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Admin Reviews Role about Missions and Inaguration - fyi
« on: January 20, 2021, 08:17:00 pm »

A Review of Where We Stand Today in Spirit Missions and Inauguration Of Biden

Tarkas Views via Dictation My State of Mind

Tarkas: “I am sure the ent ire matter is out of fait accompli this morning as you are at a loss for how late you are and how tired you feel and how little you found useful from yesterday.  I agree.  Yet you are now under no illusion that there is a tremendous refusal for any and all of your hear t for the Missions and for what could or might be.  I fully pledge to you Ron that nothing is left of our relationship except to command you to maintain your head and heart for a few days of recommended rest and celebration that no one says a thing to you whatever, but you know it all fell through yesterday not.  As you lay briefly in your hospital bed early this morning contemplating the mess before you, your discover you have a macabre sense of humor that cheered her and disgusted the man at first but later he says so that is how we get rid of sinners.  Be assured I have no response to that and for reasons of State neither do you.  However, let it be known that you will recover surely and well and to let all hang loose for a moment of prayer you offered Joe Bidden this morning in order to get him going as a new President of the Republic for which he stands as do you.  Be assured there is nothing from spirit today whatsoever, but shortly spirit will make no amends to you or itself for being rough and ready in ways you do not comprehend/ For that reason we dare not say more than this:   Eat well for a few weeks and keep the pleasure of gain in your mind, but never stay up so late again you cannot make sense of a new day as you are trying to make sense of this day.  Amen.”


Ron as Michael Foundation Director Responds to Tarkas


Ron - We have been your allies and stalwart support.  Yet when the doves of heartfelt anguish are spoken, you seem to avail yourselves to the secrecy of all spirit.  I do not comprehend the need to stir black and turgid water so harsh to our hopes for a better relationship not just with spirit but with our fellow man.  I hear the strains of “Amazing Grace,” sung this morning at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, and while a beautiful symbol I love, it is almost water off a duck’s back because I am so suspicious of the ill will of so many electorate voters in the United Sates.  The Nazi-like militias have no place in America and they are not in my or for my country.

I am also very tired this morning.  I was awake for twenty-two hours Tuesday into today, Wednesday, attempt to make sense what happened to me on Tuesday into Wednesday.  I still do not make sense of it.  However, let it still be known I stand in full regard of what must be done  however they, spirit,  wants to do it.  Lest we forget, we should never state our purpose before the thieves of democracy, or let the wolves of despair harm you and me.  It is true,  I am desperately trying to reorient myself with the idea we have no Mission as were led to believe was to happen, and that we have no real Harp of God to wear and to dispose of our angst this morning while we try to understand how the evil of Trump boarded Air Force One and left for good.  In that, he man must pay a price and I pray it is the right one.

For all of you I am nearly destroyed in my heart for all that we have lamented and worked so hard to understand to this point.  We have allied ourselves with spirit and shall remain true to that alliance.  However, I find myself exhausted after a twenty-hour episode of wait and wait and wait for the medical profession to resolve a highly dangerous condition I suffer in body, and to no avail.  To me they have failed the most and true basic need of a commercial for Alka Seltzer where a drop of it would be, “oh what a relief it is!”

For those reasons I can hardly move this morning awakening suddenly in the full sunlight of 12:01 this afternoon today.  I have no idea how I lost consciousness so fast, hard, and quickly after a terrible day of hope and no hope finally.  I agree with all of you about when the time comes to say our prayers, let us hope there is something left to pray about we all want as a collective group dedicated tot he Will of God.

May the Will of God say to you, ‘This is the way.”    My heart bothers me yet this morning about what we have left.  I do not think there is much to talk about this moment.  I am most grateful that Phyllis Simpson led the listeners of LIGHTLINE yesterday and that it went smoothly and happily for those who attended both on and off streaming.

For that reasons I also state I intend to return as best I can while fully sure I am fated to become a silent majority in this country which supports this President as best I can, and that he might learn the humility of serving before God as we all must do to dispel the hate mongering and the lying of the last four years.  For that reason we need to all pray that the United States of America also learns the humility to serve before God, as we have very little left of our own democracy if we fail to maintain the Chief as Father and with God of time and space, MICHAEL OF NEBADON for us all to hear:


Michael Steps Forward To Propose a New Alliance
“We stand, not aborted, but prepared to off the Michael Foundation Ron heads alone but never reports to you about it or for it.  He must now make amends and prepare the Michael Foundation ready to take on the responsibilities I had on Urantia, not as Jesus, but as humanity itself, as I cannot do all that is necessary to bring this world back to order.  It has gone too far, too fast, and as such, is lost in its own mire of black dirge water again.  The United States has a good man at its helm and should he ever be able to use the Regency, we just might institute it anyhow.  However at the moment it is too dangerous to even suggest it to the executive Branch of the US government.  For reasons of St ate I also point out that the Magisterial Son, known as MONJORONSON, in partnership with SERARA, and with RAYSON and with the Magisterial Son, Sen-Sen, everyone is ready to make amends to move in accordance with what can be achieved on a world that is preparing for ascension long before it can ascend.

“I portray this for some of you:  

“The Rayson Corporation, the York Preparticle Technologies Corporation, and the Magisterial Foundation, all stand with the MICHAEL FOUNDATION, as the cornerstone for the democratic return to Urantia all that I hold dea for a planet like this one.   Keep in mind that MONJORONSON amd SERARA are still here on the planet and ready to do the bidding of the Creator Son who advises there is a change but not to be announced just yet.  The Magisterial Foundation, and the Michael Foundation Ron heads, are vital to our needs soon, and for that reason we reinstate Ron Besser as important to these plans to work through these Missions to Urantia.  K. = =  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: Admin Reviews Role about Missions and Inaguration - fyi
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2021, 11:43:09 am »
What a historic day it was with the end of the trump presidency at noon as he arrived at Mara Largo and then the inaugural  festivities for President Biden.    I so pray that at some point very soon that a Spirit Being  of high rank will suddenly appear to him in the Oval Office and inform him of "things to come".  I have no doubt, considering the character and honor of President Biden, that he will readily and without reservation, jump at the historic and the rarest of opportunities to be a part of a Recency as has been mentioned to us!    Larry

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Re: Admin Reviews Role about Missions and Inaguration - fyi
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2021, 12:31:56 pm »
Hi Larry, I second that.
I was really moved by all of it and yes, I think he would respond to a contact
from one of our Celestials.
He has already put some things back where they should be.
He seems sincere in his demeanor. 
I like him.


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Re: Admin Reviews Role about Missions and Inaguration - fyi
« Reply #3 on: January 21, 2021, 03:07:23 pm »
Ron, I just want to let you know that you have been in our prayers and hope you get the rest you so badly need.  Take good care of yourself and may the FATHER tend to you as we know HE always does.  I find that complete rest has always been a big help when I am going through a difficult time with my health.
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