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« on: March 16, 2020, 10:14:19 am »
This web site allows you to keep updated on financial markets if you find that interesting to follow.  I do.  I noticed this morning that what they call the FUTURES MARKET was forecasting an opening DOWN over 1,000 points on the DOW JONES 30 stocks.  The DOW is considered to be the canray in the mind tracker and if it signals diaster, well, Wall Street goes to the hospital.  This morning the DOW went down over 2,000 points, which is so bad, they halted stock trading to keep panic at a dull roard/

Link to CNBC:

That site updates within minutes just where things stand, and I put this up just to be sure we have a Magisterial Mission that is tryin despearately to calm these nerve jitters in the world financial markets.  CNBC tracks all of the stock markets with a great emphasis on Europe and Asia.   Those markets are in bad shape too.

MONJORONSON SPEAKS; "Ron we thank you for taking an interest in seeing to it that people are aware that the markets are outrageously down this morning and you wonder what the panic is about?  Well, there should be a lot less and that is because man cannot help himself when his money is at risk.

"Today , we have the success of foreign markets not plunging over night, and they had to wait until this monring to understand that the United States is finally getting over the Trump extravaganza of flashing symbols of wealth and realizing that the Untied States debt burden is so enormous, that there is no help if the dollar skids to new lows.  So far the dollar is holding.

"For that reason some reason will return to the markets and we hope this makes sense: 'DO NOT TRADE STOCKS IN THIS ENVIRONMENT until WE are fully in charge as the markets are now out for blood and they will rape anyone of all their holdings if they attemp to trade markets that cannot keep up with the displeasure of the Federal Reserve over America excesses in the oil patch and the coronavirus scare.  That combination has them all rattled to the point no one really understands the results of such a shock to the financial markets these days.  I am Monjoronson, and you Ron are safe as you put all your assets into cash and let that hold agains the speculative markets you saw coming.  You will not be hurt, but 401K's and other savings accounts will be brushed under such a heavy loss they may become useless soon.

"For that reason we advise all people who depend on their stocks to help them retire:    DO NOT SPEND beyond your meands to buy down stocks as they ahve much more to go.

"For this reason, also, take no blood money from the Federal Reserve when they offer stocks for sale back to the consumer at half the original price they paid for them.  That is so inflationary it will drice the inflation rate too high and then interest rates will hit the ceiling again as they did in the Carter Administration in the late 70's.  For that reason we caution all to stay liquid as you can spare it.  Be assured Monjoronson and Seara are both looking at the situation in Canada, for example, as Canada is now wearing a debt badge so large it cannot make sense of its own currency rate that is plummeting not, but is so weak we wonder how that dollar can be sustained without intervention from the US Federal Reserve.

"I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON - Ron you are near the last of your will receiving much more than this, and I see it as unusually done they hold forth with you at this point because the markets will stabilized shortly only to be halt trading for the day if the FED does not spending money it no longer has in its archive of funds based on gold they hold for ever as the Federal Reserve has not declared the US stockpile of gold to be collaterilized by Russian or French or Portuguese gold, but by hording gold the Chinese are set to run America out of the monetary business quickly.  How?  They hold six trillion dollars of debt that is American alone and another four trillion in foreign debt mostly French of all things."

"WE are now convinced you all have a good sense of what is happening this morning, but later today the NYSE may just call the day over and stop trading entirely.  The sales of stocks at any price is accelerating due to other Central Banks, moving to luquify their holdings of American Corporate securities.  But the real crisis is in the oil markets where suddenly Saudi Arabia, once the richest nbation per capita in the world, is suddenly facing bankruptcy over the Russian snub to their request to hike prices by reducing output.  Russia feels it is entitlled to as much as it can get now due to the fact Russia is losing money hand over fist due to a restricted market in furs and elementary cords of software it purchased to hold the power of markets to its decision as what to sell and what to hold in corporate bonds especially from the Untied States and corporations that have just become the latest IPO's and that stands for INTIAL PUBLIC OFFERINGS.  They are vulnerable corporations having to form some sense of value to stock holders, but due to this financial crisis they are losing tons of money to speculators like the Russians are now play hard to recoup what they lost on the sales of securities it holds in perpetuity as russian alone these days.

"Finally, you Ron say to yourself, "What am I missing?  There is no reason for most of this!  And you are right, but the panic is not so much securities as the fear that the coronavirus becomes so dominant that the world must stop all activities and that speeks deep recesion or ever 1930's tyels DEPRESSION.  Most are looking at the wealth of the Untied States as so over stated they cannot maintain a common sense system at all.  We happen to agree with that and good riddance to a capitalistic body guard the US keeps placing in front of itself lately.

"The American House of Representatives needs a reformation.  The Senate less so. and all must understand that the MAGISTERIAL MISSION soon to be seen and heard, makes no bones about where the heartless versions of capitalism now reign supreme and that is in the NYSE not. but in the foreign cpaitals unnamed here due to their decision to snub the US for good and go it alone and that spells big trouble for Spain and EURASIA for sure.  Good day from MONJORONSON AND SERARA as this is the last time we let our hair down for all of you especially since Ron sees the panic outsized over not much as we happen to agree with him on it..  K"

Ron -  I am tardy today as usual trying to get my day running.  I am not so sure we get through this day finacnially capable of doing much about helping to understand this mess and really a catastrophe for American interests, followed by Europe and lastby by China itself.

"I am feeling quite sure that if China dumps US interests in bonds it also dumps its last available means to influence the world trade processes as well as it has to this point.  The world economy is based mostly on gold futures and oil sales, and both today are way down as assets the world does not need when the threat of a pandemic arises as it has recently.  I fail to understand at all why the CDC falters on this issue at all as they have the means and the ability to kill this virus off if they put themselve seriously to work, but so far the present Trump adminsitration is playing games with the Saudis over who wins the price battle for world oil markets in particular and the price of gold as a side of issue.  I am sure there are good reasons for this inb board rooms but they are missing  the point that if there is NO coioperation among nation states to stem the panic, we have not much left but empty bank accounts and loss of work stations everywhere.  That is depression folks, not recession,  I leane it at that for now.  K


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« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2020, 09:42:08 pm »
Yes Ron I follow this cnbc website daily and have been watching the US, European and Asian market going into a nosedive. Some time ago a market expert was saying that when the Dow Jones goes below the 21000 points, which is now down to some 20,000 points it means it has entered a depression state. That assessment was placed well before the onslaught of the virus pandemic and now we have this pandemic and a depression so bad I think it spells doom and gloom for some time for 2020 and beyond.

The Australian government is putting out statements to the effect that some sixty percent of the population in my country will be infected and that the crisis is going to be chaotic in the next six months. A lot of public events/sports and places are being shutdown and social distancing is put in place as well as any international travellers now arriving in the Australian country will be required to go into self-isolation for two weeks. The cases of infection is increasing by the day and Aussies are on a panic mode of buying that shelves are emptied of stock. I went to the store a few days ago and the bread shelf was entirely empty. It is getting near dire and so uncertain as to how this is going to go for all of us. Australia may have to go into shutdown like other countries are doing but so far the Australian government does not want to take that extreme measure until it has to. So far there is a public outcry for the federal government to enforce the extreme measure anyhow as people are very concerned of the nature of the spread so far.

It is interesting that you post this post to us and what our Magisterial Sons have to say about this. I am pleased to hear they are watching this closely and may wish to intervene in physical form sooner than later as to the dire development that is occurring on the planet. We have never seen any thing as bad as this for such a long long time, although we all thought WW2 was the end of the world with Nazi Germany and Japan wreaking havoc and nearly did win. It is best to take one day at a time now as we must do our best to keep safe and well from the pandemic that is a clear and present danger. I work full-time in the hospital and am very much following the employer's protocols and procedures upon Infection Control measures and we are already facing the possibility of having COVID patients before long when the crisis floods other nearby hospitals. Let us hope things get better soon as this is so depressing as it is for everyone.

Thank you for sharing your concerns with us and allowing us to be prepared with some cash on the side if things go down.