as he is reluctant to voice criticism of the Foundation most ly because they are gathering an upper hand and he must stand still until they show their intentions.  I know what they are and that is not nasty but insidious to them in the final analysis.

“We complete this to make one important announcement:


“He is fully prepared to meet with people like Ron and Mantutia to design the process by which Ron prepares the assembly of the 1 st Epochal Revelation for the world to read.   I am prepared to help you with help Ron, but the entire reason you are doing this is to establish a close working group and you are forced to heed ME to shut down on the entire issue until you meet with Mantutia as he carries the instruction to do as we wish in this matter entirely.  

“The Urantia Foundation will be told that the house that Jack built is over and that the Magisterial Foundation takes on their role as our representatives on earth.  Further, that the 5 th epochal revelation and its translations be withdrawn, and finally, tht the end of the terror of the UIA is at hand.  Further reduction in staff will be ordered and they are fully reminded that if they wish to exist at all, they have to give up the name of The URANTIA Foundation and return to some other title they may wish to use.  I am fully desiring to set the record straight in spite of other problems erupting on Urantia the end of 2020 per your current calendar.  Bulletin 19 is not to be released until Michael ponders its results.  I follow this up with one final report” your legs Ron are no dying in spite of appearances, but your feet must be remodeled again due to mistake afte mistake we made doing the job.  Be assured you will walk well again shortly and you can drive yourself again and be sure to keep the Lancaster brigade in place once in a while as they need help shortly too and that is to secure a place to retire too when Lancaster erupts with civil distress and loss of life over racial tensions building in the city again.  Be assured there will be a reckoning this time and it is not in favor of the city fathers or the rioters, but in favor of the Magisterial Sons who will hold them hostge to their own wrong doing.  K”


“Thank you Ron for your kind remarks upon My return.    Be assured we are not leaving Urantia in a smudge but in a happier circumstance since your legs are a priority to take care of and that medicine works well enough for norm unfocused pain, but you are fully focused and it is not designed to rework the capillaries as he does in some cases.  But let it be and order it if they find it again.  That is our trust too as he will maybe send you a bag of treats as you are fully focused as he calls it and you are the one who needs help now most of all.  Keep him in mind as you are happy to try it and so are we.  

“However, learn that Michael suggests a huge problem for Father, and that is the retransmission of the supreme back into his place on the third circuit of Havona.  Father can prevent it but why?  The anser is Nebadon.  No one wants to remember what happened there and your Bulletin 18 addresses it as well as anything we have does at all.  For that reason we use Bulletin 18 as a reminded as to why Nebadon is fully out of play with supremacy and that is our view too.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON never ever wants to hear the word “supreme” again and no wonder!

“I close this long post with one last certainty: you are ready and so are we and now the cabal must be too.  They are reconsidering all those points you wrote above, but refuse to relent and stay put only to be forcibly removed shortly.  For that reason Michael must clear Gaia out of sentient control of Urantia and leave the entire planet back into the hands of the Archangel Redeemers and be done with plans that go much beyond that to start with.  Ron you hold the record for much to do and it remains in place for you to finish what you began all those years ago and that is ours to enjoy in reminiscence.  For now let it ride as you are doing and Mantutia will make the time for your visit easily as he now considers this visit crucial to all that follows.  You may take a picture of Mantutia and share it on the discussion forum for all to see.  Let Gitz take the picture with Mantutia next to you and then next to Gitz and whoever.  Good day.”


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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I find that the 7 points Ron listed from the cabal are truly shocking, disheartning, and that "spirit" beings who are supposed to represent and reflect the love, and the highest ideals that humans and other types of beings throughout the trillions of inhabited are to "aspire" to is a real challenge to our faith. 

When we think of our views and opinions , belief systems and basic philosophies and metaphysics, we discover that in some ways there are aspects in these cabals and rewbellions that are far worse than some of mankind's worse tendencies, attitudes, behaviors, and actions.

 Perhaps we have too long held a "Pollyanna" view of the Universe.     I think that it is a bit likened to that time in a child's life when he first discovers that his parents are not in fact perfect and do not not know everything. There is probably a term for that realization although I can't recall it at this moment.

    It truly is an awakening to discover that a once held belief that the Universe is "friendly" place is not always the case.   And herein comes  the beauty and magnificence of the Universal Father's sacred and sacrosanct gift of FREEWILL......and that is the very gift that the Supreme and those beings aligned with  and those that are following him  was trying to destroy and usurp.

This entire year has certainly been a challenge and still is.

   It makes  our experience in learning how to assess, evaluate, and make the best of at least the better choice available to us in our decision making process.

A growing and evolving self- consciousness goes hand in hand with a developing God Hunger and God Consciousness .   This we achieve through our developing relationship with our Thought Adjusters....another exclusive gift directly from the Father Himself just as is our unique, individual and unduplicated personality.

When we can stand back and  become an observer to our own lives and experience as well as, at the same time, being the "experiencer,"  we can finally begin to come to see the brilliance of the Father"s  enormous and magnificent and Divine Plans for the entire Grand Universe
And so it is  early this Sunday morning!

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We have witnessed the exposition of the cabal with its points that similarly to lucifer's horrendous manifesto indicates his plan of action, it is not without compensation that this happens, and it becomes living proof of the true intention that goes out of time, just enough  remember that the new universal age arose mainly as a result of the failure of the supreme and his followers.

 We know that the Universal Father continues to command and also the Ancients of Days will extend his arm at the precise moment.

 We trust that none of these points will ever be realized and that urantia will be able to shake off the weight of such nefarious purposes.


Hemos presenciado la  exposición de la cabal con su puntos que similarmente al horrendo manifesto de lucifer indica sus plan de acción,  no es sin compensación  que esto sucede , y se convierte en la prueba viviente de la   verdadera  intención que marcha fuera de tiempo, solo basta recordar que la nueva edad universal surgió a consecuencia   principalmente  de la falla del supremo y sus seguidores.

Sabemos que el Padre  Universal  continúa al mando y ademas los Ancianos  de los Días extenderán su brazo en el momento preciso.

Confiamos que ninguno de esos puntos nunca llegue siquiera a  realizarse y que urantia logre sacudirse el peso de tan nefastos propósitos. 


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Very important is the observation that Larry makes in his post that the concept was imposed on us that all existence "on the other side" is, let's say, completely holy and perfect, obedient to the will of the Universal Father. Now, the concept that constitutes and makes the great difference throughout the entire universal career, and Larry also highlights it, is that of Free Will, or birthright, inviolable by paradisiacal constitutional mandate, and which seems to constitute the touchstone in this prodigious Creation or Divine Game. To the extent that our capacities allow us to gradually decipher this, the most complex and intricate reality that we could face in our lives, to the same extent, we could accept and assimilate this project or experimental phenomenon. For this reason, the conception of Divine Game, where as Father Michael recently pointed out, some of us would "act" in the role of villains and others as benefactors, is what best suits a Creator whose nature is LOVE. Thanks