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Participate in a Celestial Event
« on: November 29, 2020, 06:53:49 pm »

My fellow members and listeners this post may be a little different than most but it has to do with what I did for the spring equinox of 21 March 2019, and before I found and joined the Serara Form. After watching part of the Super Bowl that year there had been over 100 million listeners to the game and throughout the event and commercials and whatever I did not hear one word about our Father in Heaven so I came up with this: I thought of how could I get a lot of people involved at one time world-wide to devote some time to GOD.  Then it came to mind that the equinox’s and solstices occur at published times like a holiday. You look up the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) also known as Zulu time and subtract or add your local time difference to get the exact same time where it is occurring worldwide. For example I am in the Eastern time zone which is minus 5 hrs Zulu, so 10:02 am Zulu would be 5:02 Eastern. Of course as you may know, some places it will be at a very inconvenient time as in or near the middle of the night or in the middle of your work in a job or whatever. Anyway what I propose at this time however you can manage it is to think of God. You can give thanks, pray, sing, play an instrument or however YOU YOURSELF wish to express it, and of course to ask God for the wisdom and help to do his Holy Will.  Those that cannot do it at or near that exact time at least take some time during that day to express your feelings to God Our Father.
   This year GMT is 21 December 2020 at 10:02 Greenwich; that is 10:02 in the AM as GMT is a 24 hour clock. So mark it on your calendrer please and give it some thought. Look closely at your time zones and as the local time you calculate could still be on 20 December at certain time zones.  Of course there are places on the web that will do your calculations for you. So that’s my suggested event and you can ask all your family, relatives and friends to do the same for them self.         
If this should all work out nicely then it would be easy to extend to the other equinox and solstices dates or even monthly or whatever times we want.  Of course we should all be doing this ourselves but by the method above provides an EN MASSE way of doing it and even possibly make God smile.