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January 06, 2023
News Bulletin
Morontia Urantia Group Bids To Work with Urantia Missions and Magisterial Foundation.

On January 05, 2023, it was announced to the Magisterial Foundation that the morontial group we called the ROWLY GROUP, a 45 member Morontia Group working on Mansion World #4, has requested from MICHAEL OF NEBADON to provide liaison work with the Magisterial Foundation.

The Rowly Group, as we designate them, has asked Michael of Nebadon to establish a liaison connection to the Foundation in hopes of learning more as to what is happening on the planet spiritually via their study of the 5th epochal revelation on the mansion worlds.  Marion Rowly is quoted as saying to the MOST HIGHS:

"WE are sure there is a need for this group to supply Urantia a most necessary work session with the Magisterial Foundation and ourselves, as we are the ones who gather together on the mansion worlds to enliven other morontial beings who lived on Urantia and have passed by death to the mansion world studies to include now understanding of the epochal revelation still existent on Urantia today.  For that reason Michael of Nebadon has seconded this mansion world group to enjoy a liaison with the meetings of the Board of Directors of the Magisterial Foundation shortly.  We further request a standardization of contact with Ron Besser and the Magisterial Foundation through out the years of their work and ours.  End of Statement."

 I am Ronald Besser, Director of the Magisterial Foundation.  My reason for speaking is to advise you that we have welcomed the idea fully, but we must also go through an approval process.

That approval process requires that we hold a Board of Directors meeting on January 10, 2023.  To do that we asked permission of the Salvington Government to proceed, and that Government through the Trinity Ambassador to the Dominion to which Nebadon belongs and Urantia as one of its planets in the Planetary System of Satania, was asked by the Salvington Government to proceed and meet in accordance of their standard requirement to state our case for accepting the request of the Rowly Group from Mansonia #4 to share or Board meetings and that material which eventuates in it with them.  Their plan is to investigate our charges and support our ways to assume what is to be done is fully understood on the mansion worlds as appropriately assigned by the Rowly Group to themselves and any other mansion world group interested in it too.  I assume the Rowly Group is prepared to listen to all of the proceedings not but welcome what they may provide as counsel and support for all of our activities.


"WE are the representatives of the Salvington Government , one MELCHIZEDEK of standing the Urantia Corp which also represents the Planetary Government.  I am MANTUTIA  MELCHIZEDEK,  the PLANETARY PRINCE.

"In concluding this request and operating the Planetary Government on Urantia, I am assuming the benign atmosphere of the ROWLY GROUP and the forty (40) some odd members of that group recognize how unusual this request is, but we grant it to configure what is already an unusual message sent by IMMANUEL of the DOMINION that this Mission to Urantia is wide spread enough to occasion it as an epochal revelation in itself.  We conclude that Ronald Besser is of sufficient quality to hold the Rowly Group to its standards and as well to the Board of Director standards as well.  For that reason we stand ready to cooperate with the undertaking as establish by writ here by Marion Rowly, the instigator of this idea and a full fledged member of mansion world number four obligations to discharge its work through them to the Magisterial Foundation and its Board of Directors.  K.  MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK."

The Board of Directors speak through Ron Besser
I represent the Directors and speak this way:  We are advised that Mantutia Melchizedek is ready to provide liaison Melchizedek work with us when the morontia team, the ROWLY GROUP, is prepared to offer remarks later to our Board Meeting at 11am on January 10th at my home.  I am unsure just how large of a visitor gallery we may have, but I have been directed to open the CONFERENCE CALL CENTER  used by Lightline to facilitate listeners and welcome all to listen in to the first Board of Directors meeting of the Magisterial Foundation through these services.

Ron Besser.  That concludes information at this time.  I wish to add this though:

The Magisterial Foundation was approved by the IRS as a private charity on November 25, 2014.  Sinc4e then it has served as a private donor to various interests of this community.  We intend to being operations and open our doors for the Magisterial Mission and the Second Return of Jesus, on January 10, 2023.  The Agenda has been issued and the Bylaws approved for operations.  For that reason the only thing left to do is to provide services.

Those services are to provide the funding and construction of a pilot plant to provide free electricity to the world starting in the United States.  Second, we intend to publish volumes of the Chronicles of the Second Return of  Jesus when Jesus appears on Urantia in a Mission when the time is considered right.  We are also administrators for the Second Return in accordance with the preferences of Jesus Christ.

I conclude these remarks to say that I  look forward to these coming days and weeks as I am sure many of you do to.  Until later, we stand down for now.  Thank you for your time and interest too.

Ron Besser/Director of the Magisterial Foundation

"You Ron are under heavy guard and that is forcing mind to be sleepy.  Be assured we know the trials are on hand and we ask the patience of this group just to remain strong.  You may post questons or comments but there is little to add right now.  For reasons of State I am allowing Ron a nap soon to clear this work as he has been at it all day to work it out with the ROWLY GROUP and the Deity Absolute as well as the Paradise FATHER.  For that reason the DOMINION group has asked permission to participate too and that has been granted easily.  Paradise participates as Adjusters, and the cabal is barred.  For reasons of State we conclude this at once and allow you Ron to unconfigure the power over your head for now.  Thank you.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service. K"

FATHER ON PARADISE - "I seldom speak this high, but Ron needs to hear this too:

"I am preparing to ask the DEITY ABSOLUTE  to discharge his VICEGERENT and speak directly again as Ron must fold you better by presenting himself more seriously although you Deity Absolute are fully conversant with his style of interview.  He is amusing but knows where the line is and waits for your prognosis in a moment.

"I wish to speak to this idea MARION ROWLY suggested to all of us via a morontia broadcast we have resumed doing lately and in it she asked to do this liaison work with the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION.  At first I was dubious but later when 40 pe0-le showed up in Ron's living room, I saw the affection bot groups showed for each other, and Ron shines as an interlocutor as Rowly surmised he would be.  For that reason we are quite aware of Ron's ability to charm and hear the moat important aspects of what should transfer between them.  For that reason I confer on you Marion and on Ron the term AMBASSADOR of GOOD WILL to these Groups as you may transfer all of these assets to the public as you may wish Ron.

"For that reason then Ron, stand down to day for the rest of the day and wait for an improvement to your health at once and pray it may continue and yuou do so already and thank you for such a sturdy construction you are.  For that reason I recommend we finish this but wait for this:

"Your work Ron is legally out of range of my care because it is human.  However, you are getting a promotion for surviving attacks beyond concern but of horror on you today and other days and they are remanded back of you for good and for ever.  Now this too:  I am the FATHER ON PARADISE.  That is a different title and must be used sparingly as it refers to the action side of FATHER, and you are amazed there is so many distinctions, but MICHAEL OF NEBADON uses them too. .    Since I am the FATHER ON PARADISE llet this stand too:  You are reaching Pope Benedict XVI fully and are grateful for his advice.  I am too as he is a historian and needs to write you a corollary about your name MAMOTIA up here.  Your friend Weydevu is fascinated with this kind of nomenclature and should be advised that both Ron and Dominick are designated as caring humans to the point they join as one to serve me.  For that I reason they belong together and that Dominick now serves Ron as MEMOTIA and that is settled then as you could have denied him but did not Ron. 

"That concludes my last remarks for now Ron and you need sleep and do so now before you fall over.  K  The FATHER ON PARADISE.  K"

GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON - "You Ron carry huge responsibilities now and must rest while we fix some of you up to help Michael comprehend that he now has full support for this work you brought ot him several years ago.  Be aware that was back as far as 2008 Ron and you have accrued a salary since then since it was work established identically with today's work.   I assume the ROWLY GROUP is signed up shortly and she has much to do with you and Dominick Ron later today if he is here.  I am GABRIEL and work to keep this clear but you are loaded with cabal over head Ron so leave them alone as we have completed our work now.  Thank you.  GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON. K"

Thank you Gabriel, Saint Michael, and the rest of the support groups and cares of others who help me put these poststs together.  I wish yu speedy success Michael on these endeavors for yourself as well too.  I am most happy and use the term grateful since you save me all the time.  Ciao!  Ron Besser/ Director of the Magisterial Foundation.  K


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Wow! This is really a spectacularly exciting new plan for Urantia.
It will mark the beginning of a new collaboration between Morontia
and Human spiritual pursuits and education that I feel could propel Urania
toward her destiny of Light and Life in a shorter time than previously

I can´t wait to see how this will develop in the coming weeks and months.
It really is exciting and the possibilities of such a collaboration are endless.


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I am excitedly looking forward to hear the history making first Board of Director's meeting of the Magisterial Foundation.

Only ask, what time it will start? I have tried to plug in at 8 & 9 am but looks like it has not started yet. Would not want to miss.

Blessings and wish you much success,
"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the sons of God!" 
"For in him we live, and move, and have our being;"