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Lightline USA TUE - 6 APR - includes Q & A
« on: April 06, 2021, 04:00:11 pm »
Hi All,

Thanks to all who joined the call today and Tarkas, Michael of Nebadon and Dominion, Jesus, Dr. Helen Schucman, Jan Roberts and Seth.

Here is the link to todays audio tape
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Re: Lightline USA TUE - 6 APR - includes Q & A
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2021, 07:53:01 pm »
Hello Everyone, here are the notes for today's Light Line:
Light Line 04-06-2021 Tuesday
Ron Besser, Host, and Phyllis Simpson, co-host:

Welcome Kenya on Internet Audio

Tarkas: I am pleased to pronounce that the Light Line will contain a brand new entity. No there will not be a jar of pickles!
We are most curious! Here he is:
I am Pliktarious's Thought Adjuster.

The Covid virus has taken over Sweden so that they are considering a lock down.
In Sweden there is a particularly difficult problem: the means of transportation: the train.
Everyone uses it. The close proximity of passengers has seen to it that the virus travels easily.

Protect yourself, use your bike, or a car.
Announcement: Ron loves adjusters, and we are using Ron to speak what I propose to Pliktarious. You are mild mannered, and like to stay in the background. But the Adjuster is determined that you will transmit. Just do it. Record it, write it, speak it, but when you are ready, use the list to post your work, and perhaps consider being a host.
This is your adjuster Pliktarious.

Now we step back and provide Tarkas with his own voice.

Tarkas: I am now looking at you, Ron as one who is always ready to secure not only the schedule, but what you take the responsibility for. We are speaking to a smaller group, 18, subscribers.
Everyone here has a particular desire that you get well again. You speak to it all the time but you are not getting well again. You got a little tuckered but you will be just fine, preparing the house this morning.


The situation is in the physical mechanism of what Ron suffers, and to a certain extent Elise, and Amethyst.
Both Elise and Amethyst are in the same process as you are. As painful as it may be, we are exchanging cells of muscle tissue, into morontial cells, which are slightly larger, and are energized differently. Ron, when you go out in the sunshine, you start making vitamin D. Amethyst has no vitamin D. Take supplements, Amethyst. Boost it. You, Elise, barely keep up because you never go to the park. Go to the park, and get your vitamin D. Ron takes supplements, and is doing very well in that department.

The body mechanism, particularly Elise, become obvious, because there is transition from physical into morontial.


This is what happens, those on streaming, when we extend the life limit. Ron is now 78 but his life has been extended to live indefinitely until the missions are done.
Those like Elise and Amethyst have an extended life so they can mature so they are becoming able to live on into the missions. These changes hurt like the devil.

This morning, Ron changed the sheets, and he failed to notice they were bright white. He likes fresh linen, crisp and smooth. But the new bedding is ready for a new morontial being this evening. We will see if we can reduce the pain.

Ron: Michael, can you ever get the announcement straight out?
Michael: I am used to hiding my words until it is safe. Ron's transition is within a day of being complete. We will see what it does.
I have here an old man of the morontial realm:
Machiventa Melchizedek:

The truth of the matter: Ron is one of the few who knows how to make a celestial welcome., as a friend.

He has met so many unfriendly ones in the past year that he is ready to pull the rug out from all of them.

Announcement: Urantia is finally cleared of the worst. Those people, as Ron says, have no use for Ron, Machiventa or the missions. They want to use Urantia as a highway station to rob others of the truth.

Ron , there are a few hiding, particularly around you, who will be nothing but atrocious around you, until we swipe them off the planet. Some are looking in.
It is almost over for you, Ron, in that the pain will subside, and you can go about your normal business.
Elise has a way to go. Amethyst has a little less to go. You won't feel well. Just see to yourself the best you can. The transition must be made for life extension.

The truth of the matter: No one can see what Ron sees. Once in a while he gets glimpses of Midwayers. Some appear in his room, he can't see their forms, but he knows where they are -- the lower order of angels.

In about 6 weeks his eyesight will improve to where he can see them.

Ron has a guardian seraphim names Patti. She is a graduate of Ascendington, and a graduate of ASCENSION. That is where some of you will go instead of the mansion worlds.

There is a game Ron used to have. It was a hollow tube, of sticks called "pick-up-sticks". The challenge is to move each stick off the pile without moving the pile.

People are being thrown into a new situation like a pick-up-sticks. This has happened to the morontia worlds. His parents having to re-do it again. The mess with the supreme has caused many to have to restart.

Supreme removing himself, has made it necessary to start over again with certain individuals.


A discussion point in the universe about Urantia: it has to do with the return of Jesus. The entire project of the second return has been so full of potholes and bumps, I wonder if anyone with us on the way to the second return, is in one piece.
It's going to be awkward for another day or two. Then, we might have something to tell you.
It is not over, folks.

Here is Machiventa:

Ron has a claw hammer for you. First, Lemuel:

Lemuel: Thank you Ron.

Yes, Lemuel, I am Jesus. Yes. Now I understand what all of you are thinking at this moment, and others in the world are thinking very strange things about the second return.
Ron has used the analogy of being stuck in a gymnasium. You all know that I do not come alone. I come with many, many, many.
They used to use the word "legion" to describe the Roman army, in modern terminology, brigades, or divisions which are equivalent to legions. I come with many, many.

The many soldiers in my legion have tremendous problems They have to adjust, and it is not quite over yet. But try to imagine 1000's of soldiers who are crossing a battlefield from one dimension to an other. They have to avoid bullets and goodness knows what else, going from dimension to dimension.

They still have a smile on their face! Why? Because they love me so much!
Ron: (*snicker*)
That gratifies me very much. But you folks, are boots on the ground, I know you love me very much, and that gratifies me no end. But it is not over yet. But almost!
So be of good cheer! Be patient a LITTLE bit longer. I will not say when. But I know you understand and I know you are patient. And I love you so much for your tenacity. You are a group of elite soldiers.
I wasn't really planning to speak to you again. But I hope it has been worthwhile for your sake's. I really do.
This is Jesus and this is all I have to say for the moment.

I hope I speak to many more people next time I speak to you, not just a few here.
For the time being, a very good night to you all.


Lemuel: Thank you Jesus. Thank you, back to you Ron.

This is Tarkas: We now open this session to Q and A.


Phyllis Larry, and Robert.
Larry: Happy Tuesday. Ron could you get a ball park figure of the percentage on Urantia in your view accept your view of the information concerning the TR process?
Ron: The term TR is hardly known. There are channels, psychics, and another group which is a group between psychic and channel. It is a sub channel.
With 30 percent of the people, what we say is affective to the audience. With another 30%, they just walk away.

Larry: much information has come through channels from the 50's and 60's and those in California, they call it channeling.
Ron: I have a guest, Dr. Helen Schucman, who transmitted the Course in Miracles.

Thank you Ron

Dr. Schucman: Ron and I often have a nice talk together. He is acutely aware of how you are put together. He can tell who can be successful in transmitting right now.
I found myself at Columbia University, and I founded a book on how to psychoanalyze yourself, The Course in Miracles. It was three volumes, but it has been condensed into one book, and I am disappointed with it.

If you are doing a transmission for someone who doesn't know what it is, they are at sea. People often get so whacked out over the process, the eyes turn up, and they don't hear a darn thing.
Ron will not transmit for someone who does that. Otherwise you have a strange bird for a guest, and I have to wait till it wears off.

Jane Roberts transmitted the Seth material, and she is here today to talk with you, Ron about the process the general public wishes to partake of.

Here is Jane Roberts: Ron I love you. I see you and Seth get along fabulously,
The verve and energy of Seth is so fresh you can't predict. That makes for a wonderful student lesson.

I never thought I would be on the other side of a transmission. I am pinching myself trying to understand how this works. I am speaking into the air, sitting with Dr. Schucman, about a huge range of problems on Urantia, and how Ron can gather them into one sheaf, and provide one solution.

Here is Seth: Welcome.
This is Seth. I want to say to all of you, of all the students I have met, Ron is the one that energizes me! Ron is different because we can work with Ron and we can work immediately .

Ron had a friend in NY about 6 years ago, who traveled to York every 3 weeks or so, to learn transmission. What happened? Ron noticed his wife got jealous. She said I'm too sick to go. You have to stay home and take care of me. Ron told him you are being fooled. That is an act. Yes she is sick, but that is an act. He refused to hear it, and he stopped lhe transmission lessons.
Seth said he did a wonderful job of transmission. There were scientific technicalities that that mind could handle. Ron, you lament his loss. Ron, has learned that he is not a transmitter, but a subconscious devil, that can't get himself repaired and doesn't transmit any more.

The insurrectionists know the tie between him, (Dr. Murphy) and Ron. Dr. Murphy never allowed Ron to know what was wrong with him. He had spent years in a mental institution to clear himself from the 'devil'. Ron said that there was nothing wrong with him. He could transmit but he didn't make himself available. He has hidden his use and his lot. Ron won't touch it now.

I am Seth. Jane Roberts and I are a real duo, writing 7 books. The last even Ron didn't understand it.
Ron: I didn't understand the need for it!


The truth of the matter: Seth knows Ron as well as Jane, because they both transmit him if they have issues to address. Jane is considering a class on Edentia. However, Seth says, you need a trial on the planet ASCENSION. That planet is for people like you, who so exceed the normal routine for human growth, that you need special care and instruction. Many on the mansion worlds need to go there, but they are already trained.

Thank you Ron.
Ron: I am pleased with this change in itinerary,
Dr Schucman: Your book Origins is a psychological treatise.
So far 1512 copes have been sold.
Yesterday you and Gitz considered buying 2300 copies to warehouse. That 2300 will probably disappear in about 3 months., That book will be a best seller, because it will astound everybody.

Ron: you know Dr Schucman, that God did it.
I don't want to be a Bible thumper. Just let it sink in.

Dr. Schucman, Send Lavige a biography. Your bio should be put up first, and then the website. It will show the amalgamation of how you can hear the secrecy of the medical profession.

Be careful of how you put up the biography. It contains some dynamite.

You have to get the website better done than Charles has made it.
The Duesenberg car photo on the website is an eye-catcher.


Listen: Ron: I'm sick and tired of putting up look-alike websites.. This has to reflect myself. It has be be about the book. The 1932 Duesenberg car is beautiful, and it is compared the book and its ability to diagnose AIDS, and the freedom to be free of the disease.

The cover and the website are up but not ready for use: When the time comes for you to do something., start using the excellence that you are. Don' t use pro-forma, design, and usages that other people use. Make it your own.

Robert: Ron your primary TA has been personalized. Will you be personalized when you cross over?

Ron: The answer to that is not yet apparent. The TA told me I am personalizing to avoid chariots of fire to fuse you. You have reached the point I can't stop it. The only way to stop it is to pull out, personalize, and dedicate myself to the Master Universe. I will re-indwell you upon your resurrection. But tin the meantime, my understudy as I call it, is indwelling you now, and will prevent fusion completely.

The adjuster can reverse it, because I have attachment, because I worked with him for 30 years. He just can't walk out. I would rather not have something depart from me I have had for so long.
Larry: One of the books I read before I found Urantia Book is called "The book of Enoch".
Ron: I set it up to Michael.
MICHAEL OF NEBADON: The book of Enoch is a false revelation. But the man who wrote it became so Jewish, and followed the Kabbalah, and got into the subconscious, and it is useless as a revelation.


Larry, THIS IS MICHAEL. You have been working in the yard, and you have been hoping for information about what plans Jesus has. But Ron has that in Bulletin 19, and we have not released it.

Just stand by and wait for Jesus to have that information released. It is all important, and all of you are looking forward to receiving in detail what Jesus has planned.

You mentioned about the gun issue in the US. It will create a monstrosity of pandemonium and those who have guns will fight tooth and nail against the edict to abolish guns all around the world.

Not only will guns be withdrawn, but also the whole machinery of war will not be allowed.
There are serious issues in the US especially with guns, and it will create havoc. Just be prepared for it.

Many things that Jesus will put forward will create pandemonium. The chips will have to fall where they may, because Jesus is not going to tolerate anyone or anything to usurp his plans for Urantia.

This is Michael Thank you for taking this transmission.

You can turn this back to Ron.

We will close.
MICHAEL: you are looking to mow. The UV conditions are too high .
Phyllis: Any comment?
Valerie: What dies it mean that females in Urantia have babies Homo spiritus? instead of homo sapiens? How is the difference being manifest?
Ron: Up to my superiors:

Machiventa:; You insist on fooling with subjects that are so far ahead in time that they don't have any relevance today, or for the next 50 years. This deals with future evolution. Many Caucasian woman will be producing Homo spiritus. The only difference is that the children will have more of an interest in spiritual things.


Father: The truth of the matter: Valerie: you've got yourself on a hot seat, because your computer system is tied into a corporation that has nothing to do with your interest. Make sure you don't log into them. Stay out of it, but apparently you don't know how. Find an expert and explain you don't want to be logged into a corporation. Get out of it, so you can do as you prefer.

Phyllis: We are finished for now. Thank you everybody for coming in to listen, and streaming, thank you for listening. Regular Light Line next Sunday: Amethyst will take the Light Line Saturday. Thank you

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Re: Lightline USA TUE - 6 APR - includes Q & A
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2021, 12:58:12 pm »
Thank you SongatSunrise for this transcription. Thank all.