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God is Love. But love is not God.
One of the many expressions of the love of God is that of forgiveness.

He forgives us for his own sake. How can it be "for his own sake"?

My children are all at odds with one another because of the lack of forgiveness. How may my prayers for them take forgiveness into consideration? Forgiveness is a choice God makes for our behalf before we even have the wit to ask for it. He has forgiven our errors and sins without our knowing.

It is like the straight way in a desert making " a highway for our God." That forgiveness, like the goodness of God, leads us to repentance. The Father dwells in us through the Thought Adjuster, who holds out forgiveness as the highway for our journey to God's presence.

But we perceive ourselves as separate beings, not as one with the Father.
Our choices can lead to evil, to error, to sin, to iniquity, to wickedness all of which find no place in the presence of the Father. The evil we embrace is recognized by the Father as something intolerable in his presence, so he enables the healing through forgiveness, long before we are aware of it.


So what we see here is that forgiveness is the pro-active effort of God to reach out to us through the Adjuster. Since God does this "for His own sake" it is for the continued well-being of the Father.
When we become attuned to God, and start seeking his way, and His Being, and all that is Fatherly for our lives, we discover forgiveness. When we accept it, we find that the clause in the "Lord's Prayer" "forgive us our trespasses AS we forgive those that transgress against US" becomes a choice on our part.

Now, in our relationships toward all "others" we employ forgiveness as the expression of God's way in us. That forgiveness toward others is for the personal healing of that individual, no matter what has been perpetrated.

The evil results of the errors and evil have still found a home in the hearts of those so hurt. But the healing and miracle of the replacement of good instead of evil comes in the employment of forgiveness in that individual.

Thus there is a "pay it forward" phenomenon. The forgiveness of every person toward all others paves a way for a new wave of forgiveness in others. In this way I see the possibility of the new era of "Light and Life" in our own experience can be employed well nigh instantaneously. Time can vanish and the hurts heal in a flash.

Yet enter the supreme. The supreme was holding out "experience" as being the apple of the garden -- "knowing good and evil." The supreme kept in the front of our minds the choice of the total opposite of God's will.

In the garnering of experience, the supreme invaded our minds like a growing fungus, capturing and engulfing and confusing so that clear choices for good were obscured. The supreme took on the role of Judge, and nurtured and fed the notion of vengeance, of retaliation, of getting back, of repayment, guilt and fear.

In every action, the supreme obscured our relationship with the Father, and forgiveness was not encouraged as part of the solution. Now with the supreme gone, it is possible to see clearly. Forgiveness is the key to the healing of this planet.

But to open up our hearts to forgiveness is to embrace our vulnerability. When we forgive others for what has been done TO us, then we become more aware of what we have done TO others. We need forgiveness from others. The intent of the father for Goodness becomes our intent for good. The creative power of God has the full backing of good to manifest any good outcome. As we walk in the goodness of God 's ways, forgiveness follows us. God cannot tolerate evil in his presence, and it flees from him and from us when the clarity of our lives comes with that straight highway in the desert, with that "narrow road", with that laser-like beam that is our lamp and torch.

Many times during Jesus' ministry, healings occurred as a result of forgiveness. "According to your faith be it unto you" also implies that we open up to forgiving ourselves and others for an undesirable result of our choices. That forgiveness being employed, the straight-way opens up for a bodily re-set, a physical rebuilding, as well as the mental and spiritual shoring up of our faith and relationship with the Father.

In conclusion, forgiveness is a manifestation of the goodness of God. The intent behind forgiveness is not only for the good of the other person, the turning around of his or her thoughts and will, but also for the re-framing of our own actions and responses. It is a sell job, to teach the heart and mind of that person to produce a different and new way of acting. In this way we become involved in other's lives, thus making us ourselves aware of the results of our doings.