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recording for LightLine Feb. 17/next call Feb. 24
« on: February 17, 2021, 05:37:20 pm »
We had a large turnout on today's call.  Our MC was TARKUS.  We heard from a wide range of celestial beings including MARGUL, WELMEK, MACHIVENTIA MELCHIZEDEK,  RA, and JESUS.  Here is the link:
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Re: recording for LightLine Feb. 17/next call Feb. 24
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2021, 01:38:01 am »
Hello Everyone, here are the notes for today's Light Line:
Light Line 02-17-2021
Elise and host Amethyst:
Welcome listeners and celestial visitors.

Prayer: Father , thank you so much for this opportunity to be with our forum brothers and sisters. Cheer us, We love you very much.
This is Tarkas. I will be your MC today. It is very satisfying that there is interest in these Light Lines.

Margul: This is Margul, I too am pleased to see a good turnout today. We speak a lot about a New Universe Age. But just what is a NUA? What distinguishes it from the old one? Why is it necessary?
A NUA has a different structure, organization and even purpose from the old one. Just as traffic needs to be rerouted after an accident or construction, so to does a NUA have to reconfigure itself in order to keep on track.
You might make some analogies for the NUA. For example, Dispensation on a planetary level: When one dispensation is completed, the rules and the methods of moving forward often change.
In the case of the Universe, the accident which is causing rerouting is the suicide of the Supreme, and the effects of the Lucifer rebellion is taking a far bigger swath than originally thought.
Reaching the perfection that the Father demands of us needs to be doable. And when things get so out of kilter, as they have on your planet, many ascenders can get stuck until a new approach is opened to them.
Now we are in a situation which not only affects a single planet like yours, but also the entire system. One of the first changes is the addition of a new mansion world.
Right now there are 8 established for your local system but there are more on the drawing board.
The creation of Federated Local Universes creates strength in numbers. Each member of the federation is being prepared to help the others should the need arise.
The concept of the federation which now is singular, will become plural as other local universes desire federating not only for their own safety, but to also enhance the quality of the experience and education the ascenders receive.

This NUA is tremendous shift in the experiences of the ascenders. They will arrive in Paradise with stellar credentials in Universe affairs.
The quality of the education must be such as to prevent sin from entering into the ascension process.
You will learn of other changes as they are being made.
As you approach being a Finaliter, you will need to let go of old assumptions and move forward, and grow.
I want to provide you this overview of how a NUA changes things. There will be a great deal more information coming to you, as more changes take place.
That is all for today. Here is Welmek: Good day to you all.
I am heartened to see so many of you on this call.
Amethyst: Thank you Margul for your words.

I am Welmek: I am here with this transmitter to make a statement that will be of interest to all of you so you can prepare for the changes coming to your forum. You have been a very small group for quite some time. That is about to change.
Soon, very soon, you will see splinter groups who have had interest in the support missions, will call in and increase the size of our group.
Several will be qualified to be hosts for Light Lines.
Do not hesitate any longer to step forward, it is very possible that in a few months, there may be more volunteers than openings for this opportunity.

I am seldom available for Light Line calls.

A recent call of Ron's spoke of Norlatiadek. I have been spending a lot of time helping rebuilding the damage that has been done there. This is a very important link in the chain and is in need of a great deal of attention before it will be a viable place for the training of future ascenders.
Orion will serve as a substitute for some of you.
This is also an important sector. A lot of work is being done there to prepare sons for their own work, and they're very vulnerable to the allure of rebellion. We are trying to fortify their training there to any and all who are there.

I keep tabs on your planet, because it will go a long way to help in the future growth of the other links in the chain. This is probably the biggest reason that it takes so long for these problems to be worked out. It is not an issue of fixing Urantia, it is also making sure each link in this chain is strong and reliable.
That is why we stress the need for pataience on your part, as well as ours. If we can't
set an example for you on patience, how can we expect you to have it? We know you get discouraged, and we are right with you. Look for more news soon on Norlatiadek. For those of not familiar, check of UBook that it describes the role local constellations play. It is an important part of your training and knowledge base, as you progress.

Thank you Welmek

I am Tarkas again. I see Father Melchizedek is here to add a few words to your call today.
This is Father, the first Melchizedek on Nebadon.
Just you are recruiting new members in your group, we too are working in a similar manner,
There are several entities working with selected groups and individuals, who are of a high enough spiritual caliber to work with these entities.

Amethyst: I am feeling some push back. I think it is more because of reasons of state. I feel my TA is saying I should pick up this transmission at a later time, not today.

This is Father Melchizedek. If you want to do this at a later date it is fine. It doesn't need to be produced today. Perhaps we can cover this in next week's call.

Tarkas; I want to say that it probably would have been OK to finish this transmission, but I do understand Amethyst's concern, that holding this back for a short period of time is just fine. I commend Amethyst for being sensitive enough to pick up the fact that some of this information may be sensitive. That being said, I hand this over to Amethyst. There are no other speakers at the moment.

I turn this over to Amethyst: Thank you Melchizedek, and Tarkas. We will give this another shot at an other time
I will open to Q and A. But see if any of you can get through a transmission today on this call. The more the better.


We are a quiet group aren't we?
Ron: You have three on streaming. I wanted to let you know you did not have clear channel. You wisely stopped. I am being informed as I sit here, that you are not necessarily under the gun right now, the the Light Line in general will be making a change for the style we are using. Don't be concerned about it now, But it deals with the fact that Jesus is himself is preparing for an incarnation in a relatively short time.

I spoke with Michael this morning regarding his status. It is causing the staff and the rest of Nebadon to hold their breath.
In the papers 120, when Jesus was getting ready to do a bestowal, he would disappear from Salvington. He has now disappeared from Salvington and it raises expectations tremendously.

On my Light Line Tuesday, we learned that the spirit polarity had been taken down. For that reason there has to be a reconstitution. That reconstitution has been made, and the one built by the insurrectionists has been removed.
I do not know what the relationship that has to the almost immediate appearance of the incarnation.

The father Melchizedek: ?
The announcer you received said he was firstborn, and that would not have been correct for Machiventa. I willingly pass this up, if you are open to communication, Tarkas:

Amethyst the constellation name is Norlatiadek.
Tarkas: For the rest of you listening today, we have a very good attendance. That is indicative that Ron's work with the Monjoronson group from Colorado shows they are interested.
To those listening, join the forum, and state your wish to state your comments on anything you wish. You will not be censored. I left this open to Ron. E-mail him. He will be glad to log you in. Give him your password, and you change your profile later.
We desperately need more Light Line hosts. We can schedule you if you want to join this group.

Tarkas: known to some of you who was the early teacher to Jim Cleveland. Tarkas was an ascendant being, already over million years old. Jim Cleveland has attempted to contact Tarkas: I said to him, Jim, you can join any time you want, but Ron does not allow any kind of character assassination. Other than that, I depart, and you can meet me on Ron's discussion forum. I now stand back.

Amethyst pick up the transmission again.

This is Melchizedek continuing with Amethyst. We wish that we had more specific news for you at this time. The preparation is a time consuming labor intensive task. But you all know that the incarnation of Jesus walking on the earth is indeed imminent, and you can pick up that clue in what Ron just said, when Christ Michael disappeared, Gabriel and Immanuel would pick up the reins, and then Michael would reappear at the level where he was to do that particular bestowal. The fact he has removed himself from Nebadon is a significant clue.

I would like Lemuel to ask Jesus if he has any words to share with us at this time?

Lemuel: This is Jesus. The first thing I would like to say, that the "cat is out of the bag" with the news Michael is now absent from Nebadon. You all know this has happened several times before.
Michael is synchronizing with myself, and fully indwells me, but in fact it will not be exactly the same as it was before. Michael's 7th bestowal was for him to learn how to live as a human being. He already knows what it is like to be a human being. But there is a difference.
It is my return as Jesus. It is one situation, with two aspects. 1. It is my return as Jesus. 1 It is Michael who is indwelling me at the same time.
There are several things that I could say, but I must be very careful for obvious reasons.

This situation globally is terrible. There are so many things that I must address almost immediately. It will be difficult for me to decide where to start first. I will have help. I have mentioned before, without peace, there can never be stability. So this is my first option. There must be peace. I will leave it to your imagination what that entails. There is no need to mention anything else. When the world sees the beginnings of peace, just watch the news.
Keep watching the news.

Your President Joe Biden has tremendous problems to face, but he is starting well. With our help in the Regency he can really get going.

The ugliness you have allowed, and the rise again of Naziism, and the extreme right, and the hatred they have for those who do not think like they do, this is a great and terrible threat, and this must be dealt with immediately. I am aware of all these t hings. But I will not mention anything else, because it is not appropriate.

It is more imminent than ever before. I can tell you from my heart, I have been looking forward to this for so long, even as you have.
I thank you and bid you all a good day.
Thank you Jesus and Lemuel for taking that transmission.

Amethyst: My heart is full of joy, because in the UBook when Michael left Nebadon, it was a very short time when he appeared for his bestowal.

He is set up and ready to go. I pray for his safety, but I know those issues have been addressed.

Anyone else have a say or comment?

Roger Raz I had not realized that Michael would be involved, I thought Jesus would do this on his own, before we had heard that Michael would be here as well.
Lemuel: Good evening Roger. Remember there are two missions: the Jesus Mission and the Michael mission. That is why the two are here at the same time.

Ron: Roger is speaking to something accurately, that is not memorable to most of you: During the insurrection, Jesus disagreed with Michael's timing of coming to Urantia. Michael said I will do Jesus as myself, if Jesus disagrees with my timing.

Jesus at that time thought it was premature, because Trump was president and would countermand most of Jesus' work, by ordering everything Jesus would ask for, would not be legal.

Now we have a president that is willing to cooperate. The Deity union of personalities, but spiritual in their own ways, will be helping President Biden.

Thank you Ron and Lemuel. and Thank you Raz for your question.

Jose: A post from Ron, that he had a difference of opinion with RA . Does RA have anything to say about this situation? What happened?
Ron: Two things to know: 1. Deity RA is very close to hold all of his concerns to not speak to them directly. 2) Ron said I don't know what RA wants of me.

2. He introduced a supernaphim who wished to work with Ron with the idea of supremacy. I do not want to do supremacy because it cuts across free will decisions. The supreme doesn't deal with the humans like we have on Urantia.

I threw them out on their ear and let them know I will not accept further communication.
RA do you wish to address this?
RA: Ron is one of the few who understands my position. He is adamantly against supreme ideals, because it cuts across the free will of Urantia. This ends my career. I will be at peace.

Ron: RA, you are a a Dumkopf. RA is withdrawing mostly from Urantia at this time until the bestowal of Jesus is fully prepared, and into and working before I make my decisions or my wishes known.
Thank you Ron.
Thank you, RA.

Tarkas: Ron, you have now made a mess of what I intended to say.
If the Supreme injects him, he does not going to cooperate.

Father Michael: I am now on Salvington. Ron and I had a good talk, and he is done with all the start-again, stop-again operations. He is worn out, and so is your Creator Son. I look forward to a vacation, as Ron does.

Ra chooses not to speak to it, But RA is one powerful individual, and Ron is knows the Supernaphim is not prepared to deal with humanity.

Amethyst: Ra: He seems to appear on our forum with transmissions, and he is a Deity, he is group, and he speaks for all 13 of them. Who are the other 12 deities? are they Consummators?

Ron: I have RA:
I am RA: A Civil engineer as a consummator of Universe Destiny. I do not carry a creator number. I am even higher than the Consummators that are designated by number. I am a spokes man for Hyper-infinity. We on the level of Hyper infinity, that without the supreme, the adjusters will reorient toward the Father's particular functions. The 5th Revelation does not reveal all of the Father's functions. Function: What job do you do?

Father right now is preeminently controller and Creator., but he has 12 other functions never revealed. In that case I represent all the 12 functions that prepare the counselors for Father.

We have lost one of the legs the Universe stands on. What to do?

Reestablish the Supreme, but use another vocabulary word. But we forgot that Urantia is one of 33,000 planets in the Master Universe that are free will beings. The rest of humanity do not have fully functioning free will.
Please understand that the total count of human planets like Urantia in the Master Universe, are only about 5 or 6 million. You are a tiny fraction of a special edition of Humanity. And here you are, looking for a way to commit suicide.

The next epochal revelation must cover this information.

I am not a consummator. I am higher than them, in hyper infinity. Ron is one of my favorite ulcers -- he is shaking in his boots!

I did not mean to disclose all that because Ron did not know it was hyper infinity.

I will make a special revelation in Bulletin 24, and dedicate it Hyper infinity.

Is there more Jose?
Jose: You have been very explicit.
This is RA, we step back.
Ron: I am passing this back to you Amethyst.

Amethyst The higher things go, the harder time I have wrapping my little tiny brain around them.

Roger: Was RA referring to decimal planets in stating the numbers?
Gabriel: Ra had to do a quick count.
Experimental planets are a greater number. Urantia in particular has a free will humanity with a wide range of choices to live. In the Master Univ, there are about 5200 - 5500 of them in the super universes. Of those 5500 Urantia is unique in that humanity on Urantia is experimental in that it also ultimately has the ability to procreate itself invisibly.
Gabriel is asking me to speak to something I have not spoken to so you know it exists.
6 years ago I was given a wonderful trip to another super universe. I met a group of humans who were facing the destruction of their planet due to over heating, having two suns. One of them blew up and began to circle the other one. The gravity that emanated from the two, drew them closer to the collapsing sun. They talked to Ron about how they stopped sexually procreating, and had invisible offspring. They still trade, but they trade with robots. That group on that planet with too much heat, has been moved.
Ron. . . . I hope I get to know them. That group, when they get to the point they procreate invisibly, that planet was moved from Superuniverse 4 because it had reached the final stage of light and life.
In the final stage of Light and Life, the people become invisible.

This is the Creator son's administrator, Gabriel.

Back to Amethyst:
I thank everyone for being on the call today. I remind you our next meeting is the 24th. Good bye.

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Re: recording for LightLine Feb. 17/next call Feb. 24
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2021, 10:29:37 am »

Good morning Ron,

Yesterday on Light Line with Amethyst answering a question from Roger Raz about experimental

planet, your made this statement:

'' Six years ago I was given a wonderful trip to another universe. I met a group of humans... ''

I am very fascinating with that kind of story, as a matter of fact I always dream about it to take

a spiritual journey to another planet and to the Mansion wolds. If you have more of that kind,

I would like to hear more and one day, may be I will take one trip. LOL

Thank you


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Re: recording for LightLine Feb. 17/next call Feb. 24
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2021, 01:32:01 pm »
Robert, here is a portion of what was received from the Honeidar, SU6.  This was from a scientist who explained the problems associated with the binary star system heating their world to the point they will have to abandon it.  I call them the Honeidar after the name of their planet/  Karia and Valkrii are moons around Honeidar.  The binary stars are Krallaar and Hraldar.  The scientist name who communicated this to my friend Felix Caro, and Felix worked with me jointly to establish the communication through Michael of Nebadon, who shared this work, as HE was called in to look at the request by the High Council to determine what the Power Directors could do about the entire matter.  There is a  a great deal more to this story but it is old enough I have trouble finding files on it.  Below is a JPG I took of the email to me as noted above.    Click on the bottom drawing paper clip to enlarge to read.  Ron

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